Main Tera Hi Deewana Hun – A Swasan Fanfic Promo


Hey guys Mia here, this is my first Swasan Fanfic and hope you’ll like it. This is much like a short story. Here is the promo do tell how’s it.


In a classroom a girl and a boy are sitting together on a bench. Boy is a bit fat while girl is really beautiful.

A guy is standing near them with face towards them.
The fat guy who is sitting speaks: You are right she doesn’t deserve a guy like me. She is sitting here just to teach me a topic which I couldn’t understand.

The girl glares at him angrily.


At night in a restaurant kitchen a girl and a boy nearly 27 years old are standing close facing each other looking each other with painful eyes. Both are good looking.

Girl: You were right I don’t deserve a guy like you.

And she starts to go but the guy holds her wrist and says: I remember very well what I said but you have forgotten what you said.

Who are both guy and girl in kitchen and what happened that they were looking each other with painful eyes??

Guys I have posted Episode 1 too so please read and tell how’s it.

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  1. Ameera


    1. Mia

      Thank you and I have already posted Episode 1 of it. Do read it.

  2. Abirsha

    Nice dr…..

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