Main Tera Hi Deewana Hun – A Swasan Fanfic Episode 2


Sanskar’s POV(present)
Sitting at last bench alone and feeling neglected I had gone through this from 1st standard due to my physique noone befriended me neither girls nor boys. In old school lucky was there with me but in 5th he went to hostel and I too changed my school. Noone befriended me here too. Girls just pulled my cheecks while boys seem to have no work than teasing me and this continued until one day she stood for me. I fell for her that day itself as for me she was just like an angel. Her thoughts were different and moreover pure. I never had a courage to go to her and ask if I could sit with her. She was known for her angry young woman style. And I was not having much confidence due to teasing and all. I although had a friend Kavita at that time. She(Kavita) was with me only because our families were friends but she clearly told me not to talk to her in school as it would be against her reputation. I still remember how our friendship started. It was lunch break, Ragini was with her BF and Swara was alone. I was sitting in school ground and eating when some boys started bullying me and she stood for me.

School ground is shown some students were sitting on benches and eating while others were standing. Camera shifts to one of the corners where Sanskar was sitting alone. He was eating and just a few metres away from him Swara was sitting and as usual reading her book. They both could see each other clearly and also could listen what the other was saying, just a few metres away. Sanskar started eating when a few boys along with Raj came from back and started bullying him.

Raj : Hey Mottu kya kha raha hai zara humein bhi dikha.
Other took his tiffin and started eating.
The one eating: Yaar kya baat hai, kya khaana banati hai teri mummy. Now I understood ki yeh itna phoola kaise hua hai. He points to his tummy.
Sanskar gets angry and tried to punch the guy but they push him and he falls.
Raj went near him and sitting on his knees said: How dare you to punch him haan. He holds Sanskar’s tie and was about to punch him but falls on his face as he was kicked by Swara on his butt. Raj angrily looks at Swara. She too looks at him with same anger. Swara’s one hand was still in pocket and with other she had her novel. Swara helps Sanskar to stand and snatching the tiffin from the other guy gives it to Sanskar. She holds his hand and starts moving away giving Raj a last warning look. But Raj holds her wrist stopping her. She stops and turns back with anger.She looked at her wrist first and then at Raj.
Swara:(angrily) Just leave my hand right now.
Raj doesn’t and next moment he gets a punch in his stomach not so hard but he left her hand and held his stomach.
Swara: (angrily warning him) Next time don’t dare to hold or stop SWARA GADODIA because next time this punch would neither be a light one nor it would be in your stomach. You know very well that I am a karate student. And yes Also don’t dare to tease him (pointing towards Sanskar) neither in class nor outside. It’s a warning.
And she again holds Sanskar’s hand and starts moving when Raj’s voice stopped them.

Raj: Why so much love for him? You never showed this for anyone. What is he – your boyfriend or lover? Saying this Raj smirks.

Swara first glares at him angrily but then goes near him and says: Why are you having so much interest in him? What is he to you just classmate ar something more? Saying this she smirks seeing fuming Raj and moves towards Sanskar who was still standing there. And before going says: Next time Mr. Raj don’t you dare question me or tease my friend Sanskar.

Hearing friend Sanskar felt happy from inside but also sad remembering Kavita that she told him not to speak to her in school as it would spoil her image. He thought that she would do the same and walks with her sadly.

At some distance

Sanskar: (smiling) Thank you

Swara makes a face and starts examining both his ears holding them. Sanskar was confused and so asked her : What happened? What are you doing?

Swara: I was checking if there is any hearing aid and if it’s not working properly.

Sanskar:(confused face) Huh

Swara: Huh…… didn’t you hear what I said Raj that you are my friend and in friends no sorry no thank you.

Sanskar:(sadly) But I ‘m not your friend

Swara: So let us be now. She forwards her hand to him and he just keeps on staring at it in wonder. He looks at her face and she signals him to shake hands. He hesitantly shakes it.
Sanskar: (with a smile) Friends.
And then they sat together Sanskar offered his food to her. She smilingly makes a bite and instead of eating herself feeds him. He eats it.
Swara: So with this you accepted my friendship and we are officialy friends now. She gives him a smile and they sit together, Sanskar finishing his food while she reading her novel.

Sanskar’s POV(present)
This was a start of our friendship.

Rohan: Hey wait you showed us her pic now show us yours too yaar com’on.
Sanskar: No need let’s continue.

Rohan: Arrey why no need this isn’t fair you always make fun of us now it’s our turn. Com’on just show.
All start convincing him. He finally agrees and shows them.
Kusum: You looked cute at that time yaar.
Rohan: Haan…Haan tujhe to yeh hamesha hi cute lagta hai. Yaar just look at him once and he starts laughing loudly.

Sanskar: arrey mera bodygaurd ka number kya tha. Main soch raha tha use bhi andar naa bula lun.

Rohan listening once he stopped laughing and said: Arrey bhai what’s the need he won’t be interested in your story at all so lets just finish it first.

Sanskar:(raising his eyebrow) really
Rohan: Haan bhai sorry chal continue kar naa.
Sanskar: Ordering me haan
Rohan: Bhai no … No ordering only request (making an innocent face) please continue
All laugh at him and Sanskar continues: I always thought her to be just like other girls as just like them she also never talked to me. And I thought that she alike Kavita won’t like me to show up as a friend infront of all. But she proved that she was different.


After the bell rings Sanskar and Swara were moving together. Swara was lost in her book. She was about to complete it so she was continuously reading it.
Sanskar notices her lost in book and thinks to himself: Maybe she is pretending to read the book so that noone comes to know I’m her friend as they may make fun of her too.

So he stops a little. Swara was lost in her book so didn’t notice that Sanskar has stopped moving. Sanskar looks at her going away disheartened. She finally finishes reading when she was infront of class and then only she realised that Sanskar wasn’t with her. She hits her head with the book: God Swara, you are just mad. How can you be so lost that you didn’t even notice that Sanskar isn’t with you. She thinks to wait for him in class itself and sits on her seat waiting for him. Raj enters the class both of them stared each other angrily and he moved to his seat.

After a few minutes he comes to class she smiled looking at him but to her surprise he just passed away from there as if he didn’t know her. All this was noticed by Raj too. She thinks that he might be angry at her so thinks to apologise but then teacher comes inside class.

She starts teaching, Sanskar kept on staring Swara for sometime. Tears are formed in his eyes but before they crossed their boundary he wipes them and starts writing something in his diary. Soon the school gets over teachers came back to back without any gap so she didn’t get the time to speak to him. Finally when school got over Ragini takes Swara with her to some teacher and when they came back to pick their bags all students had left including Sanskar, so she again missed him.

Kusum: So you kept on thinking that she is like Kavita.
Rohan: Then how did all this clear up.
Sanky: Next day she apologised me, accepted that I’m her friend and made me sit with her.


Next Day at school

Swara and Ragini were talking with each other while others too were busy in their own chitchatting and all.

Swara: Ragini yaar I have hurt him I need to apologize.
Ragini: Chill Swara he’ll forgive you. But I must say he must have something really special that he got your friendship.
Swara:(a little lost)The honesty in his eyes.
Ragini:(shakes her) Hey look he has come.

Sanskar enters the class. Swara smiled at him but he again ignored and just passed ahead and went to his usual seat. There was a difference today noone teased him, it was all due to yesterday incident.

Swara went to him and sat with him. Sanskar was surprised by her act. He turned towards her and saw her holding her ears like a kid with a puppy dog face.
Swara: S.O.R.R.Y (stretching each word like a kid) I know I hurted you yesterday by not coming with you in the corridor but I’m really very sorry actually……(cutoff by Sanskar)

Sanskar: I know you don’t want anyone to see you with me or know that we are friends it’s okay I don’t have any problem but you move to your seat because if anyone comes to know that I’m your friend then they will start making fun of you also.

Swara looked at him confused and angry. How could he just think of her like that. But before she could speak a guy comes to them (the guy was from other class, he was looking handsome): (to swara loudly almost audible to all) Such a beautiful girl with this Motu. What are you doing here with this Motu afterall a girl like you deserves a handsome like me. So would you like to be my girlfriend??

All looked towards him with eyes popped out because no guy dares to propose or flirt with Swara except Raj as everyone knows about her.

Ragini: Yeh to gaya

Swara gets angry and before she could speak anything Sanskar spoke: Offcourse she doesn’t deserve a guy like me. She is just teaching me a topic which I couldn’t understand.
Swara just glares at Sanskar who smiles at her. She gets even more angry and irritated. She goes near guy and says:(smiling fakely), sure baby I would but before that I would like to gift you something. Please close your eyes and bring your hand forward.
Boy gets happy and does what Swara told him. Swara turns his hand and bites his wrist so hard that blood starts oozing out. The guy screams in pain and forcefully pulls his hand back.

Boy:(shocked and angryl What is this?
Swara:(with a smile) RAKHEE BHAYIYA. (innocently) Woh bhaiya I didn’t have an actual Rakhi naa so thought to tie it somehow.

Boy shocked Swara rocked.

Boy: How dare you??

Swara: (angrily) How dare me?? How dare you?? Who are you to decide whom I deserve and whom not. And the guy whom you are callingMotu is my friend and ( pointing finger at him) dare not insult him. And what you said that I deserve someone like you then let me tell you Mr. DAYDREAMER come out of your dreamworld and let me inform you that you have to take 5 more births just to be my friend and you are asking me to become your girlfriend. Have you seen yourself. And one more thing you are not of this class so I’m sparing you otherwise till now I would have shown you what I’m. Next time don’t dare to show me your face or else you can ask any guy here what I do with the one leave proposing who tries to flirt with me.
The guy gets scared seeing anger in her eyes but also decides to take revenge of his insult. He leaves from there.

Whole class was just staring at her in shock as Sanskar being her friend was a shock to them.

Swara: (to class) What is there any circus going on here that you all are staring me.
Students just start doing there work but still they couldn’t digest the fact that The Swara Gadodia who doesn’t do friendship with anyone so easily was befriending the most obese guy of the class.

Swara:(to Sanskar in an angry tone but just audible to him) Sanskar I did friendship with you thinking that you are a good person. I asked you for friendship. Now it’s upto you if you wanna accept it then come ahead and sit with me or else I don’t care about you.
Sanskar just looks at her. Swara glares at him for last time and leaves to her seat.Teacher comes in class. He keeps on thinking about her for sometime and then finally when teacher leaves after attendance he picks his bag and sits with her. Swara was although happy but didn’t show it. Soon classes started but Swara was angry on Sanskar so she didn’t talk to him and just concentrated on her work. After teacher went Ragini turns and forwards her hand to Sanskar: Hello I’m Ragini naam toh you must be knowing afterall we have been studying in same class for past one year. I’m Swara’s friend and so are you. So would you like to be my friend too.

Sanskar nods and shakes hand with her. They talk with each other and laugh. Sanskar notices Swara not talking to him and gets sad. Ragini notices it and says: Ms. Swara Gadodia we are talking here and you aren’t even listening leave apart talking. How rude of you yaar.
Swara: (keeping the book aside): And what should I talk with a friend who thinks that I would feel embarassed to call him my friend.

Sanskar understood that she was talking about him and before he could clarify teacher comes to class and he couldn’t speak but in his heart he was happy that he finally got a good friend now.

In lunch break

In school ground
SanRag were sitting in ground together.

Sanskar: Ragini where is Swara.
Ragini: In her den.
Sanskar:(confused) What??
Ragini:(giggling) Library, she likes to read novels alot so might have gone to library to get a new one. Whole day at home she would play or go to different classes but at school she keeps herself busy in reading. Rather she gets so lost that she doesn’t even notice if someone has come and sit with her. But I am amazed at how she manages to reach class without bumping into anyone while reading.

Sanskar was amused to know that and remembers how she was lost in book last time too.

Ragini: But why is she angry on you?? Yesterday she told me that she didn’t notice you while reading too. And she was sorry to for that. But what you did?

Sanskar: Woh actually I thought she was ignoring me so that noone comes to know that we are friends as she might get embarrased to tell that I’m her friend.

Ragini laughs and says: Don’t worry she either doesn’t make any friend and if she makes then she would always be honest to that friend. Rather this is the reason that she is my only friend and I only hers.

Sanskar smiles hearing about her: Woh actually I never had friends except Kavita who is a family friend and she told me to not tell anyone that I’m her friend (sadly) as she doesn’t want to get embarrassed.

All this was heard by Swara who had come there a few minutes ago. She gets sad but thinks to cheer him up. She thinks of something and goes back to school.

Sanskar: But what about food??
Ragini: She ate it in Maths class when ma’am was teaching.
Sanskar:(widens eyes): What but I was sitting with her only how come I didn’t come to know.

Swara:(from back) Well that’s my talent.
Swara came with a smile and sat with them and says: So what’s going on.

Ragini: Oh we were just talking like that.
Sanskar: Swara woh……(he was cut off by Swara)
Swara: Ragini you guys eat I’ll read my novel.
She opens her book and starts reading but she was noticing Sanskar from the corner of her eyes. Sanskar was a bit sad that she was not talking but starts eating sharing it with Ragini. After having food he finally speaks up.

Sanskar: Swara I’m really very sor……
Swara stopped him from speaking any further by putting a piece of chocolate in his mouth.

Swara: I’m sorry Sanskar it was my fault yesterday and today also I got angry on you. So (holding her ears) Sorry.

Sanskar just smiled at her and then they started chitchatting about each other, their families and all and finally bell rings

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