Main Tera Hi Deewana Hun – A Swasan Fanfic Episode 1




The scene starts at one of the famous Cafe of New York City. Two guys are seen sitting on a table waiting for someone. Both looked handsome in casuals.

Boy 1 :(irritated) Yaar Akash where is he and where are these both girls I informed them very well that he gonna leave for India tomorrow for next 4 months and so we have decided to meet him for last time before he leaves.

Akash(other guy): And most importantly,he gonna tell about that girl too today. I had called him half hour before and he told me that he would reach in half hour.

Boy1: Yaar leave just him, these girls also naa, he is punctual and they are extra punctual. They would come even late than him.

Akash: Stop speaking about Kumud like that Rohan(boy 1), she (he is cut off by Rohan)

Rohan: Ohh bas bas don’t start your kumud puraan now and just call this businessman Sanskar Maheshwari.

Akash: Okk
He calls and on other end the phone is seen in hands of a person sitting in car. He has a silver diamond studded watch on his wrist. A smile comes on his lips seeing caller ID “KUMUDPURAAN”. He picks the call.

Guy: Hello
Akash: Hello sanky…
Before he could complete the phone was snatched by Rohan.
Rohan:(angrily) Oye Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari are you a businessman? Who would say that you are one of the best businessmen of New York seeing your punctuality? Ohh God (warning) just reach here fast or otherwise……
He was stopped by a tap at his shoulder. He angrily looks back and shouts what you want. A muscular man stands behind him and places his gun on Rohan’s head.

Man: Otherwise what…

Rohan gets scared while Akash suppresses his laugh.

Rohan: (scared) Otherwise… Otherwise… We would wait for some more time. He tries to remove the gun. Man still stands there.
A voice is heard from back: Huh.… Arrey wah itni jaldi badal bhi gaya Agar yeh tu pehle bol deta toh (If you would have spoken this before)
Akash starts laughing and goes and hugs the person. The person is shown he is having same watch in hand and is wearing a formal black suit. His hair are perfectly done. His twinkling eyes with a killer smile on his face just make him look like a gentleman. He was looking dashing.

Both Akash and the guy come near Rohan. Guy signals the man to leave and man leaves.

Rohan: (angrily) What the hell now we can’t even scold you.
The man comes back to inform something to Sanky but Rohan on seeing him again gets afraid and says to man: Arrey no no uncle we are not troubling him, he is toh our best friend, how can we say him anything??
Akash and Sanskar giggle while the man just gives him a look and turns to Sanky.
Man:Sir your phone was not reachable so Ram sir has called to inform that you’ll have to leave alone tomorrow they will come later.
Sanskar nods and the man leaves from there.
Both Sanky and Akash burst out laughing seeing Rohan’s condition who was sitting there with a pout.
Soon they started chit chatting and after half an hour finally realised about girls.

Rohan:Yaar these girls have still not arrived what’s this?
Akash: Haan yaar I also don’t know
Sanskar and Rohan look towards him acting shocked and Sanskar says: Hey bhagwan how did this happen Mr. Kumudpuraan doesn’t know where is his kumud!!!! Before hearing this why didn’t you call this KUMUDPURAAN to you. Both hi-fi each other while Akash just looks at them angrily.
A girly voice is heard from back:Stop troubling him guys. He is already troubled by his KUMUD alot. Three of them turn to find two girls. Both were wearing crop top with skirt and looking gorgeous with a little makeup.
Both of them walked to the table and fist bumped with the trio. They settled themselves and the one who spoke before says: So Sanky how’s the preparation??

Sanskar:All set Ms. Kusum
Kusum just smiles at him while the other one offcourse Kumud and Akash are busy romancing through eyes.
They all noticed them and to bring them back to the world Rohan coughed: ahem..ahem.. Agar aap dono ka nain mataka khatam ho gaya ho toh kya hum Sanky ki love story par focus karein. Hearing this Kumud and Akash get embarrassed and blush a little while listening the words Sanky ki love story Kusum’s expressions changed to a sad one. It was noticed by all of them. They all knew that kusum had a crush on Sanky and Sanky being Sanky just loved one girl and never thought about anyone else.

Sanskar: Kusum before telling about my lovestory I wanna say you sorry for hurting you but I told you.……(he was cutoff by Kusum)

Kusum:I know Sanky you said it on Day 1 itself that you love only and only SWARA and don’t worry about me I’ll move on it’s just that crush hai jaate jaate jayega.(with a smile) You be happy with Swara and must say Swara is really lucky to get you.

Sanskar smiles and gives her a side hug.
Sanky: Thanks for understanding. And one more thing not she but I’m lucky to have her.
All: Ohoooooo …………(tease him)
Sanky blushes a little.

Kusum: Okk now tell us about Swara we just know her name till now, from school time girls were mad for you but you just loved Swara and when we asked you about her you used to say that you’ll tell when you’ll go back to India and meet her.

Sanskar: Okay okay I’ll tell. Um…I was in sixth standard when we became friends. She too was from a rich family so we studied in one of the top schools ELITE HIGH SCHOOL. It was one of the best schools and one could get admission only and only if he was rich. School atmosphere was just different just like high society ladies Kitty parties, students used to show off alot, carrying phones, having attitude, girls being social butterflies making each other jealous with new and expensive things while rivalry among boys.


The school is shown with some boys playing basketball and showing anger through eyes, Girls roaming here and there with mobiles, gossiping in corners etc etc.

Sanskar’s POV (speaks in present)
Swara was different from other girls. All other girls were busy showing off or gossiping but she never paid a damn to anyone rather (with a smile) In her words Time is precious and she was busy and happy with her life that she didn’t have time to peep into others. One hand was always in her blazer pocket and other was always having a book, a novel indeed.

In one of the corridors of school
While all girls were gossiping, some busy in mobiles, a girl comes in the corridor wearing brown blazer and skirt with white shirt (school uniform) Her one hand was in coat pocket, shoes perfectly polished, hair perfectly tied into a french braid and watch in a hand. Her other hand was busy holding something and she was busy in it. It was indeed a book. She was reading a novel while walking with her full concentration in the book.
Her eyes are shown

Sanskar’s POV
Those small beady eyes always twinkling with happiness. They were a mirror, a mirror to her pure heart and that innocence, the innocence in her eyes could make even stones melt.

Suddenly she collides with someone, she looks up and says sorry and her beautiful face is shown.

Sanskar’s POV
Her lips always moving speaking something or say reading the book. Her eyes spoke more than her words and her voice was just sweet like honey.

Rohan: Yaar show us some picture too.
Sanskar took out his Ipad and shows them Swara’s pic (of school only).

Kusum: Yaar she is indeed very beautiful, anyone would be bowled over her. She must be having lots of friends in school.
Kumud: Yaa she is right, not only friends but boyfriends too.

Sanskar smiled at them and says proudly: Not even one boyfriend she just had one friend and her name was Ragini.

All looked at him shocked and in unison: What but why

Sanskar laughed seeing their shocked faces and says: Because she never wanted any. She was the topper of school.…(cut off by Kumud)

Kumud: Ohh so topper attitude haan… Not bad.

Sanskar:(Smiles) No…no attitude at all but that was only known to those who were close to her or you can say friends. It’s just that she was straight forward and precise, she would say sorry if it was her fault but also knew how to anwerback when she is right. She liked to spend time either with her family or Ragini, I mean friends and when noone is there then books. She didn’t like to showoff or gossip. She was good at playing guitar, singing, basketball and especially Karate. Rather I learned Guitar just because of her.


The same girl(Swara) is shown walking in corridors with a book. A girl comes infront of her wearing same school uniform. Her hair are neatly tied in a ponytail, shoes properly polished. She has big sparkling eyes. Swara bumps into her and lifts her head to say sorry but a smile came on her face seeing the girl.
Girl:(angry Voice) Ms. Swara Gododia I had been waiting for you in the canteen and you are here reading this book.
Swara smiles sheepishly closing her eyes and biting her lip: Sorry I forgot.
Girl: SORRY huh…… ek toh canteen mein wait karwati hai aur upar se SORRY bhi kehti hai. Haa

Swara: (thinks something and smiles naughtily then says) Arrey yaar what shall I do, its all your mistake.

Girl (her full face is still not shown) with lines on her forehead: Mine but how

Swara: You only praised this novel so much that I couldn’t stop.myself to read it and because of that novel I forgot to come to canteen. So hui naa teri galti. Huh…(dramatically) Aajkal kya zamaana aa gaya hai the one who does mistakes is only blaming others for it.
The girl just stands there may be trying to interpret. Swara tries to escape, she almost passed that girl but girl turns and catches her. She is having a just kajal in eyes and looking utterly beautiful and cute. She says: Swara ki bachi mujhe buddhu banayegi haa.

Swara; Ohh com’on Ragini buddhu ko kya buddhu banana and saying this starts running.
(Yes the other one is Ragini Kapoor)

Ragini: Swara I won’t leave you. She also starts chasing her. They reach a school ground where some students are eating, some playing and some are love birds. Ragini finally catches her and starts beating her. And finally after sometime she stops laughing and both break into fits of laughter. They chitchat for sometime and then the bell rings and they move back to their class.

Sanskar’s POV(present)
We both were in same class but we never talked as she didn’t like to talk uselessly and I you people know very well.


In class Ragini was sitting with a guy (her boyfriend) while Swara was sitting alone just at next bench. A handsome guy really cool types enters the class, all the eyes turned towards him but he looks towards Swara whose concentration was in her book again. He went to her and asked: Hey beautiful would you allow me to sit with you.

Swara looked up to him and with a fake smile: Sure Raj (hehehe what you guys thought Sanskar). He gets happy and was about to sit but before he could sit she threw water on his chair.

Swara:(innocently) Oops sorry woh water bottle slipped.
Raj glares at her angrily while she just motions him through her hand to move ahead.

Then another boy enters the class. He wasn’t very attractive and moreover obese too. ( just like young Rohan in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam) He enters the class with a smile but that smile vanishes as some boys start teasing him while girls just rolled their eyes. This all was noticed by Swara, she was reading but still she felt bad as it was done with him everyday but she didn’t say anything. He didn’t say anything and just went and sit on last bench alone.

Teacher comes Swara keeps her book aside and started concentrating in class. That obese boy sitting at last was just staring out of the window. Teacher noticed him and shouted: Sanskar concentrate in class. And he just nodded and started studying. (so he is Sanskar).

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