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A big sorry for being late with this story. More 2 or 3 chapters and I will end this. I have just changed the writing style, hope you would like this.
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2 days passed…

It was again a hectic day for Laksh. These two days were very hectic to him as he had to prepare and complete all the pending presentations and files which was assigned to him before going on a ‘not so announced break’ and as a punishment his lovely boss had given only 5 days to complete his pending works. To add on this he didn’t receive any calls from Ragini nor she had replied to his calls or messages.

Laksh’s POV

I was sleeping on bed as usual tired when I received her call. I rubbed my eyes looking at the screen to make sure if it was really her call and yes it was Ragu calling after two days. But why is she calling me at 3 in the morning. I hope everything is fine and now I better pick her call before it disconnects.

“Hello, why did you take so much time to receive my call” she said before me even saying hello to her.
“Obviously Ragini, I was sleeping and what’s the matter why are you calling me at this time? Is there any problem?”
“No…no problem at yet, only thing is I was craving to eat ice cream”
“” I asked not so confused as I know what was she trying to tell me.
“So I just want you to get me one now” she said as I had expected. Okay miss Ragini, if you think that this will show that I really love you or not then I will do this also for you.
“Okay” I said and disconnected the call.

Thankfully I fetched ice cream for her (don’t ask me how??) and rang the doorbell and ran from there keeping the ice cream on doorstep as I didn’t wanted anyone other than her to notice me. I was hiding behind the bush when she opened the door. She saw downwards near the doorstep and sat down having the ice cream. She had a cute smile on her face, i think she was really craving for ice cream that she sat there only and started eating like a child. Uff..this girl will be death of me. I just love her.


Ragini’s POV

Hello, why did you take so much time to receive my call” I said annoyed as I don’t like to wait.
“Obviously Ragini, I was sleeping and what’s the matter why are you calling me at this time? Is there any problem?” Ooppsy obvio Ragini..It’s 3 in the morning everyone would be sleeping at this time.
“No…no problem at yet, only thing is I was craving to eat ice cream”
“So I just want you to get me one now”
“Okay” he said and disconnected the call. Did he seriously say Yes..Arghhh is he mad..

Some time ago..

I was lying on my bed scrolling on my mobile. It was past two in the morning and I was still awake. Usually I get sleep as soon as I lye on bed, but today I don’t know why but sleep was far away. Just then I saw his name in the inbox. Last two days I had avoided him, but still he continued messaging me.
‘Laksh’ was the main thing I was thinking about these days. How can a person be so calm and like a girl even after a rejection. He even accepted my challenge which I had just blurted out frustrated with his talks, but never thought that he will accept it and..and and and Yes the challenge. I thought of a challenge and called him and told him that I wanted to eat ice cream thinking he would say no or I will get tomorrow morning and I would tell him that you have lost the challenge, but that idiot said yes. I mean seriously, anyways he won’t get any ice cream parlours open at this hour.

If at all I happen to tell this to any of my friends then they will fire me with bad words for being rude with him. I know am being very rude, but why is he so nice. Why can’t he understand that I don’t like him. When I told him I like someone else and not him he could have backed off but no he wants to complete my challenges. Huhh..I don’t want him to give any false expectations and as I know what it feels to see your love with someone else I don’t want him to feel the same. It’s not like I care for him or so but one sided love really hurts a lot. So I just told him to get ice cream for me which is obviously not possible at this time. Hopefully he won’t get any and I would tell him that he has failed in his challenge.  Just then I received a message from him saying *come out*..
What?? Is he here??

I opened the door but didn’t find anyone outside. I was about to close the door but stopped seeing something on the doorstep. And yes, it was ice cream cup from him. I smiled and looked ahead, I sat there and started having the ice cream. I knew he was here some where looking at me so I sat there only. No one had done such a sweet thing to me. I smiled thinking about him but brushed off as soon as I realised that I should be thinking about the ways to make him away from him.

Here Ragini was thinking of making Laksh away from him by giving stupid challenges. Little did she know that those challenges would bring them close.


So what do you think is Ragini too rude with Laksh?
If so then am really Sorry for making her rude..!!
I hope you all liked this chapter.
I am sorry I know its small chapter but I couldn’t write more. Please do comment about the chapter
Thank you❤

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