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Well here is a short summary and teaser of the story. I haven’t updated this story since long and many of you might not remember the plot so here is a short summary.

Let’s start with a smile ?


Story starts with twinj married for their parent’s happiness and misunderstandings plotted by yuvi and Anita but overcoming all the obstacles thrown in their way and fell in love with eachother , yuvi turned positive after twinkle saved him from fire and did every possible thing to gain their forgiveness and even twinj forgave him but Alisha had kind of get obsessed with kunj though she left after kunj confronting her before marriage but know she was back in their life with determination to get kunj back in her life and his money.

She came back into happy life of twinj claiming kunj and her was in live in relationship since quite a time and she was pregnant with his child , though twinkle didn’t believed her at first but due to Anita and Alisha’s fake prove she believed them and left kunj shattered and broken.

Story took 5 year’s leap with complete broken and shattered twinj but what worst kunj had to bear was twinkle’s ignorance , taunts and many times hurting him to extent as of he never existed. Kunj’s life had been full of miseries while yuvi , leela and bebe never left his side knowing the truth.

Story went ahead with Kunj’s pain through out five year’s , twinkle’s hatred and anger towards him while aditi came into Yuvi’s life as a Lover and a bestfriend come sister for kunj , Kunj was the one to make them realise they love eachother.

Meanwhile twinkle returns back from London after four year’s for cracking a deal against KS who had became a big businessman and toughest competitor in small time span of 4 year’s while Advi (Yuvi and Aditi) are going to get married.


Screen is focused on twinkle and yuvi who were standing facing eachother , yuvraj was full of anger , his eye’s red though shock was visible on his face.

” You can’t do this to him twinkle , you can’t hide such big fact from him. Have you ever thought when he will come to know about HIM how much he will be broke and hurt ? ” yuvi spoke with blazing anger.

” No he won’t ever come to know about HIM ” twinkle spat back with venom and anger.

” Dammit twinkle ! It’s his right to know about him ” yuvi spoke trying to control his anger and make twinkle understand.

” No that betrayer lost every right to know about HIM the day he cheated on me ” twinkle replied.

” You don’t know the truth twinkle ! God Dammit you are unaware of the whole plotting against you both “

” Don’t you dare to defend that betrayer infront of me ! I hate him and no one could change this fact “

” You know what twinkle ! It’s impossible to make you understand anything ” yuvi spoke rubbing his temples trying to calm himself.

” I just know one thing twinkle , it’s you who are gonna regret at the end but it will be him who will once again fail ” Yuvi spoke with a painful chuckle as vulnerable condition of Kunj flashed infront of his eye’s.


She was gazing his unconcious form within tears holding his hand , his face pale , he was weak , his tear stricken face pricked her heart but wasn’t she herself responsible for his this state ?

He craved for her to be beside him , trust him , console him but she left him and today when she was there for him destiny had decided to snatch him from her , What did he do to deserve this much pain in his life.

” Why always him Babaji ? ” twinkle questioned her Babaji.

Didn’t she deserved punishment ?

But here again he was suffering fighting for his life.
His existance became a mere question.
His smile lost in the darkness she pushed him in.

She held his hand that had needles pierced his hand an oxygen mask covering his face giving his pale and weakened form life support and spoke with teary eye’s choking at her own word’s.

” You can’t leave me like this Kunj ! This punishment is mine not yours , you can’t leave me like this ” twinkle spoke crying miserably.


Here is short summary and teaser of this story ?

I will continue the story soon but next update is of TWINJ FS & LOVE CAN OVERCOME ANY OBSTACLE ?Don’t forget to share your views about teaser ?

Well this one was specially for Sameera ? I gave you double shock’s Sammie di ??

Thank you so much everyone for supporting in THREE SHOT’S COMPETITION ?

Let’s hope story gets selected for TOP 3 ?

Bye Everyone ?

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  1. Sameera

    Aagayi minu finally ???
    Saalo k baad mukhda dikhati hai kya re ????????…
    Well teaser was amazing jhatke walA ????????
    Lovedd it can’t wait for the episode ..
    Post soon re …
    Don’t take years now okay ???
    Bye ?????
    Hate you ????

  2. Nice and emotional

  3. Shalu Choudhary

    Hey this is amazing teaser and painfull but plz make rwinj together in the end and plz post soon your all story plz

  4. Ramya

    Itne dino baad post kiya.
    I didn’t forget at least one scene also
    And teaser is so interesting.
    Seems like Twinj have a baby.
    Wowwee so excited to read more.
    And Kunj ko kya ho gaya
    So excited post soon
    And ha hoga Twinj ke ff top me.
    Love you

  5. finally u r posted …
    teaser was awesome,amazing…
    seems like twinj having a son …
    poor kunj ….feeling bad for him .plz post soon

  6. Hi amna Hella awsm story loved the summary was a bit confused with the title as many of them write different stories with same title but really excited for the story and I am damn sure u will come first in the three shot competition love u take care post soon

  7. Vibhu

    Wohooo … The teaser was amazing yaarr!
    Hats off to you ????
    Sach mein bahut tym baad post ki hai ye story.
    BTW, the three shots was beautiful. I’m sure you will win. ??
    Plz try and be regular now.
    Don’t forget to post my favourite story “friendship & love” asap ❤?
    Ok bye!
    Take care.

  8. -finally u post this story also
    i was waiting for it eagerly
    i think twinj have a kid about whom twinkle doesn’t want kunj to know…..
    plz post the next part soon

  9. Superb amazing teaser
    Yrrrr tune kitne dino baad post kiya mne iska bahut wait kiya
    Plzzzzzz post soon dear
    Luvvvvv u dear

  10. Sidhhant Roy

    Congratulations Amna

  11. SSK

    The teaser was fab. Thanks for the summary. As per the teaser seems like Twinkle and UV are talking about Twinj baby. Quite exciting. Please post soon dear. 🙂

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