Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga – Shraman Short Series Episode 9 (EDKV)

Episode 9

Next day morning,
Shravan wakes up and he is surprised to find out that he was holding a hand and as he looks beside it is Suman’s hand. As he sees her face, he smiles and gets happier as he gets to know he slept the whole night holding her hand.

Suman wakes up and he quickly lets his hand go.

Sumo: You woke up?
(Tum Ut Gaye?)

Shravan nods.

Sumo: Why? You need more rest go and sleep.
(Kyun? Tumhe Aur Rest Ke Zaroorat Hain , Jao So Jao)

Suman comes to make him sleep, Shravan shows her his phone.

Shravan: Sumo look this .
(Sumo, Yeh Dekho)

Sumo: Oh so the phone  is distracting you! Keep it on silent mode.
(Oh Toh Yeh Phone Tumhe Distract Kar Raha Hain. Tum Isse Silent Mode Kar Do)

Shravan: No! Just look at the time it’s 11am.
(Nahi! Time Toh Dekho. Subah Ke 11 Baj Rahe Hain)

Sumo: 11am! So late! Why did you wake up so late!
(11! Itni Der! Tum Itne Der Kyun Soye Ho!)

Shravan: See I told you!
(Dekha Maine Kahan Tha Na!)

Sumo: I mean why did I wake up so late! Now so much work to be done at home also! Oh god!
(Mera Matlaab Thi Ke Main Itni Der Tak Kaise So Gayi. Ab Itna Sara Kam Bhi Baaki Hain Ghar Mein Karne Ke Liye! Hain Bhagwan!)

Shravan: Who told you to stay with me at the hospital yesterday night ?
(Toh Tumko Kisne Kahan Mere Saath Hospital Mein Kal Raath Ko Rehne Ke Liye)

Sumo: Look Shravan I don’t have time for all these right now. I need to go home and do all the preparations for tomorrow’s wedding. I will call Pushkar and tell him in details and tell him to there when you get discharged,
(Dekho Shravan Meri Paas Insaab Ke Liye Abhi Time Nahi Hain. Mujhe Ghar Jaake Kal Ke Shaadi Ke Liye Tayaariyan Bhi Toh Karni Hain. Main Pushkar Ko Phone Kar Ke Details Main Hi Baata Dungi Ke Kya Kya Karna Hain Aur Tum Usse Keh Dena Ke Tumhe Kab Discharge Karwana Hain)

Shravan: Sumo, that’s fine but now it’s late and I also have to go and do preparations for the wedding.
(Sumo, Voh Sab Toh Thik Hain Par Ab Der Hogaya Hain Aur Mujhe Bhi Jakar Bhi Toh Shaadi Ke Taayari Karna Hain.)

Sumo: Don’t even think about it! You haven’t even fully recovered yet. Whatever needs to be done, I will see that.
(Tum Iske Baare Main Sochna Bhi Maat! Tum Abhi Pure Taarike Se Thik Nahi Hue Ho. Joh Bhi Karna Parega, Voh Sab Mein Dekh Loongi)

Suman anyhow fixes and buns up her hair and runs,

Sumo: I will call you later!
(Main Tumhe Baat Main Phone Karti Hoon!)

Suman leaves for Tiwari Killa.

Shravan: (smiling) Crazy Girl!
(Pagal Ladki!)

On the other hand, Pushkar is walking tensed as he thinks about how he got to know about Ramnath’s reality and how much Shravan and Suman love each other,

Pushkar:(in his mind)  I can’t believe it! How can sir  could do this! Bhaia needs to know this.
(Mujhe Yakeen Nahi Ho Raha Hain! Sir Aise Kaise Kar Sakte Hain! Bhaia Ko Isske Bare Mein Jaan Na Hi Parenga)

Pushkar comes to the cabin.

Shravan: Oh so Chotte finally you are here!
(Oh Chotte Toh Aakhir Tak Tum Aa Hi Gaye!)

Pushkar: Hmm, Sumo told me.
(Hmm, Sumo Ne Bataya)

Shravan: This girl na !
(Yeh Ladki Bhi Na!)

Shravan: (smiling) Just look at Sumo! She has so much things to handle first her PCT, then her Nanu and family and she even took the responsibilities for Preeti’s marriage! But she never complains and selflessly does all of it. Even all these she stayed back with me in the hospital yesterday. Maybe cause of her selflessness I again fall in love with her.
(Sumo Ke Dekho Zara! Kitne Kaam Karti Rehte Hain Pehle Toh Uski PCT, Aur Phir Uski Nanu Aur Paarivar Aur Ab Toh Preeti Ke Shaadi Ke Zimedaari Bhi Uthayi Hain. Par Kabhi Complain Nahi Karti Hain Aur Bina Swart Ke Karti Hain Yeh Sab. In Saab Ke Bawajut Kal Voh Meri Saat Hospital Mein Roki. Shayad Uski selflessness Ke Wajah Se Mujhe Phir Se Usse Pyaar Hogaya Hain)

Pushkar sadly looks at Shravan.

Shravan: Anyways let it be , whatever happened has happened. There is no use talking about it.
(Kher Choro , Joh Hua So Hua. Ab Uske Baare Main Baat Karke Koyi Fyaada Nahi Hoga.)

Pushkar: Bhaia I have something to tell you.
(Bhaia Mujhe Ab Ko Kuch Kehna Hain)

Shravan: What is it?
(Kyan Kehna Hain?)

Pushkar: Bhaia actually, sir…
(Bhaia actually, sir…)

Shravan: Oh yes I forgot! It’s already noon now and I should be discharged now at least! Chotte where is the shirt of mine I told you to bring?
(Areh Haan Main Toh Bhul Hi Gaya! Ab Toh Dupeher  Bhi Hogaya Hain Aur kameskam ab Toh Mujhe Discharge Kar Dena Chaye! Vaise Chotte Voh Mera Shirt Kahan Hain Joh Main Tumko Lane Ko Bula Tha)

Pushkar: Oh yes here it is!
(Oh Haan Yeh Raha!)

Pushkar passed him the shirt.

Pushkar: Bhaia, you have to wait for one more hour and then you can be discharged. You can’t be discharged before the doctor comes and he will take at least 30 mins. That will take an hour overall
(Bhaia, Ab Ko Ek Aur Ghanta Aur Rokhna Hain Aur Phir Ab Discharge Ho Sakte The. Ab Aise Discharge Nahi Ho Sakte Hain Ap Ko Doctor Ke Intezaar Karna Parnega Voh 30 minute Mein Aa Jayega. Sab Milakar Kameskam Ek Ghanta Toh Lagega)

Shravan: (stunned) One more hour!
(Ek Aur Ghanta!)

Pushkar: Yes!

Shravan: what would I do in this one hour?
(Main In Ek Ghanta Main Kya Karoonga?)

Pushkar: Bhaia there is something I need to tell you.
(Bhaia Mujhe Abhi ab Ko Kuch Kehna Hain.)

Shravan: Chotte, whatever you want to tell me, tell me in the car! And yes in the car there is a big box please get that for me. Here are the keys (throwing it to Pushkar and Pushkar catches it)
(Chotte Tuje Joh Kehna Hain Voh Tum Mujhe Gaadi Main Bolo! Aur Haan Gari Main Ek Bara Sa Box Hain! yeh Rahan Chaabiyan)

Pushkar: But Bhaia what’s in that box!
(Par Bhaia Aakhir Uss Box Main Aisa Kya Hain!)

Shravan: Something important.
(Kuch Zaroorat Ke Cheeze!)

Pushkar: Bhaia leave that box! I will bring that later, first I need to tell you something.
(Bhaia Ab Us Box Ko Choriye! Main Voh Ap Ke Liye Baat Main Leke Aaunga Pehle Mujhe Ap Ko Kuch Kehna Hain)

Shravan: (strictly)Chotte first I will get the box and then talk to you!
(Chotte Pehle Mujhe Voh Box Chaye Aur Baath Main Tumse Baath Karoonga!)

Pushkar had no other option but to listen to Shravan.

Pushkar: Okay…fine.
(Acha…Thik Hain)

Pushkar goes to get the box.

Pushkar: Bhaia here’s the box.
(Bhaia Yeh Rahan Voh Box)
Shravan snatches the box from Pushkar,

Pushkar: Bhaia, carefully!
(Bhaia Sambhal Ke)

Shravan: You do one thing, inform at home that I would be discharged soon and yes I will be back home soon.
(Tum Ek Kaam Karo, Ghar Mein Boldo Ke Main Jald Se Jald Discharge Hunga Aur Haan Phir Main Jaldi Ghar Vapas Bhi Aa Jaunga)

Pushkar: Okay fine Bhaia.
(Acha Thik Hain Bhaia)

Pushkar goes to talk to others .

Shravan: (in his mind) Now I will finally get to know all the answers of my questions, finally that Mr. Perfect of Sumo will be found out .
(Ab Mujhe Mere Sawalo Ka Sare Jawab Mil Jayega. Finally Voh Sumo Ka Mr.Perfect Ka Pata Chal Jayega)

Shravan opens the box and begins to read the letters.

He smiles seeing his and Suman’s pictures.

First of all he finds his and Suman’s teenage times pictures. In this picture, Shravan is smiling and Suman spoils it by showing two fingers on top of his head.

Scene 2: Tiwari Killa
It’s Shravan’s birthday and Ramnath, Suman and Nanu are there.

All: Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Shravan
Happy Birthday to you.

Ramnath feeds Shravan cake. Shravan smiles. Nanu feeds him next and next it’s Suman’s turn.

Nanu: Suman, you won’t feed Shravan cake? After all you are the one who bake this cake for him.
(Suman , Tum Shravan Ko Cake Nahi Khilaugi. Aakhir Tumne Hi Toh Yeh Cake Banaya Hain Shravan Ke Liye)

Suman smiles.
Shravan: (excited) Really Sumo you bake this cake for me!
(Sach Main Sumo Tumne Yeh Cake  Mere Liye Banaya Hain!)

Nanu: You know she specially went to her friend’s house only to bake this cake as there isn’t any baking oven in our house.
(Pata Hain Beta, Voh Khaas Kar Apni Dost Ki Ghar Pe Gayi Sirf Yeh Cake Banane Ke Liye Kyunki Ghar Pe Baking Oven Nahi Tha Isliye)

Suman takes the cake to feed Shravan. Shravan smiles and as he opens his mouth to eat the cake, Suman applies cake on his face. Shravan is stunned.

Suman laughs.
Shravan: Sumo?

Nanu: (angrily) Suman what kind of dirty prank is this? Shravan I am sorry for this.
(Suman, Yeh Kaisa Ganda Mazaak Hain? Shravan Main Suman Ke Taraaf Se Tumhare Maafi Mangta Hoon)

Ramnath: (smiling) let it be Tiwari Ji , they are kids let Suman enjoy. Suman apply as much cake as you want on Shravan.
(Choriye, Tiwari Ji, Bacche Hain Suman Ko Kuch Maat Kahiye. Suman Tumhe Shravan Ke Chehre Par Jitna Cake Lagana Hain Lagau)

Sumo: See! Now even Ramnath Uncle gave permission to apply cake on your face. So I do deserve the right (winking)
(Dekha! Ab Toh Ramnath Uncle Ne Bhi Permission De Diya Tumhare Muh Pe Cake Lagane Ke Liye. Toh Yeh Haqt Toh Meri Baanti Hain)

Suman takes more cake to apply on Shravan’s face.

Shravan: Sumo you better keep this far from me!
(Sumo, Tum Yeh Mujhse Dur Hi Rakhna)

Shravan runs and Suman chases him here and there. And then he smartly goes into the washroom and locks himself,

Sumo: Such a coward!
(Kitna Bara Darpok Hain Yeh!)

Suman bangs the door and teases him.

Sumo: Coward!

Shravan goes to the washroom and washes his face. And with difficulty he washes his glasses.

Shravan: Sumo you almost spoiled my glasses.
(Sumo Tumne Mera Chasma Almost Kharab Kiya)

Sumo: Hey Chasmish, it’s just a cake. Don’t overreact!
(Ae Chasmish,  Sirf Cake Hi Toh Hain. Zyaada Overreact Maat Karna!)

Shravan: If I applied the cake on your face instead you would have understood, you would have looked like a witch!
(Agar Tumhare Chehre Pe Cake Lagaya Hota Toh Tumhe Samajh Mein Aati, Tum Bilkul Churail Jaise Lagti)

Sumo:(angry) Shravan! Now I will teach you a lesson! You just come out of the washroom!
(Shravan! Ab Toh Main Tumhe Sabakh Sikha Kar Hi Chorungi! Tum Baas Bahar Aa Jao Washroom Se!)

Suman kicks the door.

Shravan: Sumo, by kicking the door you won’t become Inspector Daya.
(Sumo, Darwasa Ke Lat Ne Se Tum Inspector Daya Nahi Ban Jaaugi)

Sumo: Oh Ho, as if you are inspector Abhijeet.
(Oh Ho, Jaise Tum Inspector Abhijeet Ho!)

Shravan comes out of the washroom and gives a deathly glare.

Sumo: Shravan why are you roaming with your Harry Potter face.
(Shravan Tum Yeh Harry Potter Jaise Shakal Le Ke Kyun Ghum Rahe Ho)

Shravan walks straightly and he goes to eat the cake,

Shravan: By the way thanks for the cake. You must have worked hardly,
(Vaise Cake Ke Liye Thank You. Tumne Zaroor Bohot Mehnad Kiya Hoga)

Suman sits down folding her legs,

Sumo: Who told you I bake this cake specially for you!
(Kisne Kahan Ke Maine Khaas Tumhare Liye Cake Banaya Hain!)

Shravan: What do you mean?
(Tumhare Kehna Ka Matlaab?)

Sumo: Shravan, baking a cake was just an excuse. I actually went over Purna’s house and I know Nanu won’t let me so this was the only way. So I made excuse that I am going there to get a cake for you, but actually it’s Purna’s Mom who baked the cake for your birthday.
(Shravan, Cake Banana Toh Sirf Ek Bahana Tha. Darasal Main Purna Ke Ghar Gayi Thi, Aur Mujhe Pata Tha Ke Nanu Mujhe Nahi Jane Dega Isliye Maine Yeh Bahana Banaya Ke Main Vahan Jaa Rahi Hoon Tumhare Liye Cake Banane Ke Liye. Voh Toh Purna Ke Mom Ne Cake Banaya Tumhare Liye)

Shravan: (a bit sad) Then didn’t Purna get to know about your friendship with me?
(Toh Purna Ko Pata Nahi Chala Tunhari Aur Mere Dosti Ke Baare Mein?)

Sumo: Oh Ho chasmish! I just told them to bake the cake and when I came back home I just put your name on the cake with the icing and that’s it.
(Oh Ho Chasmish! Maine Sirf Unko Yeh Cake Banane Ke Liye Bola Tha Aur Jab Ghar Wapas Aayi Toh Sirf Tumhara Naam Ka Icing Kiya Upar Mein Aur Ho Gaya Tumhara Birthday Cake Ready)

Shravan: (sadly) Oh.

Just then Nanu comes,
Nanu: Shravan it’s your birthday so one picture is a must,
(Shravan Aaj Tumhara Janam Din Hain Toh Ek Tasveer Toh Banta Hain)

Ramnath takes the camera and takes a picture of Shravan. He smiles, Suman realises this and smirks. As Ramnath is about to take the next picture Suman quickly display  two fingers on top of his head, and Ramnath happily took the picture.

Shravan looked behind.
Shravan: Sumo, what are you doing….
(Sumo, Tum Yeh Kya Kar Rahe Ho….)

Sumo: Umm, nothing!
(Umm, Kuch Nahi!)

Shravan gets out of the flashback and smiles,

Scene 3: Hospital
Shravan: This Sumo is such a liar! She was spoiling my picture! This girl ! Will never change!
(Yeh Sumo Kitne Bari Jhooti Hain! Mere Photo Ko Kharab Kiya! Yeh Ladki Bhi Na! Kabhi Nahi Sudre Gi)

And then Shravan looks down

Shravan: But the fact is she changed. A lot. But her childishness is still there!
(Paar Hakikat Yeh Hain Ke Voh Badal Gayi. Bohot Badal Gayi. Par Abhi Bhi Usme Voh Bachpani wali Baat Hain)

Shravan looked at the letters. There are 9 letters, and all are birthday wishes for Shravan. For the all the ten years they didn’t contact with each other,

And all the 9 letters had same starting  line and same ending line and the middle parts were different . All began with “Happy Birthday, Chasmish” and all ended with “I am Sorry Shravan!”

Shravan after reading all 9 letters.

Shravan: Sumo, I know how much sorry you are. In fact I am sorry for ignoring you all these 10 years.
(Sumo Mujhe Pata Hain Ke Tum Kitni Sorry Ho. In fact I am sorry Ke Maine Tumhe Un Dus Sal Ke Liye Ignore Kiye Tha)

Shravan smiled seeing their childhood pictures as there are more.

Shravan: It’s so sweet of Sumo that she carefully treasured all these memories of our friendship.
(It’s so sweet of Sumo Ke Usne Kitni Dhyaan Se Humare Dosti Ke Yaadon Ko Apne Paas Rakha)

Shravan gets thinking.

Shravan: On the other hand, it’s me who have just hurt her. Just hurt her and nothing else. She just waited for our friendship and nothing else.
(Aur Dusre Taaraf Main, Jisne Use Sirf Chot Pauchaya. Chot Ke Alawa Kuch Nahi. Usne Sirf Humari Dosti Ke Liye Intezaar Kiye Thi Aur Kuch Nahi)

As Shravan is about to read the other letters, just then Pushkar comes in. Shravan quickly puts that stack of letters.

Pushkar: Bhaia, here is the doctor.
(Bhaia, Yeh Rahan Doctor)

Doctor: Mr. Shravan Malhotra, how is your health now!
(Mr. Shravan Malhotra Ab Aap Ke Tabyet Kaise Hain!)

Shravan: Much better.
(Much better.)

The doctor checks him with the stethoscope and then he checks his process.

Doctor: Everything seems fine and there is nothing to worry about. You can be discharged now.
(Sab Kuch Thik Hi Lag Rahe Hain Aur Chinta Ke Koyi Baat Nahi Hain. Ab Aap Discharge Ho Sakte Hain)

Shravan gets up immediately.

Shravan: Thank you so much doctor! So now should I can leave right?
(Thank you so much Doctor! Toh Main Ab Jaa Sakta Hoon Right?)

Doctor: Yes, you can be discharged once the nurse is done.
(Yes, you can be discharged once the nurse is done.)

Pushkar: Bhaia, let me complete the formalities and you can change by then and wait for me after that.
(Bhaia, Ab Mujhe Baaki Ke Formalities complete Karne Jaa Raha Hoon Aur Ab Tab Tak Change Karke Mere Intezaar Kijiye)

Scene 4: Car
Pushkar looks at Shravan wanting to tell him the truth. Pushkar is driving the car.

Pushkar: Bhaia there is something I need to tell you.
(Bhaia Mujhe Aap Se Kuch Zaroori Baat Kehna Hain)

Shravan: Okay you can tell me now.
(Acha Tum Ab Mujhe Keh Sakte Ho)

As Pushkar was about to tell Shravan,
Shravan: Chotte can you bring me to Sumo’s house?
(Chotte Kya Tum Mujhe Sumo Ke Ghar Pe Le Jaa Sakte Ho)

Pushkar: Sumo’s house? But why?
(Sumo Ke Ghar? Lekin Kyun?)

Shravan: Chotte do as I say!
(Chotte Maine Jaise Kahan Vaise Karo!)

Pushkar: But Bhaia you just got discharged! And directly Sumo’s house! At least go home and take rest, and you can speak with Sumo at night. I will call her there,
(Par Bhaia Ab Toh Abhi Abhi Discharge Hue. Aur Seedha Sumo Ke Ghar! Kamsekam Ghar Jaake Aaram Ki Jiye Aur Phir Raat Main Sumo Se Baat Kar Li Jiye Main Usse Ghar Aaneko Kahoon Ga)

Shravan: I have told you. Do as I say. If not there is no way I will go home and you can’t force me!
(Maine Tumhe Pehle Bhi Kahan. Maine Jaise Kahan Vaise Karo. Varna Main Ghar Nahi Jaaonga Aur Tum Mujhe Force Bhi Nahi Kar Sakte Ho)

Pushkar: What is this Bhaia! Don’t be stubborn.
(What is this Bhaia! Ab Zid Maat Ki Jiye)

Shravan: Chotte if you don’t listen to me then I will just open the door and get out of this car!
(Chotte Agar Tumne Mere Baat Nahi Suna Toh Main Baas Darwasa Khul Kar Iss Gaari Se Bahar Nikal Jaunga)

Pushkar: (freaking out) What Bhaia what kind of stubbornness is this!
(Kya Bhaia Yeh Kaise Zid Hain!)

Shravan: Chotte you tell me or?(holding the door)
(Chotte Tum Mujhe Batate Ho Ya?)

Pushkar: Okay okay Bhaia I will take you to Sumo’s house! I will take you there but you better relax!
(Acha Acha Bhaia Main Apko Sumo Ke Ghar Leke Jaunga! Main Ab Ko Vahan Zaroor Le Jaunga Lekin You better relax!)

Shravan smiles and he pats Pushkar.

Shravan: At least one of Sumo’s tactics came of some help!
(Kamsekam Sumo Ke Ek Tactics Mere Kaam Aya)

Pushkar doesn’t look at Shravan and drives to Suman’s house.

Scene 5: Tiwari Killa
Suman is doing the work and is telling the decorations people.

Sumo: Put this properly!
(Bhaia Ab Isse Thik Se Lagana)

The guy tries to fix the decoration cloth on the top and Suman complains.

Sumo: Bhaia, it’s a wedding not a birthday party. Please put it properly.
(Bhaia Yeh Shaadi Hain Koyi Birthday Party Nahi. Please Thik Se Lagana)

Suman looks at the quality of the cloth and gets angry.

Sumo: Why are you using these kind of cloths! You know I can use this and mop this entire house better. Let me talk to your manager.
(Yeh Ab Kaise Kapre Use Kar Rahe Hain. Ap Ko Pata Hain Ke Main Isse Istemal Kar Sakti Hoon Pure Ghar Ke Jharo Pochai Main. Zara Mujhe Ab Ke Manager Se Baat Karwa Dijiye)

Guy: He is coming on his way.
(Saab Abhi Aa Rahe Hain)

Sumo: What’s your name?
(Kya Naam Hain Ap Ka?)

Guy: My name is Chikku .
(Chikku Naam Hain Mera)

Shravan comes and is surprised to see the condition of the house as everything is messed up.

Just then the manager comes,

Chikku : Here he is my manager.
(Yeh Rahan Mere Manager Saab)

The manager comes to Suman. Suman is about to say something,

Manager: Myself Mantu Ahuwalia, Best of Best Cousin of Bunty Ahuwalia.
(Myself Mantu Ahuwalia, Best of Best Cousin of Bunty Ahuwalia.)

Sumo: (talking to herself) Oh so this is that Ahuwalia’s Cousin. Shravan didn’t get anyone else besides him!
(Oh Toh Yeh Ahuwalia Ka Cousin Hain. Shravan Ko Aur Koyi Nahi Mila Tha Kya!)

Mantu: Bunty Bhaia told me that there is a marriage going on in Bhabiji’s house , and since I am in charge of  decorations for the weddings, Bhaia told me to come here so I came her with my best of best stuffs! You don’t worry Bhabiji!
(Bunty Bhaia ne Mujhe Kahan Ke Bhabiji Ki Ghar Pe Ek Shaadi Hain Aur Kyunki Main Shaadiyon Ka Decorations Dekhne Ka kaam Karta Hoon, Bhaia Ne Mujhe Kahan Yahan Aane Ke Liye Toh Main Apna Best of Best Leke Aa Gaya! Aur Haan Aap Chinta Maat Ki Jiye Bhabiji!)

Sumo: (shocked) Bhabiji! Whose Bhabi?
(Bhabiji! Kiske Bhabiji)

Mantu: You are Bhabiji!
(Ab Hi Toh Ho Bhabiji!)

Sumo: First of all you stop calling me Bhabiji. I am not anyone’s Bhabi Ji!
(Pehle Toh Ab Mujhe Bhabiji Kehna Baand Ki Jiye, Main Kisi Ki Bhabi Nahi Hoon)

Mantu: You are Pushkar’s Bhabi!
(Ab Pushkar Jii Ke Bhabi Ho!)

Sumo: Pushkar… Oh no you have some misunderstanding. Pushkar is marrying my Sister, Pushkar is the groom.
(Pushkar….Areh Nahi Nahi Ap Ko Kuch Galat Fehmi Hua Hain. Pushkar Mere Behen Se Shaadi Kar Rahi Hain, Pushkar Dulha Hain)

Mantu: Okay jii, how is the work? All best of best!
(Oh Acha Jii, Kaam Kaise Chal Rahe Hain? Sab best of best!)

Suman smiles sarcastically.

Sumo: Very good. All best of best. So best of best that the bride herself will agree to get married right now.
(Badhiya! Sab best of best! Itne Best of Best Ke Dulhan Kudh Hi Abhi Shaadi Karne Ke Liye Radzi Ho Jayega)

Pushkar: But the groom is not ready.
(Par Dulha Abhi Bhi Ready Nahi Hain)

Suman smiles looking at Pushkar.

Sumo: Pushkar!

And she sees Shravan and her expression changes a bit.

Sumo: Shravan?

Shravan: Why your expressions changed seeing me?
(Tumhare Expressions Mujhe Dekh Kar Aise Kyun Badal Gayi)

Sumo: But you should be at home! Resting!
(Par Tumhe Toh Ghar Pe Rehna Chaye! Aaram Karna Chaye!)

Shravan: I just came here to see if everything is going fine.
(Main Baas Yahan Aaya Yeh Dekhne Ke Liye Ke Yahan Sab Kuch Thik Hain Ya Nahi)

Sumo: Shravan you won’t agree, what was the need of coming here? And you Monkey (hitting Pushkar’s head) how did you let your Brother come here!
(Shravan, Tum Bilkul Nahi Manoge, Kya Zaroorat Tha Yahan Aane Ke? Aur Tum Bandaar, Apne Bhai Ko Yahan Aane Kaise Diya!)

Pushkar: He won’t listen to me. He got stubborn and forced me you know. And it’s your fault! He said he learnt all this from you.
(Voh Toh Mere Baat Sune Wale Main Se Nahi Hain. Voh Ek Hi Zid Pakar Ke Rakha Aur Tumhe Pata Hain Usi Ne Hi Mujhe Majboor Kiya! Usne Kahan Ke Voh Yeh Sab Tumse Sikha!)

Suman looks at him angrily.

Shravan: Let me go and meet Nanaji for a while
(Main Jake Nanaji Se Bhi Mil Kar Ata Hoon Kuch Der Ke Liye)

Sumo: Shravan, Mamaji took Nanu to the doctor for checkup.
(Shravan, Mamaji Nanu Ko Doctor Ke Paas Leker Gaya Hain Checkup Ke Liye)

Shravan: Where are the rest?
(Baaki Sab Kahan Hain?)

Sumo: Mausiji and Daboo went for shopping for the wedding, and Mausaji went to talk with the priest, only me, Preeti and Mamiji are at home now. Mamiji is busy doing household work. And Preeti is in her room
(Mausiji Aur Daboo Shaadi Ke Shopping Karne Ke Liye Gaye Aur Mausaji Pandit Ji Se Baath Karne Ke Liye, Sirf Main, Preeti Aur Mamiji Ghar Pe Hain. Mamiji Ghar Ke Kaam Karne Main Busy Hain Aur Preeti Uski Room Par Hain)

Pushkar: Bhaia, I speak to Preeti for a while and then I will come back.
(Bhaia, Main Jake Preeti Se Thodi Der Baath Karke Aata Hoon Aur Phir Wapas Aa Jaunga)

Shravan: Okay sure but remember Mamiji is here! So be careful.
(Acha Thik Hain Par Yaad Rakhna Mamiji Yahan Hain! Toh Dhyaan Se!)

Pushkar: Yes I would be,
(Thik Hain Bhaia)

Pushkar leaves to talk with Preeti.

Mantu: I told you we have the best of best staff. Best of best decorations!  Even the groom came here to see the wedding preparations!)
(Maine Ap Ko Kahan Na Humare Paas Best of Best Log Hain. Best of Best decorations! Dulha Bhi Yahan Aa Gaye Shaadi Ke Tayaariyan Dekhne Ke Liye)

Sumo: (sarcastic) Yes best of best. (Screaming) Is this what you called best of best!
(Haan Best of Best. Isse Ab Best of Best Kehte Ho!!)

The guy gets stunned. So does Shravan

Sumo: Look! Look at this, it’s look like some happy birthday party going on not wedding and instead of Om Magalam now Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you will be heard!
(Dekhiye Bhaisaab, Aisa Lag Raha Hain Ke Yahan Kuch Birthday Party Chal Raha Hain Koyi Shaadi Nahi Aur Ab Om Mangalam Ke Jagei Per Happy Birthday Bajaya Jayega, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you)

Chikku : Whose birthday is it today?
(Aaj Kiska Birthday Hain?)

Sumo: (sarcastic tone) My neighbour Arshnoor’s birthday.
(Meri Parosi Arshnoor Ka)

Chikku: Do wish her happy birthday on my behalf.
(Usko Mere Taraaf Se Happy Birthday Keh Dijiye Ga)

Sumo:  Shut Up!
(Tum Chup Raho!)

Chikku gets back to work.

Suman shows him the cloth.

Sumo: And this cloth? Is for cleaning not for decorations?
(Aur Yeh Kapra? Yeh Pochai Karne Ke Liye Hain Ya Decorations Ke Liye?)

Mantu scolds Chikku .

Mantu: Oh stupid! I told you use this cloth to clean all the dirty areas and that cloth for the tables. And you are using it for the decorations!
(Oh Bewakoof! Maine Kahan Tha Yeh Kapre Kaam Hone Ke Baath Safai Karne Ke Liye Aur Voh Kapre Table Ke Sajawath Ke Liye Hain. Aur Tum Isse Sajawath Ke Liye Istemal Kar Rahe Ho!)

Chikku: Sorry sir, it’s by mistake.
(Maaf Kar Di Jiye Saab Ji Galati Se Hogaya)

Mantu: Sorry Suman Jii, he’s new here if not everything by us is best of best.
(Sorry Suman Jii, Yeh Yahan Nayi Nayi Hain Varna Sab Kuch Humare Best of Best Hi Hain)

Sumo: That’s your problem.
(Yeh Aap Ka Problem Hain)

Just then Shravan gets up,

Shravan: I told you I don’t any room for complains and you already did a big mistake! If he was new, you should have guide him or send someone else!
(Maine Kahan Tha Na Ke Mujhe Shikayat Ke Koyi Mauka Nahi Chaye Aur Tumhe Pehle Se Hi Ek Bara Galati Kar Diya! Agar Yeh Naya Hain Toh Tum Uske Saath Rehte Aur Sikhate Ya Kisi Aur Ko Bhej Te)

Sumo: Shravan you sit down, you are still recovering,
(Shravan Tum Betho, Tum Abhi Pure Tarike Se Thik Nahi Hue)

Shravan: But Sumo?
(But Sumo?)

Suman makes Shravan sit down.
Sumo: Now you just sit here okay.
(Ab tum Yahan Per Bet Jao Thik Hain)

Shravan: But Sumo,
(Par Sumo)

Suman goes away from there and Mantu quickly tells Chikku to hurry.

Mantu: You already did a mistake and now we have to hurry! Remember everything best of best!
(Tum ne Pehle Se Hi Ek Galati Kiya Aur Ab Hum Logo Ko Jaldi Karna Parenga ! Yaad Rakhna Sab Best of Best!)

Sumo: Let me help both of you too.
(Choriye, Main Ab Logo Ka Madad Karti Hoon)

Suman helps them and Shravan smiles. Suman explains that guy and he nods yes and yes.

Sumo: You will do this!
(Ab Yeh Karoge!)
(Chikku nods yes)

Sumo: You will bring the cloth and yes put some flowers in between it will look nice.
(Aur Ab Yeh Kapra Yahan La Di Jiye Aur Haan Beech Main Kuch Ful Dijiye Ache Lagega)
(Chikku   nods yes)

Sumo: There won’t be any use by just nodding your head, you must do what I said properly okay.
(Sar Ghumane Se Koyi Fyaada Nahi Hoga, Maine Jaisa Kahan Vaise Karna Parenga, okay!)

Chikku : Okay madam.
(Okay madam.)

Sumo: If I don’t like the decorations. I won’t pay you a single penny for this! I am not so rich okay! Is that clear Bhaijaan!
(Mujhe Agar Yeh Decorations Pasand Nahi Aayi Main Ek Bhi Paise Nahi Dene Wali! Main Itni Raees Nahi Hoon! Samejhme Aagaye Ap Ko Bhaijaan!)

Chikku: Okay

Sumo: Yaar it’s so hot, today.
(Yaar Aaj Itni Garmi Hain)

Suman walks around and checks and her hair disturbs her. Shravan lovingly stares at her. Music plays. Suman blows her hair aside just like her Sumo Mode. Shravan gets stunned and bowled over it. And he just can’t stop staring at her. Again the hair disturbs her and she again blows. Again he lovingly stares at her,

Sumo: Now who has kept the fan infront of me!
(Ab Yeh Fan Mere Samne Kon Rakha!)

Suman looks behind and sees Chikku smiling showing his teeth out and putting the fan beside here.

Suman: (screaming) What are you doing!
(Ab Kya Kar Rahe Hain!)

Chikku : (smiling) You said that you are feeling hot. That’s why I brought the fan beside you.
(Ap Ne Hi Toh Kahan Ke Ap Ko Bohot Garmi Lag Rahi Hain. Isliye Aap Ke Samne Fan La Diya)

Shravan smiles seeing Suman’s situation.

The things around , some of the decoration starts flying due to the air.

Sumo: Off that fan! Quick!
(Uss Fan Ko Baand Ki Jiye! Jaldi!)

Chikku : Why madam? It’s hot.
(Kyun Madam? Garmi Hain)

Sumo: Off that fan if not I will take that tubelight from the wall and hit your head!
(Fan Ko Baand Karo Varna Ab Jo Deewar Pe Tubelight Dekh Rahe Ho Voh Ap Ka Sar Main Fhoorunga)

Chikku: (scared) You also like Sharukh and Salman?
(Ab Ko Bhi Shahrukh Aur Salman Pasand Hain)

Suman goes to hit him and stops and glares at him angrily. Shravan laughs silently  and the guy gets scared and throws the fan. And just then Aditya comes.

Shravan:( sarcastic and  facing away from Aditya) There it is, income tax
(Aa Gaya, Income Tax Wale)

Aditya: Bhaisaab relax! And Suman, why are you scolding him?
(Bhaisaab, relax! Aur Suman Tum Usse Itna Daad Kyun Rahe Ho?)

Sumo: Aditya you just don’t ask about this guy. He is just driving me crazy.
(Aditya Tum Toh Mujhe Uske Baare Mein Pucho Hi Maat. Pagal Karke Rakha Hain Mujhe)

Aditya comes to Chikku .

Aditya: What happened?
(Kya Hua?)

Sumo: You can see from the surroundings what happened?
(Yahan Ke Halaath Dekh Kar Samajh Mein Nahi Aa Raha Hain Kya?)

Aditya: Oh.

Aditya pats the guy.

Aditya: Look you need to take a chill pill, I tell you there are some samosas kept there. Have some and then get back to work.
(Dekho Tumhe Chill Karna Chaye, Main Kya Batata Hoon Vahan Par Kuch Samose Rakha Hain. Kuch Kha Loh Aur Phir Kaam Par Lag Jao)

Chikku   smiles and goes to eat Samosa. He eats and sits  besides Shravan and Shravan gets stunned seeing him.

Shravan: (telling himself) I am sure this Aditya and this Chikku must have some connection!
(Zaroor Iss Aditya Aur Iss Chikku Ka Koyi Connection Hain!)

Sumo: Aditya why did you let him go!
(Aditya Tumne Usse Jane Kaise Diya!)

Aditya: Suman let it be after the samosas he will get to work.
(Suman Choro Yeh Sab Samose Khane Ke Baad Kam Par Lag Jayega)

Sumo: Anyways, I have so much work,
(Vaise Bhi Kitna Sara Kaam Hain)

Suman does the work by rearranging the cloths.

Aditya: You need help?
(Tumhe Madad Ke Zaroorat Hain?)

Sumo: It will be great if you look outside like the garden for the tables where guests will eat. Can you look after that?
(Acha Hoga Agar Tum Bahar Garden Mein Dekho, Vahan Tables Hoga Jahan Par Sab Guest Khanna Khayege. Kya Tum Bahar Sambhal Sakte Ho?)

Aditya: (smiling) Sure

Sumo: By the way Shravan was supposed to do this, but since he met with accident I don’t want him to work.
(Vaise Yeh Kaam Shravan Ko Karna Tha Lekin Uska Accident Ke Wajah Se Main Use Kam Nahi Karne Deh Rahi Hoon)

Aditya: Yes that’s true.
(Haan Yeh Baat Toh Sach Hain)

Aditya looks and he finds Shravan sitting annoyed.

Aditya: Shravan? You and here?
(Shravan? Tum Aur Yahan?)

Shravan: No no I am Mr.India.
(Nahin Nahin Main Mr India Hoon)

Aditya: Yes you are Mr. India , after all you are the Best Friend of the most beautiful girl, she is no less than Miss India.
(Haan Ho Tum Mr.India Aakhir Tum Sabse Khoobsurat Ladki Ke Joh Best Friend Ho, Voh Bhi Toh Miss India Se Kaam Nahi Hain )

Shravan fumes listening to this but he do agree with Aditya.

Shravan: (whispering to himself) Such an idiot!

Shravan: Sumo is not only Miss India, but also Miss Universe.(smiling)
(Sumo Sirf Miss India Hi Nahi Miss Universe Hain)

Aditya: (laughing) this is right. I accept defeat. By the way how is your health is now? Any pain?
(Haan Yeh Sahi Hain. Maine Har Man Liya. Vaise Tumhare Tabyet Ab Kaise Hain? Kahan Par Bhi Dard Ho Raha Hain?)

Shravan: Much better. And there is a saying no pain no gain.
(Pehle Se Behter. Aur Haan Ek Kahawat Toh Suna Hi Hoga No Pain No Gain)

Aditya: That’s the spirit Bro!
(That’s the spirit Bro!)

Aditya pats Shravan’s shoulder hardly and Shravan looked at him stunned.

Aditya: (smiling). Okay anyways I go out and see if anything is needed.
(Acha Main Ab Bahar Jake Dekh Ta Hoon Agar Kisi Cheez Ke Zaroorat Hain Ya Nahi)

Aditya leaves and Shravan feels like giving him a punch and he shows him behind his back and he stops.

Chikku : (munching Samosas) He was just saying that how is your health? And praising Bhabiji!
(Voh Toh Baas Puch Raha Tha Ke Apke Tabyet Kaise Hain? Aur Bhabiji Ke Taarif Hi Toh Kar Raha Tha)

Shravan: You seem to be a big fan of him. And yes if you talk too much , i will just give you a tight slap. So tight that you And then you will forget how to eat samosas.
(Tum Bare Fan Hogaye Ho Uske. Aur Haan Agar Zyaada Bate Kiya Toh, Baas Ek Thappad Maroonga. Aisa Zor Se Ke Tum Phir Se Samosa Khana Bhul Jaoge)

The guy quickly gulps the samosa.

Chikku: Bhaisaab you are weak in delivering dialogues not like Bhabiji.
(Bhaisaab Ab Dialogues Bolne Mein Thore Kache Ho Bhabiji Jaise Nahi)

Shravan: (surprised)Bhabiji? You mean Sumo?
(Bhabi Ji? Tumhara Matlaab Sumo)

Chikku: Yes

Shravan looks around.

Shravan; Look if Sumo is here and if she listened to this! She won’t spare you.
(Dekho Agar Sumo Yahan Par Hoti Aur Agar Yeh Sun Liya Voh Tumhe Nahi Choregi)

Chikku : I am full.
(Pet Bhar Gaya)

He takes all the samosas in a tissue. And Shravan looks at him stunned.

Chikku : My Mom said it’s not good to waste food so let me just take these samosas.
(Meri Maa Ne Kahan Hain Ke Khanna Khatam Na Karke Fekh Dene Shobha Nahi Dete Hain Toh Baas Iss Samose Ko Lene Dijiye )

Chikku quickly takes and leaves.

Shravan: How did this Tiwari Killa, all of a sudden became a mental asylum?
(Yeh Tiwari Killa Achanak Se Pagal Khanna Kaise Ban Gaya)

Aditya helps Suman take the ladder inside.

Sumo: Thank you so much Aditya for the help.
(Thank you so much Aditya Madaad Karne Ke Liye)

Aditya: No no it’s fine. And yes if you need anything do tell me.
(Nahi Nahi Thik Hain Aur Haan Agar Kuch Chaye Hoga Toh Keh Dena.)

Shravan fumes seeing Aditya and Suman’s bond.

Sumo: Definately! Adi…
(Zaroor Adi…)

Aditya: so finally you called me by my nickname. Now this is more like Sumo. Okay now let me go and look over outside.
(Toh Aakhir Tumne Mujhe Mere Nickname Se Pukara. Ab Yeh Hua Na Sumo Wala Baath. Acha Main Abhi Jake Bahar Dekh Aata Hoon)

Aditya leaves.

Shravan: Who gave him rights to call her Sumo! He is…
(Usse Sumo Kehne Ke Haqt Use Kisne Diya! Yeh Baanda Toh…)

Shravan is about to go to confront Aditya and he stops.

Suman climbs the ladder and does the work. Shravan stares at her

Shravan: (in his mind) This Sumo never gave me a nickname and this Aditya also got one. (Fuming)
(Yeh Sumo Ne Toh Mujhe Kabhi Koyi Nickname Nahi Diya Aur Iss Aditya Ko Bhi Ek Mil Gaya!)

Suman is putting the decorations and the cloths around and she holds the clips on her lips (like in the episode of the show) and Shravan lovingly stares at her,

Shravan: (in his mind) I feel like taking the clips out of her lips and she will be stunned due to the force and before she can feel anything I will just give her a peck on the lips.
(Maan Toh Kar Raha Hain Uske Thot Se Yeh Clips Nikalu Aur Phir Jab Main Zhor Se Nikaluga Toh Phir Voh Chok Jayegi Aur Uski Chilane Se Pehle Main Baas Usko Ek Kiss Dunga)

Suman is at the ladder, and since Shravan is tall enough he just snatches the clip and Suman screams.

Sumo: Ouch!!!

Suman gets stunned seeing Shravan,

Sumo: Shravan what is this! Ouch my lips.(feeling her lips with her fingers)
(Shravan Yeh Kya Hain! Ah Meri Thot)

Shravan: Who holds clips on their lips? Bad habit! Clips are for clipping your hair not your lips.
(Toh Tumko Kisne Kahan Thoth Par Aise Clips Bite Karne Ka! Clips Hain Tumhari Baal Ko Side Karne Ke Liye Thot Ko Nahi)

Sumo: That was for the decorations!
(Voh Toh Decorations Ke Liye The)

Shravan: whatever it is!
(Jo Bhi Hain)

Sumo: (climbing down from the ladder) Shravan you are,
(Shravan Tum Bhi Na,)

just then the cloths slips from her hand and as she holds it and since it’s too many she gets a bit wrapped in it and due to which her leg is about to slip Shravan stops her from falling and tries to help her out. He tries to separate the cloth from her and they both end up getting wrapped in that instead.

Sumo: See what you have done!
(Dekha Tumne Kya Kiya!)

Shravan: What’s my fault in that?
(Ab Isme Mera Kya Galati Hain?)

Sumo: Now how will I get out of this!
(Ap Mein Isse Kaise Niklu)

Shravan: Relax, Sumo! I am trying to do something.
(Relax, Sumo! Main Kuch Karne Ki Koshish Kar Raha Hoon Na!)

Shravan tries to separate the cloth and slowly he succeeds in it and while doing so, he looks at Suman and lovingly stares at her as he realises they both are really close right now. Suman also lovingly stares at him. And then they share an intense eyelock. Shravan gets close to Suman for a kiss and she closes her eyes. He is about to kiss her on the lips.

And just then Aditya comes and gets stunned seeing this,

Aditya: (in his mind) OMG Aditya Ahuja! What did you just saw!
(OMG Aditya Ahuja ! Tumne Yeh Abhi Kya Dekha!)

Aditya is stunned seeing Shravan and Suman in such a position.

Aditya: (in his mind) These two are in full on mode to be like hero-heroine , just let a piece of cloth fall on them and then consider their love story is complete. Wah Wah Wah!
(Yeh Dono Toh Hero-Heroine Hone Ke Pure Mood Par Hain, Baas Ek Kapra Unlogo Ke Upar Girne Do. Hogaya Unlogo Ka Love Story Pura. Wah Wah Wah!)

Just then Mamiji carrying some clothes in her hands comes there, and she tells Suman

Mamiji: Suman beta after you are done with these decorations work can you go and talk to the tailor! What kind of dresses he made! You go and teach him a lesson and yes do ask for refund.
(Suman beta Sajawath Ke Kaam Hone Ke Baath Zara Darji Wala Ke Paas Jana Tum! Yeh Kaise Suit Silaya Unlogo! Tum Ache Se Unlogo Ka Khabar Lena Aur Haan Paisa Wapas Lekar Hi Aana)

Mamiji goes and as she walks one of the dresses’s in her hand the dupatta falls on them and as Mamiji walks further the dupatta also follows her after falling on their face. Aditya covers his face with one of his hand after seeing this.

Suman and Shravan are still close to each other and Mamiji sees this,

Mamiji: (in her mind) Oh my god, Shravan and Suman are looking so good together, as if God made their pair. They are really looking made for the sake of each other. After Preeti’s wedding, I will get this Suman married to Shravan, (smiling and thinking) and then she will also become one of the Malhotra’s Daughter-in-law.
(Hai Bhagwan, Sharvan Aur Suman Kitne Ache Lagta Hain Ek Saath, Jaise Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Bilkul Lag Rahe Hain Ke Ye Dono Ek Duje Ke Vaaste Hi Bane Hain. Preeti Ki Shaadi Ke Baath,Iss Suman Ke Shaadi Sharvan Se Karwaogi Aur Phir Yeh Bhi Malhotra Ke Bahu Bane Gi)

Mamiji smiles seeing them close and Aditya realises that they are both about to kiss each other. And as he sees that he steps  back and ends up breaking a vase.

Suman and Shravan get out of the eyelock due to the vase breaking. Shravan helps Suman get down from the ladder and they both are Super embarrassed.

Mamiji gets stunned seeing Aditya breaking the vase and she goes to scold Aditya.

Mamiji: What you have done! It was my favourite vase! You know how expensive it is!
(Yeh Tumne Kya Kar Diya! Yeh To Mera Sabse Pasand Ka Tha! Tumhe Pata Bhi Hain Yeh Kitni Mehngi Hain)

Aditya: Sorry Mamiji. I will buy a new one for you,
(Sorry Mamiji, Main Apko Liye Ek Naya Wala Kharidke Launga)

Mamiji: No no you let it be  anyways you won’t find it anywhere. It was my Favourite and first gift Daboo’s dad gifted me after our wedding during our honeymoon which you broke.
(Nahi Nahi Tum Toh Rehne Do, Vaise Tumhe Yeh Kahan Par Bhi Nahi Milega. Yeh Toh Meri sabse Pasand Ka Thi, Aur Yeh Pehle Tofa Tha Jo Dabbu Ke Papa Ne Mujhe Diya Humare Shaadi Ke Baath, Jab Hum Pehle Bar Ghumne Gaye The, Joh Ke Tumne Tod Diya)

Mamiji is angry with Aditya and Aditya apologises.

Aditya: I am sooooo sorry Mamiji.
(I am sooooo sorry Mamiji.)

Suman goes to manage the situation.

Sumo: Mamiji let it be! And Adi…
(Mamiji Choriye Yeh Sab. Aur Adi….)

Shravan again fumes hearing Suman calling Aditya Adi.

Sumo: it’s okay, yaar. You go and do the preparations outside.
(Koyi Baat Nahi Yaar. Tum Jake Bahar Tayaariyan Ko Dekho)

Aditya goes and he collides with someone, Aditya gets confused seeing the person, Suman, Shravan and Mamiji are shocked. The episode ends.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Hey all I hope you all liked the episode. I know it was not that much happening, but I tried my best to add a comic element in this story. Since I made you all emotional through most of the episodes of MPBTKC ???. So enough of Rona Dhona ??? , now it’s time to laugh ???. I hope you all enjoyed this episode and if it’s not funny so sorry for that? actually I even find minor things funny so ya sorry ???. I uploaded today instead of tomorrow as it won’t  be possible tomorrow as I am going for a sleepover in a friend’s house tomorrow. And sorry for the late update tonight as I returned home from work late. And my classes will resume from tomorrow after the term break. It would be hard for me to update early, so from the next episode I can update only once a week. But I will try my best to update twice a week if I can as my work is not that hectic these days. Next update will be on Friday or Saturday. for I will inform you all as soon as I can know about when I can post the next episode.

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