Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga – Shraman Short Series Episode 13 (EDKV) LAST EPISODE

Episode 13

Scene 1: Terrace
The episode begins with Suman and Shravan sitting in the terrace. They both are lying down on the terrace and are normally dressed. Both of them are looking at the moon.

Sumo: This moon is so beautiful but it will always come out all of a sudden. No one knows when will it be coming next. Just like our destiny.
(Yeh Chaand Bhale Kitna Pyaara Kyun Na Lage Lekin Achanak Se Hi Aa Jata Hain. Kisiko Pata Bhi Nahi Chalta Kab Phirse Ye Chaand Utegi Bilkul Humare Kismat Jaise)

Shravan: Destiny (a short laughter) never expected that our life will take such a turn.
(Kismat….Kabhi Nahi Socha Ke Humari Zindagi Aise Mor Legi)

Sumo: It all began from that day. When everything changed.
(Yeh Sab Ussi Din Se Shuru Huwe Thi Jab Sab Kuch Badal Gayi!)

Shravan: Everything!
(Sab Kuch!)

Suman and Shravan gets into a flashback of what happened after their love confession in the terrace.

Scene 2: Terrace, Tiwari Killa
After their love confession Suman and Shravan breaks their hugs and lovingly looks at each other.

Title track begins to play.
Shravan lovingly caresses Suman’s face and Suman closes her eyes. And Shravan wipes all the tears that were dropping from her eyes.
(Honton pe tere
Shikvon ka shor hai)

Shravan: These don’t look good on you.
(Yeh Tum Par Bilkul Ache Nahi Lagte Hain)

Shravan goes close to her. And they both share an eyelock and he goes closer until they share a lip lock.

(Par ye nighaahe
Kehti kuch aur hai)

It was of a few seconds, perhaps minutes and they both were lost in it. After that,
(O o ho o..)

Shravan and Suman looked up. They were silent for a moment.

Sumo: Shravan…

Suman rests her head on Shravan’s chest and Shravan hugs her.

Sumo: Never….never leave me alone!
(Kabhi Bhi…Kabhi Bhi Nahi Mujhe Akele Choro Gi)

Shravan: Never….
(Kabhi Nahi…)

(Jo hai mere lamhe kahin
Chhut na jaaye hath se)
(Mil jaane de dil jo bane
Ek duje ke vaste
O o ho o..)

As they were again about to get closer, just then Suman hears her name.

Mausiji: Suman!

Suman remembers and she quickly climbs down the stairs and goes to the venue.

Preeti: Dii where you went?
(Dii Aap Kahan Chali Gayi Thi?)

Mausiji: What Suman you even missed the wedding. Preeti and Pushkar got married now.
(Kya Suman Shaadi Bhi Miss Kardi. Preeti Aur Pushkar Ke Shari Bhi Ho Gaye)

Mausaji: We couldn’t delay the rituals further that’s why where did you went?
(Hum Aur Der Nahi Kar Sakte The, Tum Kahan Chale Gaye Thi?)

Suman looks at Preeti who is a bit disappointed with her.

Just then Daboo realises the bandage on Suman’s hand.

Daboo: Suman didi, why is there a  bandage  on your hand?
(Suman Didi, Aap Ke Haath Main Plaster Kyun Hain)

Suman looks at it.

Sumo: Daboo, actually…
(Voh Daboo Darasal…)

Preeti: (worried) Dii how did you get injured!
(Dii Apko Chot Kaisi Lag Gayi!)

Sumo: This was nothing! It was due to the basket side.
(Yeh Toh Kuch Bhi Nahi Tha! Basket Ke Side Se Wajah Se Chot Lag Gayi)

Pushkar sees Shravan coming too.

Kamini: Shravan puttar where were you!
(Shravan Puttar Tum Kahan The!)

Before Shravan could say anything,

Sumo: Shravan was with me!
(Shravan Meri Saath Tha!)

Everyone looks at Suman. Shravan also gets a bit surprised,

Sumo: He was nursing my wound.
(Voh Meri Haath Ko bandage Kar Raha Tha)

Sumo: Anways happy married life to both of you. I am so sorry I missed the wedding out.
(Vaise Tum Logo Ko Shaadi Mubarak! I am so sorry Ke Maine Shaadi Miss Kardi)

Suman hugs Pushkar and Preeti.

Sumo: I have told him! Told him that how much I love him!
(Maine Usse Keh Diya! Keh Diya Ke Main Usse Kitni Pyaar Karti Hoon!)

Pushkar and Preeti smiles.

Pushkar: (whispering) Then you are forgiven!
(Toh Phir Tumhe Maaf Kar Diya!)

Preeti also smiles.

Preeti’s farewell ceremony takes place. Everyone in Tiwari Killa gets emotional for Preeti.

Preeti and Pushkar leaves. Everyone sadly waves her car. Suman wipes her tears. And just then someone passes her a handkerchief.

She looks up and it’s Shravan.

Shravan: No more tears okay. I spared you since she was your younger Sister  but not anymore.
(Aur Koyi Aasun Nahi. Maine Tumhe Iss Bar Chor Diya Kyunki Voh Tumhari Choti Behen Hain Lekin Ab Aur Nahi)

Suman and Shravan are walking.

Sumo: Shravan, Preeti…. You know! You know she was only 7 that time! Every time she will come to me and hug and call me Suman didi! And now that Preeti, that Preeti got married!
(Shravan, Preeti…Tumhe Pata Hain! Pata Hain Voh Sirf Saath Sal Ki Thi Tab. Humesha Meri Gaali Lagti Thi Aur Suman Didi Suman Didi Kehke Pukar Ti Thi. Ab Vohi Preeti Vohi Preeti Ka Aaj Shaadi Bhi Ho Gaya)

Shravan: With time everything changes. Even Chotte got married.
(Waqt Ke Saath Sab Kuch Badal Jate Hain. Chotte Ke Bhi Shaadi Ho Gaya)

Sumo: I just hope everything goes fine with Preeti.
(Baas Umeed Karti Hoon Ke Preeti Ke Saath Sab Kuch Acha Hi Hoga)

Shravan pats Suman’s shoulder.

Shravan: Don’t worry Chotte is there for her. He will be there for her….always.
(Tum Chinta Maat Karo Chotte Hain Na Uski Liye. Voh Humesha Preeti Ke Saath Rahega….Humesha)

Suman looks up and smiles.

Sumo: You know Shravan Preeti was the first person whom I told about my love. That how much I loved you.
(Tumhe Pata Hain Shravan Preeti Hi Voh Pehle Insaan Hain Jisne Maine Apni Dil Ki Baath Kahi Hain. Ke Main Tumse Kitni Pyaar Karti Hoon)

Shravan smiles.

Shravan: Pushkar said right you both sisters share everything with each other right!
(Pushkar Ne Sahi Kahan Tum Dono Behene Ek Dusre Ke Saath Sab Kuch Share Karti Ho)

Sumo: Oh so that Monkey told you all these. He doesn’t share anything with you?
(Oh Toh Voh Bandar Ne Tumhe Kahan. Voh Tumse Kuch Nahi Share Karte?)

Shravan: He don’t, because he knows very well what I am going to do if he tells me.
(Nahi Karte Kyunki Usko Bohot Ache Tarike Se Pata Hain Ke Main Kya Karoonga Uske Saath Agar Usne Mujhe Yeh Sab Baath Kahan Toh)

Sumo: What?

Shravan: Beat him and what else!
(Maroonga Usse Aur Kya!)

Sumo: Shravan you are so mean!
(Shravan Tum Kitne Matlaabi Ho!)

Shravan: These are what brothers are for! Not like You girls cry for no reason.
(Aakhir Bhaiyon Hain Is Kaam Ke Liye. Tum Jaise Ladkiyon Jaise Nahi Jo Ke Bina Koyi Wajah Humesha Rona Shuru Kar Dete Hain)

Sumo: Shravan this is not fair why are you blaming us girls only!
(Shravan Yeh Fair Nahi Hain Tum Humesha Hum Ladkiyon Ko Blame Kyun Karte Ho!)

Shravan: By the way it was baseless for you to cry.
(Vaise Bhi Tumhe Rone Ke Koyi Wajah Nahi Tha)

Sumo: Then what should I do? Jump on the bed! Cmon Shravan I am not some kid who will enjoy after their siblings leave home.
(Toh Kya Karna Chaye Tha? Bistar Ke Upar Kudna! Cmon Shravan Main Koyi Choti Bachi Nahi Ho Jo Apne Bhai Ya Behen Ke Jane Ke Baath Puri Maaze Uthaye)

Shravan: I am saying that you won’t need to miss Preeti. After all you are also going to come there soon. (Winks)
(Main Yeh Keh Raha Hoon Ke Tumne Preeti Ko Miss Karne Ke Koyi Zaroorat Hi Nahi Hoga. Aakhir Tum Bhi Toh Wahan Jald Ane Wale Ho)

Suman blushes.

Sumo: What Shravan?
(Kya Shravan Tum Bhi Na?)

Shravan: Oh, Miss Suman Tiwari also knows how to blush.
(Oh, Miss Suman Tiwari Ko Sharmane Bhi Aati Hain)

Sumo: Uhum, correction. Mrs Suman Shravan Malhotra, to be Mrs Suman Shravan Malhotra.
(Mrs Suman Shravan Malhotra, to be Mrs Suman Shravan Malhotra)

Shravan smiles.
Shravan: Not bad. You seem to be in Sumo Mode right now.
(Not Bad. Lagta Hain Abhi Tum Sumo Mode Par Ho!)

Sumo: Yes Sumo Mode.
(Haan Sumo Mode)

Shravan: Okay then
(Toh Phir…)

Shravan goes to kiss Suman.

Sumo: Shravan what…what are you doing?
(Shravan yeh….yeh tum Kya Kar Rahe Ho?)

Shravan: What happened to your Sumo mode?
(Ab Tumhari Sumo Mode Ko Kya Ho Gaya Hain)

Shravan again goes to kiss her and Suman smiles and stamps on his foot,
Shravan: Ahh!!

Sumo: This is called Sumo Mode!
(Isse Kehte Hain Sumo Mode!)

Suman goes.

Shravan: Sumo this is not fair yaar. I want a kiss.
(Sumo Yeh Fair Nahi Hain Yaar. Mujhe Baas Ek Kiss Hi Toh Chaye Tha!)

Sumo: Then what was that in terrace! That wasn’t a kiss!
(Toh Phir Chaad pe Voh Kya Tha! Voh Kiss Nahi Tha Kya!)

Shravan: It was! But that was my first try! I want more!
(Tha! Par Voh Mere Pehla Koshish Tha! Aur Chaye Mujhe)

Sumo: Forget about it.
(Bhul Jao Uske Baare Mein)

Shravan: Forget about it. Okay
(Bhul Jao Usse Baare Mein. Thik Hain)

Shravan comes closer and Suman steps back.

Sumo: Shravan…no….no!

Suman runs and Shravan chases her. They go round and round until Shravan pulls her in a corner and they look at each other.

Sumo: Shravan?

Shravan: Look I am very tired now, I don’t have any energy now. Quickly give me my kiss and restore my energy.
(Dekho Main Bohoti Thak Gaya, Mere Andaar Ab Aur Koyi Energy Nahi Hain. Jaldi Se Mujhe Ek Kiss Do Aur Energy Bhar Do)

Sumo: Drink Bournvitta. I will ask Daboo to bring for you.
(BournVitta Pee Lo. Main Daboo Ko Kahoongi Tumhare Liye Lane Ke Liye)

Sumo: I don’t want Bournvitta, Horlicks. I want kiss. Kiss from you!
(Mujhe Koyi Bournvitta Horlicks Nahi Chaye Baas Kiss Chaye. Tumse!)

Sumo: What Shravan? You are so demanding!
(Kya Shravan? Tum Bhi Kitne Demanding Ho!)

Shravan: What, is loving your love a wrong thing!
(Kya, Apne Pyaar Ko Pyaar Dena Ek Galat Cheez Hain Kya)

Sumo: I didn’t say that.
(Maine Aisa Kab Kahan)

Shravan:Then don’t say anything now.
(Toh Phir Tum Abhi Kuch Maat Kaho)

Sumo: Shravan someone may come here. If they see us like this a big problem will occur.
(Shravan Koyi Aa Jayega. Agar Koyi Ne Humhe Aisa Dekha Toh Bohot Bari Problem Ho Jayegi)

Shravan: Let them see. And anyways I am planning to talk to Nanaji about our relationship.
(Dekhne Do. Aur Vaise Main Nanaji Se Humare Rishte Ke Baare Main Baat Karne Ka Plan Kar Raha Hoon)

Sumo: Really?

Shravan: Yes, now I want my kiss.
(Haan, Ab Mujhe Mera Kiss Chaye)

Shravan gets close to her.

Sumo: Shravan someone may come.
(Shravan Koyi Aa Jayega)

Shravan: No one can stop us.
(Ab Koyi Humhe Nahi Rok Payega)

They get close just then Aditya comes.

Aditya: Shravan?

Shravan and Suman gets away and they look at Aditya.

Aditya: Where were you both? I was looking for both of you for an hour and there isn’t even any trace of you both!
(Tum Dono Kahan The? Main Tum Dono Ko Ek Ghanta Se Dhund Raha Hoon Aur Tum Dono Ke Aata Paata Bhi Nahi Hain!)

Sumo: Adi…we….we

Shravan: We were discussing about how good the decorations were for today. Right Sumo?
(Hum Yeh Discuss Kar Rahe The Ke Aaj Ka Decoratiobs Kitna Acha Tarike Se Hua Hain. Right Sumo?)

Suman looks at Shravan.

Aditya: Thanks bro, anyways Nanaji is looking for both you and Suman. And even I have got someone to introduce to both of you, so do come first. I will be waiting.
(Thanks bro, Vaise Nanaji Tum Dono Ko Dhundh Raha Hain. Aur Mujhe Bhi Tum Dono Se Kisi Se Milwana Hain, Toh Jaldi Se Aajana. Main Intezaar Karoonga)

Aditya leaves. Suman is about to follow him Shravan holds her hand.

Sumo: Shravan leave me. Adi and others are waiting for us.
(Shravan Choro Mujhe. Adi Aur Baaki Sab Humare Intezaar Kar Rahe Hain)

Shravan: Let them wait.
(Toh Karne Do)

Sumo: What Shravan?
(Kya Shravan Tum Bhi?)

Shravan puts both his hand around her neck.

Shravan: Sumo, I don’t get one thing.
(Sumo, Mujhe Ek Cheez Samajh Main Nahi Aata)

Sumo: What is it?

Shravan: You can give that Aditya nicknames. Adi. And me, Shravan?
(Tum Uss Aditya Ko Nicknames De Sakte Ho. Adi… Aur Mujhe, Shravan?)

Sumo: Hmm someone seems to be jealous.
(Hmmm Jalne Ke Boo Aa Rahe Hain)

Shravan: I am not jealous. I am just asking.
(Main Jal Nahi Raha Hoon. Main Baas Puch Raha Hoon)

Sumo: Adi is good Isn’t it.
(Adi Acha Hi Toh Hain. Hain Na?)

Shravan: Now you don’t bring that cartoon in our love story.
(Ab Tum Iss Cartoon Ko Humare Love Story Main Maat Lao)

Suman is laughing.
Sumo: Shravan you are so funny.
(Shravan Tum Bhi Na)

Shravan: But yes I want a nickname. You can call me whatever you want me to
(Par Haan Ek Nickname Toh Mujhe Chaye. Tum Mujhe Jo Chaye Voh Pukar Sakti Ho)

Sumo: Oh god Shravan I give you so many nicknames.
(Hai Bhagwan, Shravan Maine Tumhe Kitni Sara Nicknames Diya)

Shravan: Like?

Sumo: Like Akdu, Kutub Minar, Khadoos how many more nicknames you want!
(Jaise Akdu, Kutub Minar, Khadoos Aur Kitna Nicknames Chaye Tumne!)

Shravan: No no these are not nicknames. Like I call you Sumo derived from Suman, just in that similar way. I also want a nickname like that.
(Nahi Nahi Yeh Sab Nicknames Nahi Hain. Jaise Main Tumhe Suman Se Sumo Bulata Hoon Vaise Hi Mujhe Bhi Ek Nickname Do)

Sumo: Hmm. Let me think. But if I call you Shravu derived from Shravan, how is it?
(Hmmm. Mujhe Sochne Do. Par Agar Maine Tumhe Shravan Se Shravu Kahan, Toh Voh Kaisa Hoga?)

Shravan make faces.

Sumo: Imagine I call Shravan Malhotra, the great Shravan Malhotra Shravu.
(Socho Main Shravan Malhotra, the great Shravan Malhotra Ko Shravu Kehke Pukarta Hoon)

Suman starts laughing.

Shravan: Sumo what kind of nickname is this? Shravu? Seriously?
(Sumo Yeh Kaisa Nickname Hain? Shravu? Seriously?)

Sumo: Exactly Shravu doesn’t suit your personality…at all!
(Exactly Shravu Tumhara Personality Ko Bilkul Suit Nahi Karta Hain)

Shravan: As if Akdu suits my personality.
(Jaise Ke Akdu Mere Personality Ko Suit Karta Hain)

Shravan: Then give something else.
(Toh Kuch Aur Naam De Do)

Sumo: You know why I don’t give you any nickname?
(Tumhe Pata Hain Main Tumhe Kyun Koyi Nickname Nahi Deti Hoon?)

Shravan: Why?

Sumo: Because Shravan name is the most special name in my heart. And none can replace this name. That’s why for me you are always Shravan, Sumo Ka Shravan.
(Kyunki Shravan Naam Meri Dil Main Sabse Special Naam Hain. Aur Iss Nam Ko Koyi Nahi Hata Sakta Hain. Isliye Toh Meri Liye Tum Humesha Shravan Ho Sumo Ka Shravan)

Shravan: And you are Shravan Ka Sumo.
(Aur Tum Ho  Shravan Ka Sumo)

Suman and Shravan hugs each other.
Sumo: Now let’s go everyone must be waiting for us.
(Ab Chalo Sab Humare Intezaar Kar Raha Hoga)

Scene 3: Tiwari Killa
Nanaji is sitting there and Aditya is looking around.

Aditya: I wonder where Suman and Shravan are?
(Pata Nahi Yeh Suman Aur Shravan Kahan Reh Gaye)

Just then Suman and Shravan comes,
Nanu: Suman , Shravan where were you both?
(Suman, Shravan Tum Dono Kahan The?)

Sumo: Sorry Nanu, we got stuck due to some important work.
(Sorry Nanu Kuch Zaroori Kaam Ke Wajah Se Phaas Gayi Thi)

Suman looks at Shravan.

Nanu: I know what important work you both were stuck at.
(Mujhe Pata Hain Tum Dono Kis Zaroori Kaam Par Phaas Gaye The)

Suman and Shravan looks on a big surprised..

Nanu: You both are really busy due to the wedding preparations. But in that you even missed your sibling’s wedding. That’s not good.
(Tum Dono Shaadi Ke Tayariyoon Main Besht Hogi. Lekin Iss Wajah Se Apne Bhai-Behen Ke Shaadi Dekhne Ke Mauka Bhi Gawar Diya. Yeh Achi Baat Nahi Hain)

Sumo: Sorry Nanu.
(Sorry Nanu.)

Shravan: Sorry Nanaji.
(Sorry Nanaji)

Nanu: Anyways I have something important to tell you all.
(Vaise Mujhe Tum Sabse Kuch Zaroori Baat Kehne Hain)

Just then Ramnath comes there,
Ramnath: Tiwari Jii, you?
(Tiwari Jii, Aap?)

Nanu: Ramnath you came at the right time! I had something important to speak!
(Ramnath Tum Bilkul sahi Waqt Pe Aye Ho! Mujhe Tumse Kuch Zaroori Baat Karni Hain)

Ramnath: Even I have something to tell you.
(Mujhe Bhi Aap Se Kuch Baat Kehne Hain)

Nanu: Ramnath let me say that important thing and then you can tell me what you want to.
(Ramnath Tum Mujhe Yeh Zaroori Baat Kehne Do Phir Tum Mujhe Jo Chaye Voh Bol Sakte Ho)

Ramnath: Okay as your wish.
(Thik Hain Jaise Ap Ki Marzi)

Just then Nirmala comes,
Nirmala: Tiwari Jii you  called me?
(Tiwari Jii Aap ne Mujhe Bulaya?)

Nanu: Good you came here Nirmala.
(Acha Hua Tum Yahan Aa Gayi)

Nirmala gets surprised seeing Ramnath and Shravan. So do they. Suman gets worried.

Adi: Maa?

Ramnath, Shravan and Suman gets shocked as Aditya addresses Nirmala as his mom.

Shravan: Maa?

Ramnath stands up shocked.

Aditya: Here is my Mom Shravan, Nirmala Ahuja.
(Yeh Rahan Mera Mom Shravan, Nirmala Ahuja)

Shravan eyes his Mom teary eyed and so does Nirmala. Suman gets more worried.

Aditya: Actually a few years ago, an incident changed my life. My dad’s office caught fire! The entire office burnt down. No one survived. Except for me. I remember how an angel in the form of a lady saved my life. She nurtured me and brought me up. And she never let me realise my parents were not there for me.
The lady standing here is the one. And that’s why I call her Maa. I have never seen my mom since she died when I was born, but I always consider Nirmala Maa as my Maa.
(Darasal Kuch Saal Pehle Ek Hatsa Ne Mera Puri Zindagi Badal Diya. Mera Dad Ke Office Main Aag Lag Gayi Thi. Pura Office Jal Gaya Tha. Office Main Job Koyi Bhi Tha Koyi Bhi Zinda Nahi Bacha. Sirf Mere Alawa. Mujhe Abhi Bhi Yaad Hain Ke Kaise Ek Angel Ne Mujhe Ek Aurat Ke Roop Main Bacha Liya. Aur Usne Mujhe Kabhi Bhi Mere Maa Baap Ke Kami Ka Ahsaas Nahi Hone Diya. Voh Aurat Yahan Khada Hain. Isliye Main Usse Maa Kehke Pukarta Hoon. Maine Apne Maa Ko Kabhi Nahi Dekha Kyunki Voh Mujhe Janam Dene Ke Baath Chali Gayi Iss Duniya Se Bohot Dur Par Mere Nirmala Maa Hain Na)

Nirmala gets teary eyed. Shravan and Suman becomes emotional. Ramnath is surprised.

Aditya: I won’t spare the person who made her cry.
(Main Uss Insaan Ko Bilkul Nahi Chorunga Jisne Use Rulaya)

Aditya wiping his tears.
Aditya: Anyways I got too senti so sorry for that.
(Vaise Main Kuch Zyaada Hi Senti Ho Gaya Uske Liye Sorry)

Suman pats Aditya’s shoulder.

Sumo: Adi…you are very lucky. You are very lucky to have Nirmala Aunty as your Mom. If not some people….(looking at Ramnath) anyways, this tears doesn’t suit your personality.
(Adi….Tum Bohot Lucky Ho. Bohoti Lucky Ho Ke Tumhe Nirmala Aunty Jaisa Maa Mila. Varna Kuch Log Toh…Anyways Yeh Aasun Tumhare Personality Ko suit Nahi Karta Hain)

Aditya smiles. Shravan is having mixed reactions and he looks on as if it’s none of his business.

Just then Mamaji, Mamiji, Mausiji, Mausaji and Anuj comes there.

Nanu: Now that everyone is here, I should speak about this now.
(Ab Jab Yahan Saab Aa Hi Gaye, Toh Shayad Mujhe Iss Bare Main Baat Karna Chaye)

Sumo: What is it Nanu?
(Kya Hain Voh Nanu?)

Nanu: Suman beta, come. Come here and sit beside me.
(Suman beta, Aao. Aao Mere Paas Ake Bet Jao)

Suman sits down beside Nanu.

Nanu: My grand-Daughter have worked so hard.
(Mere Poti Ne Kitni Mehnat Kiya Hain)

Nanu blesses Suman.

Nanu: I have finally got a guy for you! He is just perfect for you.
(Aakhir Tak Mujhe Tumhari Liye Ek Ladka Mila Hain! Voh Tumhare Liye Bilkul Sahi Hain)

Suman gets surprised. Shravan looks on equally surprised. Everyone is equally shocked.

Mausiji whispers to Mamiji.

Mausiji: Bhabi, is Babuji talking about that guy Suman chose? What’s his name, yes Jeevan.
(Bhabi, Babuji Kya Uss Ladke Ke Baath Kar Rahe Hain Jo Suman Ne Uss Din Chuna Tha? Kya Naam Hain Uska, Haan Jeevan)

Mamiji: No No why will Babuji do that. Jeevan himself came to our house that day and said that he already has a daughter and his mom hide this fact and he is not ready for marriage. He is Suman’s friend also. Definitely it’s not Jeevan.
(Nahi Nahi Babuji Aisa Kyun Karega. Jeevan Khud Uss Din Humare Ghar Aaye The Aur Humhe Kahan Ke Uski Pehle Se Hi Ek Beti Hain Aur Uske Maa Ne Voh Baat Chupaya Hain Aur Voh Khud Hi Iss Shaadi Ke Liye Tayaar Nahi Hain. Suman Ka Dost Bhi Toh Hain. Voh Ladka Jeevan Zaroor Nahi Ho Sakta Hain)

Mausiji: Then who can it be?
(Toh Phir Kaun Ho Sakta Hain?)

Mamiji: I don’t know.
(Pata Nahi)

Mamiji: (in her mind) I wonder who is that guy? But for Suman only Shravan is perfect. I have to talk to Babuji about this.
(Pata Nahi Voh Ladka Kaun Hoga? Par Suman Ke Liye Shravan Hi sahi Hain. Aur Mujhe Babuji Se Iss Bare Main Baat Karna Hi Parengi)

Shravan: Who? Who is it Nanaji?
(Kaun? Kaun Hain Voh Nanaji?)

Nanaji: That guy is….
(Voh Ladka….)

Nanu walks towards Shravan and then Shravan looks at Suman and Mamiji gets excited. And then Nanu pats him, the guy beside Shravan, Aditya.

Nanu: He is the one. Suman will marry Aditya.
(Yehi Hain Voh Ladka. Suman Aditya Se Shaadi Karengi)

Suman is shocked and she gets up. Shravan is equally stunned. Ramnath and Nirmala are stunned too. Aditya smiles. Mamiji and Anuj are shocked too.

Aditya: Me….me?

Nanaji nods.

Nanu: , Suman will marry Aditya. I hope no one have any problem with my decision? Nirmala hope you don’t have any problems.
( Suman Aditya Se Hi Shaadi Karegi. Umeed Karta Hoon Iss Fesle Se Kisi Ko Koyi Aitraaz Nahi Hain Khaskar Nirmala Tumhe Koyi Aitraaz Hain?)

Nirmala: But Tiwari Jii! Suman and Aditya? Don’t you think you are taking this decision in haste?
(Par Tiwari Jii! Suman Aur Aditya? Apko Nahi Lakta Ke Ab Yeh Fesla Jald Baazi Main Le Rahe Ho)

Aditya: Maa is right!
(Maa Sahi Keh Rahi Hain!)

Nanu: Why you both don’t like Suman?
(Kyun Tum Dono Ko Suman Pasand Nahi Hain Kya?)

Nirmala: No is nothing like that. I know Suman very well. I don’t have problems with her! But the question is Aditya? Aditya you like Suman?
(Nahi Nahi Aisa Koyi Baat Nahi Hain. Main Suman Ko Bohot Achi Tarike Se Pechanti Hoon. Mujhe Suman Se Koyi Pareshani Nahi Hain. Par Sawal Yeh Hain Ke Kya Aditya Suman Ko Pasand Karta Hain? Aditya Tum Suman Ko Pasand Karte Ho?)

Aditya looks at Nirmala and tells him to tell the truth.

Aditya: Yes Maa, I like Suman!
(Haan Maa, Mujhe Suman Pasand Hain!)

Suman gets shocked. And so does Nirmala.

Nanu: Then there shouldn’t be any problem! In 2 weeks time this marriage will happen.
(Toh Phir Toh Koyi Baat Hi Nahi Hone Chaye. In Do Hafto Main Yeh Shaadi Hokar Hi Rahega)

Sumo: Nanu I am not ready for this marriage!
(Nanu Main Iss Shaadi Ke Liye Abhi Tayar Nahi Hoon!)

Aditya gets surprised and Nanu comes to Suman.

Nanu: Beta, I know I know you are not ready for this currently. I am doing this for your good. Aditya will keep you very happy. He is a very nice guy.
(Beta, Main Janta Hoon. Janta Hoon Ke Tum Insaab Ke Liye Abhi Tayaar Nahi Ho. Par Beta Main Yeh Sab Tumhari Bhalei Ke Liye Toh Keh Raha Hoon. Aditya Tumhe Khush Rakhega. Voh Ek Bohoti Acha Ladka Hain)

Sumo: I know he is a nice guy.
(Main Janti Hoon Voh Ek Acha Ladka Hain)

Nanu: If you know he is a nice guy then why can’t you marry him!
(Agar Tum Janti Ho Ko Voh Ek Acha Ladka Hain Toh Tum Kyun Usse Shaadi Nahi Kar Sakti)

Sumo: Nanu, I can’t marry him!
(Nanu Main Baas Usse Shaadi Nahi Kar Sakti!)

Nanu: Why!

Sumo: Because…..I……I……Shr…..Shr…..
(Kyunki Main……Main….Shr…..Shr…..)

Nanu: Beta don’t be nervous. I have complete trust on Aditya he will keep you really happy.
(Beta Tum Ghabrana Maat. Mujhe Aditya Par Pura Bharosa Hain Voh Tumhe Bohot Khush Rakhega)

Shravan sadly is about to go from there, just then Suman stands up.

Sumo: Nanu, why don’t you understand I can’t marry Aditya because I love someone else. And that someone else is none other than Shravan!!!!
(Nanu Aap Samajhte Kyun Nahi Ho Ke Main Aditya Se Shaadi Nahi Kar Sakti. Kyunki Main Kisi Aur Se Pyaar Karti Hoon. Aur Voh Koyi Shravan Hain)

Suman breathes heavily and Shravan emotionally eyes towards her. Everyone looks on shocked.
Everyone is silent.

Suman closes her eyes.

Sumo: Yes I love Shravan and I can fearlessly say this. I don’t care about what all of you are thinking now but this is the truth. Sorry Aditya, but this is the fact.
(Haan Pyaar Karti Hoon Shravan Se Aur Main Yeh Baat Bina Koyi Dar Ke Keh Sakti Hoon. Mujhe Yeh Fark Nahi Parta Ke Ab Log Abhi Kya Soch Rahe Hain Lekin Yeh Hi Hakikat
Hain . Sorry Aditya Par Yeh Baat Hi Sach Hain)

Suman comes to Shravan.

Sumo: Shravan, I don’t know what others say but Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahungi.
(Shravan Mujhe Yeh Toh Pata Nahi Ke Dusre Kya Kehte Hain Lekin Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahungi.)

Suman is about to go, Shravan holds her hand.

Shravan: Today, even I have something to say. Sumo, I am not that brave like you, but yes ,yes Nanaji this is the truth.
(Aaj Mujhe Bhi Tumse Kuch Kehna Hain. Sumo Main Tumhari Tarha Himaat Wali Nahi Hoon Par Haan Nanaji Yeh Hi Sach Hain)

Nanu: Then why did you reject Suman when I asked your hand for her?
(Toh Phir Tumne Suman Ko Kyun Mana Kiya Jab Maine Tumse Usse Shaadi Karne Ke Liye Tumhari  Haath Pucha)

Shravan: Situations. Situations didn’t allow me to do so. It’s a long story. I can’t tell you that. But for now yes, I love Suman, I mean Sumo. My Sumo. Nanaji I promise I promise I will keep Sumo happy, forever.
(Halaath. Halaath Ne Mujhe Aisa Nahi Karne Diya. Bohoti Lamba Kahani Hain. Main Ab Ko Voh Nahi Bata Sakta Hoon. Par Haan Abhi Ke Liye Main Suman Yani Sumo Se Pyaar Karta Hoon, Mera Sumo . Nanaji Vada Karta Hoon, Vada Karta Hoon Ap Se Main Sumo Ko Humesha Khush Rakhoonga)

Nanu: How did you think that I will trust you? Who knows you may leave my grand-daughter’s hand again?
(Tumhe Aisa Kyun Lagta Hain Ke Main Tum Par Bharosa Karoonga? Kya Pata Tum Mere Poti Ke Haath Phir Se Chor Sakte Ho)

Shravan: No Nanu. I promise you I won’t leave Sumo’s hand again and will be with her in all steps. I don’t know what others say, but I love Sumo. Not from today, from the last 10 years. She was my love, she is my love and she will remain my love.
(Nahi Nanu. Yeh Vaada Hain Mera Ke Main Sumo Ka Haath Kabhi Nahi Chorunga Aur Uski Har Kadam Ke Saath Chalunga. Pata Nahi Dusro Ka Kya Kehna Lekin Main Sumo Se Pyaar Karta Hoon. Aaj Se Nahi, Dus Saal Se Pyaar Karta Hoon. Voh Mere Pyaar Thi, Mere Pyaar Hain Aur Mere Pyaar Hi Rahega)

Nanu: I don’t think you are capable enough to keep my grand daughter happy. You think I don’t know anything! You have hurt her a lot.
(Mujhe Nahi Lakta Ke Tum Mere Poti Ko Khush Rakhne Ke Kaabil Nahi Ho. Tumhe Kya Laga Mujhe Kuch Pata Nahi Hoga. Tumne Usse Bohot Takleef Pauchaya Hain)

Shravan: That was my mistake on my part, and I won’t repeat this mistake ever again. But I respect your decision. Even if you deny, I won’t have problems. But I will still love Suman and respect all of you.  I will try to win all of your hearts and believe that I am capable enough for Sumo. I am sorry Nanaji, but Sumo Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga.
(Voh Mere Galaati Tha Aur Iss Galati Ko Phirse Nahi Thukraunga. Par Main Ap Ke Fesla Ka Izaat Karta Hoon. Agar Ap Logo Ne Mana Bhi Kiya Toh Mujhe Usse Koyi Problem Nahi Hogi. Par Main Suman Se Phir Bhi Pyaar Karoonga Aur Ab Sab Ka Izaat Pehle Jaise Hi Karoonga. Ap Sab Ke Dil Main Jagei Banane Ke Koshish Karoonga Aur Ab Logo Ko Yakin Dilaunga Ke Main Sumo Ke Kaabile Hoon. I am sorry Nanaji, Par Sumo Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga.)

Suman goes and pleads to Nanu.

Sumo: Nanu, please…. please accept Shravan. I really love him. From the bottom of my heart.
(Nanu, please…..please Shravan Ko Apna Li Jiye. Main Shravan Se Bohot Pyaar Karti Hoon. Dil Se Karti Hoon Pyaar Shravan Se)

Nanu: okay then, You have to choose between me or Shravan?
(Toh Phir Thik Hain, Tumhe Mujhe Aur Shravan Main Se Kisi Ek Ko Chunna Parengi?)

Shravan feels bad and he sadly eyes towards Suman. Suman falls on Nanu’s feet.

Sumo: Nanu please! Please don’t make it more difficult for me! I will do as you say. But I am sorry I can’t answer this. I will still love Shravan and you equally.
(Nanu please! Please Meri Liye Yeh Saab Aur Mushkil Mat Kijiye. Main Vaise Hi Karoongi Jaise Aap Mujhe Bolegi. Meri Paas Iss Sawal Ke Koyi Jawab Nahi Hain. Main Phir Bhi Shravan Aur Ap Se Pyaar Karooonga, Na Kisi Se Kam Na Kisi Se Zyaada)

Suman cries. Nanu makes her stand on her own feet and blesses her,

Nanu: Who am I to steal your love?
(Main Kaun Hota Hoon Tumse Tumhari Pyaar Chinne Wala?)

Suman looks on surprised. Just then Nanu smiles and Preeti and Pushkar comes laughing.

Sumo: Preeti….Pushkar you both….here?
(Preeti…Pushkar Tum Dono….Yahan?)

Just then Aditya also starts laughing, Ramnath and Nirmala smiles.

Sumo: Why are you all laughing? Is something wrong? Can anyone tell me what’s happening?
(Aab Sab Log Aisa Haas Kyun Rahe Hain? Kuch Hua Kya? Koyi Mujhe Batayega Ke Yahan Kya Ho Raha Hain)

Shravan: Pushkar what are you doing?
(Pushkar Tum Yahan Kya Kar Rahe Ho?)

Pushkar: How could I have missed this historic moment, Bhaia?
(Main Yeh Historic Moment Kaise Miss Kar Sakta Tha Bhaia)

Preeti: finally you both spoke up about your love!
(Aakhir Main Ab Dono Ne Sabko Apne Pyaar Ke Baare Main Bata Hi Diya)

Suman and Shravan looks on confused. Aditya comes and pats Shravan.

Aditya: Well done bro!
(Well done bro!)

Shravan: Can anyone tell me what’s happening here?
(Koyi Mujhe Batayega Ke Yahan Kya Ho Raha Hain?)

Nanu: Well let’s get their confusion cleared.
(Chalo , Hum In Dono Ke Sawalo Ka Jawab Dete Hain)

Nanu smiles.

Nanu: Aditya this began from you. So why don’t you share this story?
(Aditya Yeh Saab Tumse Hi Shuru Hua. Toh Kyun Na Tum Hi Kehdo)

Aditya: (smiling)Sure Nanaji.
(Zaroor Nanaji)

Aditya gets into a flashback,
Aditya collides with Kamini.

Kamini: Aditya Beta where are you going?
(Aditya Beta Tum Kahan Jaa Rahe Ho?)

Aditya: I was going to Shravan’s room.
(Main Shravan Ke Kamre Main Ja Raha Tha)

Kamini: Oh so you are going there. Do me a favour do pass him this glass of juice.
(Oh Toh Tum Vahan Par Hi Jaa Rahe Ho. Mere Ek Kaam Kar Doge Usse Yeh Juice De Dena)

Aditya: (taking the juice) Sure.
(Thik Hain)

Aditya goes to Shravan’s room with the juice and finds the room empty.

Aditya: Shravan bro, where are you?
(Shravan bro, Tum Kahan Ho?)

Aditya: (in his mind) Must be in the washroom.
(Washroom Main Hoga)

Aditya waits for Shravan and just then he walks around and he accidentally drops some files. He picks them up and arranges them.

Aditya again drops a book.

Aditya: Oh god what’s wrong with you Adi? Now that tall giraffe will come and give you long lectures.
(Hain Bhagwan Adi Tumhe Kya Hogaya Hain? Ab Yeh Lamba Giraffe Ne Dekh Liya Na To Bohot Sunayega)

Aditya gets up and he gets the letter which Shravan wrote to Suman and gets shocked .

Aditya: That means the person whom Shravan loves is none other than Suman! (Shocked)
(Iss Ka Matlaab Shravan Aur Kisi Se Nahi Banke Suman Se Pyaar Karte Hain)

Aditya remembers how he went to Suman’s house to tell Suman.

Aditya: I have to tell Suman that Shravan loves her!
(Mujhe Suman Se Kehna Parenga Ke Shravan Ussi Se Hi Pyaar Karti Hain)

Aditya goes to Suman’s Room and finds that box and he reads it.

Aditya: Plot Twist: Suman also loves Shravan. Man these two personalities look so confident but never knew both are such a coward. Don’t even know how to confess their love. Shame on them!
(Kya Plot Twist Dala Suman Bhi Shravan se Pyaar Karti Hain. Yeh Dono Dekne Main Bohoti Confident Aur Himaatwala Types Hain Lekin Kabhi Pata Nahi Tha Ke Yeh Dono Hi Darpok Hain. Apne Pyaar Ka Izhaar Bhi Thik Se Karna Nahi Aata In Dono Ko. Sharam Aana Chaye Un Dono Ko!)

Aditya goes and he stops.

Aditya: But these two really love each other! And I have to do something to unite them. They are indeed made for the sake of each other. But question is? Do they still love each other?
(Par Yeh Dono Ek Dusre Se Sach Main Pyaar Karte Hain. Aur Mujhe In Dono Ko Milwane Ke Liye Kuch Karna Hi Parenga. Yeh Dono Vaake Main Hi Ek Duje Ke Vaaste Ke Liye Bane Hain. Par Sawal Yeh Hain Ke? Kya Yeh Dono Abhi Bhi Ek Dusre Se Pyaar Karte Hain?)

Aditya remembers how he went to the hospital and overheard Nanu asking for their proposal and Shravan rejecting.

Aditya: (in his mind) Shravan loves Suman right? Then why did he reject the proposal?
(Shravan Toh Suman Se Pyaar Karte Hain Na? Toh Phir Isn Suman Ke Saath  Shaadi Ke Liye Na Kyun Kahan)

Aditya remembers how he indirectly said Shravan loves Suman and Shravan scolds him.

Aditya: Maybe Shravan loved Suman in childhood but not anymore. So now I can continue impressing her.
(Shayad Shravan Suman Se Bachpan Main Hi Pyaar Karta Tha Lekin Ab Aur Nahi. Toh Main Suman Ko Impress Karna Abhi Bhi Chalu Rak Sakta Hoon)

Aditya remembers so he continues to flirt with her  then in the party how he again got doubts that Shravan still loves Suman seeing him hitting that man Rohit out.

Aditya: This is the most complicated love story I ever saw. Does Shravan still love Suman? This is more harder than Why Kattappa  Killed Bahubali seriously?
(Maine Aisa Complicated Love Story Apne Zindagi Main Kabhi Nahi Dekha. Kya Shravan Abhi Bhi Suman Se Pyaar Karte Hain Yeh Sawal Toh Katappa Ne Bahubali Ko Kyun Mara Se Bhi Mushkil Hain Sach Main)

Aditya gets thinking and he asks Anjali.

Aditya: Hey Anjali may I ask you something?
(Hey Anjali Kya Main Tumse Kuch Puch Sakta Hoon?)

Anjali: Sure.

Aditya: Do you love me?
(Kya Tum Mujhse Pyaar Karti Ho?)

Anjali: (shocked) What nonsense?
(Kya Bakwaas Kar Rahe Ho)

Aditya: (telling himself) So I can’t ask Suman like this.
(Main Suman Ko Aise Nahi Puch Sakta Hoon?)

Anjali: Huh?

Aditya: Sorry sorry I was just testing.
(Sorry Sorry Main Baas Test Kar Raha Tha)

Aditya: I wanted to ask you does Shravan loves Suman? Do you know?
(Main Tumse Yeh Puchna Tha Ke Kya Shravan Suman Se Pyaar Karte Hain? Tum Jante Ho Iss Bare Main?)

Anjali looks at Aditya shocked.

Aditya: (whispering to himself) Who did I even ask? How will she know?
(Main Bhi, Kisse Puch Liye Isse Kaise Malum Hoga)

Anjali: Are you mad?
(Pagal Ho Kya?)

Aditya: Hello I didn’t say I love you to you. I asked if Shravan loves Suman, and I am sorry. I shouldn’t have asked you.
(Hello Maine Tumse I love you Nahi Kahan. Maine Baas Yeh Pucha Ke Kya Shravan Suman Se Pyaar Karte Hain, and I am sorry. Nahi Puchna Chaye Tha)

Anjali: No I mean to say you just saw what happened a while ago. Didn’t you hear what Shravan said while hitting Rohit?
(Nahi Meri Yeh Matlaab Yeh Hain Ke Kuch Der Pehle Kya Hua Tumne Dekha Nahi? Tumne Nahi Suna Kya Shravan Ne Kya Kahan Rohit Ko Marne Waqt?)

Aditya: No!

Anjali: Stupid! Which guy will hit another guy for a girl, and that to crazily. Shravan himself declared infront of everyone that he loves Suman.
(Stupid! Kaun Aisa Dusre Ko Ek Ladki Ke Liye Aisa Maarega Aur Voh Bhi Pagalo Ke Tara. Shravan Ne Khud Sabko Kahan Ke Voh Suman Se Pyaar Karte Hain)

Aditya: What!

Anjali: I think you are drunk.
(Mujhe Lakta Hain ke Tumne Kuch Zyaada Hi Pe Ke Rakhe Hain)

Aditya: But I don’t even drink.  I only love to drink water and milk.
(Par Main Toh Drink Bhi Nahi Hoon. Main Sirf Pani Aur Dud Pina Pasand Karta Hoon)

Anjali: Whatever.

Anjali leaves.

Aditya: (in her mind) I think she is the one drunk and calling me drunk. Don’t she know I went to call the police!
(Mujhe Lagta Hain Ulta Isi Ne Hi Peeke Rakhe Hain. Usse Pata Nahi Kya Ke Main Police Ko Phone Karne Gaya Tha)

Aditya remembers how he sees Suman nursing Shravan’s wound and Shravan confessing his love again.

Aditya gets out of the flashback.

Aditya: I got to know everything in the party itself that how much Shravan loves Suman.
(Mujhe Yeh Saab Party Main Hi Pata Chal Gaya Tha Ke Shravan Suman Se Kitna Pyaar Karte Hain)

Shravan: But why is others laughing? Aditya did you tell everyone that.
(Par Baaki Sab Kyun Has Rahe The? Aditya Tumne Sab Ko Keh Diya Kya)

Aditya: Relax, now the next part of the story will be continued by Nanaji.
(Relax, Kahani Ke Agli Part Nanaji Continue Karega)

Nanu smiles and he gets into a flashbacks

Nanu remembers how Suman was telling him while he was sleeping that how much she loves Shravan but she couldn’t confess due to reasons. As Suman leaves Nanu opens his eyes as he overhears everything.

Just then Aditya comes to Nanu rushing,

Aditya : Nanu I have to tell you something!
(Nanu Mujh Ap Se Kuch Kehna Hain?)

Nanu: Why are you breathing heavily? Is everything alright Aditya. Drink some water.(passing him the glass of water)
(Tum Aisa Kyun Aaye Ho? Sab Kuch Thin Hain Kya Aditya. Thoda Paani Pe Lo)

Aditya : its about Suman.
(Suman Ke Baare Main Hain)

Nanu: Forgive me Aditya but I can’t give your hand for Suman.
(Shama Kar Dena Aditya Lekin Main Tumhara Haath Suman Ko Nahi De Sakta Hoon)

Aditya: No! It’s not that. It’s something else.
(Nahi! Aisa Kuch Bhi Nahi. Kuch Aur Baat Hain)

Nanu: Then?
(Kya Baat Hain?)

Aditya: Nanaji, Shravan loves Suman.
(Nanaji, Shravan Suman Se Pyaar Karte Hain)

Nanu is shocked.

Nanu: How do you know?
(Tumhe Kaise Pata?)

Aditya narrates him the entire story.

Nanu: That means I was right. Suman and Shravan loves each other.(smiling) So finally the young lawyer agreed.
(Iska Matlaab Main Sahi Tha. Shravan Aur Suman Ek Dusre Se Hi Pyaar karta Hain. Toh Aakhir Tak Vaakil Man Gaye)

Aditya: What! That means Suman and Shravan loves each other! But my question is why will Suman reject Shravan despite the fact Shravan loves her!
(Kya! Iska Matlaab Suman Aur Shravan Ek Dusre Se Hi Pyaar Karte Hain! Par Mere Sawal Yeh Hain Ke Suman Shravan Ko Mana Kyun Karegi Khaas Kar Jab Usse Khud Pata Hain Ke Shravan Ussi Se Hi Pyaar Karte Hain)

Nanu: Even I don’t know Aditya. I don’t know. We have to think about that. I have to know why Suman rejected Shravan.
It’s the question of my grand-daughter’s life.
(Mujhe Bhi Samajh Main Nahi Aa Raha Hain. Pata Nahi. Humhe Iske Baare Main Soch Na Parenga. Yeh Pata Karwana Parenga Ke Aakhir Suman Ne Shravan Ko Naa Kyun Kahan)

They get thinking and thinking.

Suman looks on a bit embarrassed and nervous. Shravan looks on.

Shravan: Tell me Sumo. Tell me why you rejected me?
(Batao Sumo. Batao Kyun Na Kiya Tha Mujhe)

Sumo: Shravan….actually…actually…
(Shravan….Voh….Voh Darasal…)

Preeti: I will tell the next part.
(Iske Jawab Mujhe Pata Hain)

Suman nods no.

Preeti: Dii let me say.
(Dii Mujhe Kehne Di Jiye)

Preeti remembers how she and Pushkar has plan to deny  for their relationship for the sake that Shravan and Suman and they over look shocked as they see Nanu and Anuj overhearing them.

Nanu: Now tell me why are you both stepping down from this marriage?
(Ab Tum Dono Mujhe Batao Ke Tum Log Iss Shaadi Se Peeche Kyun Hat Rahe Ho?)

Preeti: Dadu, this is because Suman dii and Shravan loves each other.
(Dadu, Yeh Iss Wajah Se Kyunki Suman Dii Aur Shravan Ek Dusre Se Pyaar Karte Hain)

Pushkar: If we get together they won’t get together.
(Agar Hum Milenge Toh Undono Ka Milwana Mushkil Ho Jayega)

Nanu: What are you trying to say?
(Yeh Tum Kya Keh Rahe Ho?)

Preeti looks at Pushkar and Pushkar looks at Preeti.

Pushkar tells the entire matter to Nanu and Nanu and Anuj looks on stunned.

They get out of the flashback.

Sumo: So Nanu you knew the truth. The truth about Shravan….and his….
(Toh Nanu Abko Sachai Pata Chal Gaya Tha. Shravan Aur Uske….)

Shravan: My dad!
(Mere Dad Ka!)

Suman looks at Shravan shocked.

Shravan remembers how he was running here and there for the wedding and Ramnath stops him.

Shravan: Dad I am in hurry I will talk to you later.
(Dad Main Abhi Jaldi Main Hun Main Abse Baat Main Baat Karta Hoon)

Ramnath: Shravan I have something to say to you.
(Shravan Mujhe Tumse Abhi Kuch Kehna Hain)

Shravan: Dad not now. Now I am really busy.
(Dad Abhi Nahi. Ab Main Vakei Main Busy Hoon)

Shravan is about to go,
Ramnath: Its about Suman.
(Suman Ke Baare Main Hain)

Shravan looks on shocked. Ramnath takes him in a room where there is Nirmala also.

Ramnath: Nirmala I myself want you tell the truth.
(Nirmala Main Khud Chahta Hoon Ke Shravan Ko Saach Tum Kaho)

Nirmala: But Ram?
(Par Ram?)

Ramnath nods and Nirmala tells him the entire truth.

Shravan: No! I don’t believe in all these! These are all lies! All lies! Tell me! Tell me is all lies!
(Nahi! Main Yeh Saab Nahi Vishwaas Karta Hoon! Yeh Saab Jhoot Hain! Jhoot! Kehdo Mujhe Yeh Saab Jhoot Hain)

Ramnath: Beta, whatever your mom said is true. I. I myself am responsible for this destruction.
(Beta Abhi Abhi Tumhare Maa No Jo Kuch Bhi Kahan Voh Sab Sach Hain. Main Khud Hi Zimedaar Hoon Iss Parwadi Ke Liye)

Ramnath eyes towards Shravan.

Ramnath: I am sorry beta.
(I am sorry beta)

Shravan: I am not your beta.
(Main Ap Ka Beta Nahi Hoon)

Nirmala: Shravan don’t say anything.
(Shravan Aisa Kuch Kabhi Bhi Nahi Kehna)

Shravan hugs  his Mom tightly and cries,

Shravan: I am sorry.
(Maaf Kar Dijiye)

Nirmala: No beta, it’s not your fault! Situations were like that. No one could have changed it!
(Nahi Beta Isme Tumhare Koyi Galati Nahi Tha. Halaath Kuch Aise The. Koyi Nahi Badal Sakta Tha Voh Halaath)

Ramnath: Yes beta. I know you may not forgive me. But please… What to do I was so nervous.
(Haan Beta. Bhalei Tum Mujhe Maaf Nahi Kar Paungi. Lekin Mere Paas Aur Koyi Raasta Nahi Tha Main Bohot Ghabra Gaya Tha)

Shravan: If you don’t say anything now that would be better.
(Agar Ab Abhi Kuch Nahi Kehta Ho Toh Behter Hoga)

Ramnath: Okay I won’t, but there is one more thing I have to tell you. Confess to the love of your life.
(Thik Hain Nahi Karoonga Lekin Aur Ek Baat Mujhe Tumse Kehna Hain. Usse Apne Pyaar Ka Izhaar Karo)

Shravan gets surprised.

Nirmala: Yes beta go and confess your love for Suman.
(Haan Beta Jao, Jake Suman Se Apne Pyaar Ka Izhaar Karo)

Shravan: You also know?
(Tumhe Bhi Pata Hain?)

Nirmala nods.

Shravan: But?

Nirmala: Go beta. There is still time.
(Jao Beta. Abhi Bhi Waqt Hain)

Shravan looks and leave from there.

Shravan: I don’t even know what’s going on.
(Pata Nahi Yeh Sab Kya Ho Raha Hain)

Shravan gets out of the flashback.

Shravan: Dad himself confessed me about the truth. About how he bribed Sumo to reject me, and only then he will make sure Preeti and Pushkar gets married.
(Dad Ne Khud Mujhse Sach Kahan Hain. Ke Kaise Usne Sumo Ko Ishwad Diya Hain Ke Kaise Voh Mujhse Dur Rahegi Sirf Uske Baath Hi Voh Preeti Aur Pushkar Ke Shaadi Ke Liye Raazi Hoga)

Everyone looks at Ramnath. Ramnath bows his head down.

Ramnath: Yes it was all because of me.
(Haan Yeh Sab Mera Wajah Se Hua Hain)

Ramnath goes and folds his hand to apologise to Suman.

Ramnath: I am sorry beta Suman beta forgive me! I shouldn’t have done so. What I have done was wrong. But after what I saw in the hospital the way you took care of my Son when he was Hospitalized I realised that you are the one perfect for Shravan and no one else. Please forgive me.
(I am sorry Suman Beta Maaf Kardo Mujhe! Mujhe Aisa Nahi Karna Chaye Tha. Maine Jo Kiya Galat Kiya. Par Hospital Main Tumne Jis Tara Mere Bete Ka Khyaal Rakha Mujhe Iss Baat Ka Aisaas Ho Gaya Ke Shravan Ke Liye Sirf Tumhi Sahi Ladki Ho Aur Koyi Nahi. Please Mujhe Maaf Kardo)

Sumo: No Uncle don’t say like this. Better late than never at least you realised your mistake. And I am satisfied about that.
(Nahi Uncle Aisa Maat Kahiye. Aakhir Main Aab Ko Aap Ka Galati Ka Aisaas Hua Hain Aur Mujhe Iss Baat Ki Khushi Hain)

Ramnath: Beta have you forgiven me?
(Beta Kya Tumne Mujhe Maaf Kardiya)

Sumo: Yes I have forgiven you.
(Haan Maaf Kardiya)

Ramnath: Are you sure?
(Sach Main?)

Sumo: Yes.

Ramnath: Then I have one condition. Only then I will agree that you have forgiven me.
(Lekin Ek Shrabh Main. Tabhi Main Vishwaas Karoonga Ke Tumne Mujhe Sach Main Maaf Kardiya)

Sumo: What is that?
(Aur Voh Kya Hain?)

Ramnath: Ready to be the soul mate for my Son.
(Mere Beta Ke Humsafar Bane Ke Liye Tayaar Ho Jao)

Sumo: Uncle?

Ramnath: Why beta? You love him and he loves you. And now that I don’t have a problem, I am nobody to interfere you both were made for each other, are made for each other and will be made for each other.
(Kyun Beta? Tum Toh Shravan Se Pyaar Karti Ho Aur Shravan Bhi Tumse Pyaar Karte Hain. Aur Aab Jab Ki Mujhe Koyi Aitraaz Nahi Hain, Main Kaun Hota Hoon Tum Dono Ke Beech Ane Ke Liye Aakhir Tum Dono Ek Duje Ke Vaaste Ke Liye Bane Thi, Bane Ho Aur Bane Rahoge)

Nanu: Ramnath is right. You and Shravan are a couple made in heaven.
(Ramnath Ne Sahi Kahan. Tumhari Aur Shravan Ke Jodi Rab Ne Bana De Jodi)

Sumo: Nanu, I won’t even talk to you.
(Nanu Main Toh Ap Se Baath Hi Nahi Karoongi)

Nanu: Why?

Sumo: You did so much and you didn’t even bother to tell me!
(Apne Itna Kuch Kar Diya Aur Mujhe Bataya Bhi Nahi!)

Nanu: I can do anything for my grand-Daughter.
(Main Apne Poti Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Kar Sakta Hoon)

Sumo: But still is that any way?
(Par Phir Bhi Yeh Bhi Koyi Tarika Hua?)

Pushkar: So sumo are you ready to marry Bhaia?
(Toh Sumo Kya Tum Bhaia Se Shaadi Karne Ke Liye Tayaar Ho?)

Suman feels shy and as she is about to go, Shravan holds her hand. Suman looks on.

Shravan: I have already told you how much I love you and I hope you know that.
(Maine Tumse Pehle Bhi Kahan Ke Main Tumse Kitna Pyaar Karta Hoon Aur Umeed Karta Hoon Tumhe Yeh Baath Bohot Achi Tarike Se Paata Hain)

Suman looks on and nods.

Shravan: But there is one more thing I want to ask you. Sumo, are you ready to be my soulmate? To stay with me for 7 lives. To follow the ritual and get married. Sumo will you marry me?
(Par Ek Aur Cheez Mujhe Tumse Puchna Hain. Sumo Kya Tum Mere Humsafar Bane Ke Liye Tayaar Ho? Mere Saath Saath Janmo Ke Rishte Nibhane Ke Liye. Aur Riti Riwazo Ke Saath Humare Shaadi. Shaadi Karoge Mujhse?)

Shravan bends down and proposes Suman. Suman gets emotional.

Shravan: Please answer me.
(Please Jawab Do Mujhe)

Suman holds his hand.

Sumo: I promise I won’t leave your hand. Yes Shravan I will marry you. I am ready to be with you at all steps.
(Vada Karta Hoon. Tumhare Haath Kabhi Nahi Choorungi. Haan Shravan Karoongi Tumse Shaadi. Tumhare Saath Sab Kadamo Se Chalne Ke Liye Tayaar Hoon Main)

Shravan and Suman share a hug and all the family members clap for them. Suman feels shy and she tries to go but Shravan hugs her tightly so she just smiles and lets it be.

After two weeks,
The wedding day,

Everyone is running here and there for the marriage preparation.

Aditya: Have you complete the decorations?
(Tumne Decorations complete Kiya?)

Pushkar: And yes do look at the side too.
(Aur Haan Uss Side Bhi Dekh Lena)

Just then Aditya gets a message and he smiles.

Aditya: Okay done bro.
(Okay Done Bro)

Pushkar: You put this flowers here,
(Ab Yeh Ful Yahan Lagaye)

Aditya: No no let it be.
(Nahi Nahi Rehne Do)

Pushkar: But why it will look nice?
(Kyun Acha Hi Toh Lag Raha Hain?)

Aditya comes and tells Pushkar. Pushkar smiles.

Pushkar: Oh so this is the case? Okay then.
(Toh Yeh Baath Hain. Toh Phir Thik Hain)

On the other hand,
Preeti adorns Suman who is just looking like the perfect bride. She is adorned with her mom’s Jewellery.

Preeti: Dii you are looking so pretty today.
(dii Bohoti Pyaari Lag Rahi Ho Aap Aaj)

Suman smiles. Just then Mamiji smiles as she looks at Suman.

Mamiji: How much pretty our Suman is looking? Rachana see.
(Kitni Pyaari Lag Rahe Hain Humare Suman Dekho Toh Sahi Rachana)

Rachana: Yes Bhabi. Just like a doll.
(Haan Bhabi Bilkul Ek Guriya Jaise)

Nanaji comes there and gets emotional seeing Suman.

Sumo: Nanu?

Nanu: You are just looking like the duplicate of Priya today.
(Bilkul Priya Lag Rahe Ho Aaj)

Suman gets emotional and smiles.

Nanu: May god bless you.
(Bhagwan Tumse Humesha Khush Rakhe)

Nanu blesses Suman.

Preeti: Now we should hurry. The groom side must be here anytime.
(Ab Humhe Jaldi Karna Chaye. Ladke Wale Aate Hi Hoga)

Later, Shravan comes there.shravan is dressed in a black Sherwani. He comes there with his parents and also Kamini, Lalaji, Vandy and Varun.

Mamiji, Preeti and others welcome Shravan and the others. Just then Pushkar comes there.

Kamini: So finally you are here if not we thought you have forgotten us after getting your Wife.
(Toh Aakhir Tak Yahan Aa Hi Gaye Mujhe Toh Laga Ke Tumne Apne Biwi Milne Ke Baath Humare Baare Main Toh Bhul Gaye)

Pushkar: What Mamma, you also and Shravan bhaia is the one who told me and Aditya to help Suman’s family.
(Kya Ma Ab Bhi, Aur Shravan Bhaia and Hi Toh Mujhe Kahan Ke Main Aur Aditya Sumo Ke Pariwaar Ke Madaat Karoon)

Kamini: Okay okay fine.
(Acha Acha Thik Hain Baba)

Shravan waits for Suman. Just then Preeti and Mausiji brings Suman. Shravan lovingly stares at her and Suman smiles seeing the decoration of the mandap. She remembers how she told Shravan she loved tulips and smiled how he still remembered that.

Now it was time for the Garland exchange.

Shravan makes Suman wear the garland. But now it’s Suman’s turn. Suman tries to make him wear but due to his height she fails to do so. She feels a bit bad. Shravan gestures Anuj and Anuj smiles. Anuj and Aditya together lifts Suman up and Suman happily puts the garland around Shravan’s neck. Shravan smiles.

It was time for the ghatbandan. Preeti tied the ghatbandan.Now it was time for the 7 rounds. Suman and Shravan took the 7 rounds and happily accepted all of them whole heartedly and with all might.

Shravan makes Suman wear the nuptial chain and vermillion.

Priest: This wedding is complete now.
(Yeh Shaadi Sampurna Hui)

Everyone claps for Shravan and Suman. Shravan and Suman smiles looking at each other. They take blessings of Nanu, Ramnath, Nirmala, Lalaji, Kamini, Mamaji, Mamiji, Mausaji and Mausiji.

It was time for the Bidai, Suman is sad. Everyone feels bad for her. Shravan sadly looks at her. As she is about to go, she quickly runs to her Nanu and hugs him. Tears drop from her eyes and she cries. Nanu also cries.

Nanu: Shravan take care of her. I am handing her to you. Promise me.
(Shravan Suman Ke Dhyaan Rakhna. Main Uske Tumhare Hawale Kar Raha Hoon. Vada Karo Mujhse.)

Shravan: I promise Nanaji.
(Vaada Karta Hoon Ap Se Nanaji)

Sumo: Nanu you take care of yourself. And if I hear that you don’t I will personally come here and punish you.
(Nanu Aap Apna Dhyaan Rakhna. Aur Agar Maine Suna Ke Ab Ne Aisa Nahi Kiya Toh Main Khud Aake Ap Ko Saaza Dungi)

Nanu: Okay beta, as you say. Now it’s time for you to go. Go with Shravan,
(Thik Hain Beta, Jaise Tum Kehte Ho. Ab Tumhari Jane Ke Waqt Ho Gaya Hain. Jao, Shravan Ke Saath)

Suman is sad and Shravan takes care of there. Suman recalls her childhood memories while she eyes Tiwari Killa as the car leaves. She also recalls her teenage moments with Shravan. Suman is emotional.

Shravan wipes her tears and nods no to tell her not to cry.

Suman and Shravan gets out of the flashback and smile as they recall everything. They are still lying down on the fence.

Sumo: And we were destined to be with each other.
(Aur Humare Kismat Main  Ek Duje Ke Saath Rehna Likha Tha)

Shravan holds her hand

Shravan: After all we are made for the sake of each other.
(Aakhir Hum Bane Hi Toh Ek Duje Ke Vaaste)

Suman and Shravan smile as they look at each other. Shravan goes close to Suman and whispers in her ears.

Shravan: I love you…..Biwi…..
(I love you…..Biwi…..)

Sumo: I love you too…..
(I love you too…..)

Shravan gets close to her .

Sumo: Shravan leave it anyone may come and see us like this then how?
(Shravan Choro Agar Kisi Ne Humhe Aisa Dekh Liya Toh? Toh Kya Hoga)

Shravan: I don’t care because Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga.
(Mujhe Isse Koyi Farak Nahi Parta Kyunki Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga)

Suman throws her arms around his neck.

Sumo: okay then, after all Main Bhi Tumko Chahungi!
(Toh Thik Hain, Aakhir Main Bhi Tumko Chahungi)

Shravan smiles and gives a smirk. He continues and he covers their face with Suman’s dupatta. He lifted her in his arms and carried her to their bedroom. Suman lovingly looked at him. And they mark the beginning of two bodies one soul.

How much Shravan wanted Suman. How much Suman wanted Shravan. And they finally got each other.

The end

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Hey all first of all once again so sorry for updating the episode late. I was really really busy this week and I am still busy. 5 days classes plus 4-5 days work doing 10 days things in 7 day, these last 14 days I didn’t get a holiday for a single day ???. And I will be even more busy next week as all my submissions are due till Wednesday plus I have to work more shifts as there is more work next week, so that’s why I decided to end this FF as I didn’t want to make you all wait for longer. I am already guilty for making you all wait. I couldn’t even read all the fan fictions posted the last 2-3 days that’s why my comment was missing too. I wanted to post epi 13 on Wednesday and the last one on Saturday But I was sooo busy that’s why I decided to make episode 13 the last one. I even started watching a new Hindi show but I do watch it only when I am eating my dinner this is how much busy I am ?. But after next week the following week I will be free as would be my last week of lessons and also last week of work as I took 2 weeks leave for exams. So maybe during that week I may post something but I don’t wanna make false promises. But yes if I am posting I will definitely let you all know. And I hope you all loved Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga overall, and sorry if I messed up the story in between, I hope next time if I write a ff I can do better and your support means a lot to me especially when I am not that good in languages. You know it took me almost a week to write this episode, due to my busy schedule and I was even typing the episodes in the train and bus with my phone ?  So sorry if there is any mistake in this episode because I was just too busy and I didn’t get enough time and had a really bad day today. thank you for those who patiently waited for my episode. Love you all ???

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