Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga – Shraman Short Series Episode 12 (EDKV)

Episode 12

Scene 1: Outside
The episode begins with Suman talking with Anuj, Mausiji and Daboo and also others

Sumo: Very soon the groom side are going to come and we have to give them such a welcome that they will remember it their entire life.
(Bohot Jald Ladke Wale Aane Wale Hain Aur Humhe Unlogo Ko Aisa Sawgat Dena Parengi Joh Unlogo Ko Zindagi Bhar Yaad Ayega.)

Just then Aditya comes,
Aditya: Wow in what ways you are planning to welcome us?
(Areh Vah Humlogo Ko Sawgad Karne Ke Liye Kya Plan Rhacha Jaa Rahe Hain?)

Sumo: Adi…

Aditya: I can help you in this.
(Main Tumhari Isme Madaad Kar Sakta Hoon)

Mausiji: Adi you came at the perfect time! Now when is the groom side coming?
(Adi Bilkul Sahi Time Par Aye Ho! Ab Ladke Walo Kab Aa Rahe Hain)

Adi: They are coming soon. Actually they must have reached by now.
(Voh Log Baas Aate Hi Hogi. Actually Ab Tak Paauch Bhi Chuke Hoge)

Sumo: What!

Mausiji: Now what we should do? Suman I don’t think we can give them a grand welcome now.
(Ab Hum Kya Kare. Suman Mujhe Nahi Lagta Ke Hum Unlogo Ko Ek Shaandar Swagat De Sakte Hain)

Anuj: Buaji don’t worry the rituals will be done that’s enough.
(Buaji Chinta Maat Ki Jiye Rasame Se Kaam Chal Jayega)

Mausiji: Rituals is not enough Anuj now what will happen, welcoming plan is flop  now.
(Sirf Rasame Kaafi Nahi Hoga Anuj, Ab Kya Hoga Swagat Karne Ka Plan Toh Flop Hogaya, Ab)

Daboo: Oho Adi Bhaia you should have said so earlier!
(Oho Adi Bhaia Aise Apko Pehle Kehna Chaye Tha Na)

Aditya: Sorry Daboo.
(Sorry Daboo)

Sumo: (adamant)No we will give them a grand welcome
(Nahi Hum Log Unlogo Ko Ek Shaandar Swagat Zaroor Denge)

Mausiji : But how?
(Par Kaise?)

Sumo: My name is Sumo and I know what to do. Let’s go.
(Sumo Naam Hain Meri Aur Mujhe Pata Hain Ke Mujhe Aage Kya Karna Hain. Chaliye)

Mausiji: Where?

Sumo: All of you follow me.
(Ab Saab Meri Saat Chaliye Toh Sahi)

Just then Pushkar and others reach the venue. And they find everything empty.

Kamini: This is why I was against organising a wedding at home. This is heights no one even came to welcome us at the first place .
(Isliye Main Shaadi Ghar Main Organise Karne Ke Khilaf Thi. Yeh Toh Haad Hi Hogaya. Humare Swagat Ke Liye Toh Yahan Koyi Bhi Nahi Hain)

Pushkar: Maa, why are you saying like this?
(Maa, Ab Aise Kyun Keh Rahi Hain?)

Shravan is looking around.

Shravan: Let me go and find out.
(Main Jaake Pata Karke Aata Hoon)

As Shravan is about to go, just then music plays.

Nach De Ne Sare from Baar Baar Dekho plays.

Some of the people behind dancing as the music plays.


Daboo comes and infront of Pushkar and dances and then he smiles and continue dancing. He also shows this ?.Pushkar and others smile seeing this.

(Munda thoda.. offbeat hai
Par kudiya de naal.. bohat sweet hai )

Just then Suman comes and hits Shravan by the side while dancing stunning Shravan and gets on full on mode and she dances gracefully and then smiles.

(Munda thoda.. offbeat hai
Par kudiya de naal.. bohat sweet hai)

Suman comes to Vandy who is using her phone and she dances besides her. Vandy also gives her company.
(Dhongi sa ye bada dheeth hai
Viral hogya ye Tweet)

Just then Aditya comes and join in the dance and dances with Suman. Shravan feels a bit jealous.
(Par phool wool karne mein cool
Tu badi tezz katari hai)

He also comes and dances infront of Pushkar and holds Pushkar’s hand and brings him to the centre.
(Shagan teri ki, lagan teri ki
Humne kardi taiyari hai)

Daboo and Anuj also brings the others of the Malhotras to join them in the dance to the centre of the stage
(Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke
Aaj hil-dul ke
Le saare ke saare nazare)

Lalaji matches step with Mausaji gracefully. Kamini smiles a bit and Anuj brings Vandy and Kamini to dance too.
(Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke
Aaj hil-dul ke
Le saare ke saare nazare )

Vandy happily dances and Kamini gets surprised and she also dances.
(Khasma nu khaane!
Hadipa… Hadipa…)

Mausiji gets romantic with Mausaji while dancing. And Mausaji gets happy and shows his fist up happily.
(Hallu bade karaar
Karam na laalu bade karaar (aa ha!)
Chadh chadh ke chaubaar
Karam naal sweetu aaja maar (aa ha!)
Chak De!)

Pushkar is smiling seeing all this and Suman makes him dance and forces him to dance and he gets compelled to dance. And he gestures her to make Shravan dance. Suman looks on and gets thinking for a while and then she goes to Shravan and makes him dance and gestures that he doesn’t even know how to dance!

(Munde plenty mere layi hogaye senti
O tere layi hogaye senti
Tere layi hogaye senti
Tere liye main set hoon
Iss baat ki guarantee)

Shravan after a while begins dancing with Suman and smiles looking at her.  And he also gets in the mode.
(Par phool wool karne mein cool
Tu badi tezz katari hai
Shagan teri ki, lagan teri ki
Humne kardi tayaari hai)

Shravan dances very well which stuns Suman and he also hits her by the side with his body. And Aditya joins the both of them.
(Sehra baandh, tujhe kood-faand
Tujhe le jaana iss baari hai
Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke
Aaj hil-dul ke
Le saare ke saare nazaare)

Aditya Suman and Shravan are dancing. And Aditya makes others join so does Suman and Shravan and then while Shravan and Suman are in opposite side Suman bumps into Shravan backwards and as she is about to fall Shravan holds her.
(Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke
Aaj hil-dul ke
Le saare ke saare nazaare)

Suman and Shravan share an eyelock as they look at each other. Suman gets up and goes.

Shravan again starts imagining.

Shravan and Suman are alone on the dance stage. Khamoshiyan plays.

Music plays and Shravan forwards his hand and Suman smiles and takes his hand. They start dancing.

They share an eyelock while dancing and they are smiling. Shravan comes and walks behind a smiling Suman.
(Khamoshiyan aawaaz hain
Tum sun’ne to aao kabhi)

And then he touches her and she blushes and as she was about to go he pulls her close. He puts his hand around her waist.
(Chhukar tumhe khill jaayengi
Ghar inko bulaao kabhi)

Suman rests her head on his chest and Shravan smiles. They smile looking at each other as they dance step by step in each other’s embrace.
(Beqarar hain baat karne ko
Kehne do inko zaraa..)

Shravan lifts Suman up and moves by making a dance step. He puts her down and then puts his face  towards her neck to kiss her.
(Khamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyan.. lipti hui khamoshiyan)

Just the Aditya snaps at him and Shravan gets out of his imagination.

Aditya: Shravan what were you thinking?
(Shravan Tum Kis Soch Main Par Gaye?)

Shravan nods no and Aditya holds his hand and brings him to joins with others.

(Nachde ne saare..
Nachde ne saree…)

Everyone is dancing Suman is dancing and clapping and she looks at Shravan.
(Khasma nu khaane!)

After the dance, it was time for welcoming the groom in. Mamaji comes to Shravan.

Mamaji: Shravan beta where is Ramnath Bhaisaab he is not seen?
(Shravan beta Ramnath Bhaisaab Kahan Hain Dikhai Nahi Deh Rahi Hain)

Shravan: Dad had some last minute  work which he couldn’t avoid that’s why he will come later.
(Dad Ko Kuch Zaroori Kaam Tha Jiske Liye Usko Ane Me Thoda Late Hoga)

Mamaji: Oh I see tell him to come as soon as possible.
(Aisa Baat Kya Unhe Kehdo Ke Jaldi Se Jaldi Aa Jaye)

Shravan: (smiling) Sure

Scene 2: Tiwari Killa
Suman is standing with the prayer tray and they carry out some rituals.

Mausiji: Now according to rituals, the Mother in law  will pull our to the Son-in-law’s nose.
(Ab Rasamo Ke Anusar Saas Apni Damad Ki Nakh Khichegi)

Lalaji and Vandy laughs.

Pushkar: Why? Why nose?
(Kyun? Nak Kyun?)

Suman is smiling and Shravan teases her by pointing at his nose and Suman gets a bit shy.

Mausiji: Beta this is ritual and this ritual have to be carried out.
(Beta Yeh Riwaz Hain Aur Iss Riwaz Ko Toh Nibhana Hi Parenga)

Mamiji smiles and she is about to pull his nose. Pushkar stands aside and then she isn’t able to do so.

Suman gets thinking and she smirks as she gets an idea. Suman gestures Aditya.

Aditya: Pushkar, your Sehra let me adjust it.
(Pushkar Tumhara Sehra Adjust Kar Deta Hoon)

As Pushkar gets distracted by this Mamiji quickly pulls his nose. Everyone claps.

Pushkar: This is cheating! Adi you are my Friend right?
(Yeh Cheating Hain! Adi Tum Toh Mere Dost Ho Na?)

Aditya: Yes I am your Friend indeed but at the same time I am Sumo’s Friend too.
(Haan Hoon Tumhare Dost par Sumo  Ka Bhi Dost Hoon)

Suman winks.

Pushkar: This is not fair.
(Yeh Fair Nahi Hain)

Sumo: Don’t complain now. Admit it you lost.
(Shikayat Maat Karo. Maan Jao Ke Tum Har Gaye)

Pushkar: But…

Shravan pats Pushkar.
Shravan: Chotte let it be no one can win against Sumo.
(Chotte Rehne do Sumo Ko Koyi Nahi Hara Sakta)

Mamiji does Puja for Pushkar and then gives Suman to give tikka to others. She does and as she is about to give Shravan she looks smiling and gives him tikka. Shravan smiles too.

Nirmala is walking and she collides with Aditya.

Nirmala: Aditya?

Aditya: Maa?

Aditya hugs Nirmala. Nirmala smiles but she is confused.

Aditya: Maa what are you doing here?
(Maa Ab Yahan Kya Kar Rahi Ho?)

Nirmala: Even I have the same question, beta.
(Meri Bhi Yeh Sawal Hain Tumse Beta)

Aditya: Okay I get this. Maa I told you about my friend’s wedding in Delhi, he is the one, Pushkar!
(Acha Ab Main Samjha. Maa Maine Kahan Na Ke Mere Dost Ke Shaadi Delhi Main Vohi Toh Hain Pushkar!)

Nirmala: (shocked) Pushkar is your Friend? You never told me about this!
(Pushkar Tumhare Dost Hain! Tumne Toh Mujhe Iss Bare Main Kabhi Nahi Bataya)

Aditya: (confused) You know him?
(Ab Usse Pechante Ho?)

Nirmala: No no I don’t! I am here as I know Tiwari Jii when I stayed in Delhi I stayed near this house only .when Tiwari Jii invited me for his grand-daughter’s wedding I couldn’t refuse!
(Nahi Toh. Main Yahan Hoon Kyunki Main Tiwari Jii Ko Pechanti Hoon Aur Jab Bhi Delhi Rehti Hoon Toh Iss Ghar Ke Paas Hi rehti Hoon. Jab Tiwari Jii  ne Mujhe Uske Poti Ki Shaadi Ke Liye Mujhe Nauta Diya Main Mana Nahi Kar Sakti Thi)

Aditya: That’s cool. How I wish you told me earlier then we could have come together! Right!
(Yeh Toh Bariya Hain. Kaash Ab Mujhe Pehle Bate Sakti Toh Hum Ek Saath Hi Yahan Ate. Hain Na!)

Nirmala looks on worried and thinking.

Aditya: Maa what are you thinking?
(Maa Ab Kis Soch Main Par Gayi?)

Nirmala: nothing.
(Kuch Nahi)

Aditya: Are you sure?

Nirmala nods. And Aditya smiles while he sees Suman. Suman is helping Mamiji and she also helps Kamini out.

Mamiji: Suman beta look after the guests!
(Suman Beta Tum Mehmano Ka Dekh Bhal Karo!)

Mamiji goes to the other side. Kamini is fanning herself,

Kamini: Oh god it is so hot here! At least, they could have rented some AC! I don’t even know what to do!
(Hain Rabbba! Itni Garmi Hain Yahan! Kamsekam Koyi AC Toh Kiraye Pe Le Sakti Thi! Lekin Nahi! Ab Main Karoon Bhi Toh Kya Karoon!)

Vandy: Yes Mummy Ji!!! It’s so hot.
(Haan MummyJi!!! Kitni Garmi Hain!!!)

Just then Suman hears this and she smiles and opens the window.

Vandy: Wow this air is so cool.
(Wow Kitni Thaandi Hawa Hain!!!)

Vandy enjoys happily and just then Anuj comes and he lovingly stares at Vandy. Tune Jo Maine Dekha plays as Anuj dreams with dancing with Vandy by holding her pallu.

Anuj: Such a beautiful girl!
(Kitni Sundaar Ladki Hain!

Kamini: Finally I am feeling much more fresh.
(Kameskam Ab Aur Bhi Fresh Lag Rahi Hain)

Kamini gets thinking.

Kamini: But how is it possible? Without AC?
(Par Aisa Kaise Ho Sakte Hain? AC Ke Bina?)

Sumo: Kamini Aunty, sometimes nature is more effective than AC. I learned it in geography. From Shravan.
(Kamini Aunty Kabhi Kabhi Prakrti AC Se Zyaada Kam Ka Hain. Geography Main Sikha. Shravan Se)

Kamini looks on surprised and Suman leaves. Suman helps on with others. Nirmala looks behind and she realises Aditya is smiling and looking at her,

Nirmala: Aditya you know her?
(Aditya Tum Use Pechante Ho?)

Aditya: Yes she is Suman. My Friend.
(Haan Suman Hain. Mere Dost)

Nirmala smiles.
Nirmala: Suman is a very good girl. (Looking at Suman)
(Suman Ek Bohoti Achi Ladki Hain)

Aditya: Maa looks like you know her very well.
(Maa Lagta Hain Ab Suman Ko Bohot Achi Tarike Se Pechanti Hoon)

Nirmala: Why won’t I? After all she is the one who looked after my son.
(Kyun Nahi Pechanugi? Aakhir Meri Bete Ka Dekh Bhaal Toh Usne Hi Kiya)

Aditya: (confused) Son?

Nirmala: She looked after you in Delhi. That’s why I wanted to thank Her.
(Voh Tumhari Dekh Bhal Kiya Na Delhi Main. Isliye Usko Shukriyada Karne Chahti Thi)

Aditya: Her nature is like that. She is very caring girl indeed.
(Uska Swabhab Hi Aise Hain. Bohot Caring Ladki Hain)

Nirmala: Beta now I go and meet Tiwari Jii.
(Beta Ab Main Jaake Tiwari Jii Se Milke Aati Hoon)

Aditya nods.

Nirmala goes towards Nanu’s room

Aditya is about to go  he stops and smiles.

Scene 3: Nanu’s Room
Ramnath comes to Tiwari Killa.

Ramnath: Today I will talk to Tiwari Ji about Shravan and Suman at any cost.
(Aaj Main Tiwari Jii Se Shravan Aur Suman Ke Baare Main Baat Karke Hi Rahoonga)

As Ramnath is about to go, he collides with Shravan,

Shravan: Dad, so finally you are here?
(Dad, Toh Finally Ab Yahan Aa Hi Gaye)

At the same time Nirmala is also here. Nirmala goes in  to Nanu’s room and Shravan sees this.

Ramnath: I am going to meet Tiwari Jii.
(Main Tiwari Jii Se Milne Jaa Hi Raha Hoon )

Shravan: Let it be Dad! Come with me. I have something to tell you.
(Choriye Dad! Ab Mere Saath Aa Jaye. Mujhe Ap Se Kuch Kehna Hain)

Ramnath: But beta?
(Par Beta?)

Shravan takes Ramnath to another place before he could say anything)

Shravan: (in his mind) Good that dad didnt see Mom here if not a big problem would have occured. I have to be cautious about this!
(Acha Hua Ke Dad Ne Mom Ko Yahan Nahi Dekha Varna Ek Bohot Bara Problem Ho Jata. Mujhe Iss Baat Ka Dhyaan Rakhna Parenga)

Scene 4: Outside
Suman is talking to two girls aged

Sumo: You both will throw these flowers on the bride and groom during the wedding okay.
(Tum Dono Shaadi Ke Waqt Yeh Ful Dulha-Dulhan Par Pheko Gii Thik Hain)

Girl 1: Okay didi.
(Thik Hain Didi)

Girl 2: Didi can we go and have some pakoras and jalebis!
(Didi Kya Hum Jake Kuch Pakore Aur Jalebi Khale?)

Sumo: Sure. But do come back quick. We don’t have much time. The wedding will start soon.
(Zaroor. Lekin Jaldi Wapas Aa Jana. Humare Pass Utna Waqt Nahi Hain. Phire Jald Hi Shuru Ho Jayegi)

The girls go and passes the flower basket to Suman.

Sumo: Let me go and eat some snacks by then.
(Main Tab Tak Jake Kuch Kha Leti Hoon)

Suman eats some snacks and she puts the flower basket. As Shravan is about to go,

Mausaji: Shravan beta can find me a basket of flower?
(Shravan Beta Kya Tum Mujhe Ek Katori Ful Dhundkar La Sakte Ho)

Shravan: (smiling) Sure Mausaji.
(Zaroor Mausaji)

Shravan looks for it and then Suman finishes eating and she drinks soft drinks.

Shravan: So finally got the basket.
(Finally Yeh Basket Mil Gaya)

Shravan goes to take it and Suman finishes drinking it. A girl brings the basket and Suman takes it and Shravan takes it at the same time. They look at each other and title track plays. Suman takes it. The girl leaves the basket to Suman and goes.

Shravan: Sumo let me take this basket.(he takes the basket)
(Sumo Mujhe Yeh Basket Lene Do)

Sumo: This is mine. I need to give it to the others why you need it. You want to make flower ornaments for yourself!(she drags it towards her)
(Yeh Meri Hain. Mujhe Yeh Kisi Ko Dena Hain Tumhe Iske Kya Zaroorat Hoga. Khud Ke Liye Ful Ka Mala Banane Hain Kya)

Shravan: Mausaji told me so that’s why.(he drags it towards him)
(Mausaji Ne Kahan Isliye)

Sumo: Go. Go to Hawaii and get it.(she drags it again)
(Jao. Hawaii Jake Leke Aao)

Shravan: Sumo, there is cockroach inside the flowers.(he drags it again)
(Sumo In Fulo Ke Andar Cockroach Hain)

Sumo: Shravan just because I am scared of needles doesn’t mean I am scared of cockroaches and there isn’t any needles here.(she drags it again)
(Shravan Sirf Iss wajah Se Ke Mujhe Sui Se Dar Lagti Hain Iska Matlaab Yeh Nahi Ke Mujhe Cockroach Se Dar Lagegi Aur Yahaan Koyi Sui Wui Nahi Hain)

Shravan: Good but I need this basket.(he drags it again)
(Acha Hain Lekin Mujhe Yeh Basket Chaye)

Sumo: Why you can’t go and get another one. There is already one near the temple.(she drags it again)
(Kyun Tum Jake Aur Ek Nahi Le Aa Sakte Ho Kya! Mandir Ke Paas Pehle Se Hi Ek Rakha Hua Hain)

Shravan: If you know go and get it.(again)
(Agar Tumhe yeh Pata Hain Toh Tum Jake Le Aao)

Sumo: Shravan I will take this basket at any cost!(again)
(Shravan Yeh Basket Toh Meri Paas Hi Rahengi)

Shravan: No way!(again)
(No way!)

Sumo: No me!(again)
(Nahi Main!)

Shravan: Me!(again)

They continue fighting regarding the basket.

Suman and Shravan starts pulling the basket.  Suman is about to bite his hand , Shravan moves aside and then throws a flower on her nose. Suman sneezes. She gets angry and she takes more flowers and throws on his chest. Shravan puts his hand on his chest,

Shravan: Ah!

Sumo: (worried) Shravan! What happened!
(Shravan! Kya Hua!)

Suman looks at him concerned and he smirks and snatches the basket from her. But in that process due to the sharp side of the basket Suman’s hand gets a cut.

Sumo: Ouch!

Shravan: You can’t trick me this time!
(Tum Mujhe Iss Bar Ullu Nahi Bana Sakti Ho)

Shravan goes with the basket and as Shravan looks behind to tease her he sees Suman crying. Shravan goes and realises that Suman got really injured and her hand is bleeding.

Shravan: (panicking) Sumo!

Shravan rushes to her and sees her hand.

Shravan: (shocked)You really got injuried?
(Tumhe Sach Main Chot Lagi Hain!)

Sumo: No I applied tomato ketchup! (Crying)
(Nahi Maine Tomato Ketchup Lagaya Hain)

Shravan: Show me your hand!
(Tumhari Haat Dikhau!)

Sumo: why you want to taste it?
(Kyun Chatna Hain Kya?)

Shravan: Sumo!

Shravan takes her hand and realised that she really got a cut in her hand and it’s bleeding. Shravan eyes her sadly seeing her crying.

Shravan: Come with me Sumo.
(Aa o Mere Saath Sumo)

Sumo: But Shravan? The rituals will start in 5 minutes.
(Par Shravan? Phire Paanch Minute Main Shuru Hoga)

Shravan: It will take only 5 seconds.
(Sirf Paanch Second Hi Lagega)

Shravan: Biggest lie in the world.
(Duniya Ka Sabse Baara Jhut)

Shravan holds her hand and he takes her to the room.

Vandy is standing alone.

Vandy: I am so bored. I wonder where Mummyji went leaving me alone.
(Itni Bored Hoon. Pata Nahi Yeh Mummy Jii Mujhe Chor Kar Kahan Chali Gayi)

Just then Vandy is about to go, and she gets surprised seeing Anuj who is smiling and lovingly staring at her.

Anuj: Myself Anuj. Anuj Tiwari. Preeti’s Brother.
(Myself Anuj. Anuj Tiwari. Preeti Ka Bhai)

Vandy: OMG! Are you the same Anuj from USA!!!(excited)
(OMG!!! Kya Tum Vohi USA Se Anuj Ho)

Anuj nods.

Vandy: Wow! How lucky you are you stay in US!
(Wow! Kitna Lucky Ho Tum US Main Rehte Ho)

Anuj: Who did you came with.
Ab Kiske Saath Yahan Aye Ho)

Vandy shows Anuj where Kamini is standing.

Vandy: You see that lady? She is my Mummyji!
(Tum Uss Lady Ko Dekh Rahe Ho? Voh Meri Mummy Jii Hain!)

Anuj: (in her mind) Oh so she is Pushkar’s Sister. How cultured she is! Calls her Mummy Mummyji.  Thank you God!
(Oh Toh Yeh Pushkar Ki Behen Hain. Kitni Sanskaari Ladki Hain! Apni Mummy Ko Mummy Jii Keh Kar Pukati Hain. Bhagwan Ke Lakh Lakh Shukriya)

Vandy: By the way are you married?
(By the way are you married?)

Anuj: I am single, ready to mingle!
(I am single, ready to mingle!)

Vandy: (excited) Really!

Anuj gives her chocolates.

Anuj: I brought some from US. Got some extra spare in my pockets. You can have some.
(US Se Laya Hoon. Kuch Extra Reh Gaya Pocket Main. Tum Kuch Le Sakti Ho)


Vandy happily takes the chocolates.

Vandy: You are cute Anuj. Tell me more about US.
(Tum Bohoti Cute Ho Anuj. Mujhe US Ke Baare Main Aur Batao)

Anuj blushes as Vandy calls him cute  tells more about US and then Varun comes,

Varun: I wonder where is Vandy?
(Pata Nahi Yeh Vandy Kahan Gayi?)

Varun sees Vandy laughing with Anuj and he gets jealous.

Varun: Vandy!

Vandy: Varun!

Varun holds her hand.

Varun: Let’s go from here.
(Chalo Yahan Se)

Vandy: Varun see this Anuj is so sweet. He gave me chocolates do you give me any?
(Varun Dekho Yeh Anuj Kitna Sweet Hain. Mujhe Chocolates Diya, Tum Kabhi Dete Ho Mujhe?)

Anuj stands confused and just then Mamiji pats him.

Mamiji: Anuj beta you seem to be very happy? What happened?
(Anuj Beta Kya Hua Bohoti Khush Nazaar Aa Rahe Ho?)

Anuj: I got your to be Daughter-in-law
(Aap Ki Hone Wale Bahu Mil Gaya)

Mamiji: (excited) Is it? Who?
(Acha? Aisa Kya? Kaun!)

Anuj points Mamiji to Vandy. Mamiji gets stunned.

Mamiji: What are you saying! Vandana!
(Yeh Tum Kya Keh Rahe Ho! Vandana!)

Anuj: Vandana! Wow what a religious name she have! See I have chose the perfect daughter -in-law for you.
(Vandana! Wah Kya Sanskaari Naam Hain Iski! Dekha Apne Ap Ke Liye Ek Kamaal Ki Bahu Choona)

Mamiji hits Anuj on the shoulder.

Mamiji: Don’t say like this. If Kamini Jii listens to this a big problem will occur!
(Aisa Bilkul Bhi Maat Kaho. Agar Kamini Jii Ne Sun Liya Toh Garbar Ho Jayega)

Anuj: Why! She is the Mother of Vandana. She won’t have any problems!
(Kyun! Vandana Ka Maa Hain! Unhe Koyi Dikkat Nahi Hogi)

Mamiji: Anuj beta she is not Vandana’s Mother, she is Vandana’s Mother in law Pushkar’s Bhabi!
(Anuj Beta, Yeh Vandana Ka Maa Nahi Vandana Ke Saas Hain Yani Pushkar Ke Bhabi)

Anuj: What!(shocked)

Mamiji: Yes, now beta don’t waste time in these nonsense and the marriage rituals is going to take place soon and better get these all out from your mind.
(Haan Aur Ab Insaab Bakwaas Main Apne Waqt Maat Gawaro Aur Yeh Shaadi Ke Phire Bohot Jald Hone Wale Hain Toh Yeh Saab Apne Dimaag Se Nikalo)

Mamiji leaves.
Mamiji: (talking to herself) This Anuj didn’t get anyone!
(Iss Anuj Ko Bhi Aur Koyi Nahi Mila)

Anuj gets heart broken and Jaga Suna Suna Lage plays in his mind.

Scene 6: Suman’s Room
Shravan makes Suman sit down on the bed and he is applying ointment  on Suman’s hand.

Sumo: Ahh!

Shravan(scolding)Now be more stubborn!
(Aur Karo Zid!)

Sumo: But not more than you! Ahh!
(Par Tumse Zyaada Toh Nahi Karti! Ahh!)

Shravan: See!

Tears drop from Suman’s eyes and Shravan consoles her.

Shravan: Sumo do you remember the time you got injuries while we were riding a bicycle?
(Sumo Tumhe Yaad Hain Uss Waqt Tumhe Chot Lagi Thi Jab Hum Ek Saat Cycling Karne Ke Liye Gaye The)

Suman gets into a flashback when they were a teenager and remembers how she got injured while riding a bike and Shravan helps her and blows her arm. Suman smiles as she gets out of the flashback.

Sumo: Shravan can I ask you something?
(Shravan Kya Main Tumse Kuch Puch Sakti Hoon?)

Shravan: Ask.

Sumo: Shravan can you blow on my hands like you did that time?
(Shravan Kya Tum Meri Haat Pe Blow Kar Sakte Ho Jaise Tumne Uss Waqt Kiya Tha)

Shravan smiles and he bends down and blows her hand. Suman closes her eyes and smiles.

Shravan: Is it better now?
(Ab Thik Hain?)

Sumo: Much better. Continue blowing.
(Pehle Se Behtar. Tum Aur Blow Karo)

Shravan blows her hand on her injury.

Shravan: Just look at you, you are smiling despite you are hurt.
(Tumhe Dekho, Chot Hote Hue Bhi Haas Rahi Ho)

Sumo: (worried) Shravan what happened?
(Shravan Kya Hua?)

Shravan: I have hurt you a lot.
(Maine Tumhe Bohot Chot Pauchaya Na)

Sumo: Shravan you didn’t did it by purpose! It was by accident!
(Shravan Tumne Jaan Buch Kar Nahi Kiya! Yeh Galati Se Hua!)

Shravan: You are saying all these to console me so that I don’t feel bad right!
(Tum Yeh Sab Mujhe Sambhalne Ke Liye Keh Rahe Ho Na Take Mujhe Bura Na Lage ,Hain Na!)

Sumo: Idiot! Why will I do that! But you didn’t do this intentionally Shravan.
(Bewakoof! Main Aisa Kyun Karoongi! Par Tumne Aisa Jaan Buch Kar Nahi Kiya Shravan)

Shravan: Intentionally or unintentionally but  I have hurt you. A lot. And no one can change this fact.
(Jaan Buch Kar Ho Ya Galati Se Par Maine Tumhe Bohot Chot Pauchaya Hain. Bohot Zyaada. Aur Iss Baat Ko Koyi Nahi Thukra Sakte Hain)

Sumo: Shravan  why are you saying like this?
(Shravan Tum Aise Kyun Keh Rahe Ho?)

Shravan: Enough Sumo you have consoled me a lot but now no more! I deserve this.
(Enough Sumo Tumne Mujhe Bohot Sambhala Lekin Ab Aur Nahi! Main Iska Hi Layak Hoon)

Shravan holds her hand and cries.

Shravan: If I didn’t tell you that day the accident won’t have happened and your hand….
(Agar Maine Tumhe Uss Din Nahi Kahan Hota Toh Tumhari Haatsa Nahi Hua Hota Aur Phir Tumhari Haat…)

Shravan closes his eyes as he remembers how Suman wasn’t able to move her hand properly due to that.

Sumo: Shravan why are you dragging this matter now?
(Shravan Tum Iss Mamle Ko Yahan Kyun Khasitke La Rahe Ho?)

Shravan: I have always hurt you. Every time. Every time I am responsible for bringing tears on your eyes.
(Maine Tumhe Humesha Chot Pauchaya Hain. Har Bar. Har Bar Tumhari Akhon Main Aansun Lane Ke Liye Main Zimedaar Hoon)

Sumo: Look Shravan if you speak further then….
(Dekho Shravan Agar Tumne Aage Bola Toh…)

Shravan: Then what you will hit me? Hit me! I deserve it.
(Toh Kya Kar Loge Maro Gi Mujhe? Maro! Main Uska Layak Hoon!)

Shravan takes her hand and hits himself with her other hand.

Sumo: Shravan what’s wrong with you, Ahh!
(Shravan Tumhe Kya Hogaya Hain, Ahh!)

Shravan: See even now I have hurt you!
(Dekha Tumne Abhi abhi Phirse Chot Pauchaya Hain)

Sumo: (tears in her eyes) Shravan what’s wrong with you! Are you okay?
(Shravan Kya Hogaya Hain Tumhe! Tum Thik Toh Ho?)

Shravan: No I am not.
(Nahi Hoon)

Suman cups his face.

Sumo: Look at me. Did anyone tell you anything?
(Dekho Meri Taraaf. Kisine Tumhe Kuch Bola Kya?)

Shravan nods no.

Sumo: Then?

Shravan: I should have known this before.
(Mujhe Yeh Pehle Hi Pata Karna Chaye Tha)

Sumo: Shravan?

Shravan: (laughing sarcastically) It is so strange that just 2-3 days ago the same thing happened and then when I got injured you also applied ointment on my hand and now…
(Kitni Ajeeb Bat Hain Ke Do-Teen Din Pehle Hi Aisa Kuch Hua Tha Aur Jab Mujhe Chot Laga Phir Tumne Bhi Aisa Mere Haath Par)

Suman is totally confused.

Shravan: I confessed you my love for you that day and as expected that hurt you a lot.
(Maine Uss Din Tumse Mera Pyaar Ka Izhaar Kiya Aur As expected Tumhe Bohot Takleef Pauchaya)

Sumo: Shravan we have talked about this! You won’t bring this topic further! Just forgot about me!
(Shravan Hamne Iske Baare Main Pehle Bhi Baat Kiya! Tum Iske Baare Main Baat Nahi Karoge. Baas Bhul Jao Meri Bare Mein)

Shravan gets up.

Shravan: FORGET ABOUT YOU?! You just said like this. Right! The fact is I don’t deserve anyone! I pray to God that no other girl gets me! Cause if I do, I will just hurt them! Just hurt them! No one else should love me.
(Bhul Jao Tumhari Bare Main?! Tumne Aise Hi Keh Diya! Thik Hain ! Haqiqat Yeh Hain Ke Main Kisi Ka Layak Nahi Hoon. Bhagwan Se yeh Prathana Karoonga Ke Aur Koyi Ladki Ko Mujhe Na Mile. Kyunki Agar Aisa Hua Toh Mein Unlogo Ko Sirf Chot Pauchaunga. Sirf Chot! Kisi Aur Ko Mujhse Pyaar Karna Hi Nahi Chaye)

Sumo: Shravan, don’t say like this. You deserve much better. Someone much better. In fact the best girl! Whichever girl will be in your life they will be really lucky! Any girl will be dying to be with you, forever!
(Shravan Aise Maat Kaho. Tum Bohot Zyaada  Achi Ladki Ko Deserve karte Ho. Bohot Zyaada Achi. In fact Sabse Best. Jo Ladki Tumhari Zindagi Main Hoga Uske Bhagya Khul Jayegi. Koyi Bhi Ladki Tumhare Saath Humesha Rehne Ke Liye Tarazti Hogi)

Shravan: Are you sure any girl?
(Are you sure Koyi Bhi Ladki?)

Sumo: (smiling weakly) Yes any girl….
(Haan Koyi Bhi Ladki)

Shravan: Then why did you say no to me that day.
(Toh Phir Tumne Mujhe Uss Din Na Kyun Kahan)

Suman gets shocked.

Sumo: Shravan I think I should leave now. We are getting late.
(Shravan Humhe Ab Jana Chaye. Der Ho Rahe Hain)

Suman is about to go, Shravan holds her hands Suman looks on. Shravan stops Suman and demands an answer from her and he pins her to the wall.

Shravan: Cmon Answer me.
(Jawab Doh Mujhe!)

Suman is silent.

Shravan: You don’t have any answer right.
(Koyi Jawab Nahi Hain Tumhari Paas Hain Na?)

Suman nods no.

Shravan: You know what your silence says it all. The actual fact is I don’t deserve anyone.
(Tumhari Khamoshiyan Se Mujhe Jawab Mil Jaya. Sach Baat Toh Yeh Hain Ke Main Kisi Ka Bhi Layak Nahi Hoon)

Shravan  sits down and breaks down.

Shravan: The fact is Shravan Malhotra will never have a girl in his life! Because he doesn’t deserve one! I don’t deserve anyone’s love.
(Hakikat Yeh Hain Ke Shravan Malhotra Ke Zindagi Main Kabhi Koyi Ladki Nahi Hoga. Kyunki Voh Kisi Ka Bhi Layak Nahi Hain. Main Kisike Pyaar Ka Bhi Layak Nahi Hoon)

Sumo: Now Shravan this is limits now. Have you gone crazy! What do you exactly want!
(Ab Shravan Yeh Toh Had Hogaya. Pagal Hogaye Ho Kya! Tum Aakhir Chahte Kya Ho!)

Shravan: Truth.

Sumo: What truth?
(Kaise Sach?)

Shravan: Just let me know that I dont deserve anyone.
(Baas Mujhe Bata Do Ke Main Kisi Ke Bhi Layak Nahi Hoon)

Sumo: Shravan this is too much! I will give you a tight slap if you say this one more time!
(Shravan Yeh Toh Bohot Zyaada Hogaya. Ek Kheech Ke Thapad Maroongi Agar Tumne Ek Aur Bar Aisa Kahan)

Shravan: Then why did you stop ? Because you know I hate lies. And listen.
(Toh Rukh Kyu Gayi? Kyunki Tumhe Toh Pata Hi Hain Ke Mujhe Jhoot Se Saqt Nafrat hain. Aur Suno)

Shravan declares.

(Shravan Malhotra Kisika Bhi Pyaar Ke Layak Nahi Hain. He is just a mere looser!)

Sumo: Enough Shravan!
(Baas Shravan)

Shravan: You can tell me if there is any girl who loves me?
(Tum Bata Sakte Ho Ke Agar Koyi Ladki Hain Joh Mujhse Pyaar Karti Hain)

Sumo: Yes!

Shravan: Then tell me God damn!
(Then tell me God damn!)

Sumo: Shravan a girl loves you a lot.
(Shravan Ek Ladki Tumse Bohot Pyaar Karti Hain)

Shravan: Oh in my dreams.
(Shayad Mere Sapne Mein)

Sumo: Shravan she will fulfil all your wishes, whatever you want.
(Shravan Voh Tumhari Har Khwaash Pura Karegi Joh Tum Chahte Ho)

Shravan: Oh please, I think I should leave now, I don’t want to listen to all these rumours .
(Oh please, Mujhe Ab Jana Chaye. Mujhe Insaab Faltu Baate Sune Ka Waqt Nahi Hain)

Suman holds his hand.

Sumo: Someone  loves you a lot,
(Koyi Tumse Bohot Pyaar Karti Hain)

Shravan: Oh Sumo now you don’t get started.
(Oh Sumo Ab Tum Shuru Maat Ho Jana)

Sumo: She is here.
(Voh Yahan Par Hi Hain)

Shravan: Sumo don’t speak another word.
(Sumo Ab Ek Aur Shabh Bhi Maat Bolna)

Sumo: She is single.
(Voh Single Hain)

Shravan: Sumo, I don’t care you have lost it.
(Sumo, Mujhe Isse Koyi Farak Nahi Parta You have lost it)

Sumo: Her name also starts with S.
(Uski Naam Bhi S Se Shuru Hoti Hain)

Shravan: And that is Shravan . Shravan Ka Shravan. I can only love myself.
(Aur Voh Hain Shravan. Shravan Ka Shravan. Main Sirf Apne Ap Ko Hi Pyaar Kar Sakta Hoon)

Shravan is about to go,
Sumo: Shravan I am trying to say why aren’t you getting it! Isn’t it enough!
(Shravan Kitni Bar Kehne Ke Koshish Kar Rahi Ho Lekin Tumhe Baat Samajh Main Hi Nahi Aati Hain! Yeh Kaafi Nahi Hain Kya!)

Suman pins him to the wall.Shravan is shocked over Suman’s step and he just stares at her as he wasn’t expecting it.

Sumo: I am trying to say it so many times and you are such an idiot. I said she is single, she is here and her name starts with S. Why don’t you get it!
(Kitni Baar Kehne Ke Koshish Kar Rahi Hoon! Aur Tum Ho Ki Samajh Te Hi Nahi! Ek Number Ka Bewakoof Ho. Maine Kahan Voh Single Hain Aur Uski Naam Bhi S Se Shuru Hota Hain. Tum Samajthe Kyun Nahi Ho!)

Shravan: (nervous) Is it Shraddha Kapoor?
(Shraddha Kapoor Hain Kya?)

Sumo: Now where did Shraddha Kapoor came from in my love story?
(Ab Yeh Shraddha Kapoor Kahan Se Aagayi Meri Love Story Main)

Shravan: But you are the one who said that she is single her name starts with S…
(Tumne Hi Toh Kahan Ke Voh Single Hain Aur Uski Bhi Naam S Se)

Suman hits her forehead with her hand.

Sumo: oh god! I wonder who gave you degree !That day when I had mehendi on my hands and and you didn’t get what S starts for!
(Hain Bhagwan! Pata Nahi Tumhe Degree Kisne Diya. Uss Din Jab Meri Haat Main Mehendi Thi Tab Tumhe Samajh Main Nahi Aya S Se Kya Ho Sakta Hain!)

Shravan looks on confused.

Sumo: That S stands for Shravan. Only for you I adorned my hand with henna. Yes Shravan,  she is none other than me your Sumo. It’s Sumo Ka Shravan. Why don’t you get the fact I LOVE YOU SHRAVAN!!!!
(S se Shravan Hota Hain! Sirf Tumhare Liye Maine Apni Haat Main Mehendi Rachaya Hain. Haan Shravan Voh Koyi Aur Nahi Main Hoon Tumhari Sumo. Sumo Ka Shravan! Kyun Nahi Samajthe Ho Shravan That I LOVE YOU!!!)

Shravan gets shocked and Suman gets stunned and closes her mouth with her hand. Title track plays.

Scene 8: Wedding
Preeti and Pushkar’s marriage are happening. Preeti is looking around.

Preeti: I wonder where must be Suman dii.
(Pata Nahi Yeh Suman Dii Kahan Reh Gayi)

Pushkar: Don’t worry Preeti she will be here soon.
(Tum Chinta Maat Karo Preeti Voh Jaldi Hi Yahan Aa Jayegi)

Priest: Now we shouldn’t delay further and start the ritual.
(Ab Humhe Aur Der Nahi Karna Chaye Murat Ka Waqt Jaldi Hi Khatam Hone Wale Hain)

Mamiji: Priest is right we should start the rituals now.
(Panditji Sahi Keh Rahe Hain Shaadi Ke Rasame Shuru Kar Dena Chaye)

Preeti: Maa wait for a little longer. Suman dii will be here soon.
(Maa Thodi Der Aur Intezaar Karo. Suman Dii Yahan Aati Hi Hogi)

Pushkar: Even Bhaia is not here.
(Bhaia Bhi Toh Yahan Per Nahi Hain)

Mamiji: No no we can’t take risk. And Suman will be here soon don’t worry. And Sharvan.
(Nahi Nahi Humhe Aur Der Nahi Karna Chaye. Aur Suman Yahan Aati Hi Hogi Chinta Maat Karo Aur Shravan)

Kamini: He will be also coming back soon. I think Samdiji is right we should start with the rituals
(Voh Aata Hi Hoga. Mujhe Lagta Hain Samdiji Sahi Keh Rahi Hain Phere Shuru Kar Dena Chaye)

Nanu: Manju and Kamini are right. Suman must be stuck due to some work she will be coming soon. And it’s better if we don’t delay in these kind of good work.
(Manju Aur Kamini Sahi Keh Rahi Hain. Suman Kuch Zaroori Kaam Ke Wajah Se Phaas Gaya Hoga. Aur Shub Kaam Me Deri Na Kiya Jaye Toh Acha Hoga)

Preeti looks and Pushkar nods. Preeti and Pushkar gets up to get married.

Scene 9: Suman’s Room
After a long silence and eyelock,

Shravan: This is the moment I was waiting for.
(Issi Pal Ka Hi Toh Intezaar Tha Mujhe)

Sumo: (trying to change the topic)I think we should go now.
(Ab Mujhe Jana Chaye)

As Suman is about to go Shravan stops her.

Shravan: You couldn’t even stop yourself. Finally you spoke your heart out.
(Tum Apne Aap Ko Hi Nahi Rukh Paye.  Dekha Aakhir Mein Tumne Apni Pyaar Ka Izhaar Kar Bhi Liya)

Suman looks on.

Shravan: I have got to know everything. I got your box. Where you wrote all those letters for me!
(Mujhe Sab Kuch Pata Chal Gaya. Tumhari Box Mila Mujhe Jahan Tumne Meri Liye Voh Saari Chithiya Lekhi Thi)

Suman gets shocked.

Sumo: Shravan I already said leave it. And we have to go now the rituals are going to start now for the wedding.
(Shravan Maine Pehle Bhi Kahan Choro Yeh Saab Baate. Aur Humhe Ab Jana Hain Phire Shuru Hone Wale Hain)

Suman is about to go Shravan stops her again.

Shravan: Its not our wedding! You can stop for a while!
(Humari Shaadi Thodi Hain! Tum Kuch Der Ke Liye Toh Rok Sakti Ho)

Sumo: Shravan? I have to go.
(Shravan Mujhe Jaana Parengi)

Shravan: No Sumo today I won’t let you go in any cost.
(Nahi Sumo Aaj Main Tumhe Har Hal Main Jane Nahi Dunga)

Sumo: Those letters those words are….. meaning….less
(Voh Chithiya Voh Shabdh Ka Koyi Maine Nahi Rakta)

Shravan pins her to the wall. Suman looks on scared.

Shravan: Oh really, then tell me. Tell me you hateeee me.
(Oh really, then tell me. Tell me you hateeee me.)

Sumo: I hate…..
(I hate….)

Suman begins crying and she breaks down. Shravan looks on.

Sumo: I won’t be able to say it,
(Nahi Bol Paungi)

Shravan bends down,

Shravan: Then why don’t you say the opposite of it. Sumo now admit it. You know Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga.
(Toh Phir Iska Ulta Kyun Nahi Keh Te Ho Tum. Sumo Ab Toh Maan Jau Tumhe Toh Pata Hi Hain Ke Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga)

Sumo: (looking me) Doesn’t mean that I want to marry you. I don’t love….you. I just said that by accident to console you.
(Iska Matlaab Yeh Nahi Ke Main Tumse Shaadi Karna Chahti Hoon. Main Tumse Pyaar….Nahi Karti Hoon. Maine Yeh Saab Tumhe Sambhalne Ke Liye Galati Se Bola Hain)

Shravan: (angry) You said that to console me! Okay fine.
(Tum Mujhe Yeh Sab Sambhalne Ke Liye Kaha Hain. Thik Hain Man Leta Hoon)

Shravan forcefully gets Suman up.

Shravan: Okay I admit you don’t love me anymore, and things did change between us. But Sumo you still do consider me as your best friend right?
(Maan Leta Hoon Ke Tum Mujhse Aur Pyaar Nahi Karti Ho Aur Humare Beech Chise Badal Gayi Hain. Par Sumo Tum Mujhe Abhi Bhi Apni Best Friend Ke Hisaab Se Man Ti Ho Hain Na?)

Suman nods.

Shravan: So for the sake of your best friend, you have to swear by me I will ask you questions and you have to answer me. Is that clear!
(Toh Apni Iss Best Friend Ke Khatir Tumhe Mere Kasam Khake Main Tumse Jo Bhi Puchunga Uska Sahi Jawab Dena Parengi Tumhe! Is that clear!)

Sumo: Shravan… we have spoke about this in the hospital.
(Shravan….Humne Insaab Ke Bare Main Hospital Main Pehle Bhi Baat Kiya Hain)

Shravan: Don’t worry I won’t ask you if you love me or not. Just 7 questions. Answer 7 question for the sake of our friendship. And yes remember all should be correct answer after all you swear on me.
(Tum Chinta Maat Karo. Main Tumse Yeh Bilkul Bhi Nahi Puchunga Ke Tum Mujhse Pyaar Karti Ho Ya Bhi Nahi. Sirf Saath Sawal. Humare Dosti Ke Khatir In Saat Sawalo Ka Jawab Mujhe. Aur Haan Yaad Rakhna Insaab Saat Sawalo Ka Sahi Jawab Mujhe Chaye)

Suman becomes very nervous.

Preeti and Pushkar gets up to take the rounds.

Shravan: Question 1, have you truly considered me as your Best Friend?
(Pehle Sawal, Kya Tumne Mujhe Sach Main Apni Best Friend Mana Hain Ya Nahi?)

Sumo: Yes Shravan I have. I have truly considered you as my Best Friend. Even though things changed between us the 10 years, you were, you is and you will always be my Friend.
(Haan Shravan Mana Hain. Maine Tumhe Dil Se Apni Best Friend Mana Hain. Cheeze Humare Beech in Dus Saalo Main Badal Zaroor Gaya Hain, Tum Meri Dost Thi Ho Aur Humesha Rahoge)
(Pushkar and Preeti takes the first rounds)

Shravan: Second Question, how much you missed me in the last 10 years?
(Dusra Sawal, Tum Mujhe In Dus Saalo Mai Kitni Miss Kiya)

Sumo: Even I myself have no idea how much I missed you. Those last 10 years I was missing you and mainly cursing myself for what I did to you. And I got my punishment staying away from you for 10 years.
(Mujhe Khud Hi Nahi Pata Ke Maine Tumhe Kitna Miss Kiya. Un Dus Sal Main Tumhare Bohot Yaad Aya Aur Apne Aap Ko Kus Rahi Thi Ke Maine Tumhare Saath Jo Bhi Kiya Uske Liye. Iss Baat Ke Saaza Bhi Mujhe Mil Gayi, Dus Saal Jab Tum Mujhse Dur Rahe)
(Pushkar and Preeti takes second rounds)

Shravan: Third question, what is the first thing you wanted to do when I came back from London after 10 years?
(Teesra Sawal, Tum Voh Pehle Kya Karna Chahti Thi Jab Main Dus Sal Ke Baath London Se Wapas Aaunga Tab?)

Sumo: You didn’t have any idea how much eager I was to meet you after 10 years. To see how much you changed. The first thing I wanted to do is to say a sorry for what I did but my ego won over this.
(Tumhe Andaaza Bhi Nahi Thi Ke Main Tumse Milne Ke Liye Kitni Betad Thi In Dus Saalo Main. Yeh Dekhne Ke Liye Ke Tum Kitne Badal Gaye. Pehli Cheez Jo Main Karna Chahti Thi Voh Thi Tumse Sorry Kehna Lekin Meri Ego Jit Gayi Thi)
(Preekar Takes third round)

Shravan: 4th question, since you got my letter that I wrote for you 10 years back what was your first reaction reading it?
(Chauda Sawal, Jab Tumhe Mere Chithi Mil Gayi Thi Jo Maine Tumhare Liye Dus Saal Pehle Lekhe The Tab Tumhari Reaction Kya Tha)

Suman looks on.

Shravan: Cmon answer me.
(Jawab Doh Mujhe)

Sumo: I realised my mistake completely. I felt bad for not only deceiving your friendship but also breaking your heart. I knew I deserved this punishment. I just wanted to hug you and say how much sorry I was and how much I….
(Mujhe Apni Galati Ko Pura Aisaas Ho Gayi Thi. Bohot Buri Lagi Sirf Tumhare Dosti Ko Dhoka Dene Ke Liye Nahi Banke Tumhare Dil Torne Ke Liye. Mujhe Pata Chal Gayi Thi Ki Main Iss Saaza Ke Kitni Layak Thi. Main Baas Tumse Gaale Lagna Chahti thi Aur Tumse Yeh Kehna Chahti Thi Ke Main Kitni Sorry Thi Aur Hoon…)

Suman stops.

Priest: Now bride and groom will exchange their position.

Preeti and Pushkar does so. Manju looks around.

Mausiji: Suman is still not here!
(Suman Abhi Bhi Yahan Nahi Hain!

Mamiji: (in her mind) I wonder where must Suman have been.
(Pata Nahi Yeh Suman Kahan Reh Gayi)

Shravan: 5th question, would you be able to trust me after what I did with you! Our misunderstandings and all that.
(Aur Ek Sawal, Kya Tum Mujh Par Bharosa Kar Paungi Maine Joh Kiya Uske Baat. Humari Galati Fehmiya)

Sumo: I don’t know about that, but this much I have trust that even if we had problems, you would never ever leave me by my side when you will know I am right. Because you always stand by the right. And if you listen to your heart, none can break this trust.
(Mujhe Iss Ke Baare Main Toh Pata Nahi Hain, Par Itni Toh Bharosa Kar Sakti Hoon Ke Tum Kabhi Bhi Mere Saath Nahi Choorege Jab Tumhe Pata Hoga Ke Main Sahi Hoon. Kyunki Tum Humesha Sahi Ke Saath Dete Ho. Aur Agar Tumne Apne Dil Ka Suna Toh Koyi Bhi Yeh Bharosa Nahi Thod Payegi)
(Preekar takes 5th round)

Shravan: 6th question, if you(closing his eyes in pain) if you really had to jump out of the fence to win my trust, would you have done so?
(Aur Ek Sawal Agar Tumhe, Tumhe Sach Main Uss Din Chad Se Mere Bharosa Jitne Ke Liye Khudna  Parta Toh Tum Aise Karti?)

Sumo: Shravan, I knew you would be there to stop me. That’s why there was nothing to worry about. But if I lost my life in that pretext, maybe at least my soul would be satisfied that I have did my part by trying. I won’t have mind dying.
(Shravan Mujhe Pata Thi Ke Tum Mujhe Zaroor Rok Loge. Isliye Chinta Ke Koyi Baat Hi Nahi Thi. Par Agar Maine Insaab Main Apni Zindagi Gawa Bhi Deti, Toh Shayad Phir Bhi Meri Aatma Ka Shanti Milti Ke Maine Kamsekam Koshish Toh Kiya. Mujhe Marne Ki
(Preekar takes 6th round)

Shravan stops Suman by placing his fingers on her lips. Suman looks on.

Shravan: (looking down) Now last question,
(Ab Aakhri Sawal)

Sumo: (putting her finger on his lips)I will ask the last question now.
(Yeh Aakhri Sawal Main Tumse Puchungi)

Shravan looks on.

Sumo: Shravan how much do you love me?
(Shravan Tum Mujhse Kitni Pyaar Karte Ho?)

Shravan: (smiling and laughing) You asked me a very good question. I wasn’t expecting it. You yourself didn’t want this question to arise and now you want me to…
(Tumne Mujhe Ek Bohot Acha Sawal Pucha Hain. Iss Ke Umeed Nahi Kar Raha Tha Main. Tumne Khud  Nahi Chahti Thi Ke Yeh Sawal Ute Aur Ab Tum Chahte Ho Ke Main…)

Sumo: Do what you have been said to do.
(Jaisa Kahan Gaya Vaisa Karo)

Shravan: Okay fine. You want your answer right. Come with me.
(Thik Hain. Jawab Chaye Na Tumhe. Aao Mere Saath)

Shravan pulls Suman’s hand and he takes her to the terrace. Suman looks on confused.

Sumo: Shravan I have just asked for your answer, tell me. Why did you bring me here?
(Shravan Maine Sirf Tumhe Apni Jawab Mana Tumse. Tum Mujhe Yahan Kyun Leke Aye Ho)

Shravan climbs up in the suicide position  stunning Suman.

Sumo: Shr….Shravan! What are you doing! Have you gone mad! Get down!
(Shr….Shravan! Tum Yeh Kya Kar Rahe Ho! Pagal Hogaye Ho Kya! Niche Utro!)

Shravan: Sumo, even you don’t know what the answer is. I may have told you my answer before but this isn’t my complete answer. 10 years. 10 years I tried to forget the love I had for you and I kinda succeeded. Until that day the same day when in this manner you were even ready to sacrifice your life for my trust. I again fall for you. I don’t know how many times I will tell you this. Every time I tried going further you just came near to me. Just to realise the fact that you are the one made for the sake of me. To complete me. Sumo, I really really love you. I need you. Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga.
(Sumo Tumhe Khud Hi Nahi Pata Ke Iske Jawab Kya Hain. Maine Apna Jawab Toh Bata Diya Tumhe Par Yeh Mere Pura Jawab Nahi Hain. Dus Saal. Dus Saal Tumhare Liye Joh Pyaar Tha Voh Bhulne Ke Koshish Kiya. Aur Main Shayad Kamiyaab Bhi Hogaya Tha. Lekin Jab Tumne Uss Din  Isi Tara Chad Par Mere Bharosa Pane Ke Liye Apni Jaan Dau Par Laga Diya. Tab Mujhe Tumse Phir Se Pyaar Hogaya Tha. Pata Nahi Mujhe Yeh Baat Tumse Kitna Baar Aur Kehna Parenga. Har Bar Tumse Dur Jane Ki Koshish Kiya Tum Aur Paas Aye,  Sirf Iss Baat Ki Aisaas Hone Ke Liye Ke Hum Ek Duje Ke Vaaste Ke Liye Bane Hain. Mujhe Pura Karne Ke Liye. Sumo,I really really love you. I need you. Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga.)

Suman gets emotional.

Shravan: How much I love you! You know what’s the most valuable in a person’s life. Their life. (Looking at the fence) and you are my life.
(Tumse Kitna Pyaar Karta Hoon! Tumhe Toh Pata Hi Hain Ke Ek Insaan Main Sabse Kimti Cheez Kya Hain. Uska Jaan. Aur Tum Ho Mere Jaan)

Sumo: But what if I hurt you like I did 10 years ago!
(Par Agar Maine Tumhe Phir Se Chot Pauchaya Jaise Maine Dus Saal Pehle Kiya)

Shravan: Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga.
(Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga.)

Sumo: What if I break your trust!
(Agar Tumhara Bharosa Thoda To!)

Shravan: Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga, because I know you will never do that and even if you do you will have a reason behind it,
(Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga, Kyunki Mujhe Pata Hain Ke Tum Aisa Kabhi Nahi Karoge Agar Karoge Bhi Toh Tumhari Zaroor Koyi Wajah Hoga)

Sumo: What if I lied to you. You hate lies right.
(Agar Tumse Jhoot Kahan. Tumhe Toh Jhoot Se Sakt Nafrat Hain Na?)

Shravan: Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga because you have already did so many times So no use of saying.
(Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga kyunki Tumne Yeh Bohot Baar Hi Aisa Kiya. Toh Kehna Se Koyi Fyaada Nahi Hain)

Sumo: What if…what if I oppose you.
(Agar…Agar Tumhare Raye Se Raazi Na Hoon Toh)

Shravan: Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga, because even if I am the lawyer, you are the judge. It’s impossible to win fights against a woman.
(Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga, Toh Kya Hua Main Vakeel Ho Tum Toh Judge Ho. Auraat Se Ladhai Jitna Namunkeen Hain)

Sumo: What if I choose my family over you?
(Agar Maine Tumhe Aur Apni Parivaar Ko Beech Parivaar Ko Chuna Toh?)

Shravan: Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga because your family is my family and my family is your family, and we will be each other’s family,
(Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga Kyunki Tumhari Parivaar Mere Parivaar Mere Parivaar Tumhari Parivaar Aur Hum Ek Duje Ke Parivaar Bane Gi)

Sumo: Shravan what if you fail to do so?
(Shravan Agar Aisa Nahi Kar Paye Toh?)

Shravan: Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga in that….
(Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga, Iss Chahaat Main…..)

Shravan doesn’t realise when he reach the rail end. Suman stops him from falling and hugs him.

Sumo: Enough is Enough! Now I know what to do.
(Baas Ab Bohot Hogaya! Ab Mujhe Pata Hain Ke Mujhe Kya Karna Hain!)

Shravan looks on. On the other hand Preeti and Pushkar are declared married.

Sumo: I love you! I love you Shravan! I can’t live without you! After all those happened, Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahungi.
(Pyaar Karti Hoon Tumse! I love you Shravan! Main Tumhari Bina Nahi Jee Sakti Hoon! Aur Yeh Saab Hone Ke Baath Bhi Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahungi)

Shravan: Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga Sumo. I love you! I love you like anything.
(Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga Sumo. I love you! Bohothi Zyaada Pyaar Karta Hoon Tumse)

Suman and Shravan shares an intense hug. Title track plays.

The episode ends.

So here is the update. And since I got really late in updating this time here is a Dhamaka update. So so sorry for being late as I had health issues and also my quizzes were going on. But at the same time I am really very happy because I want to share with you all that recently I had a Maths Test and it was really hard, I thought I may fail but I ended up getting an A which I wasn’t expecting at all. That made me really happier. What was the icing on the cake was that I had an electronics e-quiz and I topped that. That’s why I am very happy. Update also a happy wala type ?. Now for this lovely update ??ab Toh comment Kar Ko, if I m satisfied with comments only then the next chapter is up. No no joking joking ???. I won’t be that demanding even one comment will also do? no matter what be it one or ten comments, next update will be up by Thursday, I will try my best to update it on Thursday if not Friday or saturday . But Thursday has the highest  chances for now.and Thank you so much for taking out time to read my messed up or not so good story ?. Since I wrote this story I find it good ??? but never dare to compare it with other FFs they are out of the world and make life for difficult for innocent girl like  me ???. Haha you all maybe thinking why am  I suddenly so naggy and crazy but what to do when I am happy I become like this ???. And please pray for me that I can continue to do well for my studies and manage my work and writing at the same time. Thank you so much handsomes and prettys love u all ????. Shraman U all. As Shraman is Love ????. Thank u ???. Till then Ciao and wait for Thursday .

And yes, 2 more episodes to go!!!!

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  1. Fenil

    Hello JoJo (I’m giving u this nickname )I found u r younger than me.heheh no worry continue calling me as Fenil only.

    Congratulations For your happiness.

    I wonder how u manage me to travell Wow To Awwww and Awww to Wow and Wow to Awww and again so on…..seriously u always made SharMan EDKV lives in my heart.Jitna mein SRK and Madhuri Dixit Nene Ka Fan hoon na utna hi aapka ban gaya hoon.U r adding new feather in your crown by each update.:):):):)

    I’m enjoying thinking Anuj zaroor pitega but bach gaya :P:P:P:P:)):)):))

    Loved it how u choose PreeKar’s Rounds and Sharvan’s questions….Fantabulous.

    Welcome dance and SharMan ‘s Khamooshi dance….awwwwe.

    Terrace part just mindblowing with Mein Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga moments…..nailed it.

    Love yaa lil sissy.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey fenil thanks for commenting dear happy u liked this update Areh yaar this is one of the sweetest comment I ever read okay so should I call u dii ??? love u too and thank u so much for commenting in my sdch os too ???

      1. Fenil

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    heyyy joyee finally finally I completed reading both ur works..kitne lambe aur aache episodes likhti hai meri sissy just love u from bottom ke bhi bottom vale heart se I mean meri joyee my joo ms jojo is just a very influential writer..i m literally going mad reading my shraman story oh u loot my heart sweety.yaar tu na pakka kisi din muje heart attack degi but phir bhi mai tumko chahungi and it was just the superbbbbbbbbbb wala epi mai describe nhi kr paa rhi that how much I liked it sweety keep it up and mujhe khabarrdar heart attack diya..healty life bimaar hone ki himmat ,mt kra kr kala teeka lga kr rakha kr..:P just 2 epis nooo but koi na best wishes for great future and all the best u r goona top this time

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey PrettyPreeti thanks for commenting happy u liked this ff yaar I update late Na that’s why I make it big enough Areh Nahi Nahi I won’t give u heart Attack haha Kaala teeka ??? Koyi Baath Nahi after this ff I will write a ff on sdch and I know u watch that show so we can still meet there. ??? n thanks for the wishes ?

      1. seriously a ff!! yippee on sanveer or kaanchi do tell.i would read on any pair coz u r the brilliant writer who goona write…so doesn’t matter

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      I haven’t think about the pair yet maybe I will write two one shot instead one on sanveer and one on kaanchi but only when I get time Mujhe Toh Iss ff Ko upload Karne Ka time Hi Nahi Mil rahi Hain forget about the one shots ??? once I get time I will publish this and the one shot but after exam end ff on sdch pakka pair haven’t think about that yet cause I love both the pair

  3. Hey jo…
    Amezing episode. Love in the air…. Haha..
    Too good. It was out of the world. Loved it.
    Sorry for commenting late my college has started so busy on that.
    And sorry for commenting too short.
    Loads of love and take care dear.
    Post next episode soon.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey reema thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi and I m sorry for late update next update Sunday Main as I m so busy and occupied right now ???

  4. nice dreaming stories very fairly tale impressing the one who loved these much. oh my god, please post update earlier. your imaginary is very soooooo good.

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