Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga – Shraman Short Series Episode 11 (EDKV)

Episode 11

Scene 1: Outside
The episode begins with the driver driving Shravan to Tiwari Killa. Shravan smiles as he recalls how he read all the letters Suman wrote for him.

Shravan: (in his mind) I have to do this as soon as possible. Sumo have to answer me!
(Mujhe Yeh Jald Se Jald Karna Hi Parenga Sumo Ko Mujhe Jawab Dena Hi Parengi.)

The driver stops the car at Tiwari Killa.

Shravan: I am so sorry  Uncle, I didn’t want to call you but what to do I had some important work. I hope I didn’t disturb you.
(Maaf Kar Di Jiye Uncle Main Ap Ko Bulana Nahi Chahta Tha Lekin Kya Karoon Kuch Zaroori Kaam Tha. I hope Maine Apko Disturb Nahi Kiya)

Driver: No, no Beta it’s fine. You don’t worry.
(Nahi Nahi Beta Thik Hain. Tum Chinta Maat Karo)

Shravan smiles and he comes out of the car and walks towards Tiwari Killa. He sees Pushkar and Preeti talking to each other clueless on what they are speaking about .

Shravan: (in his mind) I think I shouldn’t disturb them and just go in and speak with Sumo.
(Mujhe In Dono Ko Disturb Nahi Karna Chaye Aur Baas Andar  Jaa Kar Sumo Se Baath Kar Leta Hoon)

Shravan without them noticing goes inside Tiwari Killa and while Preeti and Pushkar are continuing speaking they look behind and they become shocked as someone overhears their conversation.

Scene 2: Tiwari Killa
Shravan goes inside Tiwari Killa and he sees Suman praying with Mamiji and others. Just then Mamiji realises Shravan has come.

Mamiji: Sharvan beta you? Good you came.
(Shravan beta Tum? Acha Hua Tum Agaye!)

Suman gets surprised as she hears Shravan’s name and she looks behind. Shravan gets stunned seeing her beauty as she is wearing a dupatta on her head. Title Music track plays.

Shravan walks towards her and Suman looks on to him surprised.

Mausaji: Come Shravan beta, you also join in this Puja with us.
(Aao Shravan Beta Tum Bhi Puja Main Humare Saath Shamil Ho Jao)

Shravan joins with them and he stands right besides Suman. Suman looks at him.
Anuj smiles seeing them and he continues leading the Puja.

Suman and Shravan prays. They close their eyes and pray.

Shravan: (in his mind) I hope I can do this successfully and win the love of my life. You know how much I want her!
(Umeed Karta Hoon Ke Main Aisa Kar Sakta Hoon Aur Apne Pyaar Ko Pa Lu. Ap Ko Toh Pata Hi Hain Ke Main Sumo Ko Kitna Chahta Hoon)

Shravan looks at Suman who is praying closing her eyes.

Shravan: (in his mind) And yes fulfil all her wishes the one she wants full heartedly. Now I that I know that she loves me too but she isn’t saying it, Sumo Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga.
(Aur Haan Iski Saari Khwashiyen Puri Kar Dijiyega Joh Voh Dil Se Chahti Hain. Ab Joh Mujhe Pata Hi Chal Gaya Hain Ke Voh Bhi Mujhse Pyaar Karti Hain Par Keh Nahi Rahi Hain, Sumo Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga!)

As Suman looks at him, he quickly closes his eyes and pretends and thus continues praying.

Suman: (in her mind) May my Shravan get all the happiness he wants in his life! I just want him to stay happy. My Shravan has tolerated a lot in life! Now enough is enough. I don’t know if I can get him, but Shravan Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga.
(Meri Shravan Ko Apne Zindagi Main Jo Chaye Sab Khusiyan Mil Jaye! Main Baas Chahti Hoon Voh Khush Rahe. Meri Shravan Ne Zindagi Main Bohot Kuch Saya Hain. Ab Baas Bohot Hua. Mujhe Nahi Pata Ke Main Shravan Ko Pa Bhi Sakti Hoon Ya Nahi Lekin Shravan Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahungi)

Suman continues praying and Mamiji smiles looking at them praying together,

Mamiji: (in her mind) They are really looking adorable together, tomorrow after Preeti’s marriage I will talk to Babuji about Shravan and Suman, after all Preeti’s marriage is more important let this marriage happen first.
(Kitne Pyaare Lag Rahe Yeh Dono, Kal Preeti Ki Shaadi Ke Baath Babuji Se Baath Karoongi Shravan Aur Suman Ke Bare Main Aakhir Preeti Ki Shaadi Zyaada Zaroori Hain Pehle Uski Shaadi Ho Jane Do Phir)

They finish praying.

Shravan is sitting in the living room and Nanaji is talking with him.

Nanu: Shravan beta did you come here for any work?
(Shravan beta, Tum Yahan Koyi Kaam Se Aye Ho Kya)

Shravan: Nanaji actually I wanted to say something.
(Nanaji Voh Darasal Mujhe Apse Kuch Kehna Hain)

Nanu: Say.

Shravan: (looking at Suman) it’s about Sumo.
(Sumo Ke Baare Main Hain)

Suman gets surprised hearing her name,

Nanu: Suman? Suman now what have you done!
(Suman? Suman Ab Tumne Kya Kiya Hain!)

Sumo: (surprised and a bit nervous)No Nanu I didn’t do anything! I don’t know what is Shravan talking about.
(Nahi Nanu Maine Kuch Bhi Nahi Kiya! Pata Nahi Shravan Kis Baare Main Baath Kar Rahe Hain)

Shravan: I came here to give some important stuffs to Sumo.
(Main Yahan Sumo Ko Kuch Zaroori Cheese Dene Aaya Hoon)

Nanu: What is it so important that you had to come here at night just for the sake of that!
(Aisa Kya Zaroori Cheeze Hain Jiske Liye Tumhe Yahan Raat Ko Aana Para)

Shravan: (looking at Suman) something very important.
(Kuch Bohoti Zaroori)

Sumo: (in her mind) Did he get hold of my box by any chance?(worried)
(Kahin Shravan Ko Voh Box Toh Nahi Mil Gaya)

Shravan takes out Suman’s driving license and she takes a sigh of relief.

Sumo: Shravan you could have given that to me tomorrow also?
(Shravan Tum Mujhe Yeh Kaal Bhi Toh De Sakte)

Shravan: Who dropped you home today?
(Tumhe Aaj Ghar Kisne Drop Kiya)

Sumo: I went home by my own by driving.
(Main Aapni Aap Hi Ghar Gayi Gari Chalakar)

Shravan: And you left your driving license at the hospital?
(Aur Tum Apni Driving License Hospital Main Chor Gayi?)

Suman realised the fact.

Nanu: Suman beta you should look after your items more carefully. You know how strict Delhi Traffic Police have been.
(Suman Beta Tumhe Apni Cheeze Ka Aur Dhyaan Rakhna Chaye. Tumhe Pata Hi Hain Delhi Ke Traffic Police Walo Ab Kitna Sakt Ho Gaye Hain)

Sumo: Yes Nanu you are right. I will take note of it next time .
(Haan Nanu Apne Sahin Kahan. Aagli Bar Se Dhyaan Rakhungi)

Suman takes the card from Shravan. Just then Preeti comes in nervously,

Mamiji: Preeti where did you went so long?
(Preeti Kahan Chali Gayi Thi Itni Der Se?)

Preeti: Maa actually
(Voh Maa Darasal)

Shravan: Let it be Mamiji  she went to hang out  with her friends after all she is getting married tomorrow. Let it be! Guys have bachelor party but girls don’t. They also deserve to enjoy their life before getting married
(Choriye Mamiji Voh Apni Dosto Ke Saath Ghumne Gayi Hoga Aakhir Kal Uski Shaadi Jo Hain. Rahne Di Jiye. Ladko Ke Liye Toh Phir Bhi Bachelor Party Hain Lekin Ladkiyon Ke Liye Aisa Kuch Nahi. Unlogo Ka Bhi Hakt Hain Shaadi Se Pehle Zindagi Ka Pura Maaza Uthana)

Mamiji: Okay fine as you say.
(Acha Tum Aise Kehte Ho Toh Thik Hain)

Mamiji remembers something.

Mamiji: Preeti did you buy jewellery for yourself?
(Preeti Tum Ne Apni Liye Zevar Kharid Liya Hain)

Preeti: (putting her hand on her forehead) Oh no I forgot!
(Oh Nahi Bhul Gayi!)

Mamiji: Oh god this girl!
(Hain Bhagwan, Yeh Ladki Bhi Na!)

Mamiji whispers to Preeti.

Mamiji: You know how Kamini Jii is? She will say we didn’t send our daughter with any jewellery?
(Tumhe Toh Pata Hain Kamini Jii Kaise Hain? Voh Kahigi Ki Humne Humari Beti Ko Bina Zewaro Ke Saasural Bhej Diya)

Sumo: What happened Mamiji?
(Kya Hua Mamiji?)

Mamiji: Suman beta, when Rachana was  doing shopping for the wedding she denied her to buy the jewellery because she herself said that she will choose jewellery  for herself but no! Now tomorrow is the wedding how will we get jewellery in such a short span of time  you tell me.
(Suman beta, Jab Rachana Shaadi Ke Liye Kharid Dari Kar Rahi Thi Toh Yeh Preeti Ne  Khud Mana Kiya Zewar Kharidne Ke Liye Aur Kahan Voh Khud Kharid Kar Legi Par Nahi! Ab Kaal Shaadi Hain Ab Itni Kaam Samei Mein Zewar Kaise Milegi Tum Batao Mujhe)

Preeti: Sorry Maa I forgot!(showing a sorry look)
(Sorry Maa Main Bhul Gayi)

Sumo: Mamiji relax, I am there. Let’s go Preeti. I know a jewellery shop named Nidaali Jewellers which is open till midnight, the designs are quite good also. We can go there and (looking at Preeti and caressing her face ) then you can choose and buy your favourite one.
(Mamiji Chinta Maat Ki Jiye. Main Hoon Na. Chalo Preeti. Mujhe Ek Zewar Ka Dukaan Pata Hain Naam Hain Nidaali Jewellers Joh Raat Bara Baje Tak Bhi Khola Hain Designs Bhi Bohot Achi Milte Hain. Hum Vahan Jaayengi Aur Phir Tum Apni Pasand Ki Zeewar Chunke Kharid Sakti Hoon)

Preeti: (hugging Suman) Thank you Dii! You are the best!
(Thank you Dii! Ab Sabse Best Ho!)

Mamiji: But it’s so late! It won’t be good for two girls to go out late at this time.
(Par Itni Der Hogayi Hain. Doh Ladki  Der Raat  Ko Bahar Janaa Thik Baat Nahi Hain)

Shravan: I will bring them there.
(Main Unlogo Ko Wahan Le Jaunga)

Suman gets surprised hearing that and Preeti smiles.

Mamiji: But beta?
(Par Beta?)

Shravan: Mamiji Preeti is like my Sister now and she is going to be a Daughter-in-law of the Malhotras. So it’s my right that I bring my wife’s sister to the Jewellery shop.
(Mamiji Preeti Toh  Mera Behan Jaise Hain Aur Ab Voh Toh Malhotra Family Ke Bahu Bane Wali Hain. Toh Mujhe Toh Yeh Hakt Banta Hain Ke Main Apni Saali Ko Zewar Kharidne Ke Liye Usko Le Jaun)

Suman gets stunned and she looks at Shravan as she hears “Saali”- wife’s Sister. Everyone looks on confused too and stares at Shravan shocked.

Shravan: I mean brother’s Wife or to be Wife whatever that is called and sorry for misplacing the words. I was in London for many years so that’s why I forgot. Now we should go so can we?
(Mera Matlaab Bhai Ka Pati, Hone  wali Pati Ya Joh Bhi  Hain , Galati Se Bol Diya Saali. Main London Main Tha Itne Saal Ke Liye Toh Bhul Gaya. Ab Hum Log Chale?)

Nanu: Sure Shravan beta, but do drop m Suman and Preeti soon.
(Zaroor Sharvan Beta, Par Suman Aur Preeti Ko Ghar Jaldi Hi Chor Dena)

Shravan: Okay Nanaji, they will come back as soon as the work is over.
(Thik Hain Nanaji Kaam Khatam Hone Ke Baat Voh Log Wapas Aa Jayengi)

Nanu: Once you reach home do call me and then take rest. You need to rest.
(Ghar Ja Ke Hi Mujhe Phone Karna Maat Bhulna Aur Aaram Bhi Karna. Tumhe Aaram Ke Saqt Zaroorat Hain)

Shravan: Nanaji you need rest more than me. Much more. I take your leave now.
(Nanaji Ab Koh Rest Ke Zyaada Zaroorat Hain. Main Ab Jata Hoon)

Shravan takes Nanu’s blessings.
Scene 3: Jewellery Shop
Shravan, Suman and Preeti comes to the Jewellery shops. Just then they get surprised as they find Pushkar there,

Sumo: Pushkar?

Preeti: You and here?
(Tum Aur Yahan?)

Shravan: I have called him here. After all he should spend some more time with his to-be Wife.
(Maine Pushkar Ko Yahan Phone Karke Bulaya Hain. Aakhir Usse Bhi Toh Apne Hone Wale Patni Ke Saath Aur Time Spend Karna Chaye)

Pushkar and Preeti smiles weakly at them.

Shravan: Now why are you both feeling shy all of the sudden!
(Ab Tum Dono Achanak Se Sharmane Kyun Lage?)

Sumo: Now that you both are going to be get married there is no use of feeling shy. We came here for shopping not to feel shy .
(Ab Toh Tum Dono Ke Shaadi Hone Wale Hain Toh Sharmane Se Kuch Nahi Hoga. Tum Log Yahan Shopping Karne Aye Ho Sharmane Ke Liye Nahi)

Pushkar: What Sumo? What are you saying?
(Kya Sumo? Tum Bhi Kya Keh Rahi Ho?)

Sumo: What wrong did I say? Prettypreeti I understand, but Pushkar how come you became shy all of a sudden? Is this the side effects with staying with Preeti? Wow Preeti not bad you both haven’t even get married and you have started to control over him! I am impressed.
(Toh Galat Kya Kahan Maine? PrettyPreeti Ke Bare Main Samajh Mein Aati Hain, Lekin Pushkar Tum Achanak Se Itne Sharmane Kyun Lage? Hmmm Preeti Ke Saath Rehne Ka Asar Dekh Rahi Hain. Areh Vah Preeti Man Na Parenga Ab Toh Shaadi Hua Bhi Nahi Aur Pehle Se Hi Pushkar Ko Kabu Main Kar Liya. Main Toh Impress Hogayi Hoon)

Preeti: What dii?
(Kya dii Aap Bhi Na?)

Shravan: Okay let’s leave the both of them alone.
(Thik Hain Ab Chalo Hum In Dono Ko Kuch Der Ke Liye Akele Chorte Hain)

Shravan and Suman leaves. Preeti and Pushkar looks at each other.

Preeti: Pushkar?

Pushkar: We have no other option.
(Humare Paas Aur Options Bhi Toh Nahi The)

Pushkar goes and cups Preeti’s face.

Pushkar: We are getting married tomorrow.
(Hum Kaal Shaadi Karne Wale Hain)

Preeti nods and smiles. She hugs Pushkar

Pushkar: I was sure that there was no solution either me or Bhaia will get his love, but after he helped us, now both me and Bhaia and get our love.
(Mujhe Pura Yakeen Tha Ke Aur Koyi Raasta Nahi Bacha Ya Toh Main Ya Bhaia Ko Apne Pyaar Milega, Par Unke Madaad Ke Baat Dono Bhaia Aur Mujhe Dono Ko Humare Pyaar Milega)

Preeti: Yes Pushkar me and Suman dii both of us will get our love. Frankly speaking I didn’t expect him to do like this. I never knew he was in favour of Shravan Jiju and Suman dii together despite whatever happened.
(Haan Pushkar Mujhe Aur Suman Dii Ko Bhi Humari Pyaar Milegi. Sach Kahoon Maine Kabhi Bhi Umeed Nahi Kiya Ke Voh Aisa Kuch Karega. Kabhi Nahi Socha Ke Voh Bhi Shravan Jiju Aur Suman Dii Ko Ek Saath Dekhne Chahte Hain)

Pushkar: Even I am equally shocked.
(Main Bhi Chok Gaya Tha)

Preeti: But Pushkar are you sure this will work?(worried)
(Par Pushkar Tumhe Pura Yakeen Hain Yeh Plan Kam Karega)

Pushkar: I am not sure but this seems to be the only way right now! And we have to rely on him right now.
(Mujhe Pata Nahi Hain Yeh Kaam Karega Bhi Ya Nahin Lekin Abhi Ke Liye Yeh Hi Saahi Raasta Hain. Aur Ab Hum Dono Ko Sirf Uska Bharosa Ke Alawa Aur Koyi Umeed Nahi Hain)

Shravan and Suman are standing with each other,

Sumo: I will go the other side and see.
(Main Dusri Side Per Jake Dekh Aati Hoon)

As Suman is about to go, Shravan holds her hand. Music plays. Suman looks at him.

Sumo: Shravan?

Shravan leaves her hand and Suman looks on a bit surprised but she goes to Pushkar and Preeti and sees them hugging. Suman coughs to alert them. Pushkar and Preeti breaks the hug.

Sumo: At least spare some romance for after wedding and now quickly buy Jewellery. I don’t want to listen to Mamiji’s lecture for this.
(Kamsekam Shaadi Ke Baath Ke Liye Thoda Romance Toh Chor Do Ab Jaldi Se Jaldi Zewar Kharido. Mujhe Iss Baat Ke Liye Toh Mamiji Ke Lecture Bilkul Nahi Sunna Hain)

Preeti: Sorry Dii.
(Sorry Dii)

Sumo: No need to say sorry for this. Now faster choose one.
(Iske Liye Sorry Kehne Ki Koyi Zaroorat Nahi Hain. Ab Jaldi Se Jaldi Ek Choose Karo)

Suman comes to Pushkar,
Sumo: Pushkar I am really sorry for what I did! I didn’t mean to…
(Pushkar Mujhe Maaf Kardo Uss Din Ke Liye. Meri Yeh Iraada Nahi Tha Ke Main…)

Pushkar: Let it be Sumo I understood your situation very well maybe if I was your place I would have done the same. In fact I am sorry I was a bit rude to you.
(Rehne Do Sumo Main Tumhari Halaath Bohot Achi Tarike Se Samjha Hoon Agar Main Tumhari Jaage Main Hota Shayad Aise Hi Karta. In Fact I am sorry Ke Main Tumse Uss Din Badtameez Se Pesh Aya)

Sumo: Now you both hurry up and buy jewellery instead of romancing. We have no time!
(Ab Tum Dono Jaldi Karo Aur Zewar Kharido Romance Baat Main Karo. Humare Paas Bilkul Bhi Time Nahi Hain)

Pushkar: What Sumo on hand there is Bhaia who plays the role of a Cupid and let us romance as much as he can and on other hand you who loves to spoil all the romance,
(Kya Sumo Ek Taaraf Bhaia Jo Hume Ek Cupid Ki Tarah Jitna Marzi Romance Karna Hain Voh Karna Deta Hain Aur Dusri Taraaf Tum Romance Ka Kabab Main Haddi)

Sumo: I am saying for the good for you both. Should I call Mamiji and tell that you came here too!
(Main Tum Dono Ke Bhalei Ke Liye Toh Keh Rahi Thi. Mamiji Ko Phone Karke Bol Doon Ke Tum Bhi Yahan Aye Ho!)

Preekar: No! (Together)

Sumo: Good you both understood,  now faster finish the work, I am giving some time to you too. I am not that bad.
(Haan, Acha Hua Tum Dono Samajh Gaye Ho Ab Jaldi Karo Kaam Khatam Karo Kuch Waqt Aur Deh Rahi Hoon. Aakhir Itni Buri Bhi Nahi Hoon)

Preeti and Pushkar smiles and Suman leaves.

Suman comes back, Shravan speaks to her.

Shravan: So are they done!
(Hogaya Unlogo Ka!)

Sumo: Not yet.
(Abhi Tak Nahi)

Suman and Shravan waits for them.

Shravan: Oh god are they buying Jewellery for their wedding or for their future grandchildren.
(Oh god Yeh Log Jewellery Apne Shaadi Ke Liye Ya Apne Hone Wale Pote-Poti Ke Liye Kharid Dari Kar Rahe Hain)

Shravan looks at his watch for the time, and Suman looks at the Jewellery,

Shravan: (in his mind) This place and time doesn’t seem right to speak to Sumo about all these.
(Yeh Jaaga Aur Waqt Bilkul Sahi Nahi Lagta Hain Sumo Se Baath Karne Ke Liye)

Suman finds a set of emerald diamond set and she smiles seeing it. Suman tries it out and she smiles looking at the mirror and feels it,

Shravan gets into his imagination,

Suman is in vermillion and nuptial chain. She is dressed in a saree and has a bindi on the centre of her forehead

Sumo: Shravan look how is this!
(Shravan Dekho Na Kaisi Hain!)

Shravan: (smiling) Very good my Jaan!
(Bohot Achi Mere Jaan!)

Sumo: Shravan please make me wear this,
(Shravan Mujhe Yeh Please Peh Nau Do Na)

Shravan smiles and Suman tries the emerald diamond necklace,

Sumo: How am I looking at this?
(Kaise Lag Rahi Hoon)

Shravan: Not good.
(Bilkul Bhi Achi Nahi)

Sumo: (gets sad) Is it? (Putting the necklace down)
(Aisa Kya?)

Shravan comes near her and makes her wear it back.

Shravan: Perfect. Just like you.(whispering to her ear)
(Perfect. Bilkul Tumhari Tara)

He makes her wear the earrring.

Sumo: Shravan I love you so much.
(Shravan I love you so much)

Shravan: I love you too.
(I love you too)

He makes her wear the maang Tikka too.

Shravan gets out of the imagination  and smiles as he sees Suman trying out the earrings and also the maang Tikka.

Sumo: Bhaia how much is this?
(Bhaia Yeh Kitne Ka Hain?)

Shopkeeper: just 3 lakhs madam.
(Baas Teen Lakh Madam)

Suman gets sad as she hears the price and she keeps it back and Shravan sees that.

Sumo; It’s okay you can keep it and anyways it’s too shiny.
(Koyi Baat Nahi Ap Rakh Lena Aur Vaise Bhi Yeh Kuch Zyaada Hi Shiny Hain)

Suman leaves. Shravan looks on. Preeti comes.

Preeti: Dii I already choose what I want!
(Dii Mujhe Joh Chunna Tha Maine Chun Liya!)

Sumo: Okay now let’s go and buy them.
(Thik Hain Ab Chalo Isse Kharid Kar Lati Hoon)

Suman buys the jewelley for Preeti. Shravan sees them from a distance and listen to their conversation.

Preeti: Dii 50,000 rupee short? Now how?
(Dii Pachas Hazar  Kam? Ab Kaise?)

Sumo: Don’t worry Preeti I will pay the 50,000 rupee.
(Koyi Baath Nahi Preeti Yeh Loh Meri Paas Yeh Pachas Hazaar Hain)

Suman pays the money.

Preeti: But dii Maa will scold me for wasting extra money.
(Par Dii Maa Mujhe Dategi Fizul Ke Kharche Karne Ke Liye)

Sumo: We won’t even tell Mamiji about it.
(Hum Mamiji Ko Batayengi Bhi Nahi)

Preeti: But money?
(Par Paise?)

Sumo: Preeti I received this money due to a big order in PCT and the owner gave us a huge bonus which I wasn’t expecting. And I didn’t  give you anything for your wedding so this is your wedding gift.
(Preeti Yeh Paise Mujhe PCT Ke Ek Bade Order  Ke Wajah Se Mila Hain Aur Uske Malik ne Humhe Yeh Badi Wala Bonus Diya Hain Jis Ki Main Umeed Nahi Kar Rahi Thi. Aur Tumhe Toh Shaadi Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Toofa Nahi Diya Yeh Rahi Tumhari Toofa)

Preeti: No dii you already gave me something valuable and that is the love of my life, which I couldn’t get if it wasn’t you.
(Nahi Dii Apne Toh Mujhe Pehle Si Hi Kuch Diya Hain Aur Voh Hain Meri Pyaar , Joh Mujhe Kabhi Nahi Milti , Par Ap Ke Wajah Se Mil Gayi)

Sumo: Did you say anything?
(Tumne Kuch Kahan Kya?)

Preeti nods no.

Sumo: Preeti never say like this! You promised me!
(Preeti Ainda Aisa Kuch Kabhi Nahi Kehna! Tumne Mujhe Promise Kiya Hain!)

Suman takes the jewellery .

Sumo: Now let’s go home.
(Ab Chalo Ghar)

Scene 4: Tiwari Killa
Suman and Preeti come back home from shopping after Shravan drops them home. Anuj does prayer for Preeti and
Suman goes  to sleep by then as the next day was the wedding and she had to wake up early.

Scene 5: Bachelor Party
There is a bachelor party held for Pushkar’s wedding.
Some guys come to the bachelor party and Pushkar and Aditya welcomes them.

Guy: This Bachelor Party idea is not bad Pushkar. we didn’t know you would also throw a bachelor party one day.
(Bachelor Party Ka Idea, Not Bad Pushkar. Humne Kabhi Nahi Socha Tha Ke Tum Ek Din Bachelor Party Bhi Rakhoge)

Pushkar: This is not my idea it’s Adi’s idea!
(Yeh Mera Nahi Adi Ka Idea Hain)

Guy: No wonder we were thinking that Pushkar is so naive he won’t have any idea about these things.
(Tabhi To Hum Soche Ke Pushkar Itna Bhola Hain Usse In Cheezo Ke Baare Main Koyi Andaza Nahi Hoga)

Guy 2: If he didn’t then how would he get such a beautiful girl!
(Agar Nahi Hota Toh Itna Sundaar Ladki Kaise Pata Leta)

They both laugh with each other and gives a 5.

Aditya: Pushkar its your last day of you being bachelor let’s enjoy. It’s all yours. Enjoy as much as you can.
(Pushkar Aaj Tumhara Bachelor Hone Ke Aakhri Din Hain, Chalo Enjoy Karte Hain. Yeh Party Tumhara Hi Toh Hain So Enjoy as much as you can)

Pushkar: Sure.(formally)

Varun sees the bachelor party.

Varun: This bachelor party is just awesome. At least I can stay away from Vandy’s lectures for a while.
(Yeh Bachelor Party Ka Idea Toh Kamal Ka Hain. Kameskam Iss Bahane Vandy Ke Bato Se Kuch Der Ke Liye Chutti Mil Jayega)

Varun also joins them in the party.

Shravan is drinking and Aditya comes and sits beside him. Shravan is thinking about Suman.

Aditya: Hey Shravan let’s go and enjoy. Everyone is enjoying,
(Hey Shravan Chalo Jake Enjoy Karte Hain. Sab Enjoy Kar Rahe Hain)

Shravan: I am fine here.
(Main Yahan Par Hi Thik Hoon)

Aditya: Okay as your wish I won’t force you since you are recovering.
(Thik Hain Jaise Tumhare Marzi Main Tumhe Force Nahi Karoonga Kyunki Tum Abhi Bhi Thik Ho Rahe Ho)

As Aditya is about to go, Shravan stops him.

Shravan: I am sorry Aditya.
(I am sorry Aditya)

Aditya: Sorry? For what?
(Sorry? Kis Bat Ke Liye?)

Shravan: I was rude with you all these days. What to do my nature is like that.
(Main Tumhare Saath In Dino Rude Tha. Kya Karoon Mera Nature Hi Aisa Hain)

Aditya: No no it’s fine. I understand. Different people have different nature.
And in some phase of life they do tend to change.
(Nahi Nahi Thik Hain. I understand. Alag Logo Ka Alag Nature. Aur Zindagi Ke Ek Mor Par Toh Voh Badal Hi Jaata Hain)

Shravan: You are very understanding but you don’t look like so.
(Tum Bohot Understanding Ho Par Tumhe Dekh Kar Aisa Nahi Lagta Hain)

Aditya: of course I am.
(Voh Toh Main Hoon)

Shravan smiles.

Aditya: By the way you look very cute when you smile if I was a girl I would have
married you right now!
(Vaise Tum Bohoti Cute Lagte Ho Jab Tum Haste Ho Agar Main Ek Ladki Hota Toh Tumse Abhi Issi Waqt Shaadi Kar Leta)

Shravan: Then drape a saree and you will become a girl.
(Toh Saree Pehno Aur Ladki Ban Jao)

Aditya looks at him stunned, Shravan laughs and Aditya also laughs.

Aditya pulls his cheek.

Aditya: By the way you look very cute when you laugh.
(Vaise Tum Bohoti Cute Lagte Ho Jab Tum Haste Ho)

Shravan: Aditya are you okay? Did you drink a bit too much?
(Aditya Tumhare Tabyet Toh Thik Hain? Tumne Kuch Zyaada Hi Pii Rakhe Hain Kya?)

Aditya: Relax bro I won’t take you. I know there is a girl in your life.
(Relax Bro Main Tumhe Nahi Loonga. Mujhe Pata Hain Tumhare Zindagi Main Ek Ladki Zaroor Hain)

Shravan: A beautiful girl. A very beautiful girl.
(Ek Sundar Ladki. Ek Bohoti Sundar Ladki)

Shravan smiles thinking about Suman when she was adoring herself with that emerald diamond set.

Aditya: Even I also adore a beautiful girl in my life. Okay I am going to enjoy now by then you keep dreaming about your beautiful girl.
(Mere Zindagi Main Bhi Main Ek Sundar Ladki Ko Like Karta Hoon. Acha Main Jake Abhi Enjoy Karke Aata Hoon Tab Tak Tum Apne Sundar Ladki Ke Baare Main Sapne Dekhte Raho)

Aditya leaves. Shravan thinks about Suman on hand and Suman thinks about Shravan on other hand.

Music title plays.

Suman thinks how she and Shravan were about to kiss each other when they were draped in cloths and their eyelock. (Episode 9 of this FF)
(Honton pe tere
Shikvon ka shor hai)

Shravan remembers how Suman indirectly denied that they can’t be together and she loves someone else(Episode 7 of this FF) and how Shravan forced her to say whom she loves and she mentions his name. (Episode 4 of this FF)

(Par ye nighaahe
Kehti kuch aur hai)

(O o ho o..)

Suman remembers how Shravan kissed her on the forehead (Episode 7 of this FF)and how she saw him in a badly injured state when he met with an accident. (Episode 8 of this FF) (tears drop from her eyes while recalling it)

(Jo hai mere lamhe kahin
Chhut na jaaye hath se)

Shravan on the other hand remembers how Suman hugged him when she got worried about him that day (Episode 110 of EDKV)

(Mil jaane de dil jo bane
Ek duje ke vaste
O o ho o..)

He also remembers how m she was about to jump from the terrace to gain his trust. And he saves her and hugs her.(Episode 72 of EDKV)

(Ho.. Kyu yeh dabhi si khwahishe
Dil mein tera bewajah)

Suman on the other hand remembers how Shravan confessed his love to her (Epaiode 7 of this FF) and how she also yearned for him but had to make sacrifices, and how she told Ramnath that how much she loved Shravan.
(Ho.. Jaake zara ussey bhol de
Chahta jisse tu raha)

Shravan gets thinking as he realises there has been instances when Suman tried to confess or say something and how she got really emotional to him when he was hospitalised and nursed him the whole night (Episode 8 of this FF)
(Kahi teri khamoshiyan
Jeet na jaaye pyar se
Mil jaane de dil jo banne
Ek duje ke vaaste)

Suman thinks about Shravan on one hand how he was there for her in her bad times Shravan thinks on other hand how Suman changed a lot over the years and her letters.

Title track music plays as they both get out of their thinking.

Sumo: (in his mind)I wish I could tell Shravan how much I love him! Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahungi Shravan!
(Kaash Main Shravan Ko Keh Sakti Ke Main Usse Kitni Pyaar Karti Hoon! Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahungi Shravan!)

Shravan: (in his mind) I know Sumo loves me a lot. But why isn’t she saying anything. And Sumo, Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga. And I will make you confess your love at any cost.
(Mujhe Pata Hain Ke Sumo Mujhse Bohot Pyaar Karti Hain. Par Voh Aisa Kyun Nahi Keh Rahi Hain. Aur Sumo Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga. Aur Main Tumse Pyaar Ka Izhaar Karke Hi Choorunga)

Next day,
Scene 6: Tiwari Killa
It’s the wedding day and everyone is running here and there. Everyone is dressed for the wedding.

Mausiji: Bhabi, how am I looking in this saree?
(Bhabi, Dekhiye Kaise Lag Rahi Hoon Iss Saree Main)

Mamiji: Very good and you did right by going to the tailor and scolding him. I wanted Suman to do so but if she went there won’t have been anyone else to look after the preparations.
(Bohot Achi Aur Tumhe Sahi Kiya Darji Ke Paas Jaake Usse Daandh Kar. Main Chahti Thi Suman Jake Uss Darji Ko Do Teen Shabdh Sunayen Par Agar Voh Jaati Toh  Shaadi Ke Tayaari Ke Dekh Bhal Kaun Karte)

Mausiji: No no you did right, by the way where is Suman?
(Nahi Nahi Apne Sahin Kiya, Vaise Suman Hain Kahan?)

Mamiji: She is getting Preeti ready.
(Preeti Ko Tayaar Kar Rahi Hain)

Just then Shravan comes,

Mamiji: Sharvan Beta you and here?
(Sharvan Beta Tum Aur Yahan?)

Shravan: I came to see the preparations if everything is fine and if you all need any help.
(Main Yahan Dekh Ne Aaya Ke Saari Tayaariyan Ache Se Chal Rahan Hain Ya Nahi Aur Ab Logo Ko  Agar Aur Koyi Madaad Ke Zaroorat Hai Toh Main Hoon Yahan)

Mamiji: Beta if you don’t mind can you help Anuj? After all he came recently he must have need help.
(Beta Agar Tum Bura Na Mano Tum Jake Thore Anuj Ke Madad Kar Sakte Ho? Aakhir Kaal Hi Toh Aaya Hain Zaroor Usko Madad Ke Zaroorat  Hoga)

Shravan: Okay sure.
(Jii Zaroor)

Scene 7: Preeti’s Room
Suman is getting Preeti ready and she herself is not ready yet. Preeti is dressed in her bridal attire and has jewellery . And she is fully ready.

Sumo: My PrettyPreeti is looking just like a Princess.
(Meri PrettyPreeti Bilkul Ek Princess Lag Rahi Hain)

Preeti smiles and Suman puts a dot of black spot on her neck using Preeti’s Kajal.

Sumo: May no one cast an evil eye on you not even yourself.
(Kisi Ka Nazaar Na Lage Tum Par, Khud Ka Bhi Nahi)

Just then Mamiji and Mausiji smiles as they see Preeti fully ready. They get emotional seeing her. Mamiji  comes and carcasses her face.

Mamiji: My doll has grown up now she is going to get married.
(Meri Guriya Bari Ho Chuki Hain Aur Ab Uski Shaadi Bhi Ho Rahi Hain)

Preeti gets emotional.

Preeti: Maa I don’t want to go, I am missing you already.
(Maa, Mujhe Nahi Jaana, Ap Ke Abhi Se Hi Yaad Aa Rahi Hain)

Preeti hugs her Mom. Rachana smiles. Suman also gets emotional.

Mamiji: Don’t say like this crazy girl, I know your Mother-in-law will love you even more. She pampers Vandana a lot. than me and then you will forget about me.
(Aisa Maat Kaho Pagal Ladki, Mujhe Pata Hain Ke Tumhari Saas Mujhse Bhi Zyaada Tumse Pyaar Karegi. Maine Dekha Hain Voh Vandana Beti Ko Bohot Pyaar Karti Hain. Aur Phir Tum Meri Baare Main Bhul Jaogi)

Preeti: Maa it’s not at all like that. No one can take your place.
(Ma Aisa Bilkul Bhi Nahi Hain. Ap Ke Jaage Koyi Nahi Le Sakta Hain)

Mausiji: Now you Mother-Daughter stop getting emotional and don’t cry especially you Preeti if not your makeup will merge.
(Ap Ab Dono Maa-Beti Senti Hona Baand Ki Jiye Aur Bilkul Bhi Rona Nahi Khaas Kar Preeti Tum Varna Tumhari Makeup Kharab Ho Jayegi)

Preeti smiles.

Mausiji: Suman you haven’t get ready yet!
(Suman Tum Abhi Bhi Tayaar Nahi Hue Ho!)

Sumo: I am just going now to get ready just let me finish getting Preeti ready.
(Main Abhi Jaa Rahi Hoon Tayaar Hone Baas Preeti Ko Tayaar Karna Pehle Khatam Karti Hoon)

Mausiji: Suman you let it be. You are doing work and not taking rest for a second since morning just at least spare some time to get ready.
(Suman Tum Rehne Do. Tum Subhe Se Kaam Karte Hi Jaa Rahi Ho Aur Ek Second Ke Liye Aaram Bhi Nahi Kiya Kamsekam Tayar Hone Ke Liye Thodi Waqt Toh Rakho)

Mamiji: Rachana is right. Suman you go and get ready. After all you will be welcoming  the groom side, I and Rachana are here.
(Rachana Ne Sahi Kahan. Suman Jao Jake Tayaar Ho Jao. Aakhir Barato Ka Swagat Tum Hi Toh Kar Rahi Ho, Main Aur Rachana Yahan Par Hain)

Sumo: But Mamiji?
(Par Mamiji?)

Mamiji: (strictly)Suman?

Sumo: Okay, I will go and get ready.
(Thik Hain, Main Tayaar Hoke Aati Hoon)

Suman agrees unwillingly and she goes to get ready.

Scene 8: Tiwari Killa
Anuj: Thank you so much for helping me out Shravan.
(Shravan Tumhare Madaad Ke Liye Bohot Bohot Shukriya)

Shravan: Is there anything else to look after?
(Aur Kuch Hain Kya Dekne Ke Liye)

Anuj: No not all. I think you should go home now after all you are the groom’s Brother.
(Nahi Bilkul Nahi. Mujhe Lagta Tum Jake Ghar  Jao Aur Tayar Ho Jao Aakhir Dulha Ka Bhai Jo Ho)

Shravan smiles.
Shravan: (in his mind) Let me meet Nanaji and Sumo before leaving.
(Jaane Se Pehle Nanaji Aur Sumo Se Milkar Aata Hoon)

Scene 9: Suman’s Room
Suman is getting ready and she is done with her makeup and her hairstyle is almost done too. Suman is looking at the mirror while she is trying that pink  saree on.

Sumo: I loved this saree so much but I didn’t know it will be so hard to wear this.
(Mujhe Yeh Saree Itni Pasand Hain Lekin Yeh Nahi Pata Tha Ke Isse Pehne Bohot Mushkil Kaam Hoga)

Every time Suman tries to drape the saree it falls back.

Sumo: Oh god how am I even going to wear this! I don’t even know how to drape a Saree. That day Preeti helped me out! Sumo you are too much! What was the need of liking this saree! You could have satisfy yourself with something simple but no! Anyways a big thank you to Adi for this! At least he did one thing good.
(Hain Bhagwan, Main Yeh Kaise Pehnu. Mujhe Toh Saree Bhi Thik Se Baand Na Nahi Aati. In Din Toh Preeti ya Mausiji Ne Meri Madaad Kiya. Aur Sumo Tum Bhi Na! Iss Saree Ko Pasand Karne Ki Kya Zaroorat Thi! Khud Ko Kuch Aur Se Tasali Kar Sakti Thi Lekin Nahi! Vaise Adi Ko Iss Saree Ke Liye Bohot Bari Thank You! Kamsekam Yeh Baande Ne Ek Kaam Toh Sahi Kiya)

Suman struggles.
Sumo: Mamiji! Mausiji!
(Mamiji! Mausiji!)
(No one responds)

Sumo: Now how am I even going to wear this saree? I also need to do the preparations.
(Ab Main Iss Saree Ko Kaise Pehnu. Jake Tayari Bhi Toh Karni Hain)

Suman looks on holding the saree pallu sadly.

Just then Shravan comes in the room and he holds the saree pallu from behind . Suman doesn’t look at the mirror.

Sumo: Mausiji thank you so much for
(Mausiji Thank You Apne..)

Suman looks behind and gets shocked seeing Shravan.

Sumo: You! (Covering herself with the pallu) What are you doing here!(shocked)
(Tum! Tum Yahan Kya Kar Rahe Ho!)

Shravan: I came here to check for the final preparations. Come let me help you.
(Main Yahan Final Taayari Dekhne Aaya Hoon. Aau Main Tumhari Madaad Karti Hoon)

Sumo: Shravan I myself don’t even know how to wear a saree and you are going to help me? Have you gone mad? Came here to help me wear saree.
(Shravan Mujhe Khud Nahi Pata Ke Main Saree Kaise Pehnu Aur Tum Meri Madaad Karoge? Pagal Ho Gaye Ho Kya? Aa Gaye  Saree Pehnane Main Madaad Karne Wale)

Shravan: Shh!

Sumo: What Shh! Look Shravan I am getting late I need to welcome your family also, at least call Mamiji or Mausiji for me before you leave. That’s what you can do for me. If not I think I have to change back. I won’t be able to handle this saree. This always happens with me. Whatever I like I can never handle it. I am just impos…
(Kya Shh! Dekho Shravan Mujhe Der Ho Rahi Hain Jake Tumhare Parivaar Ka Bhi Toh Swagat Karni Hain, Kameskam Mamiji Ya Mausiji Ko Toh Bulake Lau. Itna Toh Kar Hi Sakte Ho Meri Liye. Varna Lagta Hain Vapas Change Karna Parenga. Mujhse Yeh Saree Nahi Sambhala Jayegi. Hamesha Meri saath Hi Aisa Hota Hain. Jo Bhi Main Pasand Karti Hoon Main Usse Sambhal Nahi Pati Hoon. Main Toh Baas…)

Shravan puts his finger on her lips to keep her quiet, Suman becomes shocked.

Shravan: Now not even a single word you will speak!
(Ab Tum Ek Bhi Shabh Nahi Kahoge)

Suman gets stunned over this and she eyes Shravan innocently. Title track music plays. Shravan takes the pallu from her hand and he nicely drapes her into the saree. He slowly bends down and fold them. Suman is surprised. He then makes her drape the saree.

Shravan: Safety pin please?
(Safety Pin Please?)

Suman quietly passes him the safety pin and he pins the saree pallu in between her shoulder and blouse. Suman is stunned.

Suman looks surprised as she sees the way Shravan made her wear the saree is perfect.

Shravan: Now just one thing is missing.
(Ab Baas Ek Cheez Ki Kaami Hain)

Suman: (confused looking at her saree satisfied) You made me drape the saree so nicely. I don’t find anything missing.
(Tumne Mujhe Itne Ache Se Saree Pehnaya Hain. Mujhe Toh Kuch Kami Nazaar Nahi Aa Rahi Hain)

Shravan: A set of jewellery.
(Ek Jewellery set)

Sumo: Okay let me find one and wear it.
(Thik Hain Main Jaake Ek Dhundke Pehnti Hoon)

Suman is about to go, Shravan holds her hand.

Shravan: There is no need for that.
(Uske Koyi Zaroorat Nahi Hain)

Sumo: Meaning?

Shravan hands her a gift and Suman looks on surprised.

Sumo: Shravan this?
(Shravan Yeh?)

Shravan: Just open it.
(Tum Baas Usse Khulo)

Suman opens the box and she gets stunned seeing the Jewellery Set. Suman gets really happy seeing that!

Sumo:(happy) Shravan! This! This emerald diamond set! This is the one I loved yesterday!
(Shravan! Yeh! Yeh Emerald Diamond Set! Yahin Wala Toh Maine Kal Pasand Kiya Tha!)

And then she realised,

Sumo: But this is so expensive.
(Paar Yeh Itni Menga Hain)

Shravan: Let it be. Only you deserve this. No one would have the right to buy this. Because this emerald diamond set suits you the best!
(Rehne Do. Sirf Tumhi Uski Layak Ho. Kissi Aur Ki Isse Kharidne Ke Koyi Haaqt Hi Nahi Hain. Kyunki Yeh Emerald Diamond Set Sirf Tumhe Hi Suit Karti Hain)

Suman lovingly eyes at him.

Sumo: But I can’t accept this. This is way too expensive. You just return this back
(Par Main Yeh Nahi Le Sakti. Yeh Bohot Zyaada Menga Hain. Tum Usse Wapas De Do)

Shravan: Sumo! I have given this to you as a token for our lo…
(Sumo! Maine Tumhe Yeh Humari Py…)

Music plays as Shravan stops.

Shravan: Sumo you are my Best Friend. And I have this much right to give this to my Best Friend. You won’t have refused if you didn’t know the price!
(Sumo Tum Mere Best Friend Ho! Aur Itna Haaqt Toh Mera Baanta Hain Apne Best Friend Ko Yeh Doon. Agar Tumhe Uske Kemaad Nahi Pata Hota Toh Tum Mana Nahi Karti)

Sumo: Thank you Shravan! (Very much happy)
(Thank You Shravan!)

Shravan: No Thank you! After all I can do anything for your happiness anything!
(No Thank you! aakhir Tumhari Khushi Ke Liye Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakta Hoon Kuch Bhi)

Suman looks on surprised.

Shravan: I mean after all I should keep you happy,after all you wee my friend.
(Mera Matlaab Yeh Tha Ke Main Tumhe Khush Rakhoon Dost Jo Hoon)

Sumo: Shravan why don’t you…
(Shravan Kyun Na Tum…)

Suman didn’t know what to say and Shravan just makes her wear the set. He begins with the necklace and then makes her wear the pair of earrings. Suman lovingly looks at him. And finally he makes her wear the maang tikka.

Shravan: Perfect!

Sumo: Shr…Shravan may I ask you something?
(Shr…Shravan Kya Main Tumse Kuch Puch Sakti Hoon?)

Shravan: Hmm.

Sumo: How do you know how is a saree being worn in actual?
(Tumhe Darasal Saree Pehnana Kaise Aata Hain)

Shravan gets into the flashback,
He remember  how he made his Mom wear saree as a kid when he was around 6-7 and she was wearing a saree and struggling to hold the saree. Kid Shravan helps her by holding it for her.

Nirmala: Beta what are you doing,
(Beta Tum Yeh Kya Kar Rahe Ho)

Shravan: Helping you to wear saree. You must have been having difficulty to wear a saree right.
(Ap Ko Saree Pehna Ne Main Madaad Kar Raha Hoon. Ap Ko Saree Pehne Main Bohot Mushkile Hogi)

Nirmala smiles and she bends down to speak with Shravan.

Nirmala: No beta, I am fine. Thank you for helping me.
(Nahi Beta. Main Thik Hoon. Meri Madaad Karne Ke Liye Shukriya)

Nirmala wears the saree and kid Shravan sees with full attention how his Mom wears the saree.

Shravan: It is so hard to wear saree. Mamma why don’t you just wear a shirt like dad.
(Saree Pehna Kitna Hard Hain. Mamma Ap Papa Jaise Shirt Kyun Nahi Pehnte Ho)

Nirmala: (laughing) Beta different people have different choices. I am used to saree so that’s why I wear saree. Your dad is used to shirt so that’s why he wears shirt.
(Beta Alag Logo Ka Alag Pasand Hain. Meri Saree Se Adaad Hain Toh Main Saree Pehnti Hoon. Ap Ko Papa Ko Shirt Ke Adaad Hain Voh  Shirt Pehnte Hain)

Shravan: Mamma why does girls wear saree it’s so hard to handle!
(Mamma Ladkiyan Saree Kyun Pehnte Hain Sambhalna Kitna Mushkil Hoga)

Nirmala: Who said girls can only wear saree! They can wear what they want to!
(Kisne Kahan Ke Ladkiyan Sirf Saree Hi Pehnte Hain. Voh Log Joh Marzi Voh Pehn Sakhti Hain)

Shravan: Mumma why is it fine for girls to wear shirt  but guys can’t wear saree?
(Mumma Aisa Kyun Ki Ladkiyon Ko Shirt Pehna Thik Hain Lekin Ladko Ko Saree Pehna Thik Nahi Hain)

Nirmala laughs. And just then Ramnath come.

Ramnath: (angry)That’s why girl should always wear saree and guys should always wear shirt so that kids don’t question things which parents can’t even answer.
(Isliye Ladkiyon Ko Humesha Saree Pehna Chaye Aur Ladko Ko Shirt Take Bache Aisa Sawaal Na Kare Jo Maa Baap Jawab Bhi Nahi De Sakte Hain)

Ramnath leaves and Nirmala follows him.

Nirmala: Ram!
He gets out of the flashback.

Shravan: When I was a kid, I saw my mom wear the saree. Sometimes I even used to help her.
(Jab Main Ek Bacha Tha Maa Ko Saree Pehnta Hua Dekha. Kabhi Kabhi Madaad Bhi Karta)

Shravan smiles as he again remembers as a kid how he used to help his mom sometimes and she used to appreciate it. And he again gets out of the flashback.

Suman looks on and smiles. Shravan remembers that he hates her now.

Shravan: But now she, anyways leave it I don’t want to talk about that woman right now! Especially tonight!
(Par Ab Voh, Kher Choro! Mujhe Uss Auraat Ke Baare Main Bilkul Baat Nahi Karna Hain! Khaas Kar Aaj Raat)

Sumo: But Shravan she is your Mom?
(Paar Shravan Voh Tumhare Maa Hain)

Shravan: (laughing sarcastically) Mom? Nirmala Ahuja  just made fun of this word Mom.
(Maa? Nirmala Ahuja Ne Toh Iss Shabdh Ka Mazak  Utha Diya)

Sumo: But Shravan?
(Par Shravan!)

Shravan: Leave it! Anyways I am getting late. So see you later.
(Choro! Vaise Bhi Mujhe Der Ho Raha Hain So see you later)

Shravan leaves before Suman could say anything.

Shravan is about to go outside , and at the same time Nirmala comes in. Shravan looks at her angrily and Nirmala gets emotional.

Nirmala: Shravan?

Nirmala carcasses his face   she gets surprised seeing the bandage on the side of his forehead.

Nirmala: (worried) How did you get injured ?
(Tumhe Chot Kaise Lage?)

Shravan: (moving her hand away)That’s none of your business.
(Ab Se Koyi Matlaab?)

Shravan angrily leaves from there. Nirmala emotionally stares at him. She wipes her tears. And Suman comes to her, Nirmala fakes a smile.

Nirmala: Suman you are looking really beautiful.
(Suman Tum Bohoti Sundaar Lag Rahi Ho )

Sumo: Thank you Aunty.(smiling)
(Thank you Aunty)

Suman pats her shoulder.

Sumo: Don’t worry Aunty everything will be fine soon. You see very soon Shravan will come back to you.
(Koyi Baat Nahi Aunty Sab Kuch Jald Hi Thik Hojayega. Bohot Jald Ab Shravan Ko Aap Ke Paas Wapas Aate Hua Dekhogi)

Nirmala: Let it be beta. There is no hopes now.  I have already gave up. But seeing Shravan happy that makes me satisfied enough.
(Choro Yeh Sab Beta. Ab Koyi Umeed Nahi Hain. Maine Pehle Se Hi Har Man Liya. Par Shravan Ko Khush Hota Dekh Kar Maan Ko  Tasali Kar Leti Hoon)

Nirmala quickly asks Suman,
Nirmala: By the way beta, how did Shravan get injured?
(Vaise Beta, Shravan Ko Chot Kaise Lage?)

Sumo: Aunty, actually Shravan….accident.
(Aunty Voh Darasal Shravan Ka Accident….)

Nirmala gets shocked,

Nirmala: Is he fine?
(Voh Thik Toh Hain Na)

Sumo: Don’t worry Aunty, nothing will happen to Shravan! Never!
(Chinta Maat Ki Jiye Aunty Shravan Ko Kuch Nahi Hoga! Kabhi Nahi)

Nirmala looks on

Sumo: I feel so bad that I can’t do anything to unite you and Shravan.
(Mujhe Bohot Bura Lagti Hain Ke Main Ap Aur Shravan Ko Milane Ke Liye Kuch Nahi Kar Paya)

Nirmala: No Suman don’t say like this. It’s not your fault. Anyways I talk to you later I got a phone call to make.
(Nahi Suman Tum Aise Maat Kaho. Tumhari Galati Nahi Hain. Vaise Main Tumse Baat Main Baat Karti Hoon Abhi  Ek Phone Call Karni Hain)

Nirmala goes sadly and Suman gets thinking.

Sumo: I wish I could have done something to bring Shravan and Nirmala Aunty closer!
(Kaash Main Aisa Kuch Kar Pata Jisse Shravan Aur Nirmala Aunty Aur Paas Aye!)

The episode ends at her sorry face.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Hey all I know you all were expecting an update yesterday but I couldn’t do so. Honestly speaking I couldn’t  publish the episode due to some issues. So instead of yesterday I had no other option but to post the episode today. And I know I am a day late that was because I had lessons in the morning and work at the evening that’s why. So so sorry for the inconvenience caused. And I hope you all liked this episode update. I know you all must be waiting for what is going to happen next and also some questions arising in your mind too. You will get to know it the next update. I decided to add more romance in this update that’s why it wasn’t that happening. Anyways the next episode would be posted on next Thursday. I know it’s a bit long but what to do I have so many things on. I have classes plus work (extended duty shifts) and also quizzes. I am just sooooo busy. Whenever I am free I write the episodes.

And so happy to see some of our TU friends back here after so many days specially Kittu and Preeti and thank you so much for making this ff a chat forum please do continue doing so I wanna refresh all those memories how we used to chat on written updates Keep it up.

By the way there is this funny incident I would love to share with you all. Three days ago, I was having classes and then I had a long break. Since I completed my assignments that day,  to spend time in my break I was watching the episodes of EDKV , and when I was seeing episode 72, the scene where Suman was about to jump and Shravan saves her, they were close and talking with each other and when Shravan got away suddenly I heard someone saying, “OMG why they didn’t kiss! Cmon Kiss!” I looked behind and it was one of my Chinese classmates. I looked at him and asked what he was doing and he said that I thought they will kiss. Even though I was shocked by this from inside was laughing like hell.

And I need a favour from you all. One of my Chinese Friend not the same one, some other Friend, knows that I am a big fan of EDKV. She is clueless whenever I watch it. And she realises I watch this most of the time. So she told me what’s the story about. I told her only their childhood part and she got interested and told me if this drama has Chinese subtitles cause she is from China studying in Singapore. If anyone knows if EDKV is also shown in a website that has Chinese subtitles please do tell me. And is there any website that actually provides English subtitles for EDKV at the first time? If you know do drop me your comments or message here. Thank you ?

And yes continue making this a chat forum tho Kya Hua agar show khatam hogaya Hain at least this chat forum is still here so let’s continue haha. And thank you so much for continuing to post your ffs well done haha.

And yes 3 episodes to go!!!!

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