Mein Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga RagLak FS (Episode 5)

Ragini was sitting on her bike waiting for Laksh. Laksh was really working hard to gain her love. She gave him challenges in some of which he was successful and some he couldn’t. Initially she used to get irritated with his continuous calls and messages. But now it was different. She was not getting irritated by Laksh’s calls and messages. Instead she used to sometimes wait for his calls and She also would call him in anger if she didn’t get any of his calls. They had become very good friends. She also stopped going to her music classes and used to practice at Home.She her self was not realising that she wasn’t missing sanskaar anymore and craving to spend time with Laksh.
Right now Laksh had called her to meet her at 8 early in the morning. She had asked n times as why so early but Laksh was very adamant and just told her that it was a surprise. Laksh came and she stood up from her bike and asked him the reason of calling her. Laksh’s removed something from his pocket.

“What is this?” Ragini sat again on the bike.
“Movie tickets which you wanted to watch” he said smiling at her.

Ragini stood from her bike hearing that Laksh got the tickets. It was her favourite Salman’s movie and since it was first day she couldn’t get any tickets. All the theaters were house full. She wanted to go for the first day first show but she gave up thinking she won’t get the tickets as of now. But here Laksh is saying that he has already got the tickets which left her spellbound. Her thought got disturbed when Laksh coughed.

Raginis POV

“Did you really get the tickets??” I still can’t believe he got the tickets.
“Yes Ragini and I think now we should go fast the show is at 9”
“But how?” I asked him when he was about to move. I really wanted to know how he got the tickets but he was not telling me I hope he didn’t kill anyone for tickets. 
“Will you tell me how did you get the tickets? If not, go alone I wont come with you.” I blackmailed him though I wanted to go and his reply made me flabbergasted.
“I..I.. was waiting for it since aa..5 in the que and since you were so excited to watch it it”

What  the hell.. Is he mad. Is it that easy.

His words make me more guilty of my doings.

Why you have to do such things Laksh.

“Are you mad???” Was all I could say. He smiled at this and nodded
“In your love” I felt goosebumps all around my body. What is this feeling?.
“Don’t do this please. I don’t like it when you so such things. It will hurt you…It hurts me”
“Anything for you. And this is the last time, I won’t trouble you again as the time which you had given me to prove my love is over. And I cant even stay as your friend because it will hurt me only. But right now I know you don’t want to feel guilty that you have wasted my energy and sleep. So please let’s go before the show gets started.” I looked in his eyes when he said anything for you and those were screaming honesty in those.
Am I doing right by rejecting him?

He extended his right hand. I smiled at it and gave my hand in his. We left from there in his car leaving my bike there.

I’ll take it later.

I was sitting in the lawn and again only Laksh was there in my mind. I don’t know what do I feel for him but yes I do feel different now. Not only his words but his eyes and actions do show how much he loves me. I smiled after recalling what he did in the theatre.

*some time ago*

We were sitting in the middle and Laksh was just gazing me throughout the movie. My cheeks burned under his gaze. He always makes me feel beautiful. Suddenly the guy beside me pushed me making me stumble a little bit on sit.
Laksh stood up immediately confusing me and told me also to get up. Looking at his angry face I got scared and started to calm him.
“Laksh its ok. It was just a mistake.”
“You sit here I’ll sit there”
Uff… Possessive
I simply nodded and sat on his place. I felt happy.


How much I had imagined Sanskar to be possessive for me. I really can’t believe that Laksh took so much of trouble for me to get the tickets.
He said that this was the last time he is going to meet me. Was he really serious? Will he not meet me again?
My eyes started watering thinking about not meeting him again. I called him just to try if he was really serious. But he didn’t pick up nor messaged me. Indeed he was serious.
But why do I feel bad? Why are these tears coming from my eyes non stop? Why does it hurts?
I don’t love him. Do  I?


Next day

Laksh got up early and went for shower. He came out after sometime and started dressing up.
He took one box from the drawer and opened it revealing a beautiful diamond ring. He smiled looking at it and moved out of his room only to encounter a pretty lady all dressed up beautifully in black dress. He looked at her surprised and hugged her.

Laksh’s POV

As soon as I came out of my room only to encounter beautiful girl in the world.
Obviously after Mom and Ragini.
“Priya, how are you yaar” I hugged her, Priya my cousin. Recently got engaged with her long term boyfriend. Lucky she at least found her love.
“I am good but what is with you? Where are you going all decked up?”
Going to propose my lady love.
“Surprise. Are you coming? You would love the surprise”
“I never said no to you brother. Let’s move” she said grabbing my arm. She always does that.

Ragini’s POV

I entered my music class after almost a week. After the concert I stopped coming and practicing here. I can’t believe I could live without looking at Sanskaar these days. But I don’t know if I would live without Laksh.

He is still my friend right.

I couldn’t sleep yesterday. Laksh was ruling in my mind. How can a person become so important to you in just 10days. I smiled at my own thoughts. Suddenly the lights went off and heard some footsteps. I could make out that it was a man who was heading towards me as now the room lights were dim.
The person kneeled in front of me and started speaking.
“Ragini, I am sorry I have always troubled you and indirectly hurt you. I know sorry is a very small thing for my mistakes but I promise you I won’t ever repeat it again. I really love and I know you love me too. Please accept me Ragini. I really love you”
The person forwarded his hands towards me in which he was holding a rose and lights went on.
I was shocked seeing the person in front of me.
“Sanskaar” was only I could say.

I looked forward only to see Laksh standing there. As always looking all handsome with white shirt and black suit on it. Black trousers and black shoes. Hair were neatly gelled up giving him a gentleman look. But the thing I didn’t like was the girl standing beside him with black dress complementing him, with her hands around his left arm
Who was she? Why was she holding him like that?
I can see engagement ring in her finger.
Did he propose her??

I looked down at Sanskaar and then Laksh again.


Hey guys..
How are you all.

I am late again and seriously orry for that. I hope you all would understand me.

I am late again and seriously orry for that. I hope you all would understand me.

Moving to the story what you guys think Ragini will do?

Will she accept Sanskaars proposal?

She is misunderstanding Priya and Laksh to be couples. Let’s c what she will do.

Till then keep smiling..
DO comment below.
Thank you..


  1. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    awesome update as always, indeed laksh loves her truly. hope she will accept him wholeheartedly. update soon

  2. Naymaz


    |Registered Member

    I loved it rakshu di
    I luv u a lottttttttt
    but i am angry u updated it veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy late
    but u know naa i can’t stay angry with u much
    so yes i loved it and next update shud be quick otherwise i won’t talk with u

    • Rakshully



      Aww..Polly Love you girl and a very big sorry..don’t get angry my girl love your di na..I have updated early now so tht you don’t get angry..hope you will enjoy it too…nd please don’t say you won’t talk smile

  3. Ammu

    OMG finally u post this ff. I really really really missed you and ur ffs. It’s outstanding episode dear and loved Raglak scenes. Please don’t make Ragini accept sanky’s proposal leaving Laksh. His love for Ragini is so pure. Eagerly waiting for next episode. Love u dear and take care

    • Rakshully



      Happy to know you all are missing my ffs but a bigggggggg sorry for late update dea.. was really stuck up with some imp work.. have updated next prt..hope you will enjoy reading it.. Thank you so much

  4. IQRA222


    |Registered Member

    god!!!! rakshu di it was totally fab episode
    all in love with all the scenes except the last scene!!
    lucky is such a sweetheart. i was so happy that my doll has fallen for her prince charming
    but seriously sanky!!!!!!!!! huh!!!!
    all the raglak scenes were wondeful
    i think its a part of lucky’s plan to make doll confess her feeling
    anyways waiting for the next part

    • Rakshully



      Aww..Thank you so much dea Ikra…means a lot dea..
      and you are somewhat right.. do read the next chappy..
      have uploaded..
      love you..
      tk cr..

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