Mein Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga RagLak FS (Episode 6)

Laksh’s POV

I was very excited while heading towards Ragini’s Music class. I know she would be there.
Yes, I am gonaa propose her. And this time she won’t reject.
Our relationship had changed.
She would get frustrated whenever I wouldn’t call her. She would message me every time to make sure if I reached home safely. She would get angry on petty things like my wife.
And yesterday her eyes spoke. Her eyes were screaming love. The way she looked at me when I said anything for you. Her eyes said it all. And hence to make her realise rather to make her feel special I would propose her. I had written a big list of what to say which will impress her and she will agree without any reluctant. I was taking Priya with me so that I can show her her future Bhabhi. I reached her Music Class and entered and saw all dark.

“Bro, what place is this yaar?”

“This is Music class” I said while heading towards the class.

“Why is it so dark? Didn’t they knew that today was the last day to pay electricity bill?”

“Oh God Priya please….just a second, I can see dim light there”
And there I heard someone confessing his love.

“…….. I know sorry is a very small thing for my mistakes but I promise you I won’t ever repeat it again. I really love and I know you love me too. Please accept me Ragini. I really love you Ragini”

Wait what???? Ragini?? He loves my Ragini? Who the hell is this bastard.

I fisted my hands in a ball. I wanted to rip him apart and as soon as I moved forward, lights were put on revealing the figure kneeling in front of my Ragini with a red rose. I steps were halted as Ragini said “Sanskaar”.
I felt my pain in my chest.

Why is it always me?

I really love Ragini with all my heart. I had never loved any girl in my life and the girl I love was not mine. Is it?

I knew Ragini wouldn’t reject him. After all he was her 1st Love. And the feeling of seeing your love reciprocating your love is different. May be, I don’t know.
I am late again. But for me it will be always you Ragini. No one will be able to take that place.

I don’t want to become hurdle between them. After all if she is happy then I am also happy. I was about to move. I don’t want her to see to accept that Sanskaar’s love when I heard her voice.



Ragini’s POV

I was just looking at Laksh and then Sanskaar. I don’t know why but I just hated to see that girl sticking to my Laksh.

My Laksh?? Yes my Laksh.

He was about to move when I called him out.


Sanskaar was still sitting in front of me with the red rose in his hand. I smiled at him and took the red rose.

“Thanks for this rose Sanky”

He smiled widely and stood up. He was about to hug me but I stopped him midway by placing my right hand on his chest.

“I have not finished Sanskaar”

I walked towards Laksh who was looking at me. I pushed the girl who was holding his arm.

Move girl. He is mine. I am not at all sharing him with you.

Laksh looked at me shocked and confused so was that girl.
I kneeled in front of my laksh forwarding the red rose which Sanskaar had given me and started.

“I know I have done a big mistake by rejecting you on a first place. I know I am stupidest, idiotic creature in the world to reject your love. But I have realised it now Laksh. I am sorry for everything. For hurting you now and then with my stupid taunts which you took happily. And I don’t know what to say but yes I love you. I really do. I have realised it now. I can’t see you with anyone Laksh. It should be me who would hold your arm. I want you to hold my waist claiming to be yours. I want you to kiss me till I become breathless. I want wake up with you every morning in your arms and sleep every night in your arms. I want to be called only and only Mrs Laksh Maheshwari. Mrs Ragini Laksh Maheshwari. Please accept me Laksh. I don’t want to lose you. Please Please Please Laksh, accept me.”

I said it out with all my heart. I was literally begging him.

Yes, I love him and I realised it now.

It really hurts looking at your love with some one else. I had experienced it before. But this time it was worst.

I was shocked when Sanskaar proposed me. But he was not for me. He was never. When today morning Anish had called me to tell that Simran had left the Academy I was beyond happy. But the proposal was unexpected.

I looked up at Laksh expectantly, who had expressions were shock, stun, and lot more.

Please say yes Laksh. I promise I won’t hurt you.



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  1. Ammu

    Outstanding episode dear and finally Ragini confessed her feelings to Laksh. It’s really interesting. Eagerly waiting for Laksh’s reaction. Please post next part ASAP

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