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Samaira asks him, will you agree. Aditya says, you are such a liar. He tries to get closer to her. Phone bell rings. He picks the phone and is informed about the meeting by his employee. He tells Samaira that Mohanto scheduled all the meetings again. He says, I don’t want to go. Samaira says, we had enough romance, now go to work. Aditya wishes Aarya good morning and takes her juice. Aarya asks him to stop irritating her. Aditya asks, what will you do? will you show the recording to your Dad and asks about Jai. Aarya goes inside. Office employee comes to Aditya and says Mohanto gave signing authority to him until Jai comes back. Aditya signs on the cheques. Samaira looks on. Employee asks him to sign on Aarya’s personal expenses cheque. Aditya is about to sign, but Samaira asks

him not to sign. She asks him not to leave a chance. She says she will handle Mohanto. She tears the bills of Aarya. Aditya smiles and says you are very smart.

Madhu says, you have to pay a heavy sum for your deeds. I will kill you. Madhu’s soul comes and says you are getting angry. Shikha snatched your husband and forced you to act as mad. She asks Madhu to keep quiet for sometime as Shikha’s luck is going steady. Aditya and everyone are believing her blindly. She is very strong now. She can send you back to mental asylum and nobody will stop you this time. She asks her not to lose the chance. Madhu says, this room is not less than a mental asylum. Samaira comes and asks Madhu to have medicines. Madhu agrees to take it. Samaira sees pills beneath the bed. Madhu pretends to take the tablet. Samaira comes to the kitchen adnd asks the servant to go. She then mixes medicines in Madhu’s food.

Samaira stops Aarya and says I want to talk to you for a min. She apologizes to her on Aditya’s behalf. Aarya asks what? Samaira says, can’t I help my husband during his tough time. She says, our married life couldn’t start as Aditya is not capable to. He is unpredictable. He didn’t sign on your cheques. Aarya gets angry and goes to talk to Aditya.

Aditya is in the meeting. Aarya interrupts him during the meeting and asks him why he refused to sign on her cheques. Aditya says, I can’t sign on your expenses. Aarya asks him to tell his employees that he can’t give the rights to his wife. Aditya gets angry and asks her to get out.

samaira comes there and asks the employees not to believe on Aarya. She then tells Aditya to relax. Aditya says, I can’t sit calmly. I will give an answer to Aarya. Samaira asks him to relax. She tells him that nobody will believe on Aarya’s words. She asks, what do you want to proof? Aditya says, my employees will laugh on me. Samaira asks, who is more important to you, me or them. I love and trust you. Nobody can harm you until we are together. She hugs him. She thinks I will harm you.

Samaira comes to Madhu and says hi. Madhu thinks, why she is smiling looking at me. Samaira says, I brought your favourite dishes and asks her to eat. Samaira leaves without locking the door. Madhu looks at the food and gets scared seeing the cockroaches in the food plate. Madhu comes out of her room and tells Mohanto that she has so many cockroaches in her room. Sunaina says, we will see the room. Madhu pleads to her father that she won’t go inside. Mohanto looks at the room and says nothing is there. Samaira tells Madhu that I didn’t give you food yet. Madhu thinks it is her trick. Mohanto asks her to rest. Samaira asks her not to get scared. Madhu thinks of Shikha’s words.

Aditya shouts at his employees for laughing at him. His employee says, I read the joke and laughed. Is it a crime. Aditya slaps him.

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