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Samaira is with Madhu. Sunaina comes there and says Samaira she wants to talk to her and asks why was she fighting with Aditya. Samaira says it is not like that. Sunaina says you spent whole night in Arnav’s room, but there must be some reason behind it and asks what is the reason. Samaira says Aditya and she are not staying like a husband and wife and says Aditya is impotent. Sunaina shockingly asks then how is Arnav born then. Samaira says she does not know about that. She then goes to Madhu and gives her medicine.

Sunaina comes to Mohanto and tells him what Samaira told, says Aditya must be very tensed and asks Mohanto to speak to him and try to solve his problem. Mohanto says he will.

Office staff meets Aditya and says house is sparkling today. Aditya asks him why

did they come. They say they came to take his sign for transferring Mohanto’s signing authority to him. Aditya tries to sign the documents when Mohanto comes there stops him, saying until Jai comes back, signing authority will be with him. Aditya gets annoyed hearing that.

He says Aditya that he should concentrate on his health and not burden himself. Aditya says he is alright. Mohanto says he knows he is shy about talking, but he can speak to him as a friend. Aditya asks what is he trying to talk about. Mohanto gives him a herbal medicine and asks him to take it, saying many people face that problem, he has to be strong and positive. Samaira comes there and asks Aditya what happened. Aditya says dad has gone mad, he was asking me to take care of my health when he is ill and gave me his herbal medicine. Samaira asks him to take it when Mohanto gave it. She goes to kitchen and and adds medicine for impotency instead in milk. She comes out and hears Aditya angrily murmuring Mohanto gave him this medicine instead of giving signing authority. She forces asks him to drink milk. Aditya drinks it and asks why is she bothered about Mohanto as she mad his daughter mad. She says it is not funny. Aditya says milk tastes good. Samaira thinks she will make him impotent and take her revenge.

Aditya comes down in the morning and sees Mohanto with a doctor. Mohanto asks Sunaina to go from there. Sunaina shyingly goes from there. Mohanto says Aditya that he called doctor for him.

Mohanto asks doctor to check Aditya. Doctor says Aditya does not have any injury or fever to checkup, he needs more detailed investigation. Aditya asks him to be specific. Doctor says with medicines, many men get cured easily and if he avoids, he will have problems in his married life and many cases end in divorce. Aditya asks what does he mean. Mohanto says Samaira informed Sunaina that you both did not consumate your marriage yet. Aditya says he is absolutely fine. Mohanto asks what about Samaira’s words then. Aditya angrily goes from there, goes to his room and asks Samaira what did she tell Sunaina. Samaira says what does he mean. Aditya says dad thinks I am impotent. Samaira says Sunaina saw me sleeping in Arnav’s room and asked about it and I told Aditya is still not comfortable with me, she then saw us both fighting and thought you are impotent and Mohanto crossed his limit by calling doctor. She says she will clear the confusion by personally speaking to Sunaina.

Samaira goes to Sunaina and says Aditya is feeling guilty about himself and now with everyone knowing his problem, he is feeling shy. Mohanto says that is the reason I called doctor. Samaira says that is why Aditya is feeling guilty and we should use different approach. She says she lied Aditya that she told lie to you both and will handle the situation alone. Mohanto says he has to take medicine though. Samaria says she will give him medicine mixed in food as she is his wife, he will not feel guilt then. Sunaina says ok.

Samaira informs Aditya that she informed Sunaina and Mohanto they were thinking wrong and tells something in his ears. Aditya gets happy and says that is why she is his wife. He tries to kiss her then, but she avoids.

Precap: Aarya gets angry on Aditya that he did not clear her pocket money cheque and says when he cannot satisfy his wife, how can he understand someone else’s problems.

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