Main Naa Bhoolungi 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 7th March 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 7th March 2014 Written Update

Aditya and Samaira are traveling in a car. Loud music is playing on FM. Samaira acts as her headache being aggravated due to music. Aditya switches off the music. Samaira says why did he stop the music, she likes that song. Aditya says even it is his favourite song. She ays even he has a good taste for music. He says he admires good art. She asks what about good artist. He does not say anything. Samaira says she is missing Switzerland’s snow fall and speedy long drive. Aditya says even he likes long drives. She says she loves learning new things, she learnt pizza recently. Aditya says he also prepares pizza. She says she must try his pizza then. He says he always burns pizza. She says their habits and tates match. She jokes she has a sleep walking habit. She then says the way he

shouted on her, she didn’t think they would speak like this. Aditya asks sorry for that and says her face resembles someone. She asks if it is the same woman whose photograph he showed, what was her name. He says Shikha Gupta. She says she must have betrayed you, you must have loved her a lot. Adity gets angry and says he never loved her and wants to forget her. She asks if he is happy that she is out of his life. He says at last she and her family got out of his life and asks her not to talk about her.

Avinash is sad thinking about Shikha. Sudha comes and asks why didn’t he sleep yet. He says he is not getting sleep. She says she knows what is he thinking about and says god will help him. He says he is angry on himself that he could not help his daughter

Avinash says even after losing her life, his daughter didnt get peace. He could not get justice to his daughter, nobody wants to publish this book. Sudha consoles her and says it is not his mistake, whatever happened it is their bad fate, they must forget it thinking as a bad dream. She says they cant forget it until they are in this city and asks him to take her back to their house in Nasik where they can start a new life.

Aditya and Samaira reach Samaira’s house. He drops her out and says he will go now. She asks him if the wants to have coffee in her house as a gesture of thanking him to help her with shooting and dropping home. He says Madhurima must be waiting for her. She says Madhu is in a meeting. He says he forgot, but she remembers it. Just then Madhu calls her and asks her to come home as meeting got cancelled. She asks where is he. He says he has just come out and will be coming home soon. He asks sorry, says they will have coffee some other day and goes. Samaira thinks he will be trapped in Samaira’s net soon.

She gets into her home. Neeraj asks what happened, where is Aditya. She says he got Madhu’s call and he went, soon he will dance on Samair’s tune and rule his mind. Madhurima is waiting eagerly. Aditya enters. She asks where was he, he told he will go home after shoot. He says he likes her possessiveness and even he does not like being without her. She insists him to say where was he. He says he went to drop Samaira as her driver didn’t come and she was exhausted after shoot, so she requested and he dropped her. She says at least he would have informed by phone. Aditya gets angry and starts drinking alcohol. He gets into flashback and remembers Samaira’s words of asking him to stay during her photoshoot and their talk while driving.

Maid comes and gives Aditya a gift packet. He opens the packet but hides it seeing Madhurima coming. He asks her to get ready for breakfast and goes. She searches keys of her cupboard and thinks it must be in Aditya’s cupboard. She opens his cupboard and searches for keys. Aditya sees that and asks her why is she searching his cupboard, her keys on the bedside table. Letter fells from his pocket. He gives her keys to her. Madhu the letter and picks it but does not read it in hurry.

Samaira is jogging on treadmill. She sees Manav’s pic. Neeraj comes with flower bouqet and says it is gift for her from someone. She reads the card and it is from Aditya asking sorry for yesterday. He opens the gift box and sees watch in it. She says Aditya should wear it as it will show his bad time in it.

Aarya and Jai see Samaira’s photoshoot pic. Aarya praises Jai for best pics. Madhu scolds them for sitting there instead of having breakfast. She says she found Samaira, got her contract and photoshoot, etc. Aarya says everyone knows who works and who just gives orders. Madhu says she is company’s MD and Jai has to follow her orders, she goes from there. She shows Aditya a letter and asks what is it. He asks she must be knowing better as she is holding it. She says it is bank statement and asks why did he draw 15 lakhs from accounts. HE says she is company’s MD of 1000s of crores worth company, she should not worried about 15 lakhs. She says it is not about money, he should have informed her atleast. She asks whad did he do with 15 lakhs. Aditya says he didn’t gamble with it, bought a watch from it for himself. He says her husband gifts her precious necklaces, his wife doesn’t gift anything, so he pampers himself with own gifts. She asks him to show the watch.

Precap: Avinash says he is leaving his daughter’s fight and going. Mahi and Vineet says not to lose hope, there are many publishers out of Delhi.

Update Credit to: MA

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