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Mahi sees Aditya cleaning houses on her laptop and laughs. Sudha asks why is she laughing. Mahi asks her to check herself and says if she is enjoying. Sudha says is in peace now. Mahi says wait and watch what will didi do to him.

Samaira comes to Madhu’s room. Madhu thinks why has she come here now. Samaira asks what does she do in this room alone without TV and says she will entertain her now. She throws fruit pieces on floor and calls Aditya. Aditya comes there and asks why did she call. She says Madhu threw all this. Aditya gets angry on Madhu and says she is mad and is making him also mad. Samaira asks him not to get angry on Madhu and asks him to clean the stuff for Mohanto’s sake. Aditya cleans room. Madhu thinks what is happening in this house. Once Aditya

goes, she asks Madhu if she is enjoying and says she is enjoying though by making her mad and Aditya a pet dog.

Aditya’s office staff come there, sees Aditya cleaning house and rudely ask him to call Mohanto. They then realilze he is Aditya and apologize him. Madhu comes there with Arnav and asks Aditya to clean Arnav’s T-shirt. Aditya hesistantly cleans Arnav’s T-shirt. Aarya watches Aditya cleaning house and clicks pic. She calls Jai and says she is enjoying and will send a funny pic to him.

Aditya after day’s hard work gets tired and falls on bed. Samaira thinks she is enjoying seeing him working like a servant. She says Aditya to finish their wedding night now, she says you wanted me to feel special yesterday, today she wants to make him feel special. Aditya says he is very tired. Samaira says if he is trying to take revenge from her. Aditya says why will he take revenge as he was waiting for it, but he is very tired now after cleaning house and requests him to let him sleep. He falls asleep within seconds. Samaira thinks she wanted him to sleep as today’s night will be very tough on him.

Samaira goes to Arnav’s room and arranges sleeps with him. Taare zameen pe… song plays in the background. Sunaina comes in the morning and sees her sleeping there, asks why is she here. Samaira says Arnav was crying yesterday night, so she came here, but fell asleep. Sunaina says she should spend time with Aditya. Sunaina says it does not matter if she sleeps here or there and angrily goes from there making Sunaina suspicious. She goes to Aditya room and starts fighting with him, so that Sunaina can hear their fight. Aditya asks her to stop fighting and bring him black coffee.

Aditya gets ready, comes down and meets Mohanto and Sunaina. He asks how is he feeling. Mohanto says he is absolutely fine, mabye because of his hard work. Aditya writhes in pain and says his back hurts because of yesterday’s work. Mohanto thanks Aditya for his care. Sunaina sees Samaira and says credit should go to Samaira also. Mohanto says since Jai is out of town, he has given him power of attorney to sign. Aditya thanks him and says he will for office leave now. Sunaina asks him to rest and spend tim with Samaira. Samaira says it is ok, she wants to be with Arnav.

Samaira/Shikha comes to Avinash’s house. Mahi opens the door and gets happy seeing her. Shikh greets her happy birthday and gives her gift. Mahi sees Arnav/Manav and gets happy. Avinash and Sudha also come and get happy seeing Arnav. Neeraj also comes. Sudha asks Shikha if she is fine. Mahi says Aditya is in bad shape intead. Avinash says Aditya’s must be blackened and he should be punished.

Shikha sees Neeraj angry and asks if he not happy seeing Aditya punished. She asks if he is not happy that she is reaching her destiny. Neeraj asks her why don’t she kill Aditya and what is she waiting for. Shikha says she wants Manav’s custody and cannot kill Aditya before that. She says Aditya troubled her 2 years and now she will trouble him whole life, he spoilt a girl’s life, now he will hate his own life.

Precap: Samaira mixes something in Adtiya’s drink and gives it to him. She smirks while Aditya drinks it.

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