Main Naa Bhoolungi 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Main Naa Bhoolungi 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 7th February 2014 Written Update

Aditya/Sameer asks Shikha if she is from NGO and needs money, he has no problem with it and his secretary will take care of it. He tries to go, but then Shikha stops him and slaps him. Aditya says how dare to slap him in his own house. He says he is behaving as she is girl, else he would have. Shikha asks else what, you ruined my life Sameer Verma. He says he is not Sameer Verma and asks her not to call Sameer Verma. Shikha asks him why did you this to me, what wrong I did to you that you betrayed me. She asks him to reply. She asks for Manav. Aditya says who is Manav now and says Shikha is mentally ill and asks inspector to take her to mental hospital. Inspector says you are mentally ill Sameer Verma. Sameer says enough and tries to leave. Shikha stops him and asks

for Manav again. Aditya says he does not know any Sameer or Manav. Shikha grabs his collar then. Aditya says he does not know Manav and he does not know to lie and to believe him. Shikha says why should I believe you. You lied from the first day. You married me and ditched me. Everything was lie.

Shikha says everything was lie except Manav. She asks you didn’t think about Manav, how would he live without his mom. Sameer/Aditya says if you are done I will leave. Shikha again asks him what did I do that you betrayed me. She removes her veil from face, shows her scarred face to him and asks why did he do this to her. Inspector asks her to calm down. Aditya interrupts and says let her take out her grudge out. Her husband has betrayed her and he must be looking like me. Shikha asks howmany lies will you tell. You took away my child and tried to kill me. I will not forgive you. I will bring your true face out to the whole world. I will get back my Manav. Aditya’s first wife comes and asks who is this mad woman. She asks Shikha how dare to misbehave with her husband. Inspector and Shikha are shocked to hear that. Sameer’s wife says they are married for 7 years. Shikha asks Aditya if he is married, he nods his head yes. His wife says why are you shocked. Aditya says it is ok, her wife betrayed her and took away her child. Her husband looks like me. Aditya’s wife says I know very bad happened to you, but you can’t enter into someon’s house like this and rubbish. We are decent people, if someone else would have been there, they would have kicked you out. She then calls guards and asks them to take Inspector and Shikha out.

Shikha and inspector come out of the house. Shikha is sad. Inspector consoles her and asks her not to worry, he will take legal help. Shikha requests him to allow her to see Manav once. Inspector says Sameer won’t listen, we would have to gather sufficient evidence against him and take legal action. Shikha insits and he agrees.

Aditya scolds him that he can’t do one work properly, if her dad will know this, they will be in problem. He asks her to shut up and he will do something. She says you do it always, but nothing happens. He then asks her to do it herself. He then says after falling from the cliff, she is is alive, what can he do. His wife Maddy then says don’t talk to me like that, I saw how were you handling her. Sameer says when I fooled her once, I can do it again. She is broken now, she will die soon, just wait and watch. Maddy says she does not have time to wait now. Aditya says relax, I will take care of Shikha, you just take care of your dad. Maid then knocks their door and says lunch is ready and to come down. They go down to the dining table and start having lunch. Maddy’s mom comes, greets them and says Maddy, Madu I prepared special kheer for you, you would not be getting it in london. Madhu says she does not like kheer. Madhu’s brother comes and says with time, habits also change. He then sits on thedining table and says if Madhurima didi does not like kheer, not to force her. He then asks for dad. His mom says he is playing with toys. Madhu’s brother says dad gets emotional. Madhu says you have become professional now. He says with time, along with habits priorities also change. Madhu’s dad comes with Manav.

Madhu’s dad asks his wife Sunaina to take Manav. Just then MAdhu picks Manav and consoles her. Madhu’s brother then says his dad that there is an important meeting with union minister tomorrow, he can handle it, but it would have been great if dad would accompany him. Dad says if you are telling you can handle, then go and handle. He says he dad has to take final decision. Dad says you take this time. He says I established this business empire after doing many mistakes. He then says do many mistakes, but don’t repeat the same and then asks his son to handle the meeting and take final decision. Son thanks dad and goes. Sunanda calls his husband. He stops, sees at Madhu and smiles. She asks what is he looking at. He says change, I am happy Madhu has changed. Three years back, she was always inebriated and didn’t know any responsibilities. Today, she has become responsible mother. Sunaina says with Arnav’s/Manav’s entry, their life has changed. Arnav has brought good fate for himself and his mama. Arnav/MAnav starts crying. Madhu says Arnav wants to go out and takes him out. Shikha is still waiting outise to see Manav. Door opens and Madhu is standing behind the door. Madhu calls nanny to take Arnav from there. She closes the door.

Precap: Shikha says inspector you were right, let Sameer do anything, he will have to bend before law. Though he took wrong path to ruin my life, I will fight truly and punish Sameer Verma.

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