Main Naa Bhoolungi 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 6th March 2014 Written Update

Madhu jokes with Aditya that Samaira sent her flowers, she is falling in love with him. She asks him to go personally and thank her for the flowers. Jai is waiting for Samaira for photoshoot. Aditya and Madhu reach and ask about Samaira. Samaira reaches just then and says Madhu they reached before her. MAdhu thanks Samaira for the lovely flowers. Jai also thanks and says Aarya also thanked her. Madhu insists Aditya to say thanks to Samaira for red roses bouquet. Samaira says she didnt send them, must be mistake by flower shop people, but he can be forgiven. Samaira asks sorry for the mistake as no wife would like red roses to be sent for her husband by someone else. She says Aditya is handsome. Madhu says she didn’t feel bad as Aditya has got many roses like this, and Aditya is

only hers forever. Jai asks Samaira to get ready for the the shot. She goes and washes her hand which was touched by Aditya remembering how he pushed her down with the same hand. She then gets ready and comes out. Madhu says she loooks gorgenous. Madhu gets a call and says she is coming. She says Aditya that UK client wants to do a conference and has to go. She informs Samaira wh says not to worry.

Aditya insists he will also come and goes. Samaira photoshoot starts but she is upset and sad. Photographer ask her to cheer up. Aditya comes back to pick his phone back. Samaira asks him to stay there to cheer her up. He agrees and informs Madhu about that.

She does photoshoot smiling and with confidence. Jawala music plays in the background. Photographer and everyone claps. Photographer says Aditya because of him, photoshoot went well with one take. Aditya tries to go. Samaira asks him to drop her home as her driver has not come. She goes to change her dress, washes her face and loses her lens. She gets worried that Aditya will identify her, searches for the lens but does not find it. She calls Neeraj and informs about the lens and Aditya. She asks him to get a lens pair from home. He says not to worry, he will bring it soon. Aditya waits for Samaira and asks a girl to check Samaira in her green room. Neeraj searches lenses and finds them under the bedsheet. Girl comes and informs Aditya was asking about you. Samaira asks her to inform Aditya to wait.
Shikha is waiting for Neeraj who is driving his car to reach there. Girl comes and informs Shikha is in the washroom and asked him to wait. Aditya goes into Samaira’s green room and calls her. She says she will come out in some time. He waits for her in the room. She hides her eye pretending as having migraine headache. She asks Aditya for waiting because to her. He asks why is she covering her eyes. She says it is because of headache. He says he will get pain killer and asks a girl to bring pain killer. Neeraj reaches the venue. Girl brings pain killer. Aditya gives her pain killer, but she does not take her and says water is not clean. Aditya goes to bring water and sees Neeraj coming. He stops Neeraj and asks about his assistant. He informs about the assistant and goes. Neeraj then gives lens to Samaira who wears it. She hears Aditya coming and asks Neeraj to hide in bathroom. Aditya gets water. She takes the tablet and asks him to go. He says he will wash hands and come. She acts as having more pain and asks him to take him home now. He agrees and they go out of the room.

Precap: Aditya and Samaira are traveling in the car. He says she reminds her of someone. Samaira asks if he is thinking about Shikha and says she must have troubled him a lot. He says he wants to forget her.

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