Main Naa Bhoolungi 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Main Naa Bhoolungi 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 6th February 2014 Written Update

Avinash looks at a piece of paper and asks who is Aditya Jagannath. Shikha says Sameer Verma is Aditya Jagannath. She asks inspector to find Aditya Jagannath instead. Inspector asks how can you so confidently say Sameer is Aditya Jagannath. Shikha says she broke Sameer’s watch by mistake and went to repair his watch in the showroom where he bought it. There, the watch was booked in Aditya Jagannath’s name. That time she didn’t pay attention, now she knows Sameer is Aditya Jagannath. Inspector tells Shikha that I told you though criminal is very intelligent, he will leave at least 1 clue. He says if Sameer is Aditya Jagannath, he will find it out from the given address and no one can stop him now. Inspector asks Shikha to be ready, as soon as he gets his address, we will

go there. Avinash says he will also be ready. Shikha says Avinash she will go alone. Avinash says he won’t let her alone. Shikha says inspector Naik is there. Avinash says he believes Naik, but he will be worried here. Shikha asks him to take care of Mahi, Vineet, and Sudha. Inspector says he will take care of Shikha and to believe him. Shikha says until their blessings are there, she will be alright. She will bring back Manav. Constable informs Naik that it is Delhi’s address and Aaitya Jagannath stays in Delhi. Shikh and inspector reach Delhi via flight.

Sameer is swimming in his mansion. Inspector Naik and Shikha give Sameer’s address to taxi driver to take them there. Taxi driver says it is a very posh locality. They are very rich people. Shikha asks if he knows them. Taxi driver says everybody knows them. They are one of richest people in Delhi. Shika and Naik sit in his taxi and reach Sameer’s bungalow. Shikha sees the bungalow and remembers maid’s words that Sameer used to get a call and they used to speak about crores. Security person on the gate asks inspector Naik who they want to meet. He says Aditya Jagannath. Security asks him if he has an appointment. He says he won’t meet without appointment. Insector Naik shows his ID card, and security leaves him in.

Sameer comes out from the swimming pool and sees his real wife sitting on the bench. Shikha and Naik go inside the house. Sameer is speaking to his wife romantically. He says he was waiting for her. She says she was speaking to her second husband. If he can be with his second wife, why can’t she be with second husband. Sameer says why not, but right now I am here. They kiss each other romantically.
Sameer speaks to somone on phone and says not to disturb him on weekdays and cuts the call. He starts romancing his wife again. He calls her princess, she asks where did he learn calling princess. He says he used to call his second wife, Shikha, princess. She asks “you used to call that behanji princess.” He says he knows, but he used to give fake smile and praise her. It was very difficult. She was preparing tasty food though. His wife asks by now, Shikha would be in hell. Sameer says she would in heaven as she was good hearted.

Naik and Shikha reach inside the home. Security stops them and asks who they want to meet. He says Aditya sir won’t be meeting anyone without appointment. Shikha feels him and says he is here itself and goes inside. Sameer’s first wife asks him what did he feel when he threw Shikha from cliff. He says he felt as if he saw a move and threw tickets after that, He says he got all this inspiration from you, and I can go to any extent for our happiness. She says she married him because of his passionate attitude. She pushes him in pool. Shikha listens to their voice and runs towards the swimming pool. Security stops them before the enter the pool area.

Security stops Shikha and Naik and says they can’t come here, else his job will be at stake. He requests them to go and wait downstairs. Security drops them downstairs and asks them to wait until Aditya comes.

Aditya/Sameer gets ready. His wife says she is glad he is back. Security comes and informs Aditya. His wife scolds security and asks him to tell the guests that Aditya won’t meet them. Aditya says he will go and meet.

He comes down and asks Shikha if they came to meet him as if he does not know her. He goes near Shikha and asks her how can he hep her. He says he didn’t recognize him and if he can help them. Naik asks him what is this drama Mr. Sameer Verma. Aditya/Sameer says he does not know who is Sameer, he is Aditya Jagannath. Naik says you are Aditya Jagannath for the world, but for us you are Sameer Verma. Aditya asks Naik if he is alright. He asks Shikha if she is from NGO and needs donation to tell him, he does not have any problem, his secretary will take care. He tries to go, but Shikha stops him and slaps him.

Precap: Shikha warns Sameer/Aditya that she will bring his truth to the whole world. She will get back her son Manav. Sameer’s first wife comes and asks him who is this mad woman and asks Shikha how dare you to misbehave with my husband.

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