Main Naa Bhoolungi 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 5th March 2014 Written Update

Madhu announces that Samaira is becoming Jagannath group’s brand ambassador. She asks her to sign the contract papers, and Samaira signs. Just then, Aditya brings Manav/Arnav. He calls mamma. She gets emotional and drops the pen. Neeraj comes in disguise as a reporter and cautions her as giving her pen. Shikha signs the contract. Madhu picks crying Arnav. Samaira says Arnav is cute. Madhu gives Arnav to nanny. Samaira signs the contract. Reporters congratulates her and asks how she is feeling after signing the contract. Samaira asks Madhu to speak to reporters and she is tired and has to go. Madhu asks reporters to question Samaira some other time and says them thanks for coming. Samaira hugs Madhu. Mohanto thanks and welcomes her to Jagannath group. She sees Aditya and says it

is nice being associated with them and goes.

Samaira/Shikha starts crying in the parking lot saying her Manav was there and was calling her mamma, but she could not hug her. Neeraj says he can understand. She says because of him, she could not hug Manav. She asks him why did he come in between and scolds him. He says she is doing for Manav itself. She says what is the use of this if she could not hug her son. He gets angry and asks to go and hug Manav, Aditya will get to know about her truth and everything will be finished. He asks her to forget about getting Manav and punishing Aditya. Samaira realizes her mistake and gets into the car.

Madhu asks Aditya if he is thinking of new idea to prove Samaira as Shikha. He asks her not to scold her more. She asks him why did he bring Arnav. If Samaira would have refused to sign the contract, then what she would have told dad. He says he did this to prove Samaira as Shikha. Madhu says then why didn’t she pick Manav, if he still believes she is not Shikha. He says he does not.

Shikha is sad remembering about Manav. She hears Manav calling her mamma and goes out. She sees Neeraj seeing Manav’s video which he recorded in the party in his mobile. He says he recorded it in the party for her. She thanks Neeraj. Aditya says he now believes she is not Shikha but Samaira. Madhu asks if he will not think of Shikha now onwards, he says never. She says she is happy that Shikha’s bhooth is out of his mind. She brings champagne bottle to celebrate. He smiles and says she was right, Shikha cant become like Samaira. He says sorry to Madhu. Even she says sorry for fighting with him. He assures there won’t be any from from hereon, he will sleep peacefully from today. They happily drink champagne. Just then, Arnav starts crying. Madhu scolds Arnav. Adtiya asks her to check Arnav. She says to check as she is tired and calls nanny.

Neeraj takes Shikha to the dining table. He says he knows this fight is very important for her and she has forgetting about her health. He says he prepared the whole food for her and asks her to eat. He serves food to her. Shikha remembers her mom, how she used to feed her and gets emotional. Neeraj says it is a matter of some days, she will be having food with her family and Manav soon. Today in the party, Aditya believed her Samaira.

She says Aditya will believe Samaira like Shikha and her parents believed Sameer. She then goes into flashback where Sameer trapped her family with his sugar-coated talks. She says Aditya will pay for it.

Mohanto and his family are having breakfast. Aarya comes and sees flower bouqet. She asks who broght them. Sunaina says Samaira sent. Aarya says they are her favourite flowers. Mohanto asks Jai when is he starting the campaign and marketing plan. He says he is doing it soon. Aarya says Samaira is very good at heart. Aditya gifts diamond necklace to Madhu. She says it is beautiful and gets happy. She asks what is the occasion for the gift and says gift is not a guesture of love always, he must have given many to Shikha. He says when husband has affair outside, he gives gift to wife. He says wives always doubt husbands. Maid comes and gives them flower bouqet. She gets happy. She sees red rose bouquet for Aditya and asks if he is having an affair with Samaira.

Precap: Samaira meets Aditya, Madhu and Jai. Madhu thanks Samaira for the lovely flower bouquets…

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