Main Naa Bhoolungi 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 5th February 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 5th February 2014 Written Update

Stalker is seen in a park with an album in his hands. He sits at benchh opens it. It has sketches of Shikha’s house and her pics, etc. He remembers how she slapped him. He draws Sameer’s sketch. He goes into flashback where gets out of a car and meets him in a restaurant. Sameer tells about Shikha to him and asks him to start following her every minute of the day. They further discuss something. Sameer then gives Shikha’s pic and asks him to start working from now itself. He then further remembers how the truck tried to kill kim. He says you pay for this Sameer.

Inspector Naik beats someone in locker. Constables stop him and says he will die. Naik asks constable to and check Sameer’s farm house and bring whoever is there. Shikha is walking on the road. She gets

inspector Naik’s phone call. He asks her to call come to police station. Stalker sees black car which Sameer gave him to follow Shikha. He tries to check it’s number, but number plate is broken. He goes inside the restaurant where he first met

Stalker shows Sameer’s pic to restaurant manager. Manager says he does not know him. Waiter identifies Sameer and asks stalker to show the pic again. He says he has seen Sameer there. Stalker asks when did he come. Waiter says Sameer had come with a woman. Stalker shows Shikha’s pic. Water says it was not her. Stalker asks waiter to describe woman’s pic. He describes, and stalker draws a pic. Waiter sees the pic and says she is the same woman. Avinash is inspector Naik. He says Sameer’s father told that he was staying in Nasik for 7-8 years. Inspector says he was lying, he came to Nasik just 6 months back. Even the house was rented. They met you in those 6 months, married Shikha and fled away. Inspector further says Sameer didn’t open an office in Nasik. Shikha remembers how Sameer lied when she asked why broker does not recognize her. Inspector says mumbai house was also rented. He gave a huge amount to house owners and didn’t make any rental agreement. He further says even farm house was not Sameer’s, it was government farm house rented by Sameer. Inspector says he booked farm house in manju shree’s name and constable would be bringing her any time.

Constable brings manju. Shikha remembers manju as her house maid. Manju sees Shikha and asks Shikha why is she here and what happend to her face. Inspector asks Shikha if she knows her. Shikha says she used to work in Sameer’s house.

Shikha asks if she is also involved in this. She asks where is Sameer and where did he take Manav. Manju says she does not know anything. Sameer’s parents threw her out after Sameer’s marriage. She then pleads by swearing on her child that she does not know anything. Shikha starts crying. She further says inspector that she does not know anything. Inspector says she was staying with them for 6 months and if she knows anything. She says Sameer used to misbehave with his parents most of the time as if they are their maids. She then says Sameer’s parents used to sleep in separate rooms. Even Shikha says she saw it. Maid says Sameer used to talk with a girl on phone about crores of rupees. One day maid picked it and girl was angry on Sameer. Inspector asks girl name on phone. Maid says she is illiterate. Inspector asks the maid to go now and she goes.

Inspector asks Shikha if she finds suspicious where they can find a clue. Shikha says sameer was perfect and she didnt doubt him any time and starts crying. Avinash consoles her and asks Naik not to trouble Shika now. Maybe Sameer’s name was also was a fake one. Shikha then remembers about the watch incident where manager called him as Aditya Jagannath. She asks Avinash to take her home fast.

Stalker goes to a tea stall, orders tea and reads newspaper. She sees girls pic which waiter described.

Shikha searches soemthing in a bag. She asks Sudha if she took goods from the bag. She says she didnt. Mahi comes and asks what is she searching. She shifted some items in cupboard. She goes and check cupboard and finds the paper she was searching. She reads Sameer’s name as Aditya Jagannath.

Precap: Inspector checks papers and says if Sameer is Aditya Jagannath, his adress would also be true. He asks Shikha to be prepared to travel. Avinash says he will accompany them. Shikha says she will go alone to find Manav.

Update Credit to: MA

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