Main Naa Bhoolungi 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 4th March 2014 Written Update

Samaira reaches Mohanto’s house for the party. Aditya thinks he will take her mask off her face and reveal her as Shikha. Reports asks Madhurima if Samaira is being roped in for their company. Another reporter says she heard Samaira didn’t sign the contract yet. Madhu says it is just a formality and it will be done today in the part, excuses them and goes. Jai and Aarya watch her speaking to reporters. Aarya consoles Jai not to worry, dad will change his decision of making MAdhu as MD and make him MD. Samaira and Mohanto speak to their staff members. Samaira enters the party venue. She remembers Aditya and Madhu’s words of kicking her out of Mohanto mansion. Reporters surround her, but Madhu asks them to speak to her later. Madhu takes her to meet Samaira. Mohanto greets her.

Samaira says it is an honour to meet him. He says even he is glad to meet a talented singer. He praises her for getting popularity in such a short span. She says she is thankful to Madhu that she launched her. She thanks him again. Madhu introduces Jai and Aarya to Samaira. She says Jai works under her. She praises Aarya for her dressing sense and asks her to open a fashion lable like her sister. Madhu says she is young now and learning, she has a lot of time to get into business. Samaira says talent has no age. Mohanto asks Samaira to tell about herself. She says she is from Switzer and her parents stay there. She came to India to pursue her music career. Aditya sends her German guest to speak to Samaira. Guest asks if she is from Switzerland. Samaira says yes. Aditya comes and asks guest Clara to speak in German with Samaira as she is born and bought up in Switzerland. Clara asks her to speak in German. Samaira does not speak anything and is tensed.

Samaira says nobody will understand German. Clara insists and even Mohanto insists her to speak in German. Aditya also insists to speak in German and says they will also learn from her. Clara speaks in German but Samaira does not speak anything. Aditya asks German is the Switzerland’s national language and if she does not know. Samaira speaks in German. Aditya gets shocked to hear that. She translates and says in Switzerland not only German, other 4 languages are also spoken; French, Dutch, Italian, and Romanian. Madhu drags Aditya from there and scolds for creating a drama. She asks to stop thinking about Shikha. He says he was just confirming. Madhu says how can she explain her. Aditya says he was with Shikha for 2 years. She says exactly, Shikkha was behanji and Samaira is a modern girl. She asks to have some drinks to get down Shikha’s hangover.

Shikha hears Manav crying and gets tensed. Aditya comes and asks why is she looking tensed. Samaira says nobody is taking care of the guest, so she is feeling awkward. He says she refused to go with Clara and says he will be at her service. He calls waiter and gives champagne to her. He says she is looking like a princess in this dress. She goes into flashback. Aditya asks if someone also told her like that. Samaira says he is talking filmy dialogues. He says he learnt from films itself, he is not poet. He asks if she writes poems. She says she writes in German and he does not understand that. Mohanto comes and says Sunaiana wants to hear her song. Samaira says without musician how can she sing. Sunaina says Aditya plays mandolin very well. Aditya says it will be his pleasure to play mandolin for such a lovely singer. He plays mandolin and Samaira sings Tinka Tinka Zara Zara, hai roshni se jaise bhara song. Everybody claps for her. Aditya breaks mandolin’s strings. She says she saw people breaking 1 string, but he broke 2 strings.

Sameer goes into flashback with Shikha. Samaira says he must have not practiced mandolin from a long time, so he broke strings. She says he plays mandolin well. Aditya gets angry and goes. Madhu praises her song and asks her to sign the contract. Aditya picks sleeping Arnav and thinks till when wil Shikha keep quiet. Madhu announces Samaira is becoming brand ambassador of Jagannath group and asks her to sign the contract. Just then Aditya brings Arnav. Arnav calls mamma. Samaira gets emotional and drops pen. Neeraj comes in disguise and gives her pen. She sees Neeraj.

Precap: Shikha cries saying she could pick Manav even when he was in front of her and called her mamma. Neeraj says he can understand. She says she couldn’t hold her Manav because of him and asks why did he came there..

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