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Aditya tells Jai that you are flying high. Jai threatens to show the recording to everyone. Aditya says, I forgot that I will leave silently. Did you understand. He comes to his room. Samaira massages his head. Aditya says, it is permanent pain. Samaira asks, what? He tells her that Jai asked him to leave else he will show the recording to Dad. Samaira says, I am relieved to see you in pain. Aditya says, I don’t know what to do. Samaira asks her to relax. Aditya says, it is a serious matter. We have to find a way to stay at this house. Samaira says, I will solve this problem. I will get the permanent solution to your headache.

Jai tells Aarya to relax and says they will leave by tomorrow. I gave him last warning. I will show him the recording if he doesn’t agree. He gets to

know that the chip is lost and wonders where it is? Samaira shows the chip to Aditya and says I saved you from Jai. Aditya says, you are too good. He pulls her closer and says if wife is beautiful and more understanding then love will grow. He tells her that yesterday they didn’t celebrate wedding night and says I didn’t make you feel special. I won’t leave you today. He gets closer. Samaira gets tensed.

Suno Naa Sangemarmar plays……….Aditya takes her in his arms and takes her to bed. Samaira asks him to leave her. Aditya asks her not to make any excuse today. Samaira tells him that she didn’t make any excuse. She asks him to work hard to make her feel special. Aditya says, do you enjoy to make me troubled. She leaves the room. Servant comes and informs them that Mohanto’s is not well. Aditya meets Jai on the way and laughs on him. He asks, did you lose your magical lamp? Jai gets angry. Aarya takes him to Mohanto. Doctor tells them that Mohanto will be fine without any medicines. Samaira says, it happens if someone places evil eye. She says, it happened with me. Mohanto says, I don’t need any pandit.

Samaira tells Aditya that mom was scared. Aditya says, why you troubled her with the talks. Aditya pulls her closer again. Samaira asks him to let her go. He says, never mind…Nobody can come inbetween us. Just then they hears Arnav cries. Samaira says, I will check him. She takes Arnav with her. Aditya is shocked. Samaira says, he will sleep with us. Aditya gets angry.

Next morning, Aditya asks Mohanto about his health. Mohanto says, I am somewhat fine. Samaira brings the pandit and says he will tell you the problem in seconds.

Mohanto tells that he doesn’t believe in all this. Samaira says sorry. Sunaina says, lets take Panditji’s opinion. Panditji asks him to tell the date. Mohanto tells the date. Panditji says, his grah is not going well. Sunaina asks him to tell the solution. Panditji says, your son have to do hardwork. He have to clean the house. Aditya says, we will get him do the work today. Aarya says, he went to Mumbai. Sunaina says, what we will do now.

Samaira says, Aditya is here. Aditya can do as he is like a son to Mohanto. Panditji says yes. Aditya gets trapped and is upset. Sunaina asks, can you do? Aditya says, I can do anything for Dad. Samaira calls the servant and asks him to get the sweeper and bucket for Aditya. She looks at him and thinks I will make your life hell. Aarya asks him to start the work. Samaira asks Panditji, from where to start. Panditji says, north east…Samaira says, it is having bathroom there.

Aditya goes to the bathroom and says no. Not possible. I can’t do this bad work. Samaira asks the servant to go. She asks Aditya to do it. Aditya says, I can’t do. Panditji is mad. Samaira asks, don’t you want to become company’s MD. Aditya laughs and says no one can become MD by sweeping. Samaira says, Mohanto will start thinking about me and asks him to think. She gives him a bucket and sweeper. Aditya goes to the bathroom and cleans it. He gets tired. Samaira asks him to clean the storeroom now. Aditya refuses to clean it. Samaira insists. Aditya says I can’t. She reminds him of MD position. Aditya cleans it unhappily. He sees a mouse and runs. Samaira recalls the past and thinks she will make his life hell.

Samaira is in Madhu’s house and calls Aditya. He comes and asks what happened. She tells Madhu ruining the room. Aditya gets angry and is about to slap Madhu. Samaira stops him.

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