Main Naa Bhoolungi 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Main Naa Bhoolungi 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 4th February 2014 Written Update

Avinash and Shikha go to Nasik police station and meet inspector Naik. He sees Shikha and gets shocked. He lisen their story and gets sad and assures them that he will find Manav at any cost. Avinash says inspector that if he would have listen to your words, this would not have happened. He says Sameer is a very clever man, he didn’t leave any clue or pic of him or Manav. Even his parents were fake. He was shocked to even hear that stalker and his car were sent by Sameer. He even informs inspector that stalker had come to their house. Inspector asks what did he say. Shikha says he was pretending as innocent and said Sameer tried to kill even him. He said he wanted to help me, but I threw him out. He gave his number, but I tore the paper. Inspector Naik says you would not

have done this, though he is telling lie, he would have helped us find Sameer. Inspector says constable to find the stalker. He then says though Sameer didn’t leave any clue, he will find Sameer soon. He asks Shikha if she knows Sameer’s back account number. She says she has it and asks inspector to bring her Manav back. Inspector assures her to reach Sameer soon and get Manav soon.

Mahi is crying, Sudha goes and tries to console her. Mahi says she does not know how to face did as Shikha and Sameer met because of her. Sudha says it is not her fault, they made a mistake believing Sameer and could not see his real face.

Avinash/Shikha reach home. Sudha asks what did inspector Naik say. Avinash says he started his investigation. Shikha goes and sit sadly. Her family sees her and gets sad. Vineet goes and tries to console her and says not to worry. He is searching Sameer on internet and social networks. He hugs Shikha and starts crying. Shikha asks her not to cry and he should help her. Vineet asks her to go and rest now. Shikha reaches her room. Mahi comes behind her. Shikha says she used to miss this room very much, especially the table. Faith brought her back to this room. She says she thought whenever she comes to Nasik, she would show this room to Manav. She has come, but Manav has not. Mahi says this bad till will pass soon. Sudha comes with food and asks Shikha to eat. Shikha says she is not hungry and says she can’t eat as she does not know if Manav has eaten something or not. He does not eat from anyone else except her. He must be hungry and she can’t eat. Sudha starts crying and goes out of the room.

Inspector Naik reach Sameer’s old house. They ring the bell and go inside. They ask the person staying there if it is his own house or rented. He says it is his own. Inspector asks if he had rented it to someone else. He says he didn’t rent it any time. Inspector slaps him and asks him about Sameer. House owner says he doesn’t know anything about him and just met him before and after leaving the house. Inspector asks for rental agreement. Owner says Sameer didnt want any rental agreement as he wanted this house for only 6 months and give a huge amount, so he agreed without rental agreement. Inspector slaps him again and says because of people like him, people’s lives get ruined. Owner says sorry. Inspector says Sameer ruined a girl’s life because of you.

Shikha is searching accounts on social networks with Vineet and asks him to check if they have telephone numbers. Vineet says you checked more than 50 numbers but could not find Sameer Verma. He says you are very tensed and asks her to relax. Shikha says she is just worried about Manav. She is saved after falling from cliff just because of Manav. She wants to reach Sameer and can’t believe him. Door bell rings. Vineet opens the door and finds Shikha’s boss outside. Boss says he wants to meet Shikha. Vineet says Shikha can’t meet him now. Shikha sees him and asks him to come in. She says she will bring water for him, but boss says it is ok, he wants to talk to her. Boss asks him how is she. Shikha says she is in front of him. He says he can’t believe this happened, he writes about these articles in his magazine, but could not find Sameer’s true identity himself.

Boss says what has he made you. Shikha says she is not worried about herself, she just wants Manav back and starts crying. Boss says Manav will be back soon. She says a small kid can’t live without her mother. Boss says you inspired many people with your poems. He shows her a letter from her fan and reads it. It reads, dear shikha you are an inspiration to all the women, reading your poems I get inspiration every week. He the consoles her and says if she cant write such good poems, she can do better than this. Boss asks her not to feel dejected so soon and fight the battle.

Constable informs inspector Naik that he checked Sameer’s accounts and all the accounts are fake. He gave mumbai address for all his accounts and even his PAN card number is fake. He further says Sameer withdrew all the money from his account leaving just 2 rupees before panchgani incident. Inspector says to withdraw the money, it should have come from somewhere. Inspector asks constable to find out where the money came from.

Shikha is sitting hugging Manav’s teddy. She remembers her happy days with Sameer and Manav. She remembers the mandolin string incident and thinks she can find out about Sameer from the mandolin shop. She goes to the shop and inquires about Sameer. Shop owner says he can’t remember anything. She describes Sameer’s identity and also says he bought mandolin sting packet. Owner then remembers Sameer and says he was a very good person. He asks where is Sameer. Shikha says she is searching him and asks if he knows antying about him. Owner says Sameer came last to buy strings and told his loved one breaks strings often and is buying them for her. Shikha murmurs in her mind why did he do this to her, where did he vanish. She will find him and get answers to all her questions.

Precap: Shikha searches a bag and asks Sudha if she shifted her goods from that bag. Sudha says she didnt. Mahi comes and asks what is she searching. She does not reply and starts searching for something in her cupboard and finds a paper. She reads Sameer’s name as Aditya Jagannath.

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