Main Naa Bhoolungi 3rd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 3rd March 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 3rd March 2014 Written Update

Aditya comes to Samaira’s house. Samaira and Neeraj see him coming in. Samaira goes and asks whom he wants to meet, hope she has not come to meet Shikha Gupta. He says he has come to meet Samaira Seth and says he would not done what he did in office, it was a mistake. Samaira says if people realise their mistake, they ask sorry, does he understand what she is trying to say. If he does not to say sorry, it is ok. Samaira tries to go. Aditya stops her and asks sorry to Samaira. She aks to repeat. He says he is sorry. She says it is ok, she did not hear someone say sorry so cutely, she will forgive him. She asks him to sit and asks what he wants to drink. He says no thanks. She says he has come to her house for the first time and has to drink something. She brings champagne. He says

people celebrate with champagne, what is she celebrating then. She says he asked sorry to him, so it is celebration for her. She gives him campagne.

Aditya asks to sign the contract paper and then they can have champagne. She says he is very smart, knows how to take advantage of people. Sameer goes into flashback of picking and dropping Shikha to office and home. They say cheers for their new beginning and have champagne. Shikha sees him turning around and having champagne. She asks what happend, people die to meet
Samaira and he is turning his face. He says he is thinking of herself, words are not enough to praise her. He gives her contract papgers. She says she will read the papers and sign. Aditya says ok and tries to leave. She stops him and says thank you by shaking his hand. He says my pleasure and leaves. Samaira thinks start counting the days Aditya Jagannath, you will have to pay for your sins soon.

Aditya is driving his car, he remembers Samaira’s words and thinks he just need one chance to prove she is Shikha, not Samaira.

Mohanto is playing with Arnav. Madhu asks Arnav to learn what nanu is teaching. She says Aditya had called and informed Samaira accepted the offer but needs time to read the contract. Mohanto asks to make it fast as many music companies wants themselves to be associated with Samaira. Madhu asks not to worry.

Madhu asks not to worry, Samaira will sign the contract soon. Mohanto asks to throw a party for Samaira and get the contract sign there. Madhu says it is a great idea and she will arrange the party.

Neeraj comes and congrats Shikha for the contract and win. She says she will win when she will get back Manav and punish Aditya as he betrayed her becoming Sameer. Madhu calls party organizers and informs them to organize the party and to call media fraternity. Aditya comes and sees news paper with Samaira’s news. Madhu asks him to forgive her and she insulted him a lot. She then sees him seeing Samaira’s pic in news paper. She asks if he is still doubting that Samaira is Shikha. He asks him to stop thinking about Shikha and forget her. He nods yes. She aks to come without thinking about Shikha in the party. Aditya thinks he will get Samaira’s truth in front of everybody in party.

Shikha/Samaira says Neeraj that she will show Aditya how it feels when someone get betrayed. He took her family and Manav away from her, she will take his money and family from him and get him down on the roads. She asks Neeraj to congratulate her when she gets her Manav and get down Aditya on road. Neeraj says that day will be very soon and gives him Mohanto Jagannath’s party invitation at his home.

Shikha says she can’t go to Mohanto’s house as she can’t control herself seeing Manav. She has not seen him since 6 months. She can’t control herself hugging Manav. She is a mother and can’t do that. Neeraj says she knew this day was to come soon and she had to face Manav as Samaira. She can’t get away with this opportunity and she has to get into Jagannath’s family. If she wants to see Manav in her hands and Aditya on her feet, then she has to go.

Samaira calls her designer and asks to make a best dress for party. She says she wants people to get mesmerized with her dress and beauty. Designer says done, he will do it and goes.

Reporters asks Madhu if Samaira is their brand ambassador for Jagannath Music company. Madhu says they heard it right, Samaira will also be their company’s brand ambassador. Reports asks they heard Samaira has not yet signed the contract, does that mean some other music company roped in her. Madhu says it is just paper formality, it will be done in today’s party. She excuses them and goes.

Samaira gets ready for the party. Neeraj is playing chess. She asks if he also likes chess. She defeats him and thinks her life is also like a chess game, but there is only one player there. Neeraj gives her his purse. She checks and finds gun it. Neeraj asks her to keep it for her safety for his sake. She agrees.


Precap: Aditya introduces his German guest to Samaira and asks her to speak in German with his guest. Aditya says Samaira must be knowing German very well. His guest asks Samaira if they can speak in German.

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