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Mohanto refuses for adoption. He says, I know Samaira loves Arnav, but it will be unfair to Madhu. Madhu will be Arnav’s mom. Sunaina says, he is right. We can’t snatch this right from her. Aditya gets shocked and says I wanted to say that…..Samaira comes and says it is okay. Mr. and Mrs. Aditya are right. Sunaina says, please don’t think us wrong. Samaira says, you are right. Arnav’s mom is Madhu. I would love him so much, but Madhu will be his mom always. He says, I will love him always. Arnav might call me Aunty after growing up. He will be special for me. She leaves. Aditya leaves too.

Mohanto gets tensed. Sunaina sits beside him comforting him. Samaira comes to Arnav and says my son……She feels bad. She says, today your mumma is very sad. She

tells Arnav that nothing is happening according to her thinking. She says, I married Aditya for you, but Mohanto splashed water on my hopes. Arnav calls her mumma. Samaira takes him in her lap and promises to take him with her.

Sudha asks Avinash, why you are tensed? Avinash says, Mohanto refused to let Samaira have Arnav legally. Sudha gets shocked and wonders what will Shikha do now. Avinash tells her that Shikha will get Manav soon.

Samaira is still sad. Aditya comes to her and says I know you are very upset. I tried to make Dad understand. but……Samaira says, I didn’t ask anything from you. I didn’t ask anything wrong. What is wrong if I wants to adopt him legally. Aditya says, mistake is mine. I couldn’t agree mom and dad. He apologizes to her. Samaira says, atleast you tried. I think I have to live with the thought that I am Arnav’s step mom. Aditya says, you loved him like a real mom. I will get you Arnav legally. Samaira hugs him happily. She thinks, once Arnav gets back to me legally then see what I do with you.

Mohanto signs on some papers. Jai tells him that you signed on the wrong side. Mohanto signs again. Jai asks, what happened? Sunaina tells him that Samaira wants to adopt Arnav legally and we refused. Samaira is upset because of that. Servant tells Mohanto that someone came to meet you. Mohanto asks him to send him in.

Someone comes to meet Mohanto and introduces himself as Mr. Vajpayee. He invites Mohanto for school inauguration. Mohanto agrees to come. Aditya and Samaira come there. Mr. Vajpayee says, I will leave now. He looks at Arnav and asks about him. Mohanto says, he is my grand son. Mr. Vajpayee asks Mohanto to take Arnav to his school for admission. He says, so I will fill the form. Aditya tells his name. He asks, for the mother’s name. Samaira says, I am not his mom. Mr. Vajpayee says, I am sorry. Mohanto and Sunaina realizes Samaira’s discomfort.

Samaira goes to give medicines to Madhu. She unlocks the door and gets in. Madhu looks at her. Samaira asks her, why you didn’t have fruits? It is not good to waste the food and asks her to eat. Madhu looks on. Samaira forces her to eat. Madhu throws it on the floor. Sunaina comes there hearing the voice. Samaira tells her that Madhu insisted to have rotten fruits and I stopped her. Sunaina says, she will send the Maid to clean it. Samaira asks, what did you do?

Samaira asks her not to refuse for medicines. Madhu gets angry, but thinks to have patience tll she gets a chance. Aditya is with Arnav. Jai tells the maid to take Arnav to his room. Aditya asks Jai, what is this drama? Jai says, I don’t like your trick. He says, I told you to leave this house after marriage, but you are flying high. Samaira gives medicines to Madhu and asks her to take it. Madhu looks at it. Samaira says, daily you will get more madly and forcefully makes her take the tablet. Samaira asks her to show the burnt wound and says very bad it is healing. It can’t be. I can’t see it. She tells Madhu that her married life is good with her husband. I will send you videos of our honeymoon too. I will be back to entertain you. Madhu gets angry and thinks she is crossing her limits. She says, my time will come then you won’t be spared.

Aditya tells Samaira that his wife is beautiful and very understanding. He says, I didn’t get a chance to make you feel special. I won’t leave you today. He gets close to Samaira.

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