Main Naa Bhoolungi 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 31st March 2014 Written Update

Aditya remembers Ajay’s words that Samaira is not the one she looks. Samaira comes with a juice and asks him where is he going. He says he has some work. She says he cannot go out until he gets well. He says he is alright and there are some things which needs to be taken care of, so he is going out. Samaira says she will go with him to drive the car. He asks her not to think much as it will lead to stress and then wrinkles on the face. He says your face is beautiful and nothing should happen to it, so don’t think much. He say I will return soon, wait for me and then goes. Samaira thinks why is he talking weird, something must be there. She calls Neeraj and informs Ajay would have called Aditya and informed everything. She asks him to do what they thought earlier. Neeraj says


Ajay takes the file and thinks he will get 10 crores from this file. Samaira follows Aditya’s car. Aditya remembers Samaira’s words and trying to being closer to him. Aditya gets out of the car and waits for Aditya. Ajay is seen waiting for Aditya behind the tree. Aditya gets MAdhu’s call who asks why didn’t he call her and ask how is she. She asks being an AMD, he didn’t even ask about the process going on. Aditya says he knows she will come and inform her everything. Madhu says she will come in 1 hour and asks him to pick up from airport. Aditya says he cannot come as he is waiting for someone. Madhu gets angry and asks what important work he is having. Aditya says he is doing something for them and it is a surprise.

Neeraj catches Ajay saying he knows his cruel intentions. Ajay escapes from Neeraj and goes towards police saying a man was trying to kill him. Neeraj goes to Samaira’s car. She asks where is Ajay. He says Ajay escaped.

Inspector beats Ajay and asks if he is waiting for Aditya and rubbishing about Samaira. Ajay says Samaira is Shikha and he has a proof in this file. He says he will get 10 crores from Aditya for giving the file and he will share money with inspector. Inspector slaps him again and says he is a sincere police officer. He says he will put Ajay behind bars. Ajay asks what is he telling. Neeraj and Samaira come there and says inspector is telling right.

Ajay is shocked to see Neraj and Samaira and asks how come they are here. Samira says inspector is not corrupt like him. She says inspector was out of station, so he was lucky, else he would have been caught before. Inspector says he seized all the money from his hotel room and now he will encounter him. Ajay pleads to not kill him. Neeraj gives him different file and asks Ajay to give it to Aditya. Ajay agrees and pleads to leave him if he gives the file to Aditiya. They agree. Aditya waits for Ajay and is about to go. Ajay goes and gives him the file. Aditya takes the file and thinks he Samaira/Shikha Gupta’s game is finished now.

Jai and Madhu reach home and Jai greets Sunaina and Mohanto. Jai informs they got the signatures of farmers. Sunaina asks Madhu how was her trip. Jai says Madhu enjoyed and she even wore village saree for pooja. Madhu says she will go and meet Aditya now. Sunaina says Aditya has gone out and even Samaira has gone out. Just then, Aditya comes home and says he has got a surprise for everyone. He says he told them earlier that Samaira is Shikha Gupta and they should not allow her in their company. Mohanto asks him to speak clearly. Aditya says Samaira is Shikha Gupta. Mohanto asks if he is in his senses. Aditya says he will prove now. Samaira comes and asks what he wants to prove. Aditya says her welcome and says he meets Samaira daily, but today he is meeting Shikha Gupta. Samaira asks if he is alright. He says he is alright and she will start feeling ill now. Aditya asks what is the secret behind her beautiful face. Mohanto asks what is he talking. Aditya says Shikha did plastic surgery on her face and came as Samaira. He gives file to Mohanto and says all details are in the file. He addresses Samaira and says her truth has come out now.

Samaira says Aditya is acting like a kid who sees a wrapper and thinks there is a cholocate in it when it is just a wrapper. She asks Mohanto to check the file and tell what surgery she uderwent.

Samaira asks Aditya why is he behind her thinking she is Shikha, what did he do to Shikha that he is afraid of her. Samaira asks Aditya to call plastic surgeon and check what surgery she did undergo..

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