Main Naa Bhoolungi 31st July 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 31st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhu gets her panic/illness attack. She crawls out of her room towards fridge with great difficulty and gets her injection bottle.

Shikha, her siblings and Neeraj wish Sudha and Avinash happy anniversary. Mahi says she took them out to give this surprise. Avinash says he forgot about it. Shikha says will we forget you?

Aditya gets a call and says he will come there

Avinash and Sudha’s start their marriage anniversary rituals and remarry with saath pheras.

Aditya goes to the parking area, checks his new car and says it is very beautiful.

Avinash and Sudha then cut their anniversary cake. Shikha gives them a gift. Avinash checks house papers and gets surprised. Shikha says this house is yours now and you don’t have to leave it now. Mahi asks

why did not they inform her. He says he was afraid and asks Shikha why did she buy such a costly house. Shikha says they sacrificed a lot for her revenge and it is her time repay them. She says parents take care of kids in their bad time and why can’t kids help them in their bad time.

Madhu sadly thinks Samaria ruined her life and thinks of taking revenge.

Avinash thanks Shikha for her gift. Sunaina calls Samaira/Shikha and asks her to reach office soon.

Car dealers gives Aditya car keys. Mohanto comes and asks if he bought it for him from company’s money. He says yes. He asks if he remembers what salary he gave him yesterday and he won’t save 60 lakhs even in 1 year, he asks him to buy car from his money. Sunaina asks him to stop insulting Aditya. He says I am showing him his identity and gives car keys to Aarya. Aarya thanks him and says Aditya that he can drive her car when he needs it. Aditya asks Mohanto how can he do that to him. Mohanto says he is a poor man who married his daughter and used her to get money. Aditya says it is enough,he is crossing his limit. Mohanto says this property and money which he is enjoying belongs to him and he is using even his surname and asks him to remove Jagannath from his name and earn his own identity. Samaira who silently watches the incident smirking from a distance says Aditya Mohanto insulted him a lot and it is not done. Aditya pours petrol on the car and burns it.

Mohanto and family hear fire alarm, come down and are petrified seeing the car burning. Mohanto asks Aditya if he is in his senses. Aditya says he is not his servant that he can misbehave with him. Mohanto says he is living on his money and shouting on him. Aditya says him go to hell, he will remove his surname Jagannath from his name and goes from there.

Madhu opens the door and tries to elope, but Neeraj catches her on time and takes her back to her room.

Sunaina asks Mohanto why did he scolded Aditya. He says he showed him his true identity. She says he is ready to remove Jagannath surname now. Mohanto says he will not as he is not a kind of person to leave the lavishness.

Aditya says he will remove surname from his name and show Mohanto what he is.

Precap: Aditya says Mohanto that he is leaving his surname and house altogether with his wife and child. Mohanto says Arnav will not go from here.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ahaan:D and now wen mohanto says he cant take arnav then aditya will say tht he was never your grandson anyway and spill the beans !! I think..

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