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Main Naa Bhoolungi 30th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya reaches his office and is surprised to see Mohanto having a meeting with his staff. He says he would have relaxed at home instead. Mohanto says he wanted to interact with his staff and says he himself wanted to give salary cheques to them. He gives cheques to everyone and gives it to Aditya also. Aditya says why is she joking with him. Mohanto says he also deserves salary as he works. Aditya checks the cheque and is shocked to see only 2 lakhs written on it. He asks if Mohanto thinks he does not work and someone else works on his behalf. Mohanto asks him to earn money from hard work from now onwards.

Shikha and her siblings plan for their parent’s upcoming birthday. Shikha apologizes them for making their like tougher because of her. They ask her not to think like

that. Avinash’s office staff meets him and informs that he has to leave company provided house now as he is the manger of the branch and is allotted the house now. Shikha comes there and asks who are these people. Avinash says he is my colleague and just came to see our house.

Aditya informs Samaira about Mohanto giving him salary cheque and asks how can he do that. Samaira says he is doing as he thinks you depend on him and is using Jagannath surname and asks him to drop the surname and to build his own status. She asks if he can do that.

Census people from government come and ask Mohanto to tell the details of his family. They see Aditya and asks if he is Mohanto’s son. Mohanto says he is my son-in-law, not son and his name is Aditya Jagannath and kept his surname after marrying my daughter Madhu. They then ask Samaira about her name. She says her name is Samaira Seth and asks them not to write her surname as Jagannath. She leaves from there to her room after saying that.

Sudha asks Avinash till when we will hide from our children that we have to leave this house. Avinash says bank is hiring young talented people and early retiring old staff, so they have to shift to a small house now, says he does not have courage to inform it them. Mahi comes and asks them to accompany her for a sale.

Aditya comes to his room and asks Samaira why did she come up instead of speaking to guests. Samaira says she did not want to be insulted more and felt bad when Mohanto pointed out that Aditya leaves her and uses my surname. She asks him to build his own reputation and name now.

Car dealer calls Mohanto and informs him that Aarya has ordered a new imported car. Mohanto calls Aarya and asks if she needs a new car, then to come with him.

Shikha, Vineet, Neeraj and Mahi are busy decorating house for Avinash/Sudha’s anniversary celebrations. Shikha thanks Neeraj for his help.

Madhu gets a panic attack/drug reaction and reminisces Neeraj informing Shikha that he has an antidote and has kept it in fridge. She with great difficulty falls on the ground and opens the door.

Precap: Mohanto angrily tries to slap Aditya saying he is enjoying lavish life from his money. Aditya holds his hand and misbehaves with him.

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