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Aditya informs Mohanto about fire in their office. Mohanto asks how did it happen. Aditya says he does not know, we have to go and check. Samaira insists to go with them seeing Aditya tensed. They reach their office and ask their employee who says nothing is damaged except Aditya cabin. They go and check Aditya’s cabin furniture burnt totally. Samaira asks him not to worry. Sunaina asks, how your cabin is burnt only. Samaira sees a keychain and recalls it is Neeraj’s keychain. Aditya tells that he will collect the remaining documents and see them at home. Samaira says, I will be with you here. Aditya says no and says it will take time. Samaira looks at the keychain and silently picks it up. Aditya asks her to go home. She leaves.

Avinash gets tensed. Mohanto and his family

come back home with Samaira. Mohanto informs Aarya and Avinash that Aditya’s cabin is burnt. Avinash asks about Aditya. Mohanto says, he is there and will be back late. Samaira looks at Avinash and goes to her room. She looks at the keychain. Aditya comes back home. Samaira asks him about his files. Aditya says her sorry and holds her hand. He says, our first night is spoiled because of this accident. Samaira says, you didn’t do any mistake. Aditya says, we were happy before. Samaira says, it is okay. He says, I am very tired. Samaira says, it is fine. She looks at the keychain and thanks Neeraj from saving her from Aditya.

Next morning servants comes to Samaira and Aditya’s room and gives them tea. Samaira asks Aditya to wake up and prepares tea. She puts his finger in hot tea. Aditya wakes up and shouts. Samaira wishes him good morning. Aditya pulls her closer to him and asks her to sit for sometime. Samaira asks him to go to office. Aditya replies it is burnt, what I will do there. He asks her to make him drink tea with her hands. Samaira asks, can’t you drink with your hands. Aditya praises her. Samaira laughs. She makes him drink tea. Aditya tastes a sip and says it is nice.

He tells you have become Arnav’s mom. Samaira recalls her moments with Manav and says Arnav is not my son. He is just like a son for me. Aditya says, we are married, so you have become his mother. Samaira says, no. I am his step mom. I have to adopt him to become his mom. Aditya asks, what is the need? Samaira says, I didn’t give him birth. I will be called his mom, if I adopt him legally. Aditya says, what will happen with adoption. Samaira says, I will get peace. This will be a wedding gift for me. Aditya agrees and says I will talk to mom and dad. Samaira thanks him. Aditya asks her to make him drink tea daily. Samaira says, I will make you drink poison daily.

Jai tells Aarya that Aditya’s cabin is burnt. Aarya asks, did you do it. Jai says, I won’t play some games. I want him to leave from our house. Aarya says, he is staying in our house. Jai says, he won’t longer be here.

Samaira gets Sudha’s call. Sudha asks her, how are you? Samaira says, I am fine. Sudha says, I am tensed about you. Samaira says, I married with some intention. It is drama for me. Sudha says, Aditya will have right on you and asks about her wedding night. Samaira tells her that Neeraj saved her. He burnt Aditya’s cabin. Sudha thanks God and says, but who will save you daily. Samaira says, Aditya will be ruined when I get Manav legally. She disconnects the call.

Sunaina and Mohanto play with Arnav. Aditya comes to them and says I want to talk to you both. Servant comes and says Samaira madam wants to feed Arnav with her hands. She made breakfast for him. Aditya thanks Mohanto and Sunaina for getting him married to Samaira. He says, I was scared. He says, something is bothering Samaira. Truth is that Samaira is not Arnav’s real mom. Arnav calls her mom, but she is not his real mom. She will be his step mom. Mohanto asks, what are you talking about? We never thought her as step mom. Aditya says, people will call her step mom. Samaira is worried as Arnav will be upset after growing up. He says, Samaira wants to adopt him legally.

Sudha tells Mahi that Neeraj saved Shikha from Aditya and says I am worried until when he will save Shikha. Mahi tells her that he will continue to save her and says he is her real life partner. Sudha asks, what are you saying? Mahi says, he is her best friend. Mohanto and Sunaina are shocked after hearing Aditya’s words. Mohanto refuses to let Samaira adopt Arnav legally. Aditya gets shocked,

Jai asks Aditya, what is your motive behind adopting Arnav legally. Aditya says, he is my son. Jai gives him one day’s time and threatens to show the recording to everyone. Aditya gets shocked.

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