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Main Naa Bhoolungi 29th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya rams his car into a pedestrian while driving rashly under the influence of alcohol. He tries to flee the scene but Samaira tells him to stop the car as she wants to take the injured to the hospital. People gather around the injured man and start blaming Samaira for it because she starts apologizing looking at his condition. Aditya tells them that it was him who was driving the car. He gets into a fight with the crowd when they accuse him & tell him to come along to the police station. He announces that he belongs to the affluent Jagannath family & so, they should not interfere in this matter. The crowd disperses. Samaira tells Aditya to take the injured man to the hospital and he agrees.

At the Jagannath mansion, Neeraj recalls Shikha’s closeness to Aditya &

gets worked up when Madhurima asks him if he’s thinking about Shikha. She tells him that she can help them both to achieve their goals & asks Neeraj to trust her. Madhu says that she hates Aditya as well because he’s out there enjoying his status, (which she gave to him) while she’s enduring misery locked up in a room. Neeraj administers the sedative while she repeatedly pleads him not to. He tells her that one good deed cannot wipe out all her sins from the past.

Samaira & Aditya get the injured man admitted in the hospital. The police reaches the hospital & start their investigation. They enquire Aditya & he admits that although he was drunk but the pedestrian suddenly walked into his way. Aditya bribes the police officer (20 lakh rupees) & tells him to bury the matter. Samaira is shocked to see this. Aditya boasts to her as to how his name & status took care of everything. She is disgusted with his egoistic attitude & decides to target his name & status next.

Madhurima has a nightmare of how Shikha has been torturing her. She wakes up screaming & grabs a glass of water kept at bedside. She starts hallucinating again & thinks it’s blood (and not water). She grows more delirious & imagines all the walls being splattered with blood. She starts panicking & gets a bucket of water to remove the (imagined) blood stains. Mahanto, Sunaina & Neeraj walk in but Madhu continues to hallucinate. Neeraj gives her the sedative.

Aditya & Samaira arrive home. In the living room, Mahanto enquires as to where’s he been. Aditya lies to him that they had gone out for dinner. Mahanto loses his temper & informs him that he knows of the road accident already. He accuses Aditya for being inconsiderate about his family’s reputation. Aditya tells Mahanto not to over-react about the situation as he took care of the situation before the news could reach the media. Mahanto tells him that money itself & the elite reputation associated with ‘Jagannath’ name took care of the situation. He tells Aditya that if he doesn’t mend his ways then he’ll face severe consequences. He tells him to stop targeting Jagannaths’ reputation as he himself is incapable of making his own name. He reminds him how Madhurima gave him a name. Aditya replies back yelling that he’s working hard at the company too since he’s the Assistant Managing Director & therefore, holds a share in family’s wealth. He walks away & Samaira follows him. Mahanto tells Sunaina that Aditya is crossing all limits & his misconceptions must be cleared.

In the bedroom, Samaira sympathizes with Aditya & tells him that Mahanto shouldn’t have accused like that. Then she provokes him & says that she somehow agrees with what Mahanto said about Aditya being incapable as he works for Jagannath company. Samaira blatantly asks him why he’s still using ‘Jagannath’ as his surname as he is no longer their son-in-law. Aditya is left speechless.

At the office next morning, Aditya excitedly awaits for the delivery of his new car that he had ordered. Meanwhile, Mahanto re-joins the company as the MD. He asks the manager to give him details about Aditya’s work & the meetings that he’s handling. Aditya is surprised to learn that Mahanto is back.

Precap for tomorrow: Mahanto gives Aditya his salary check. Mahanto tells him that since he’s working for the company so he must be paid & tells him to open the envelope containing the check. Aditya is shocked to see his salary being only 2 lakh rupees.

Update Credit to: JAHHNAVI

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