Main Naa Bhoolungi 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 28th March 2014 Written Update

Mohanto recieves envelope from Ajay and asks him to go. Saamira watches him opening the envelope and starts acting that spider bit her to divert Mohanto’s attention. Mohanto says there is no spider n her and says she gets worried like a kid. Samaira says she is afraid of lizards, spiders, etc. She says she will go and change. She asks about the envelope. Mohanto says it is for Aditya. She asks to give it to her and she will give it to Aditya. Mohanto agrees and she gives it to her. She gets relieved receiving the envelope.

Madhu and Jai are traveling in a car for village pooja. Madhu says it is very hot and there is no AC. She scolds Jai that he would have gone alone instead of taking her. Driver stops the car and says car is not starting. He asks them to get down and

walk from there. Samaira starts walking and steps on a cow dung. Jai laughs seeing her condition. They reach sarpanch’s house somehow. Sarpanch greets them. She asks him to start the pooja soon. Sarpanch wife sees Samaira’s bold dressing style and asks she cannot sit in pooja wearing this weird saree and will have to wear their clothes. Madhu gets angry and asks Jai to take her from here. Jai says what will they say to Mohanto if they go without villager’s signatures on papers. Madhu agrees to wear Sarpanch’s wife’s saree.

Samaira scolds Neeraj for giving 25 lakhs to Ajay without informing her. She says even after taking money, he went to Aditya. Today, due to their good fate, she got the papers, else Aditya would have caught him. Neeraj gets the gun and says he will kill the assistant as he cannot see her defeating. Samaira says he does not have to kill him as she has a plan to tackle him.

Ajay thinks why did not Aditya call him back after he received the envelope. He calls Aditya’s landline and asks maid that he is calling from office and wants to speak to Aditya. Maid transfer his call to Aditya. Ajay asks Aditya why didn’t he call after receiving the envelope. Aditya says he did not receive any envelope and asks him to keep the phone. Ajay says he has a breaking news for him and says Samaira has done plastic surgery to her face. She has a big secret behind her face. Aditya asks proof. Ajay says he came to his house with proof, but this time h has to come and meet him and gives him the location to meet. Aditya thinks that his doubt towards Samaira is right and she must be Shikha itself.

Madhu wears sarpanch’s wife’s saree and comes out. Jai says she is looking realy beautiful and asks her to buy these kind of sarees. He asks her to come for pooja. She asks him to sit and she will join him soon. She calls Aditya. Aditya is getting ready. He sees her call, picks it and says he is busy right now and will talk to her late. Madhu remembers Samaira is with Aditya and she also remembers Jai’s words that Aditya does not love her and he is just behind her money. Jai sarpanch asks her to sit in the pooja and she joins them.

Aditya is about to leave to meet Ajay. Samaira stops him.

Precap: Aditya says you will get stress if you think more and your face will get wrinkles and asks her not to think much. He goes to meet Ajay. Neeraj is seeing holding Ajay.

Update Credit to: MA

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