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Aditya says he needs to relax after the recent stressful incidents. She asks if he is going on long drive. He says he is going to play cards as it was his past favourite stress buster. He asks her to check his credit cards while goes to the washroom. She says ok. He thinks she is pushing her husband to glambling, maybe she is trying to just act as caring for me. Once he goes into washroom, Samaira takes pics of his credit card. He comes back, takes his cards from her and thinks if she is acting, she will try to create problem. He says he will be late today and says her goodbye. She says him to have a great time and asks him to come soon if possible. Neeraj sees them hugging together and gets annoyed. Once Aditya leaves, he comes into her room and asks where is Aditya going at midnight.

She says he is going to casino to gamble.

She says he took only credit cards and she will block his cards, people will make a joke of him that Aditya is gambling witout money. She says she is happy that her plan against Aditya is going well. Neeraj asks why is she trying to become romantic with him. She says until she gets Manav’s custody, she has to act like Aditya’s faithful wife.

Madhu wakes up hearing wind sound and tries to wake up to close the window, but she could not wake up and she is paralytic down the legs. She calls Mohanto for help. IT is just her dream and she wakes up from her dream, gets up and feels relaxed standing on her legs, but thinks if she is really going mad and then remembes Samaira telling that her paranoid symptoms are because of medicines.

Aditya reaches casino. Manager greets him and asks about Madhu. He says he came alone.

Neeraj gives Madhu her medicine and asks her to eat. Madhu requests him not to give her medicine and in turn she will help him and Shikha against Aditya. Neeraj says they don’t need her help and tells about Aditya going to casino without money.

Madhu says Aditya does not gamble and till now has not gambled at all and says he lied Shikha and has some plan against Shikha. He asks how does she know. She says he spent many years with him and knows his nature and says these days he is going through a lot of trouble, so he must be testing Shikha. She asks him to go and help Shikha if he loves her.

Samaira blocks Aditya’s credit card. Aditya is busy gambling and loses. He says he will leave from there now. Manager asks why he is upset, Madhu would have gambled whole night. Aditya says his lady luck is not with him today. He says sometimes love is not lucky. Aditya thinks if he gets into trouble, then it means Samaira is trying to play games with her. He gives his card to pay the bills, but his cards get declined. He thinks Samaira is trying to betray him and gives his last card and thinks if this card gets declined, then definitely Samaira is behind it. Before Samaira could block the card, card gets accepted and Aditya thinks he was uncessarily doubting Samaira.

Neeraj informs Samaira about Madhu informing that Aditya does not gamble and it is his plan to catch her. She asks her why did not he inform him before. He says he just got this info from Madhu.

Aditya calls Samaira and asks her to get ready for a long drive. She gets ready and thinks Aditya cannot trap her. They both get into car and go on a long drive. She sees him happy and asks if he won in gambling. He says he lost 15 lakhs, but is happy that he has a loving wife with him. He tries to kiss her. She senses alcohol in his breath and asks why is he dring while he is drunk. He says he is Aditya Jagannath and nothing will happen to him. Accident happens and a man comes under his car.

Precap: Aditya slaps pedestrian who questions him about the accident and says he is Aditya Jagannath.

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