Main Naa Bhoolungi 28th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Main Naa Bhoolungi 28th February 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 28th February 2014 Written Update

Samaira scolds Aditya for calling her Shikha and says she does not have time to listen his rubbish and tries to go. Aditya holds his hand. Samaira asks if he is in his senses. Aditya says she can fool the world, not him and shows Shikha’s pics. He says she has done a good makeover from behanji to a hot singer. He says she could hide her face scar, but how will she hide her eye’s mole and asks to tell him the truth angrily. Samaira asks says looks like this girl gave u a lot of trouble, so he is sad. If he thinks her as Shikha and take his anger out, then he can go ahead, she will feel good helping him. He holds her shoulders. Madhu just comes then and shouts at Aditya and asks what is happening here. Samaira says he is thinking her as Shikha and asks Madhu to control

him. Madhu asks sorry to Samaira from her and Aditya’s side. Samaira says she can understand Adtiya is going through bad phase.

Samaira says whenever she does not get respect, she does not work there. She thanks Jagannath music label company for launching her, but she won’t be working with Jagannath music label company. Aditya says even they do not want to work with her. Madhu asks him to keep quiet and tries to convince Madhu, but Samaira says she cannot work and asks to control her wife and goes.

Madhu scolds her for ruining her effort and says why can’t she forget Shikha. Aditya is adamant that she is Shikha. He says she is Shikha and is playing the same game that he played with her. Madhu asks her again to think about Shikha. She had promised dad that she will get Samaira’s contract today, but he ruined her plan. She came to sign the contract, but she left because of his foolishness. Aditya says they can bring someone else. Madhu says she is an upcoming singer and many companies are waiting to sign contract with her. Already there is a news about Jagannath group signing her. She has to do something now. She asks him to get the contract signed at any cost, even touch her leg and get the contract by evening and goes.

Neeraj and Shikha reach their house. Neeraj asks what did Aditya say. She said she is Shikha and not Samaira and was furious. He had to call the same Shikha whom he betrayed. He even tried to misbehave with her, but Madhu came and saved her. Neeraj says today Madhu saved her, but she has to be careful always. He give her a gun, but she refuses and says she has better weapon than this with which he cannot escape. He wil lure her everyday. He will fall in love with Samaira and when he will be betrayed, the pain he will feel, even these bullets wont help him.

Aditya goes to police station and asks inspector if he investigated about Samaira. Inspector says he investigated. Samaira sait is from Switzerland’s rich family. She has come to fullfill her desire of signing. He then shows Aditya immigration papers and asks even if he doubts now. Aditya says papers can be wrong. He calls someone and asks to check the immigration papers. Person informs the file is in Samaira Seth’s name. Sameer gets shocked. Inspector says even Shikha Gupta’s file was true, he himself did her panchnama.

Avinash shows his book to publisher. He he reads it and says he will publish it. Avinash thanks him. Publisher says he will change the names in the book as those people are very powerful and he cant take risk. Avinash says he cannot change the names, it is his daughter’s true story. He snatches the book and goes.

Madhu is nervous. She aks her secretary if she spoke to Samaira. Secretary says she could not, Samaira is not picking her phone. Madhu asks to keep trying and send bouquet to Samaira. She scolds Aditya to ruin her plan. Jai comes and asks Samaira’s contract papers as he has to send it to legal department. He then says looks like she could not get the contract signed. Madhu says not to interefere in her work and be responsible. Jai says she is irresponsible, else she would have get the contract signed. She says is the MD and has much work than contract and asks him to go and chat with his sister. He says all the best for the contract and goes.

Madhu sees bouquet sent by Aditya and gets happy. Neeraj sees that and smiles. He says everything is going well as she planned. Shikha says it is happenging because of him, without him there would not have been Samaira. Neeraj says he is just standing behind, she is fighting bravely, soon she will reach her destiny. He tries to call Madhurima’s manager to get the contract. Shikha says she will not sign it now and will wait until Aditya apologises, let him know how it will be to misbehave with Samaira. She says he wil come himself with the contract payers to her home. Aditya reaches Samaira’s home. He asks security guards to inform Samaira. Guard goes in and says madam has called you in. He goes in. Samaira comes and calls his name.

Precap: Aditya says he would not have misbehaved with her in his office. She asks him to apologize and tries to go. He calls her and apologizes.

Update Credit to: MA

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