Main Naa Bhoolungi 27th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Main Naa Bhoolungi 27th February 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 27th February 2014 Written Update

Security guard stops Aditya and says Samaira madam does not want to meet you. She said she already performed for the money she received and will meet someone only when she likes, not even Aditya or Mohanto Jagannath. Adtiya storms saying she herself will come to meet him and goes. Shikha sees this from the house. She says Aditya will meet his big enemy soon. Neeraj comes and asks what is she looking at. She says her weapons, Adtiya’s anger and his ego. He will take wrong steps with ego and anger, and that will be her big weapons. Neeraj says Aditya is trying to find if Samaira is Shikha. Shikha says let him try, she know the game now. Like Shikha didn’t know Sameer’s truth, Aditya wont be knowing Samaira’s truth. Aditya is driving his car and thinks she is definitely

Shikha. He goes to music director’s house and asks security gaurd to call his boss. He goes and calls. Music director comes and asks what is he doing there at this time. Aditya asks him who is Samaira and where did she come from. He says she came from Switzerland and is from a rich family, so is showing attitude. She has come to fulfill her hobby of singing on her terms. Aditya asks what is her parent’s name. Director says he does not know. Aditya then goes to police station and meets inspector. He asks for Shikha’s post mortem report. Constable brings the report. Aditya checks DNA, blood group, and other reports and says these are false report, they can’t be of Shikha Gupta, she is alive. Inspector says she is dead. Aditya gives him 20 lakhs and asks the truth. Inspector says this file is true. Aditya gives 40 lakhs and asks for the truth. Inspector says truth is Shikha is dead and says even you saw her cremation that day. Aditya asks him to keep the money and investigate about Samaira. He then goes. Neeraj comes and thanks inspector for helping Shikha. Inspector says how can he forget because of Aditya, inspector Naik was killed. He is doing this for Naik.

Neeraj says Shikha that due to music director and inspector they escaped this time. He then says tomorrow is her interview with news channel. Shikha says this is the same channel which defamed her and now calling her as a guest. She says this world is very weird, they didn’t hear Shikha’s cries and now they want to listen Samaira’s songs. She has learnt to live in disguise and will attend the interview tomorrow morning. She says tomorrow morning Aditya will see her face and wake up. Neeraj asks her to sleep now. She says she has forgetten to rest and asks him to go and sleep. Neeraj thinks when Shikha is not resting, how can he sleep.

Aditya is drinking liquor and thinks about Shikha’s words of coming back soon and remembers Samaira calling her on stage.

Mohanto and his family are having breakfast and see Samaira’s interview on news channel. Reporter asks she became an overnight singing sensation, how is she felling. She says singing is her passion and if her work is being praised, she is very happy. He asks by now, many music director have come with offers. She says until she likes the offer, she wont be accepting it no matter how big it is. He asks Jannath music label company wants to make you as their brand ambassador, will she accept their offer. She says she will do whatever her heart says, lets see. Jai says MAdhu he does not think she can rope in Samaira. Madhu says she has not yet offer the contract. Aditya asks which contract with Samaira. Arya says he must be busy with his socializing activites, how will he know. She says Madhu has promised dad that she will make Jagannath groups of companies brand ambassador. Adtiya says how can she make Samaira brand ambassador. Madhu says she will talk to him later. Mohanto asks what is it. Madhu says nothing. Aditya says Samaira is Shikha Gupta who came to snatch their Arnav from them. Arya says even if she is Shikha, what problem does he have, was the gril telling truth 6 months back. Madhu scols Arya and asks to behave herself. Jai says before teaching Aarya ask your husband to be in senses. Samaira’s face matches Shikha, but that does not they cant sign contract with her. She will become a big singer soon, so they have to get a contract, it is a business sense. Aditya says it is nonsense, many singers come and go. He asks Jai how can he says she is not Shikha. Jai says how can he can she is Shikha, he knows her not more than he knows.

Jai says he does not think Madhu can get a contract, he will do it. Mohanto says Shikha is dead, Jai backs him. Mohanto asks not to discuss about her anymore. Madhu says she will get the contract signed today from Samaira.

Avinash and Sudha are seeing Shikha’s interview. Sudha says she looks just like their Shikha. Avinash says she is not Shikha. He shows a book and says Shikha is in this book and he will get her truth to the world.

Madhu scolds Aditya and asks him to stop thinking about Shikha. She says she has become MD now and dad is happy and asks not to make dad doubtful again. Aditya says she is Shikha. Madhu says not to argue with her, she has promised dad to make Samaira as their company’s brand ambassador. Aditya says she is right, it is just his thinking and promises he will get Samaira’s contract himself. Madhu requests him not to discuss about Shikha, else Samaira would get angry and not sign the contract. Aditya asks to leave it to him, he knows how to handle her, let her come first.

Neeraj and Samaira/Shikha reach Aditya’s office. Neeraj asks what is she thinking. She says she is thinking about the day when Aditya met him as Sameer for the first them. She then gets out of the car and goes to meet him. She goes to his cabin and asks if she can come in. He says come in Shikha Gupta. She asks who is Shikha Gupta. He says she is Shikha Gupta. Shikha gets angry and says she didnt come to waste her time there. She tries to go, but Aditya holds her hand. She says how dare he to catch her hand.

Precap: Aditya shows Shikha’s pics to Samaira and asks if she remembers now. She has made a good makeover from behanji to a glamarous girl..

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