Main Naa Bhoolungi 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 26th March 2014 Written Update

Samaira asks Sunaina if she can take out Manav for some time. Mohanto hears that and says his name is Arnav, not Manav. Sunaina says she told Arnav, not Manav. Mohanto says due to old age, he must have heard Manav. Sunaina sends Arnav out with Samaira. Aditya hears all the conversation.

Neeraj comes to bank manager and tells him that he wants to withdraw 25 lakhs. Manager says it is difficult to approve 25 lakhs at a time, but he will try. Samaira calls her and asks her to come home soon as she has a surprise for him. Manager gets 25 lakhs for Neeraj.

Aditya is tensed that Samaira called Arnav as Manav and thinks she is for sure Shikha. Shikha/Samaira brings Arnav to her home and starts playing with him. She says it is his mamma’s home and soon he will be with his

mamma, nobody can separate him from her mamma.

Sunaina comes to Aditya’s room and asks if he took his medicine. He says he forgot. She says she knew he would have forgotten, so she came in to remind him. Aditya asks if Samaira took Arnav out. She says yes and asks him not to worry. Aditya says he heard her calling Arnav as Manav. Sunaina says Samaira clarified that she called Arnav itself. She goes from there. Aditya says how can he and dad both hear Manav.

Samaira feeds Maggie to Arnav. He himself tries to eat. She gets happy. Madhu says Jai that she cannot tolerate the heat and asks Jai to check the villagers. Room service brings tea. She drinks and says it is very sweet, she cannot take so much calories. Madhu says she wants to go home now. Jai says we will, but what will she say to Mohanto. She insists and he says he will try.

Madhu calls Aditya. He does not pick her. She calls on the landline. Sunaina picks the call. Madhu scolds her and asks her to give the phone to Aditya. Maid gives phone to Aditya. Aditya says he is tensed as Samaira called Arnav as Manav, so he is sure she is Shikha. Madhu scolds her saying Shikha’s chapter is closed. She warns her not to get closer to Samaira, else she will once again stop her credit card.

Neeraj comes home. Shikha happily greets him in and asks him to close his eyes for a surprise. She shows him Manav and takes 25 lakhs bag to keep it aside. She does not check what is in the bag though. She says she is very happy today as Manav is with him. Neeraj says it is dangerous to bring Manav here. Neeraj’s phone rings. Shikha hears it is in the money bag. Shikha goes to bring it. Neeraj gets tensed. He stops her and says phone is in the side pouch. He goes and takes out the phone. Manav starts crying. She says it is getting late and she will now to go back to Aditya’s house.

Samaira comes back to Aditya’s house. She sees Aditya in anger. She asks it looks he is very tensed. Aditya asks why did she take Arnav out. She says you son was a nuisance. He troubled me a lot and it was my wrong decision to take him out. She says she will not take him out and tries to go out. Aditya stops her and asks her for talking to her rudely. Even she asks sorry for bad mouthing about Arnav. He asks her to stay back. She says until he gets well soon, she will not go from there. She gives her another medicine to apply and says she will leave now. Aditya holds her hand and asks her to bring his phone. She gives the phone to him and says good bye. He says she looks different that she is. He had a wrong impression on her. He thanks her for helping her. He says he took care of him better than Madhu. She says Madhu is lucky that she got a husband like you. She says MAdhu does not value him. He stops her and says he wants to ask her something. She asks what does he need. He says he wants her.

Precap: Neeraj gives Ajay money. He checks and says it is not 1 crore and threatens him to gie 1 crore, else he will get Samaira into trouble.

Update Credit to: MA

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