Main Naa Bhoolungi 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Main Naa Bhoolungi 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 26th February 2014 Written Update

Samaira is singing and performing on the stage on serial’s title song Mainaa bhoolungi. Madhu is happy that the show is going well. Samaira is revealed as Shikha Gupta. Previous incidents of Shikha’s marriage and Aditya trying to kill her are shown as flashback. She goes near Aditya and asks him to come with her to the stage holding her hand. Madhu signals him to go.

Sammer goes to stage with her and recognises her seeing her face closely. Every claps as the performance gets over. Sameer stands mum on stage. Media take Samaira’s pics and fans ask for autograph. Sudha says Samaira looks like her Shikha. Mahi asks Samaira’s autograph, she ignores Mahi and goes. Mahi gets sad. Avinash says she is not their Shikha, else she would have come and hugged them. He himself

cremated her.

Sikha cries remembering how she ignored her parents and siblings. Mohanto praises Madhurima for roping in Samaira for her show. Media surround them, Mohanto goes asking Madhurima to speak to reporters. Reporters congrats her for the show and ask she took a risk by launching a new comer, was she not afraid. Madhu says she found a good talent. Reporter ask how did she get Samaira. Madhu says with the prayers and her good fate, she found Samaira. Reporter says Samaira is a good performer, so she took Adtiya on stage. Madhu excuses reporters and goes.

Neeraj comes and sees Samaira crying. He tries to console her. Shikha says she had to ignore her sister as somone from the crowd. Neeraj says the route she has chosen, she has to cross through those stages daily.

Neeraj says her whole family was there, she should have done samething with them. She should do the same with even Manav until she reaches her destiny. She can’t become Shikha again. She has to fight with Aditya as Samaira itself. Samaira says he is right, she cant be emotional. It took her much time to become Samaira from Shikha. She asks sorry to her parents for ignoring them. She then thanks Neeraj for helping her, she would not have become Samaira without him.

Aditya comes and tries to meet Samaira, but guards stop her. He says he was the show organizer and wants to meet Samaira. Guard comes and informs her. She says to inform Aditya that she has left already. He goes and checks in and finds no one in her room. Madhu calls Aditya and asks him to come.

Avinash says he thought Samaira is Shikha, but after seeing her behaviour, he realized she is not his Shikha. Sudha says she does not believe she is not Shikha, she sensed Shikha’s presence there.

Aditya and Madhu are driving. Madhu says show was excellent and dad was happy seeing Samaira’s performance. She asks why is he silent. He says she looks like Shikha.

Madhu gets shocked and asks how can he say that. He says he saw her closely and she was looking like Shikha. MAdhu says they saw her burning body and she is dead. Samaira is a stylist model and Shikha was a behanji. Aditya drops her home and says he will be back soon. Jay says he thinks Samaira has to be their company’s brand ambassador before she gets her stardom. Madhu comes and says she has already prepared the contract and Samaira will sign it. Mohanto praises Madhu and goes. Madhu says Jai that she feels sorry for him as she is always 2 steps ahead of him.

Samaira gets back to her Shikha’s avatar by wearing her Indian outfit, removing her lenses and wearing specs back. Neeraj gives her coffee and says Aditya won’t sleep today and says well done Shikha. Shikha says he will not sleep his whole life thinking if he saw Shikha or Samaira. She will enter his life as Samaira.

Aditya reaches Samaira’s house and informs security guard that he wants to meet Samaira. Guards goes in and comes back and says Samaira left him a message that she wont meet him. She already has performed for the money she got and will meet only when she likes even if it is Aditya Jagannath or Mohanto Jagannath.

Precap: Sameer sees Shikha’s record in police station. He sees Shikha’s dead body’s DNA, blood, and other reports and says reports are false, Shikha is alive. He gives inspector 10 lakhs and asks him to find the truth.

Update Credit to: MA

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