Main Naa Bhoolungi 26th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 26th December 2013 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 26th December 2013 Written Update

Shikha is seen standing in shock after ink attack on her. People gather around her. Sameer also comes. He gives his kerchief to Shikha. She wipes the ink from her face. He asks her to accompany him. They go to Shikha’s office. Everyone sees her with ink smeared face and stand up. Boss comes and asks what happened. She says she will wash her face and come. Pooja takes her ink smeared pic. Sameer informs Shikha’s boss about the incident. He is furious about this. He thanks Sameer for his help. Boss asks her to accompany her to police station. She says it is ok and she wants to go home now. Boss asks to go by company’s car, she says it is ok she will go by auto. Sameer says boss not to worry, he will drop Shikha to her home in his car. Gappu

says he will drop, but Shikha says she wil go with Sameer.

Mahi is sitting in a coffee shop with Nimesh, her boyfriend. He gives her coffee, she says it is too sweet. Sameer asks her to inform about them to her family. She tells she cannot marry before Shikha marries. Shikha wants 2 more years. She asks Nimesh to cheer up. Sameer and Shikha sit in a car, she is unable to fix her seatbelt. Sameer helps. Sameer drives the car. He gets his mom’s call. He asks when he is coming as they have to go to doctor. He says he is alright as it is just a cough. He says he is with Shikha whose house they went on Sunday. Shikha says she will go by auto if it is urgent. He says her mom is just worried as he is single and not to worry. Shikha reaches home. Her parents see her dress with ink and get tensed. They ask what happened. Shikha cries and informs them about the ink incident. Her parents try to pacify her. He keeps on crying and says she is very worried. Her papa asks her not to worry and asks her to change her clothes. Sameer comes and gives Shikha’s purse to her papa and tells him that he brought Shikha home from office. Sameer tells that Shikha dropped a paper from her file in the morning and he thought it must be important one, so he went to her office but saw Shikha dumbstruck on the road. Her papa asks if he saw the bike culprits. Sameer says he could not see. Sameer says to take care of Shikha as she is in a shocked state now. Her papa thanks sameer and sameer goes. Shikha’s papa calls inspector Naik and informs about the incident. Inspector comes to their home. Shikha narrates all the incidents happen. He asks if she is suspicious on someone. She says no one. Inspector thanks Shikha’s family for their cooperation. Shikha’s papa requests inspector to do something. Inspector says Shikha did not see culprit’s face or car number, so without any proof they cannot do anything but investigate. He assures them not to worry and leaves.

Shika is sleeping on bed. Her papa comes to her and gives her mobile. Shikha tells him that she got a surprise in office today and informs about her weekly magazine column.

Shikha says she thought she would inform them about this surprise and they would go for a dinner, but all the plan went in vain. Her papa cheers her up and asks her to sleep now.

Shikha is getting ready for office in the morning and gets a call from Gappu. He asks if she is alright and asks if she is coming to office. She says she will come and to inform boss that she is alright. She joins her family for breakfast. She asks why everybody is so silent today. Her papa asks if she is going to office. She says yes. He says she won’t be going to office from today as it is not good for her safety. She says without going to office how can she work? Her papa insists she won’t leave her home from today and goes.

Precap: Shikha’s papa is in police station talking to the inspector. Sameer also comes and says he also wants to file a complaint. Inspector asks who is he to file Shikha’s complaint. She says he is her friend. Shikha’s papa says Sameer he doesn’t want his help.

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