Main Naa Bhoolungi 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 25th March 2014 Written Update

Madhu calls Aditya, but is surprised that Samaira picked the call. She asks why Samaira has picked the call. Samaira says she is helping Aditya walk with crutches. She asks about Madhu’s project and then says she will hold the phone near Aditya’s ears as he is holding crutches. Madhu gets angry and cuts the call. Aditya asks whose phone it was. She says Madhu, before she could give it to him, phone got disconnected due to signal problem.

Neeraj thinks where should be doctor’s assistant Ajay. Ajay goes to meet Aditya. Security guard stops him and does not allow him enter the house. Ajay then calls Neeraj. Neeraj asks where is he. Ajay does not say his location but demands 1 crore Rs. Neeraj says he knows his mother is in Mumbai and he will pick her. Ajay says

he does not care about his mom and says he will go to Aditya if he does not get 1 crore and cuts the call.

Jai and Madhu reach the hotel room. Madhu sees it is very pathetic and asks Jai where did he bring her. Door boy says this is their best room and tells about the drawbacks. Madhu listens to him angrily. She asks about the AC. Jai says it has only a fan. She switches on the fan and ceiling paint falls on her. She says Jai she won’t stay here. Jai says we are in a village, if we don’t stay here, we will have to stay in some villager’s hut and goes from there.

Samaira goes to kitchen and sees the cook making soup for Aditya as Madhu had told him to prepare it to ease Aditya’s pain. Madhu adds more ginger in it and says she will cure her pain. She goes with the soup bowl to Aditya’s room and sees him sleeping. She remembers how Aditya tried to killed him. She picks pillow to strangle him, but does not. Aditya asks what is she doing. She says she wants to keep this pillow below his leg to support him. She then gives him medicine. She thanks him. He asks what is in the bowl. He says it is special Swiss mixture and it will help him ease his pain. He asks if she prepared for him. She jokes does anybody else in this house have pain. She tries to apply mixture on his leg, he says he will ask maid to apply and not to trouble herself. She insists and applies mixture on his leg. Aarya sees that and gets happy. Aditya asks what did she add in the mixture. She names some herbs and says he won’t understand it. He says it is burning. She says it will burn but will relieve his pain. He says his wife would not have applied mixture. She says his wife does not love him that much. He gets Madhu’s call. He picks the call and asks did she reach the destination. She starts scolding him and asks why did Samaira pick his phone. She says he would be walking holding her hands. She says he must be enjoying the bungalow and asks if Samaira is there with him. He says no and cuts the call. Samaira asks him to rest and goes.

Aarya calls Jai and informs him that Samaira is taking care of Aditya and he would not be missing Madhu. Aditya feels severe burning and asks maid to apply ice. He says it is burning a lot, dunno what Samaira applied. Samaira thinks this is the beginning, wait and watch what will happen next.

Madhu is tensed. Jai comes with village’s sarpanch. He gifts her some food. She asks him to sit and asks why is he refusing to sell the land. He says villagers do not want to sell as their ancestral values dwell in it. Madhu says him something and asks him to speak to villagers and get the papers signed today. Sarpanch says until villagers perform pooja, they will not sign the papers.

Samaira sees Manav playing with train. She gets happy and starts playing with him. Sunaina and Mohanto come. They say it looks like she likes the kid much. Samaira refers Sunaina as mom and asks if she can take Manav out for some time. Mohanto hears that and says his name is Arnav. Aditya listens that.

Aditya calls MAdhu and says he is sure Samira is Shikha as she referred Arnav as Manav. She says Shikha’s chapter is closed and not to think of her now.

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