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Reporters asks Aditya to give an answer. Aditya tells that the servant accused him falsely and whatever his wife said is true. Everyone is surprised. Aditya is ashamed. Samaira thinks she made fun of him. She tells the reporters that her Aditya is innocent. Aditya comes home angrily. Samaira asks him not to get angry and says she is just helping him. Aditya says, he is so embarrassed. You are made fun of me. You are my wife or enemy. Samaira tells him that she tried to safeguard him. Aditya says, I died 1000 times. Your concern seems to be false now. He goes inside the room. Sunaina and Mohanto come there. Sunaina says, we saw everything on TV. Samaira says, do you think I did wrong. Mohanto says, it was right to do that to safe Aditya. Sunaina asks her to give some time to Aditya.


comes there and smiles. Samaira smiles and goes to him. He congrats her. Samaira says thank you and asks him about Madhu. Neeraj asks her to handle Aditya and he will handle Madhu. Samaira says, Madhu will be fine if they don’t give the tablets on time and asks him to take care of her medicines. Neeraj says, he will. Madhu is in her room and holds the glass to drink water. Her hands shivers. Samaira comes to her room and asks her to drink water. She asks, what happened. She says, I will make you drink. Madhu throws the glass. Samaira says, I am feeling bad for you. Seems like medicines are working on you. Madhu gets tensed and shocked.

Samaira says, very soon your brain will stop working fully and you will become a vegetable. Madhu gets shocked. Samaira then tells her that Aditya accepted infront of everyone that he is impotent. She says, everyone is laughing on him. Madhu is shocked. Samaira says, this will continue to happen with you both and leaves. Madhu thinks to do something fast. She thinks how to escape from her medicines.

Aditya drinks wine and thinks of Samaira’s words. He gets angry and throws the glass. Samaira comes to him. Neeraj takes out the injection. Madhu pleads to him not to give her injection and asks him to take her out. Neeraj asks, are you mad. Madhu promises to behave well. Neeraj agrees to take her out for sometime.

Samaira asks Aditya not to torture himself and says so much have happened in the past few days. Did you think that I wants to leave you. She says, I love, trust and respect you then why you are worrying. Aditya says, something should be between husband and wife. Samaira tells him that people will forget everything. She says, if everything is good between us then we shall not be bothered. Servant brings food. Samaira asks him to have food for her. Madhu and neeraj see them. Madhu smiles while Neeraj gets jealous. Samaira assures Aditya that she is with him and makes him eat with her hands. Madhu thinks Neeraj is in pain and this pain will clear her trouble.

Neeraj takes Madhu inside her room. Madhu asks what happened? Why your mood is off? Did you feel bad to see Aditya and Shikha together? Really. Neeraj says, he doesn’t feel bad. Madhu says, I should feel bad as Aditya was my husband. She says, they seem to be happy with each other. Neeraj asks her to cut the crap and says I will increase your medicines dose. Aditya recalls Samaira’s words. His inner self comes and asks how can made come there wearing the same saree. He doubts on Samaira. His other self says, Samaira is innocent and loves you very much. They argue. Aditya is confused.

He says, Aditya can’t give happiness to Samaira and that’s why she is taking revenge. Other says Samaira can’t betray you. Aditya gets confused and shocked. He thinks what is happening to him. He thinks to find out.

Aditya tells Samaira to check if he has all the credit cards. Samaira asks, what do you mean? He says, he is going to play cards and says I hope you don’t have any problems. Samaira says, no.

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