Main Naa Bhoolungi 25th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 25th February 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 25th February 2014 Written Update

Shikha and Neeraj meet cosmetic surgeon. Surgeon says after operating her, she will get new face. Surgeon says it is difficult, but he will do it.

Avinash writes a book about Shikha and her death and finishes it. Sudha sees it. Avinash says though their daughter is not in the world, but with this book she will be alive and she was not lier. He says he will publish this book soon and leave this city soon. Mahi says though the world will know Shikha’s story, Aditya will not be punished. Avinash says he is trying the same for the past 6 months.

Mohanto is playing with Arnav. Aditya and Madhu come. Madhu asks signature of Mohanto. Mohanto says she has become an MD now and to take her own decisions. Madhu says though kids grow, they need their parent’s help always

including their signature. Mohanto gets happy and says she is doing her job well as MD. Mohanto signs the papers without checking. Aditya gives evil smile and asks Mohanto in his mind to check the papers at least.

Aditya says when shares and accounts get transferred in their name, Mohanto will know then. Mohanto asks Madhu about her music label launch’s preparations. She says it is gooing well. He says good and to make it big as everybody is talking about it. Jay comes and says everybody will laugh at the music show launch. He says now the best singer is Parineeti Chauhan, if she would have done this sone, this launch would have been hit, but she refused to do this show. Madhu says she refused either, Parineeti was showing attitude, but she will come back and launch their music show.

Madhu comes to her show organizer and scolds her for not roping in Parineeti. He says she is going on world tour and wont do their show. Madhu asks to give her more money and rope in. Organizer says he will get new singer, she is really good. Madhu says she is launching Jagannath group’s music label, not doing a talent show. Organizer asks change her thinking, she will forget Parineeti. He says people will see only Parineeti and not their launch and asks instead to launch new singer.

Organizer plays new singer’s song and promises if she does not like, he will leave the industry and get Parineeti before leaving. Madhu listens to the song and says voice is good and she wants to meet the singer. Organizer asks to leave it to him, he will do everything and it will be surprise for everyone. Madhu asks name singer’s name. He says Samaira.

Neera says Samaira that music director wants to launch her album in Jagannat’s music company. She says the day she was waiting has come, it is time for her to get in front of everyone and asks Neeraj that she is ready. Samaira does a photo shoot.

Madhu is excited about the preparations. Madhu says not to worry, show will be good. He says let us meet Samaira first. They go to meet her in the green room, but is stopped by Samaira’s bodyguards. Guards say they cant enter in as Samaira is getting ready. Madhu scolds guards and says she is launching Samaira and forcefully tries to enter, but guards stop her again. Samaira is shown getting ready. Guards say Samaira meets people when she wishes. Aditya asks Madhu to calm down as dad is expecting high on this music lauch. He says these artists are egoistic, once the launch is done, he will show Samaira her place. Neeraj listens to their conversation and comes out. He informs Samaira about Aditya and Madhurima.

Avinash and Sudha are still sad. Mahi asks them to get ready for the music launch. They asks her to go as they are not in mood. Mahi says even she does not want to go, but they have to change. The dont even talk to each other, their health will be ruined else. Mahi insists to come for the music concert and even Vineet insists for Shikha’s sake at least. Shikha would have felt bad if she would have seen you people sad. Avinash and Sudha agree.
Mohanto and his family reach the venue, Madhu and Aditya greet them. Mohanto praises the venue. Hosts introduces about the music launch and Jagannath group and praises Madhurima. He also introduces music director. Just then Avinash’s family reach the venue. Director praises Samaira and asks her to come on stage. Neeraj asks Samaira if she is ready, she says she is ready. Samaira performs on Main naa Bhoolungi title song.

Samaira’s face is reavealed and it is Shikha. Aditya gets shocked seeing her.

Precap: Samaira/Shikha sings Main naa bhoolungi song. She goes near Aditya and gives her hand to him to come with her on stage. Madhu signals him to go.

Update Credit to: MA

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