Main Naa Bhoolungi 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 24th March 2014 Written Update

Aditya is on bed injured after falling from the stairs. Shikha asks Madhurima to go on her business trip and she will take care of Aditya. Madhurima is tensed, but Mohanto asks her to go as she is late. Madhu agitatedly agrees goes.

Neeraj goes to doctor’s office and says he came for the prescriptions. He asks about his assistant. Doctor says he must be ill, so he did not come since 2-3 days and will check at his home. Neeraj asks assistant’s home addresss.

Shikha calls Neeraj and informs that her plan is going well. She says she felt happy when Aditya injured by felling from the stairs and says she will call him later. She turns back and sees Aarya standing behind. She gets worried. Aarya asks if she was talking to her boyfriend. Samaira is relieved that she

didn’t hear her conversation with Neeraj. Aarya asks Samaira to take care of Aditay as Madhu is out of town and Mohanto is busy in his office. Samaira agrees. Aarya thinks her plan of getting Aditya and Samaira together is working well.

Aditya is bored sitting alone and seeing TV. He throws TV remote. Samaira catches the remote and says nice throw. He asks sorry and asks if the remote hit her. She says it is okay. Aditya asks if she will inform his wife. She says why will she. He says who knows she may tell Madhu as she told the other day. Samaira says if he is referring to yesterday’s incident. She says not to bother. She says she will take her revenge by boring him. He says she will get bored because of him.

Maid comes and informs lunch is ready. Samaira asks him to bring Aditya’s and her lunch in Aditya’s room. Maid brings lunch. Samaira serves him lunch. She tries to touch Aditya acting as she is doing unconsciously. She wipes food on Aditya’s jacket. She just waits for each opportunity to touch and seduce him. After food is finished, she says she will go now. Aditya says her thanks for giving him company. She says my pleasure and goes from there.

Nanny scolds Arnav for not eating food. Arnav cries. Samaira sees that and scolds Nanny.

Samaira helps Aditya walk with crutches. Madhu calls Aditya. Samaira picks call. Madhu asks why did she pick Aditya’s phone. She says she is helping Aditya walk with crutches. She then asks about her project. Madhu is angry. Samaira says she forgot it is Aditya’s phone and says she will give it to Aditya. Samaira angrily cuts the call.

Precap : Aditya is sleeping on bed. Shikha/Samaira remembers how Aditya tried to kill her. She tries to choke him with pillow

Update Credit to: MA

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