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Aditya comes home with Samaira and lawyer from police station writhing in pain. Sunaina asks if he is okay. He says he is fine. Mohanto asks if he got a bail. Lawyer says he got a bail, but inspector has filed a chargesheet. Mohanto gets angry on Aditya saying his company’s reputation is tarnished because of him and he got many calls from reporters. Aditya says he does not know what is happening. Sunaina says we have to get Aditya out of this. Lawyer suggests to get it settled out of court. Mohanto permits for the settlement.

Sudha and family prays god for Shikha’s victory. Avinash gets a call from Nimesh’s father who informs that panditji suggested marriage date of 1 month later. He informs it to Sudha and asks her to inform it to Shikha.

Lawyer informs

Aditya and Mohanto’s family that maid did not agree for out of court settlement. Aditya is shocked to hear that. Samaira says she will talk to the maid and will make her agree.

Samaira asks Neeraj to inform the maid to agree for the out of court settlement. Neeraj says she would have let Aditya be in jail. She says she punished him in jail and will shock him with her new plan. Neeraj agrees and they both go out of Madhu’s room. Once they go out, Madhu wakes up and says her doubt that Neeraj loves Shikha is right.

Samaira requests maid to withdraw molestation court. Maid says she does not want to. Samaira says as an woman she has to understand that Aditya’s life will be ruined and to pity on him. Maid husband says this man does not deserve pittiness. Aditya gets annoyed and says they forced a false case on him. Samaira requests them to ask whatever they want and settle it out of court. Maid’s lawyer demands 2 crores. Aditya is shocked to hear that and gets into verbal spat with maid’s husband. Samaira tries to console them and says she will give them 5 crores instead of 2 crores. They agree for 5 crores and leave from there. Aditya says these losers do not deserve 5 crores. Samaira says 5 crores is nothing for her in front of him.

Samaira sees Aditya siting tensed on bed and says she knows he is thinking about yesterday’s incident. Aditya says the way things are happening, dunno what he should do. She says she is there for you. Aditya says he is happy that she is with her. Samaira thinks this is called clapping for slapping. She goes out of room and calls a reporter.

Maid gets 5 crores and is about to sign when reporters come and ask Aditya if he is doing out of court settlement with a maid and say that he should be in jail. Samaira says Aditya did not try to molest maid and he cannot do that even if he desires as he is impotent. Reporters are shocked to hear that and Aditya gets ambarrassed. Reporters are Samaira if she is telling truth and is telling just to protect her husband. Samaira asks no wife will tell about her husband like this and asks them ask Aditya himself. When reporters ask Aditya, he tries to go away from there. Samaira stops him and asks him to tell the truth, else he may have to go to jail. Aditya says maid’s allegations are false and his wife is right that he is impotent. Sudha’s family gets happy seeing the news. Mohanto is shocked to see it. Samaira says she insulted him in front of the world today.

Precap: Samaira says she had to tell that in front of media to protect him. Aditya says he was so embarrassed, he thought of killing himself. He says looks like her concern for him is fake.

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