Main Naa Bhoolungi 24th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Main Naa Bhoolungi 24th February 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 24th February 2014 Written Update

Shika walks on the railway track. She remembers about the court hearing and how Sameer snatched Manav from her. Train comes, but she is engrossed in her own thoughts and does not listen its sound. Neeraj comes and saves her.

Mohanto is playing with Arnav. Madhu says she is very happy seeing Arnav with her. Aditya says after winning the case, it is proved he is right and asks Mohanto if he believes him now. Mohanto says he will make elections between Madhurima and Jay for MD post.

Neeraj tries to console Shikha. He asks her to control herself. He says even he had a life and name, Neeraj Sachdeva, but Aditya ruined his life. He and Sameer were studying in college together, after college they didnt meet him for years. He then met him one day and informed about

Shika and asked Neeraj’s help. Neeraj needed money those days, so he accepted to help him. Once Aditya’s work was finished, he tried to kill Neeraj many times.

Neeraj says he is dead in Sameer’s eyes. Sameer has changed as rich Aditya Jagannath now. He used his power and money to ruin both their lives. He knew her fight for justice would not be achieved with right path. He proved Shikha wrong and she had to use their wrong path to get Manav. She cannot fight with right path, she has to follow their wrong ways to teach them the lesson. Shikha says he is right, she took right path and was defeated badly. They are living lavishly with her son and she is wandering now. She says she should have died when he snatched her Manav from her. She could not save her son and so it is waste to live. She has to die and reborn as someone else to teach Aditya a lesson.

Aditya gets Shikha’s call. She says he won with his money and she now realised the vale of money and rich people. She has decided to kill herself and will reborn and teach him a lesson. She cuts the call. She then calls Avinash. He asks if she is alright.

Shikha says she will not come ever now and asks to take care of himself and his family. Avinash asks what happened. She says I love you papa and he is world’s best papa. She asks sorry for hurting him and asks to forget her. She says him goodbye and cuts the call. Avinash stands numb. Shikha throws her sim and asks Neeraj if he will help her. He promises to help her till his last breath.

Avinash goes to hospitals and enquires about Shikha and finds her nowhere. Avinash and his family are sad remembering Shikha’s last words. Door bell rings. Mahi opens the door and finds police outside. Inspector informs about Shikha’s death. Everybody is shocked to hear that and cry.

Shikha’s family and inspector reach railway track and find a dead body there with smashed face. Inspector says he doubts it is Shikha’s. Constable shows Shikha’s items and says he found it near the dead body. Avinash sees it and bursts into tears. Sudha and her children also cry vigorously looking at the dead body.

Aditya comes there. Avinash asks him why did he come here after killing his daughter. He catches Aditya’s collar. Constable come and takes him away. Avinash and his family burn Shikha’s body. Aditya and Madhu come there and get happy. Madhu says finally now the game is over. Neeraj and Shikha watch the burning body from behind. She says now Shikha is burnt, if this is the way to teach Sameer a lesson, it is right. She will be back to teach him a lesson.


Avinash’s family and Mohanto’s family are watching a live dance show. A dancer is performing on serial’s title song main naa bhoolungi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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