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Samaira informs Mohanto that when she went to terrace, it was dark and Adity was close to Sarla, but she did not feel that Aditya was misbehaving with Sarla. Sarla asks why is she telling lie and says being a woman, she thought she would help her, but she is protecting her husband. She says she oaths on her parents about the incident. Aditya says she is telling lie. Inspector says he has arrest warrant against him and arrests him. Samaira asks him not to worry as she will come to police station behind him and sort out the issue.

Neeraj enters Madhu’s room and smilingly sits on a chair. She asks why is he smiling. He asks why should not he be. She says she sees a lover in his eyes and asks whom he loves, asks him not to avoid her questions. Neeraj says not to worry about him

and to worry about Aditya as Shikha has put him behind bars for misbehaving with a maid, asks her to be careful as their days are over soon. She says she does not know anything as she is locked up in a room and she does not care about Aditya as he is married to Shikha now and she can do anything to him. She asks why is he getting personal into Shikha’s fight, he should go to the woman whom he loves than wasting it for Shikha. Neeraj says it is his life and his wish, he knows what she is trying to do and says he will inject her again. She pleads him not to inject her, but he does not listen and injects her forcefully. She falls unconscious after the injection.

Mohanto gets annoyed on Aditya saying he ruined his name. Sunaina says it is not yet proved. He says Samaira herself saw him with maid. Sunaina says we should bring him out.

Reporters surround Aditya and asks what he has to say about his maid’s molestation charges. He says these are false allegations. Social activists surround her and smears his face with an ink. Shikha reminisces goons smearing her face with ink and Aditya/Sameer rescuing her from reporters. She thinks he insulted her same way, now she smeared her face black in front of whole world. Reporters called her characterless once, now they are calling him characterless.

Vineet watches news about Aditya’s arrest and shows it to his parents and sister. They get happy hearing about ink smearing and says he deserved this. Sudha serves sweets to them and says it is their daughter’s victory today. Avinash says she is right, soon Aditya will be behind bars and no one will dare to misuse innocent girls.

Aditya says inspector that he is innocent. Inspector asks him to tell the truth. Aditya says he is Jagannath Group’s AMD and the lady is telling lie. Inspector says he does not believe richies like him and to accept his mistake so that his punishment will be less. Aditya says maid was wearing his wife’s saree and he hugged her thinking her as his wife, but left her when he saw it was maid. He then asks inspector how much money he needs to get him out of her. Inspector gets angry for trying to give him bribe and asks constable to get him into remand room. Aditya says inspector he will repent for his deeds.

Samaira asks inspector if she can meet Aditya. He says yes and takes her in. She thanks her for going overboard and helping her. He says he will feel good if he can help her in her fight.

He says these kind of people deserve same treatment as another Aditya should not be born, he still remembers Aditya killing honest inspector Naik. He says he will go overboard to teach Aditya a lesson.

Aditya is tied and then eye masked. He shouts to let him go. Samaira reminisces Sameer/Aditya hitting him. She takes a stick and beats him fiercely. Aditya writhes in pain.

Samaira thanks inspector for his help. Aditya is brought out of cell. She starts acting and shows a fake concern over him, she asks inspector how can he beat so ruthlessly to his husband, she will take him to court and says Aditya she will do the same which he did to you. Lawyer brings his bail papers. Inspector releases Aditya, and Samaira takes him home.

Precap: Maid demands 2 crores from Adkitya. Aditya gets hyper and says he will meet her in court. Samaira controls him and says she will give 5 crores instead.

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