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The episode starts with Aditya asking Samaira about her plan as she sent everyone outside. Samaira says, they will do everything which they haven’t done so far. She asks him to hold her hand and come with her. She takes him to kitchen and makes something. Aditya gets romantic with her. Aaj Tumpe Pyaar Aaya Hain plays………………Aditya runs behind her laughingly. She organizes a romantic dinner for him and decorates the place. Aditya holds her romantically in his arms. Door bell rings.

Samaira goes to open the door. Someone comes and delivers the gift. Samaira smiles and takes out the red saree sent by Aditya. She rushes to him and hugs. Neeraj sees them dancing romantically and gets jealous. Madhu sees him jealous and looks at them. She smiles to know

about Neeraj’s pain.

Aditya tells Samaira that she has cleared his misunderstanding and praises her for being more romantic than him. He says you are perfect. I didn’t think that you will make this evening so evening. Samaira says, still evening is left and she will make his night special. She goes to wear the saree sent by him. Aditya waits for Samaira and thinks she will look beautiful. Aditya sees her lighting the candles and hugs her from behind. Samaira comes and shouts at Aditya. Aditya gets shocked to see the servant there. Samaira goes to her room and asks him to leave. Aditya says, sorry. Samaira asks, didn’t you feel ashamed. Samaira accuses him.

Aditya says, she was wearing the same saree as you. Why will I hugged the maid. Samaira says, you were showing interest in her and cries. Aditya says, I never lied to you. I can’t do this shameful act. I love you. Please believe me. Samaira says no and pushes him out of her room. Aditya asks her to open the door. Samaira smirks. She recalls asking her maid to wear the saree. She thinks you will be punished.

Madhu reminds Neeraj to give her medicines. Neeraj asks, what is the matter? Madhu says, what is the point in arguing. She takes the medicines and promises to co- operate with him. She tells him that he is not that bad. Neeraj says, you haven’t seen my real face. Madhu says, you seems to be soft hearted guy, whose heart beats for someone. Neeraj recalls Samaira. Madhu says, am I right. You loves someone. He gets a call and he leaves, Madhu smiles and says she knows how to handle him.

Neeraj goes to the hall. Samaira signs him to come and hugs him happily. Neeraj smiles. She says, she have spoiled Aditya’s night and says other work has to be done. Neeraj gets a call from the lawyer. Samaira says superb.

Police comes and asks Mohanto call Aditya Jagannath. Aditya comes. Inspector says, you are under arrest. Mohanto intervenes and asks what did he do? Lawyer says, he tried to molest your maid. Everyone get shocked. Samaira recalls Aditya’s doings. The servant Sarla tells that Aditya hugged her yesterday and cries. She says, I was scared and with great difficulty I saved myself from him. Aditya says, she is lying. Sarla asks Samaira to say. Samaira says, Aditya was very near to Sarla, shocking Aditya.

Media questions Aditya for molesting his maid. One woman says, these types of persons should be taught a lesson.

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