Main Naa Bhoolungi 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 21st March 2014 Written Update

Aditya comes to Arnav/Manav’s room, sees him sleeping, says good night and tries to go, but feels someone is behind the curtain. He does not check and goes out of the room. Samaira is seen hiding behind the curtain. She comes out and emotinally sees Manav. Madhu sees Aditya not on the bed. She gets a call and gets shocked. She says she will tell the caller tomorrw what to do. Aditya comes back to his room and asks Madhu what happened. Madhu asks him where did he go at midnight. He says Manav was crying, so he went to console him. She asks he didn’t go like this before. He says Manav was crying a lot, so he went. Madhu goes out to check and sees Samaira in the hall. She gets angry.

Mohanto scolds Madhu for making a mistake in business. He says only investing is

not a business, thinking before and researching before is a part of business. She says she did not know farmers would deny selling their land. Mohanto asks Madhu to go personally and handle the problem. Jai says he will go there. Aditya says Madhu will handle it easily and he will accompany her as AMD of the company. He asssures Mohanto that he will take care.

Neeraj looks at Shikha’s pic and says he has got a habit of having coffee now. Doorbell rings. He checks and finds an envelope outside. Doctor’s assistant has sent Shikha’s presurgery pics with a demand for 30 lakhs.

Neeraj gets tensed seeing the letter. He gets a call from Shikha. He says he heard Manav’s voice and asks she would have gone to see him. She says she went and saw him and asks not to worry. She asks about doctor’s assistant, if he troubled him again. He says he is alright. She senses a problem and asks why is he tensed. He says he is fine and asks her to make use of her opportunity. She says she will use it and will make sure she reaches her destiny. Jai informs Aarya that Madhu is going out on a business trip, and he thinks he will lose the opportunity of bringing Samaira and Aditya together.

Neeraj goes in search of doctor’s assistant to the hotel he had stayed in. He does not find there, but gets his letter from the receptionist in which he has treatened to trouble him.

Mohanto’s family is having breakfast. Samaira comes and greets good morning. Mohanto asks how is she now. She says she is fine. Madhu also comes and asks did she sleep well yesterday and says Arnav was crying yesterday. Samaira says even she heard him crying and asks why didn’t anybody go to console him. She joins them for breakfast. Mohanto asks Madhu if she is ready to go to UP. Madhu says she is ready and will leave in 1-2 hours. Samaira asks if she is going out of town. Madhu says yes and asks if she wants to join her. Samaira says what will she do there and says she is inspired by her professionalism. She asks if she is going alone. Aditya says he is going with Madhu. Jai asks Mohanto to let Aditya stay here to complete pending office work. Madhu scolds Jai and says Aditya will be going with her and she cannot let her here to waste time.

Madhu gets ready to go to UP. Aditya sees somany bags and asks if she is going for 2 days or more. Aditya taunts she is going forever and asks if he is coming with her or not. He says he will. She says she is tensed about the meeting. He says not to worry.

Samaira goes to Manav’s room and hugs her emotionally. She plays with her. She takes Manav’s toy car and keeps it near the stairs. Aditya steps on the car, slips over and falls from the steps. He injures himself badly. Samaira pretends as knowing nothing and goes to help him. Madhu and other family members also come to help Aditya. Madhu is unable to get up. Samaira helps him get up. Madhu gets angry and asks Samaira not to help. Samaira says he is in pain and she help him till his bedroom. Doctor checks Aditya and says there is no fracture, but he has to take rest.

Precap: Mohanto asks Madhu to leave for UP now. Madhu asks Aditya to take care and goes. She sees Samaira beside him, helping.

Update Credit to: MA

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