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Samaira brings coffee for Aditya and pretends to be caring for him. Aditya thanks Samaira for saving him from Mohanto’s anger and praises her. He says, today I realized that I can never get a good wife than you. I am so lucky to have you as my life partner. Samaira says, I just fulfilled my duty and asks him not to thank her. Aditya says, Mohanto is very angry and will be doubting him. Samaira says, he is upset with me and promises to handle him. Servant brings breakfast for Aditya. Samaira asks him to have breakfast. Aditya hugs her. Samaira smiles.

Mahi’s to be inlaws brings gifts for Mahi. Sudha smiles. Nimesh’s father tells Avinash that they will take out date for Mahi and Nimesh’s marriage. Avinash says, he wants the marriage to be grand. Nimesh’s mother

asks him not to be formal and asks about Nimesh. Vineet tells them that Mahi is upset as Nimesh is going back. Nimesh goes to her room and sees her crying. Mahi apologizes to him and says after Shikha got ditched by Sameer, she started doubting on every man. Nimesh says, my name is not Sameer and even my dad is original. They have a hug. Sudha and Avinash smile looking at them.

Madhu is sleeping on the bed. Neeraj comes to her room and threatens to give her injection as she was sleeping. Madhu apologizes to him and promises that she won’t sleep. Neeraj doesn’t agree and goes to inject her. Madhu cries. Mohanto and Sunaina hear her screams. Madhu injects Neeraj. Mohanto and Sunaina come to her room. Madhu tells them that he will kill her and asks him to save her. Neeraj injects her. Madhu sleeps. Neeraj smiles. Mohanto asks Neeraj about Madhu’s mental state. Samaira comes. Neeraj tells her that Madhu got a attack again so he gave her injection. Samaira requests him to stay in their room to control Madhu. Mohanto agrees with Samaira. Samaira says, I am not forcing you. Neeraj agrees. Sunaina asks the servant to take him to the guest room. Samaira smiles.

Neeraj scares Madhu and shows her injection. Madhu pleads with him not to give her injection. Neeraj asks, am I mad not to do my work. Madhu tells him that she is ready to give him more money. Neeraj gets angry and says some work is not done for money. Madhu asks, then why you are helping her. He injects her.

Aditya and Samaira come to Mohanto’s room. Samaira says, I know you are upset with me. I realized my mistake and apologizes to him. Aditya says sorry. Samaira asks him to forgive thinking her as his daughter. Mohanto looks at Sunaina, who nods in a yes. Mohanto forgives them and asks them not to repeat this mistake. Samaira thanks them and says sorry. She suggests them that everyone is stressed and plans an outing for change. Sunaina asks for Aditya’s opinion. Aditya says, if you are ready. Sunaina agrees. Samaira says, I have planned our outing in Royal beach resort. Mohanto agrees. They leaves.

Mohanto and Sunaina get ready. Samaira says, she is so happy. She pretends to be fainting. Sunaina asks her to rest. Aditya says, mom is right. Samaira asks Mohanto and Sunaina to go and enjoy. Sunaina says, we will go some other day. Samaira asks them to go. She says, Aditya will be with me. I will join you if I feel better. Sunaina agrees and goes with Mohanto. Samaira smiles.

Aditya asks, why did you make the plan when you doesn’t want to go. Samaira says, she just wants them to be together. They hear Madhu breaking something and goes to her room. Samaira scolds Madhu and asks her to take the medicines quietly. She tells you have to be drowned. You can’t prove that you are not mad and we are making you mad. Everything is finished. You have lost it. You won’t come out of this. She says, your husband Adi is now mine. I have snatched him from you. Neeraj gets jealous.

Aditya tells Madhu that he took the right decision and divorced her. He realized the real love in Samaira’s love and tells Madhu that you didn’t respect or love me. Samaira says, we shall not waste time here and says lets go. Neeraj sees Samaira and Aditya holding each other’s hand and gets more jealous. Madhu sees him burning in jealously. Samaira asks Neeraj to give extra medicines to Madhu as she doesn’t want anyone to disturb them. Madhu wonders why he is upset.

Aditya tells Samaira that you are more romantic than me. She tells him that the evening has just started and they have so much to do. Neeraj is restless.

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