Main Naa Bhoolungi 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update


Main Naa Bhoolungi 21st February 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 21st February 2014 Written Update

Madhurima reaches police station and starts acting asking about Arnav. She goes to Avinash and Sudha and requests them to call Shikh and ask her to give back her Arnav. Mohanto assures her that Shikha won’t go out of town. He asks inspector to announce in all newspapers and news channels that whoever gives Shikha’s news will be awarded with 1 crore. Aditya backs Mohanto and says for money, people will inform them about Shikha, lets see where will se take Arnav. Jai calls Neeraj and says he wants to help him elope Shikha from the town. Neeraj says he does not want any help and why will he believe him. Jai says he even tried to help Shikha before, but Shikha refused. He asks to believe him. Within 30 min, police and Aditya’s people will be searching for them everywhere.

He asks her to take her to airport first, his man will be there waiting for her, he will help her get into plane. Neeraj cuts the call. He says about Jai and says he is telling right. Shikha and Neeraj reach airport. Neeraj asks her to board any plane and go before her news is shown. He goes to the ticket counter and checks about the earliest flight. The ticket issuer says next flight is for cochin and asks for ID proof. He gives ID proof given by advocate kumar and ticket gets booked.

Both Mohanto and Avinash’s families are in police station. Aditya goes to Avinash and says your daughter took his Arnav and made a big sin. Avinash says she didnt do anything wrong, kid is his Manav. Aditya says police catch Shikha and he will get back his Arnav, but AVinash wont be able to meet his daughter after that. He says if Shikha comes back, he will promise that nobody will touch her. Aditya goes and Avinash thinks about it.

Reporters surround Avinash and start questing him. He asks why did his wife kidnapped Shikha and they think even he is involved in this plan. They ask to give a message to Shikha. Avinash thinks about Aditya’s words and gives a message to Shikha. Avinash asks Shikha to come back with Manav. Shikha sees that on TV channel. Shikha’s news comes on TV channel and reporters shows Manav/Shika’s pic and informs about 1 crore reward. Taxi driver who dropped Shikha remembers her dropping to airport. He calls police station and informs inspector. Inspector intorms everybody there. Mohanto asks Aditya to accompany him. Aditya asks Mohanto not to worry, he will go with police and get their Arnav back. Mohanto agrees and goes home with his family. Aditya and polcie reach airport.

Sunaina scolds maid for being careless. Maid says her mobile fell down and Shikha took him while she picked it. Madhu starts acting and says it is her fault to leave Arnav alone. Sunaina and Mohanto tries to console her. Madhu asks Mohanto to let her go to airport. Mohanto says Aditya has gone and he will be reaching any time soon.

Jai’s person comes and asks Shikha to come with him. He lets Shikha in without security check. Aditya and police reach airport. Annoucment comes to stop Shika from boarding the plane. Police see her and start chasing her. Shikha runs but is surrounded by police. Aditya comes and snatches Manav from her. constables catch Shikha and slap help. Shikha pleads to leave Manav. Aditya says now you came to know the power of money, you were foolish and look what is ur situation now. He says you are one among the people who gets only sorrow. He then says he tried to killed her and took Manav that day and today he is taking out Manav and punishing her to live, it is up to her what she wants. He suggests her to suicide and says her goodbye. Shikha starts crying profusely.


Precap: Inspector comes and asks Avinash if he is Shikha Gupta’s father. Avinash says yes. He informs him something. Avinash gets tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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