Main Naa Bhoolungi 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Main Naa Bhoolungi 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 20th February 2014 Written Update

Shikha requests Judge to check the DNA report once. He agrees and check it. He says according to report, Shikha is telling truth. Kid and Shikha’s DNA matches. Shikha and her family gets happy. Aditya, Mohanto and their family is shocked. Mirchandani says this report is false like the the false evidences. Judge asks lawyer Kumar to call doctor as evidence. Doctor comes into witness box, looks at Aditya and says DNA report is false. He says Shikha asked me to write this false report over gun point and tried to kill me, so I wrote a false report. He gives false report and says Shikha and child’s DNA don’t match. Shikha says he is telling lie. Dr. Desai says he is not telling lie. Mirchandani asks judge to convey his judgement to teach fraudsters like Shikha. Judge conveys

jugdgement against Shikha.

Madhu and her family get happy. Judge further says all the allegations by Shikha against Aditya are false. Kid’s mom is Madhurima, not Shikha. Shikha cries and pleads judge that Manav is her kid. Judge says she must be ashamed for alleging respected people. He asks her to go and work if she needs money and publicity. Judge says Jagannath family can file a case against you if they want. Michandani gives a petition asking not to allow Shikha to meet Arnav from hereon. Shikha pleads she cant give her child to anybody. Avinash signs the petition. Court adjourns.

Advocate Kumar gives Shikha’s documents to Neeraj. Reporters sorround Shikha and why did she make false allegations against Aditya Jagannath, he is a very nice person, he asks if she is eyeing on his money. Just then Aditya’s family come and reporters go and start questioning them. Aditya boasts about himself and says they had to fight it. Madhu says she wants to forget the incident as a bad dream, how can a woman do this, she can’t live without Arnav. She thanks media, lawyer, etc., for helping them.

Shikha sees maid carrying Arnav in a pram. She goes and picks Arnav. Madhu says she will bring Arnav. She does not see Arnav in the pram and shouts. Mohanto also shouts. Madhu starts acting she can’t live without Arnav. Mohanto’s family and even police start searching Arnav. Shikha takes Arnav to airport in a taxi. Neeraj runs behind her and follows him in another taxi. Police ask Avinash to accompany him as they doubt Shikha kidnapped Arnav. Police start checking each car. Shikha’s taxi is also stopped. Shikha tries to come out of the car, but Neeraj comes and sits next to Shikha, acting as her husband. He asks constable to leave thier car first as their kid is ill.

Avinash and is family are in police station. Mohanto speaks to commissioner and tells whatever you do, I want my Arnav within an hour. Aditya asks inspector why is Shikha not yet caught, he further says Shikha ran away with his son Arnav and should be caught soon.

Shikha and Neeraj travel in a taxi. Neeraj says she should not have done this, if they get caught, she will lose Manav forever. Shikha says she will go somewhere with Manav where nobody can find them. Inspector pressurizes Avinash to speak to Shikha and surrender. Avinash says Manav is her son, she has done anything wrong. Sudha also backs Avinash and says she wont do anything. Inspector says she kidnapped Jannath kid, Avinash says what can they do else, people like Jagannath play with the system and get away. Inspector snatches Avinash’s phone and calls Shikha. Shikha sees papa’s call, but Neeraj throws her phone and says they must be tracing her by now. She says if they dont want to catch u, then she should listen as he says.


Precap: Aditya says AVinash that his daught made a big sin by kidnapping his son. Avinash says he is not his Arnav, but their Manav. Aditya says police will catch Shikha soon and he will get his Arnav soon, but Avinash won’t meet Shikha after that.

Update Credit to: MA

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