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Main Naa Bhoolungi 1st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samaira holds Madhu and asks if she was not afraid when she sent Aditya to kill her and when she burnt her veil. Madhu asks her to leave her. Samaira asks if she is afraid that she will burn her and then says it is not a bad idea. She burns Madhu’s saree and starts shouting to help them. Aditya, Mohanto and other comes hearing her voice. Samaira asks them to help. Aditya pours water on Madhu’s saree. Mohanto asks how did this happen. Samaira says Madhu was playing with lighter and lit her saree with it. Sunaina asks how did lighter come there. Samaira says that is not important, important is our Madhu is safe now. Sunaina consoles frightened Madhu and asks her to sleep. Shikha/Samaira smirks and signals Aditya that she did that. MAdhu thinks her madness drama is not helping

her at all, instead Shikha is getting stronger.

Aditya reminisces Samaira requesting Sunaina to let Madhu stay at home and thinks why did she that. He asks his pic what is going on in her mind and says today he wants to think only about her and him, he says I love you Samaira and I waited from so many days for this day. He takes a rose and keeps on bed.

Sudha calls Avinash and asks what is happening there. Avinash says Shikha married Aditya. Sudha says acting like being friendly with Aditya is different, now Aditya will except Shikha to do everything that a wife does. Avinash says Shikha must have thought something and did this. Neeraj hears Sudha’s conversation from behind.

Shikha/Samaira comes to her room and sees her bed decorated. Aditya comes from behind and holds her romantically. He says he is most lucky man today, carries her and drops her on bed. He looks at her romantically and kisses her passionately. It was just Neeraj’s dream, he wakes up and goes out of room. Mahi sees him going out and asks hhim where is he going. He does not reply anything and walks out.

Shikha comes to her room and sees her bed decorated. Aditya holds her from behind and says it is a surprise for her, he asks where was she. Samaira says if she knew about his surprise, she would have come early. Aditya says she surprised him today by stopping Madhu from going back to mental hospital. Samaira says we can keep an eye on Madhu at home. Aditya says it does not make any difference now as we are married, says today is very special night and he wants to make it a special night for her too. Shikha reminisces about her first night with Sameer/Aditya and says she is very tired. Aditya carries her, says he will make her relax and drops her on bed. He tries to kiss her, but Samaira requests him not to force her as she is tired today. Aditya asks her to stop and says he will not listen to her today. Samaira thinks why is Manav not crying, if he has slept. Aditya says we waited for this time since long and why is she hesitating today, nobody can stop us from being together now. She pushes him. Aditya says it is enough now and moves towards her while she moves backward. Neeraj comes in his car there. Aditya pins her towards the wall. Neeraj takes a petrol can and walks towards Samaira/Aditya’s room. Aditya asks Samaira to close her eyes. When she closes her eyes, he takes her near

Neeraj reminisces Samaira and Aditya being together, pours petrol and burns the room. Aditya is about to kiss Samaira when Aditya’s phone rings and goes to check it. GHe is shocked to hear that his office room is burnt. He informs about it to Mohanto.

Precap: Aditya checks his office room with Mohanto, Sunaina and Samaira. He says it is burnt badly. Mohanto says thank god only his room is burnt. Sunaina asks how is only Aditya’s office room burnt. Samaira sees Neeraj’s lighter there.

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